Q13 FOX Seattle: Weather Premium Apk


The Q13 Fox Weather App gives you the latest weather for the Seattle region.
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Fox Television Stations Inc.
December 5, 2022
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Q13 FOX Seattle: Weather Premium Apk

The Q13 FOX Seattle Climate App comprises:

Q13 FOX Seattle: Climate Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

* Get right of entry to to station content material particularly for our cellular customers * 250 meter radar, the very best solution to be had * Long run radar to look the place serious climate is headed
* Top solution satellite tv for pc cloud imagery
* Present climate up to date more than one instances in line with hour
* Day-to-day and Hourly forecasts up to date hourly from our laptop fashions * Talent so as to add and save your favourite places * An absolutely built-in GPS for present location consciousness * Serious climate indicators from the Nationwide Climate Provider * Opt-in push indicators to stay you secure in critical weather


40 comments on "Q13 FOX Seattle: Weather Premium Apk"

  1. Avrel Goneril says:

    I like this app very much because it has lightning detection capabilities on it. To let the user know that where lightning is occurring I know it’s a very expensive technology but I thank you guys for putting this on this app take care keep up the good work 😄

  2. Jarrett Franklen says:

    I dont like seeing alcohol everyday on your show. its getting to be a little extreme, everyday..

  3. Cassi Eldred says:

    Great app. Now how do we get rid of the ads? Maybe a paid app?

  4. Philberta Loriana says:

    Recent upgrade was huge improvement in graphics quality. Its now much more refined and colourful. Accurate forecasting as well….as well as can be expected anyway from a weather app…….well…..after a few days following another uodate,the app went back to its old, boring, black and white motif. Developer said they would look into it but nothing has been changed. Uninstalled.

  5. Andreanne Chelsey says:

    Last several times I’ve tried to watch the video, the app stalls out and/or crashes.

  6. Glinys Keanan says:

    No longer shows current day’s forecast, which is pretty important to most of us.

  7. R P says:

    I can only review this app based on my personal needs. I just want to see the Doppler radar. I have tried the others (channels 4,5, and 7 here in Seattle, plus AccuWeather). This app is the best by far. (One of the other ones actually make you watch a commercial before you can see the Doppler radar map!) This app can be set to open straight to the map with just one press. Love it!

  8. Helene Sterr says:

    I used this all the time. Yesterday you updated the format with clouds in the background. Now I can’t read the white 😭 numbers on the white clouds. I am extremely frustrated and dissatisfied. Sorry, I can’t stay with Q13.

  9. Michael Escobar says:

    The app got updated, fine but the damn thing is always wrong. It says cloudy, I get rain. Fog = rain. Also when it is says it is raining that means the tiniest little drops/mist. I can understand the weather people to get it wrong with the millions of dollars of equipment and tech at their feet, but is there rhyme or reason?

  10. Ruth Lynn Martin says:

    This new version is terrible! The background makes reading the info difficult especially the home page, which I now skip, and the daily view. The map is always behind even though the time is correct. Please, bring back the previous version. There is little to like about this app.

  11. Marci Mayer says:

    Don’t like the update. The blue sky with clouds makes it hard to read. I have to scroll around the clouds to see what the text is. I have adjusted to the other changes but I still like the previous style better. Couldn’t find anywhere go change background.

  12. Dan B says:

    Great, now it’s ruined. Changed the home screen format, and obtrusive ads as well. Old nice circular selection format is dead and now has a cluttered scroll down. No more choice which window is in front when opening.

  13. Aaron MacLean says:

    The “follow me” function doesn’t actually follow me. It reverts to the second in line in my locations…which is my vacation spot several hundred miles away.

  14. Michael Poirier says:

    App takes too long to load (over a minute). White clouds get in the way of reading Temps. Horrible since upgrade.

  15. V Weber says:

    I only watch their TV channel and other local news channels ( on TV ) to get the weather fakes news beside, head to news max for real news.

  16. Marc Kurth says:

    Easy to read and find forecast info. I really like the earthquake and lightning graphics on the map. Sun and moon rise and set included with the forecast.

  17. Ken & Kimberlee Gamble says:

    App is incredibly sliw, takes way to long to load satellite images. All my other weather apps are fine. This app needs to be re-done.

  18. William Douglas says:

    Wish this was available on Roku. It is excellent.

  19. Arlana Sheppard says:

    I think this is the best weather app! So accurate and I love having the radar right on my phone, voice notification of activities near me. My only suggestion would be; if possible, an option for announcement of earthquake. I love that it has the option for view in radar though! Otherwise it’s awesome! Thanks q13!

  20. Shanonne Vaughn says:

    Easy to use, good info on weather.

  21. Charley Stokes says:

    Great app to track weather, earthquakes and more. Recommend.

  22. Captain Caffeine 613 says:

    Pretty decent app but it would be great if they put actual numbers on the map for wind speed and temperature instead of the different colors. How can you get a precise reading from the different colors. You have to manually type in the location to get that information instead of clicking on the map and the numbers are there like other weather apps. I like the Lightning feature especially.

  23. Lacey Harris says:

    HANDS DOWN THE BEST WEATHER APP!!! HAS weather alerts Air quality alerts It is always accurate & current!!! My GO TO APP! for planning my days & weekends, LOVE IT you can even post your pics straight to ch. 13 through this app!!!!

  24. Jeff Wilson says:

    My daily check on my local weather. Use it 2-3 times a day, also when I travel.

  25. Richard Christensen says:

    Keeps telling me to update app but there’s no update on Google Play store.

  26. Carl Harrod says:

    upset and disappointed just wanted to update and keep getting going back to the beginning.

  27. Walter Le Couteur says:

    I like it. It is a very reluable source of information.

  28. Robert Thomlinson says:

    Not good could not get rid of red window at top telling me to update, try as i might i could not update or get rid of red window …👎

  29. Diane D says:

    I use it daily for weather information and news.

  30. Vince Brown says:

    Best app for weather I’ve used so far. Incredibly accurate and the radar I fo is spot on!!! We miss Walter!!

  31. Donna Lutes says:

    Keeps telling me to update and turn location on. Location is on and there is no update available

  32. K B says:

    Please fix the bug with the red bar across the top asking me to update app. There is no update available. Very frustrating.

  33. D RMF 2 says:

    Was great, now it doesn’t show details about weather alerts. Last update screwed something up. I even Uninstalled the app yo see if it would fix the issue, no luck

  34. Richard Posey says:

    My favorite weather app for radar. However, studio weathercasts never run after the commercial.

  35. Clark Cooley says:

    Was a good app to start but then suddenly it stopped letting me scroll down to see more details

  36. Eyewanders Foto says:

    Don’t watch the Q much anymore due to the awful changes over the past year since being O&Od by Fox entirely. Still a halfway decent weather app but it has received the new branding and I can’t stand look at it any longer as a reminder of what’s been done to this great newscast and channel.

  37. Ashley Phillips says:

    All of a sudden it takes forever to get current location if it loads at all. Super frustrating. I have tried Uninstalling and reinstalling it and didn’t seem to help the issue.

  38. Bill Martin says:

    Not a bad app but it definitely drains my battery. I went from 100% to 40% in 4 hours.

  39. Terry Yarbrough says:

    I deleted this app because I no longer get the weather video it just makes you sit through the commercial. This app has improved since I last reviewed it, but too many commericals and not enough news.

  40. Michael Bickle says:

    Always says can’t get my current location. Permission is enabled.

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