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July 25, 2022
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SpellTower Apk Download New 2022 Version*


SpellTower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Pick out your phrases properly! As you’re employed, extra tiles upward push from the ground of the display screen, and it’ll take all your lexicological wits, and tactical expertise to stay them down. If any of the letters make it to the highest row, it’s sport over.

SpellTower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

– TOWER MODE : No drive right here. Attempt to get the easiest rating imaginable out of A hundred and forty tiles, getting rid of small phrases to arrange 7- and 8-letter blockbusters!

SpellTower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

– DAY-TO-DAY TOWER MODE : Stack up towards different avid gamers on an identical towers that adjust day by day!

SpellTower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

– PUZZLE MODE : Each and every phrase you are making provides a brand new row of letters! Strategic phrase discovering at its best possible.

SpellTower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

– EXCESSIVE PUZZLE MODE : Puzzle mode with the minimal phrase duration cranked up. Mavens simplest!

SpellTower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

– ZEN MODE : Puzzle mode with none duration necessities.

SpellTower Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

– RUSH MODE : Rows of letters increase over the years. To find phrases as rapid as you’ll, however watch out you don’t again your self right into a nook!

– Becoming a member of them is the new Seek mode, plus ExPuzzle, Double Puzzle, Bubble Puzzle, and Blitz mode!

That’s 11 modes in all!


40 comments on "SpellTower Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. sky843 says:

    The sheer amount of ads is ridiculous. Would be a great game if there literally wasn’t a 30 second ad every 2 minutes. Can’t recommend this game with that volume of ads, along with the ad timing. Should be ads at the end of stages, not scattered throughout.

  2. Sergi Lazaro says:

    It starts up as black screen for several (30+) seconds. First run it eventually worked, opening up the Google Play Games overlay to connect. Worked fine after that. Following times never worked. Maybe it would have eventually worked, but I’m not waiting 1min+ to play a mobile game. Edit: now it’s teal instead of black. Also the word search tutorial is bugged, after one word it shows an unplayable board. Will try again in a few weeks to see if the game is playable again.

  3. Mike Blake says:

    Great game, but crashes constantly. I used to have this from Humble Android bundle years ago, and never had any problems. Now this new version on the Play Store crashes after making a word in Tower mode or even sometimes crashes on the menu after playing Daily Tower or Daily Puzzle. I’ll record a video to send if you’re interested to try and fix it, devs?

  4. Alan Sutch says:

    Not a bad game, pretty fun and addictive. Two problems – there’s a challenge feature for words that aren’t recognised, which doesn’t work (doesn’t recognise the word ‘earnt’). Also the ads mid game are super annoying. Just run an ad after each game like other apps – mid game rolls are super off putting.

  5. Jeff G says:

    I dig this game, paid for the full version, and would gladly give it five stars if it weren’t broken. But unlike the iPadOS version, the Android version cuts off the bottom row of tiles and I can’t see all the letters. Please fix this.

  6. Craig S says:

    In playing the Tower mode off line and I have completed a game where it shows “I’m Done” when I go to “Tap To Continue” most of the time it does not show my game stats, it just takes me back to the “I’m Done” page. This continues for several tries. Very frustrating….. please fix this glitch. Thanks! I will give 5 stars if this gets fixed.

  7. Keili Gunden says:

    9/5 edit: can’t open this game. Even tried going through Google play store and it still won’t open (or takes so long that I lose hope and give up). I rarely buy any game apps like this so this is super disappointing Super fun! But there’s a bug: when you play the tower game and you choose a tile at the top, the drop down menu comes down to give you the option to quit and then you can’t choose the neighboring letter. Kind of annoying. But otherwise this game is addictive!

  8. Michael Dawid says:

    You get two uninterrupted games and then every 2 moves they show you an ad some of them don’t work well and you can’t get out of them without restarting the game. This is a mindless money grab do not play. That being said the idea behind the game is wonderful super fun until of course the ads start rolling in constantly

  9. Natalie Burrows says:

    I have purchased this app outright twice now in the many years that I was aware of it-that’s how much I enjoy it. However this is also one of my biggest problems with it. I hardly think it’s fair that customer loyalty is not rewarded with a functional game. The first time I purchased was many years ago & the game must have been given an upgrade between downloads, but I suddenly did not own the game & had to purchase again or suffer ads in free version. Now I can’t play since 2 weeks ago. Why?

  10. Kelley Winters says:

    The only reason I’m giving this a 4 is because this game does not include other language dictionaries. If that were to be implemented in at some point, this would be a 5 + easily the best word game I’ve played in a long while. Puzzle Mode is addictive in the same way one finds themselves playing Tetris or Dorfromantik for hours without end; once you find Zen, you can’t stop playing. While SpellTower’s isn’t seemless like those previously mentioned, it’s still a challenging, endlessly-fun time.

  11. Ortwin Scharf says:

    Game is actually really good, but the swipe control is prone to errors. Often I try to swipe a word with different swipe directions and end up with shorter words I wasn’t intended to do. Needs some kind of confirmation or delay before word is accepted. I’m not sure how to make it work better but as it is its quiet infuriating, in particular if one found a nice long word. Also annoying adds in the middle of the game? I think I quit, is just to annoying.

  12. Santana Letient says:

    Was really enjoying it until it stopped working. I looked it up and it seems common which wouldn’t be the worst, except I lost all my progress and stats by uninstalling and reinstalling. Online it said that that wouldn’t happen but here we are 😭

  13. Drew Dehel says:

    A good game, challenging, fun modes. I’m glad it has an updated dictionary, old one lacked. Kind of pricey IMO, and they actually remade the app and I had to buy the new version again, though I’m glad it is finally back in the Play Store. Same with iOS – whole new nearly identical version requires separate additional purchase + purchase not cross platform. I also really wish it was part of my Family Library, but it isn’t. And thank goodness Google allows installs from other sources unlike Apple.

  14. Martin White says:

    A great wee game with just a couple of issues. ‘Challenge’ doesn’t seem to do anything – perhaps it could look up words in a UK database, since I’ve had a few really quite common words rejected. Also, it plays perfectly on my phone but not on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy s7+), so if you wanted it for a tablet, be careful.

  15. Angela Lewis says:

    26/3 what is going on? I keep getting a black screen whenever I open the game since yesterday. Restarting the phone doesn’t work. Reinstalling worked today, but I’ve lost my high score (achieved about 2 weeks ago) and all my recent stats. Now it’s back to black. No updates to phone or game. 😥 A brilliant game, but American ? The challenge idea is great, and a few words have been accepted, but there’s no way to get a challenge reconsidered, even when it’s there in the Oxford English Dictionary.

  16. Bridget Comeforo says:

    Great game for word game lovers, so many modes, and Puzzle is perpetual, or multi-day once you get the hang of it. Addictive! Noodlecake has resolved the Android issues so it now works well. Sure, the free ad version is too annoying, but if it looks interesting from that alone, go for it. There are short fast daily games, timed games, or at-your-pace-forever games, all built on the same concept but each a little different. I thought it might be too small on a phone, but I have this on 3 devices large to small, and works just as well on each. Big fan!

  17. Peter D. says:

    Worst. since This is an edit I wanted to see what changed. Nothing.The ads are constant and agressive.ad bombing is not worth the game I’m literally uninstalling since I paid 4.99 and wasnt able to use the app for the time they said. I paid 4 99 so thought I’d try it again. re loaded the app only to find I need 4.99 again. They don’t even care that i paid them a month ago and uninstalled as the game “froze” and had to be reinstalled to fix the issue

  18. Caroline Earle says:

    I love love love the puzzle mode on this game. If I could give it five stars I would. The reason for the three stars is that after about a month the game no longer works for me. It loads to a black screen. Despite deleting the app and reinstalling it multiple times and turning my phone off and back on again multiple times I can’t get it work for me again. So bummed! I even forked out money for the paid version because I was enjoying it so much. Such a waste.

  19. Glenn Glover says:

    I paid for no ads version, and the rules changed. Instead of letter with 4 letter words required in Puzzle mode, I get BUNCH of 5 and 6 letter requirements, all bunched together. Completely ruined the game – I was locked, game ended quickly. I want my money back! Fun to play with ad version, don’t pay for no ads.

  20. Joanna Walker says:

    Brilliant game for the 1st game only. After that the game goes to ads after every word you make. This does not give you time to decide if you like the game enough to buy it ad free. Frustrating does not begin to describe it. A waste of time.

  21. Emily Reed says:

    I loved this game, but it stopped working & just shows a blank screen. This continues after re-downloading it. Other reviewers have the same issues. I’ve reached out to the developer multiple times with no response.

  22. keasy man says:

    I’ve edited my review as the game keeps black-screening and is unplayable. I uninstalled then reinstalled and it is now showing me ads and says I haven’t purchased, which I have just a month or so past. Play Store says I’ve purchased it also. What a mess! Edit 2. 14/7/22 Another black screen, had a score of 68,000 points and all that effort is gone. Devs need to get their arses into gear and fix this mess. DO NOT BUY THIS MESS OF A GAME!

  23. daftodil says:

    Fun but after a couple games the app goes blank? I have redownloaded the app several times now and it doesn’t save my progress which is frustrating.

  24. C S says:

    Should be a really good game, but I’ve No idea what corrupted dictionary it uses. Seems to have hoovered up nonsense from the net, but ignores published language. No way to dispute a rejected challenge. Started me off at level 9 but I’m a first time user. No option to play lower levels.

  25. Moona M. says:

    I paid for it and within two weeks, it stopped working with a blank screen. I did all the known troubleshooting steps before emailing them. I got no response

  26. Juan Orozco says:

    I think its in bad taste that I keep getting EBT commercials. Also, that they are in Spanish and I have not seen a single one in English. Fix that. Hire a new marketing team.

  27. Justin Weitzman says:

    I play this game for years with lots of high scores on Android and then all of the sudden it stops working no matter which version I run. Black screen of death. I tried contacting the developer multiple times and no response. Very disappointed.

  28. Abigail James says:

    I loved this game. No pressure, no losing, just challenge yourself. Even my elementary school kid can enjoy it because it’s finding words. Like other reviewers said, it just stopped loading one day. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s working again.

  29. Jane Doe says:

    I understand the ads but in the middle of rush mode?? Seriously! Other than that it’s great. Also I think it’s weird that states and cities aren’t words.. I have had so many chances to put states but they’re not considered words.

  30. Tyler Olson says:

    Let me say that I actually like this game a lot. Enough that I paid to remove the ads. But there’s a critical bug that makes the game unplayable after playing for about a week or so. It opens with the intro page and then goes black forever. The only way to fix it is to clear the app data which loses track of your progress and starts the tutorial over again. It’s existed for a few weeks and there hasn’t been a single update so I’m worried the devs are unaware.

  31. Amanda Sinclair-Moore says:

    Love this game, its causal and challenging. My favorite thing about this word game is that you can challenge the app when it tells you something isn’t a word but the down side is that it doesn’t recognize all words. I found a lot of words that it doesn’t recognize. But other than that it is a great little app. Oh and the ads are to bad, you get to play the game before you see ads and that aren’t to long.

  32. Michael Bertram says:

    Did something change recently? I used to get a lot of long word limits as the score got higher. I found it difficult to get over 75000. I got my mum on to this game and she is just going higher and higher. She’s surpassed 85000 on her first game and is starting to wonder what the point is. I have just noticed that I’m not getting as many long word limits as before and it’s making the game a little boring. It seems like it might be in Zen mode, but I’m playing the free option.

  33. mel suki says:

    I paid for no ads, and now when it opens the screen just stays black, I got one day of ad free game play. Good game if someone would fix this seriou bug. I want my money back.

  34. Fyn Shadowpaw says:

    Fun little game but don’t really feel it’s really worth five bucks for essentially a word search game, and I’m not watching ads either so uninstalled.

  35. Jane Baldry says:

    How do I get a new row when playing in tower mode? I can see letters just off the bottom of the screen but they don’t move up? I have to just end the game.

  36. Stephen LeBlanc says:

    Fantastic game and NOT 279th copy of the same word game that fills the app the store. Great fun.

  37. Keelo says:

    The game is great in the beginning, but you don’t get a good feel of the game before ads become too frequent to keep going. I may return to purchase, but first I’ll see what similar games are available.

  38. Judi Rutherford says:

    Ridiculously slow to load up. Developer now helping to fix this so fingers crossed

  39. Xanthe Townend says:

    Love this game but every few days it just presents a black screen which is only resolved by clearing the game’s storage. This is happening more and more frequently, sometimes daily. Very irritating. Please fix it.

  40. Jon Vancouver says:

    I did purchase this game, it was removed from the app store so you cannot reinstall it. To be honest I didn’t play it enough to get good value the first time, and it is certainly a rip off at the current price.🤢 the new SpellTower is unreliable top to bottom 💩, even if you think you trust the developer

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