Word Mansion Mod Apk New 2022*


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November 25, 2022
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Word Mansion Mod Apk New 2022*

***** Phrase Puzzles + House Adorning = TRUE! *****

Phrase Mansion Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Able for a brand new form of inventive journey in phrase video games?

Phrase Mansion Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

Soar into the thrill of Phrase Mansion! This distinctive story-based recreation combines the problem of phrase puzzles with the creativity of house renovation and ornament.

Phrase Mansion Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Say hi to the superstar of our sport, Anna, who simply inherited her uncle’s mansion. Sign up for her as she meets new other folks, explores the mansion’s and her circle of relatives’s previous, and builds a brand new lifestyles! Anna will want YOUR assist to unravel puzzles whilst developing the house of her goals.

Phrase Mansion Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Perfect of all, Phrase Mansion offers you the choice to choose from quite a lot of personality answer possible choices! The “choose-your-own-adventure” gameplay will result in one-of-a-kind journey and drama!

Phrase Mansion Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Phrase Mansion Best Options:

Phrase Mansion Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

– A BRAND NEW FORM OF PHRASE SPORT: Remedy phrase puzzles and lend a hand Anna construct her dream house!

Phrase Mansion Mod Apk New 2022*

Get misplaced within the narrative because the characters’ tales spread!

– ANSWER CHOICES: Regulate the place the journey leads you!

– A LAUGH PUZZLES: Sing their own praises your phrase talents as you take on difficult puzzles!

Use creativity to renovate and beautify!

Now it’s time to play! Discover a brand new global of phrase puzzles, amusing characters, and residential adorning with Phrase Mansion as of late!


40 comments on "Word Mansion Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Laura Stidd says:

    This is a great game, it’s just that after every level we have to watch an ad, WHY? We watch ads to get extra hints, why should we have to watch an ad at the start and end of every level. Make it so we only watch ads when wanting a free hint, not at the beginning and ending of EVERY LEVEL. Fix this problem and I’ll rate a higher level, so for now only two stars.

  2. Jackie D says:

    It was fun while it lasted. I got to around level 275 and my video ads stopped working. So I could never choose an option that required that. It messed up the way I wanted the story to go and what decorating option I wanted. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still an issue. Says “Can’t find video, try again later”. I didnt even care about all the ads either. I liked the game that much. I’m sad I cant play anymore. So 2 stars, one for the cut off game play that I had and one for the story line.

  3. Christina Marcoux says:

    Too many ads!! You have to watch an ad for everything or spend money. The free options for design are ugly and the free options for conversation are boring. I played about 15-20 minutes and gave up. You also have to watch an ad after every level. Not worth my time. Sucks though because I had high hopes based on the beautiful graphics.

  4. Cherry Jolie says:

    It reminds me of the game Gardenscapes. I like redecorating games, and I like that it is a word game instead of match 3. But it seems like they’re money hungry. There’s an ad after nearly each level with no option to buy the game to remove ads. The ugliest decor is always free, you watch an ad to unlock the second best, and you use 3 gems to unlock the best one. And you only get one gem every 10 levels or so. The alternative is buy 35 gems for $13. The prices and ads are ridiculous.

  5. Betina Davids says:

    I like that this game has good graphics and it’s a word game instead of the same 3 match puzzles for a renovation game. What I dislike about the game is the ads. That normally does bother me (I know they have to make money somehow) but there’s an ad after every few levels and in order to choose different designs I have to use diamonds (which costs real money) or watch yet ANOTHER ad. What’s the point of passing the levels if I only get to choose one free design option? I’ll be uninstalling.

  6. Jalyssa Colon says:

    The game is very fun and I would play it more, the problem is I can barely last 10 seconds before having an ad. And to get the furniture you either have to watch an ad or spend gems, (Which are not easy to get) So most of the time you only have one choice for the furniture . I’d love the game if there wasn’t a tornado of ads all the time thanks.. The ads are very annoying and stuff but overall good game its in the middle. 👍👎

  7. Anita Holland says:

    Controls are slippery during puzzles. You can’t change an item once you’ve selected it. It’s really frustrating when you’re guessing words like crazy and they just keep going in bonus words. Bonus words which are good for nothing. Other games give you coins after so many bonus words are collected. Also, it went real fast up to having to have five stars for everything. Really annoying when all you’re doing is answering a stupid call or message.

  8. Acudoc Acudoc says:

    Good game with easy playable levels, but the amount of ads and notifications I got from it were insane. Every level you play there’s an ad, and even if you’d played the levels and had enough stars to do challenges, there were very few options to choose from and they cost either gems or you had to watch another ad to unlock them. Ridiculous. Not to mention, every day you open your phone to find 30+ notifications from the one game alone.

  9. Selkie Piepiora says:

    Was a fun and cute game… until I had to start spending money and watching ads to actually customize the house. I loved that it was a word based game instead of a match block type, and the graphics are good (though some of the character sprites are… not great looking), but it’s really not worth the time or cash, which is super disappointing.

  10. Emily Stark says:

    Great concept, ok execution. I love that this combines my favorite types of phone games of house decorating and word games. I also love the simplicity so I don’t get stuck on levels and not touch the game again for weeks or months. I’d be inclined to pay for no ads if it was done better. The story line is a bit much. I honestly dont care to follow along and have just found myself skipping it. Also the best choices are only obtainable with gems. Just meh.

  11. Catherine Williams says:

    Too many ads. I would gladly watch an ad to unlock every third option, but what’s the point of puzzle currency if only 1/3 options takes it. And what’s the point of ad based options if I get an ad every 2 minutes anyways. At that point I’m not getting a choice. And gems should be used for like level boosts, not for every renovation choice. That screams scam. Made it to level 8 and got tired of it.

  12. Livi Fen says:

    The game is no longer playable, due to constantly moving, flashing ads, a hair’s bredth away from all the puzzle buttons. If you’re unlucky enough to click 1/3 of a millimeter away from the buttons and instead click the ad, it sends you straight to Google play, takes you out of the game lvl and requires you to do it all again. I liked this game once, and I hate that it went the usual route of good -> selling out for ads/pay2win -> purposely annoying you with ads -> worse than nothing.

  13. Denise says:

    I actually love the concept of this game but you don’t get real options to choose your decorations without watching a video, spending money or just ejecting the one free item. Plus there’s no connection to FB. Game freezes and didn’t open, had to Uninstall and reinstall and lost ALL progress. Need work but could be fantastic. Won’t spend a dime until things are fixed though.

  14. Abigail Sevilla Breitenbach says:

    This game was advertised to decorate rooms. You play a word game and then you get a star. Each star allows you to complete a task (which I thought was just to decorate). The tasks range from decorating to “answer phone” to “make a decision” (but you don’t make that decision you just tap through to see what the girl is thinking). As far choosing options, you don’t really have a choice unless you watch videos or purchase coins. Not worth the time unless you like word scrabble.

  15. Dancing Firefly says:

    I like the word games, but everything else sucks. The dialogue takes up most of the gameplay and is VERY annoying. You get one choice of a decoration, the second you can get with a diamond (have to buy them), or watch a video and get the best decoration. You can pay $4.99 to remove the ads, but the annoying dialogue and lack of good choices aren’t worth it. Uninstalling.

  16. ConstellationKitKat says:

    This was a rather disappointing game… The concept is fantastic, but it’s very poorly executed. Even though it gives you “3” options, 1 looks cheap, 2 you have to watch an ad for, and 3 you have to pay gems for. It works the same way for the story choices, so not even the story can save the game. There are so many better home design games than this, so I recommend playing one of them.

  17. Corrin Jensen says:

    Update: This game downloads things on you phone without your knowledge. If you accidentally tap or swipe on the ad at the bottom it downloads random apps without your consent. This game has way to many ads. After you do anything you have to watch an ad. Plus you have to watch an add if you want a certain wallpaper or other items. I wish there were more options for decor and more things that match. The word portion of the game is fun and some of the words you can make are creative and fun.

  18. Ari Beck says:

    At first it was a really fun game, like many of the other puzzle games where you solve the puzzle to get stars to remodel the house with. However, very early on it forces you to pay for 2 of the 3 options with in game currency that there is so far no way to earn, and often times the free option is ugly or goes completely against the look I want. On top of that, full screen ads are way too frequent, and there’s an ad bar at the bottom that never goes away, with more money required to remove it.

  19. Cherry Tales Gacha says:

    Super fun and a great game to look forward to, not just playing word games but a fun mini decorating game with it too. The only problem I have with this game is that when you get to a certain level it starts making it way too hard. I am on level 667 and I have to use an unscrambler because it is way to difficult!! The harder challenges with about 2-4 stars are fine but 5 is just too many. On top of that they give you 7 letters and so many words. Overall great game just too hard.

  20. Hunter Saunders says:

    I love games like Project Runway, and this game follows a very similar idea, being “do the task to be able to do the more fun task”, in its most simple. However, this game slaps you in the face with so many ads, it miggt as well be an ad simulator. (Especially if you want anything more than the plain vanilla look…) on top of that, sometimes there is literally not a choice that doesnt look horrid. Disappointing. Perhaps the worst app I have downloaded. Story was also cheap and generic.

  21. Dannette Maitland says:

    Too many ads. When you are designing they give you three choices for whatever piece you are designing. The problem is only one is a free choice as a result of winning the match but the other two choices either cost you gems or you have to watch yet another commercial. Why do you only get one choice on each piece of design? Every other game like it gives you three choices because you won the round and doesn’t force you to watch an ad or pay. Shame on the developers.

  22. Susan Kilgore says:

    Would give it 5 stars if you had a way to get more stars (to do tasks) by trading in coins or gems for them! Add more word puzzles that are easier too. A person should be able to go through an entire set (of puzzles to get to bonus) so they can enjoy doing the series of tasks more without having to go back and forth so much to get the stars for each task. This would put this game at the top of the list! Even with the crashes I have dealt with! It would easily get 5 star ratings then.

  23. Tina Mericle says:

    The game itself is fine. The puzzles and the fixing up the house part is entertaining enough. But having to spend the stars to finish the day check emails decide what to do etc rather than just fixing up the house gets very tedious. It really takes some of the fun out of the game and causes me to move onto other games quicker.

  24. Strawberry Kisses says:

    It’s a fun game with serious flaws. One is in the word game. You have to fill in a crossword by creating words with the letters given and level after level it will repeat words instead of using new words from letters. BORING! The other glaring problem are the decorating choices. For instance the living room walls the choices are a beige background with a floral print (looks like something from the 1800’s), purple, or a glowing neon green marble. No. Just, no. Game could be great if fixed.

  25. Courtney Sandnes says:

    This game is AMAZING! You can solve little brain problems and there no ads unlike other games. For example, on other games they will throw a bunch of random ads or try to even buy something, like no ads for $9.99. This is even interesting to. The puzzles can be hard for 7 and under but overall it’s not hard. I recommend this game if board. Have FUN!

  26. katelynn byerly says:

    a super fun and addicting game… at first. im still super interested in where the story will go and the dialog between characters is better than most similar games, however now the game is requiring WAY too many stars to complete tasks! it makes the game too hard for not enough reward. please make each task only cost one star and you’ll get five from me!!

  27. Kenzie Nichols says:

    I wanted a word game that rewarded me by home design. This is exactly that. Now, I’m totally for ads, but just in the last few days, the ads have ramped up. I LOVED the ad frequency before, so it was a slight deterrent to have so much more. Still, not NEARLY as bad as other apps! So only a small complaint. Got exactly what I wanted with this game.

  28. Debra Firestone says:

    A cute, fun word game. It tells you why the house is in such bad shape (a pet peeve w/ these games). I love how Rex says what we all think when we play these games. There are side puzzles w/separate rewards. I also love that you get a choice for what decision she makes without having to spend money. There are ads, but they are not overly long and you get to leave a number of them early. The only suggestion I have is to make the difficulty move a little faster. It’s to easy for to long.

  29. Kirsten Dent says:

    This has so much potential to be great. The graphics are great, storyline is enjoyable and the puzzles are hard, but easy ones are always thrown in. I’m on level 300something, and I have 2 complaints. The number of ads can be ridiculous and the number of stars I now need to do 1 simple task is unnecessary. I want to keep playing but I’m sure I’ll uninstall it soon as it had stopped being fun and relaxing.

  30. debr1126 says:

    It was cute and relaxing, so I paid to “get rid of ads,.” But that only removes the ads between levels; you still have to sit through an ad each time to choose the “nicest” dialog option. Plus, it’s gradually gone from one puzzle to FIVE puzzles to complete each task, like “answer the phone” or “end the day.” Well, that was a waste of money. Ugh, are all these games such a ripoff? What ever happened to paying a small fee and being allowed to just play the stupid game? Greedy!

  31. Cheryl Montgomery says:

    The actual word game is fun, and I like the decor part of the game. But having to click through 15 different statements from the character every time I take an action, like choosing wallpaper, is just exhausting. Sometimes you get to participate in the conversation, barely. But you have to watch ads to be able to choose responses that make sense. When the doorbell rang and my only free option was “ignore it”, I finally uninstalled the game.

  32. Ashley Rix says:

    This game is super fun, I love the decor type games and the word puzzles! I liked that you could do a lot with only beating one level but once you get to the parlor you have to beat 5 or 6 levels only to read two sentences of dialogue. It was super fun at first but now it seems like there is nothing left for this game to offer.

  33. Vicki Barmore says:

    This was fun and cute. But suddenly it goes from requiring 1 star to do something to requiring 5 stars to do the same things! WHY? WE then have to solve 5 levels to do what previously could be done with only one! It’s being punished for moving through the game. Will uninstall for that reason. Played a little longer. It gets to where you spend all your time finding words & about 2 seconds on renovations, or spend 5 levels (stars) to ask the dog what’s bothering him. Ruined game!!

  34. Tina D. says:

    I really do like the game it’s fun challenging but easy at the same time which is good for me because I interest so easy. I just wish they hadn’t changed star setup where when you first started out you only have to use one star for every task but now they take four or five for each task. At least they could have done when they did that was give you more stars in every round.

  35. memandylov says:

    I was actually really enjoying this game and even paid to remove the ads, but once you get 350 levels in, suddenly you have to solve 3-5 just to complete one tiny task. The puzzles get so ridiculous that I’ve found 30+ bonus words in some levels before I find a SINGLE real answer, and hints cost way more than you gain through playing, so even though I paid to remove ads, I have no choice but to watch them. I’ve resorted to looking up answers just to get it over with and get back to the story.

  36. Christi Wilson says:

    Great game except a few ads are a little long. Other than that it’s really addicting and so much fun!! **Update Really annoying I’ve been playing a lot of levels (5 in a row) just to do really stupid tasks!! I play the game for the fun decor and I have not decorated a room in weeks

  37. HellKat says:

    This game is a lot of fun, but it has a few drawbacks. When starting, 1 star was all you needed to decorate something new. Once you get into it, it requires 4-7 stars. And the puzzles only ever hand out 1 star at a time, whether it’s a big puzzle or a minor puzzle. It has a good storyline, but sometimes you waste stars on random actions, like checking your text messages. Can be frustrating – 3 out of 5.

  38. Cat T says:

    At level 350 now and while I was playing I noticed that they must have done an update while I was in the level. When I got out it didn’t have the back to home button, I could only play more so I had to play like 3 levels in a row, before back to home was there. When I got back I saw why. Suddenly they’ve raised the amount of stars needed to do a pointless thing such as talking to the dog for a moment which uses up a whole 4 stars and 5 stars to do something else. They ruined this. Uninstalling.

  39. Rose Smith says:

    The storyline is cute, and it’s fun to pick the decor. The ads aren’t too obtrusive and easy to skip. The problem is that it’s way too easy. I didn’t even get my first five letter word puzzle until lvl 64. It needs to be more challenging or at least harder daily puzzles.

  40. Tk Powell says:

    Annoying pointless reminders 🤨 whats the point of being able to play levels consecutively if you’re constantly being hounded to ‘remember to decorate! Remember to decorate! Remember to decorate!’ every few levels! When i care to decorate, I’ll decorate. I know where the back button is. Not my fault if the word part of this game is more interesting then the decor or whatever generic storyline is going on with diet malibu barbie here 😑.

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