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Plan and enjoy the activities at sea: surf, fishing, sailing, diving, kayak ...
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November 25, 2022
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Nautide Apk Download New 2022 Version*

All the guidelines you wish to have to understand to plot actions at sea in a easy and sensible app.

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Greater than 15,000 coastal stations world wide.

Nautide Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

TIDES Day by day tide charts and tidal coefficient. Top tides and occasional tides. Tides top. Per 30 days tide desk. Tides for fishing.

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SURF Peak and route of the swell, wave duration, hourly surf desk.

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FISH TASK Hourly job chart and solunar classes with the most productive fishing moments of on a daily basis. Tides4fishing. Per 30 days process desk with day by day fish task and main and minor fishing sessions.

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SOLAR AND MOON Daybreak, sundown, moonrise, moonset, azimut, moon levels, eclipses, transits and different astronomical information.

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Fishing barometer, force graph and hourly power desk with development indicator.

Nautide Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Wind at land and wind at sea: wind velocity, wind gust, wind power, land and sea stipulations and hourly wind desk.
CLIMATE Weather stipulations at coast: Cloud duvet, visibility, temperature, precipitation, wind sit back, humidity, dew level and hourly climate desk.

Open water forecast for marine/sailing. Contains all climate signs and in addition the water temp. Hourly marine desk.

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40 comments on "Nautide Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Reigh Gytha says:

    I absolutely love this app. For three bucks you get a whole year of every chart you could possibly need for fishing. I really appreciate the tidal coefficient graph as it really helps to know how much water is moving around, and with it, the fish.

  2. Jodee Vin says:

    very useful for immediate daily use, great variety of nautical data presented in variety of clever formats. I needed the upgrade, when upgraded: get weathr for week and tide charts for year so I can plan well ahead. recommend spending time really exploring the app, as some most valuable info not easy to find (e.g. monthly tidal chart is found with a side swipe on a certain subtitle). sometimes need to refresh the data packs for most recent info;system did not explain why info wasn’t available

  3. Justin Gerarda says:

    great app, but I can’t find a way to restore my purchase when I changed devices. Seems I’m forced to repay? Update: thanks for the response. I was under the impression that when one pays for a year, it’s for a 12 month period, not for the remainder of that annual period? I basically paid a full fee for a couple months’ use.. ? Surely there should be a pro rata option?

  4. Sammey Sol says:

    the summary panel is a bit cluttered, I have checked the data against several other sources and it is accurate except for wind speed. The wind speeds displayed in the summary panel are calculated by some model rather than actual data from a nearby station. this needs to change to improve accuracy.

  5. Cheston Eldan says:

    Excellent interface. All local marine and fishing info is right here. And for me, my regular beach has a station so I have accurate tides. I upgraded to have forecast almanac too. Five bucks or whatever. The interface really is first rate. Easy to use and well presented.

  6. Shandley Kandice says:

    Really like the app and UI. Couple of points to raise. First, there are far too few stations for Queensland, Australia to get accurate tide times. Second, the ‘wind at sea’ prediction is often very different than info on other apps. What is considered to be ‘wind at sea’ anywhere on the water at the station and where do you get the prediction data from? Thanks

  7. Jennette Burney says:

    UI is a little confusing at first but with a little practice makes sense. My main issue with the app is the absolute sluggishness of the UI and constantly complaining I dont have an active Internet connection. Maybe the iasue is I am running Android Q Preview 5 and the app needs some tweaking for the new version of Android. Time will tell.

  8. Dondrea Airon says:

    Not sure where you get your data but your data was horribly wrong today and almost caused us to capsize. We had 6-7ft swells when your app said to expect .7. Wind was also far off the mark. I wont be using this app for forecasts again. The real time data was also wrong.

  9. Styles Bristal says:

    Need variable size widget. This app is sure useful but i don’t know if it accurate. I try to compare it with weather-live by Google but i still don’t have any idea which one is accurate since all of them are forecast only…but i really like all the information on Nautide and that why this app needed widget so i can simply put them on my home screen without opening directly to the app. Three star for not having a widget. Overall this is are great app.

  10. Emeline Clayton says:

    It’s perfect. Everything I need in one app and it works super smooth. Very user friendly too. But I see a missed opportunity and it frustrates me a bit. There’s no widget. If you turn the summary screen into a widget, I’ll change my review to five stars.

  11. Marcin Kantor says:

    Fancy looking app, but so what, since the authors used incorrect data. If you go by the feeding periods it advices you will miss the actual periods. I have contacted them 3 times and got ignored each time, very poor. Clearly all they care about is to make money, not necessarily deliver factual information. Disappointing, since I really liked the app outside of that.

  12. Robert Sell says:

    Great app with lots of useful info, even in the free version. In fact almost too much info at the beginning. It took a minute to read through the help page to get an idea of how to make sense of what I was looking at when first opening the app, but after I got the hang of what meant want the information was very well laid out and easy to quickly read. Overall a great experience.

  13. Chris Del Toro says:

    I love the app and have used it for 2 years now, but it stopped working after reinstalling it. It won’t pick up a station when starting up, this stopping me from going any further into app (Failed to get server station). Update: Thanks you for the quick response. I had tried blasting the data by stopping the app then clearing it before uninstalling/reinstalling and that didn’t do the trick. I was able to resolve by choosing the “View Map” option at setup, then I picked the desired station and viola, I was in. I went back to “Manage Stations” and was able find a nearby station using GPS as well now. P.S Sorry for holding a star hostage until this was resolved. It’s standard procedure and my attorneys have given me the OK to have it restored! Cheers!

  14. Jordan Hawkins says:

    Great app. Love the look and provides great information. Only request would be for the app icon to fill the full circle on Pixel devices, instead of being a square inside the circle. Just a minor thing, otherwise a great app. 👍.

  15. Thomson Randall says:

    Nothing compares to this app’s implementation of user friendly functionality. Data packages are necessary in order to take full advantage of the accurate spot-on analysis. With that being said outdoor enthusiasts can now have a much better outdoors experience.

  16. Donatas Lescevicius says:

    Bad app. Looks fancy and has a lot of tabs. Would be great if it worked but all the data, you have to pay for data packs otherwise app is tottaly unusable, is incorrect. Doesnt correspond with any other services either. And just to give you an example, it says it been raining where i am for the last 3 hours and will continue to rain. Theres no rain. So far, been using it for a few weeks and not a single correct prediction when you needed it. Waste of money and time.

  17. Robert Mackness says:

    No real alerting feature. You can only set notifications for limited events within the current day like high tide or whatever, but you can’t get a notification about anything in the future. For example I’d like to know if wave size is looking good on the weekend, or if there’s a spring tide on, but i have to load the entire app (slow) and click around for a bit to find out, not ideal. This seems like a basic feature that similar apps have.

  18. Scott Boyd says:

    Just downloaded. Have not had time to critique long-term performance, but 1st impression this app is polished and stuffed with data. Free version focused on now, if you want future need to upgrade. Blown away with what this app does for free. Will not disappoint.

  19. Michael Leae says:

    So much information and guides are easily found to explain everything. The summary page is an amazing snapshot. You can arrange the detail pages in the order that suits your activity. I absolutely recommend the premium version. It has been my go to planning guide here in New Zealand for 9 months. I’ve tried several different apps since landing here from Texas and this is absolutely awesome. I fish both from shore any my boat. Accurate info

  20. Alexander Banach says:

    It APPEARS to have a lot of good info, but I can’t get through the app without popups, ads, screens telling me to pay money… Considering all this information is available FREE from other sources, I can’t even be bothered to acclimate to this busy and handicapped app. It costs too much and has too many limitations without subscribing to recurring payments. NO THANK YOU!

  21. Kyron Bone says:

    Was using tidesforfishing website and decided to download app primarily for fishing info but the app lacks a significant amount of information and functionality compared to the website. I upgraded to the paid version hoping it would be different but it was a waste of money. I hope the developers can give this app a bit of attention because right now it could do with some improvement.

  22. Robin Mayfield says:

    Really nice low fuss app with great UI. Based in the UK and found it does just what I need and more to plan activity and see what’s happening now. Free version is great with just what I wanted. Impressed enough to buy the packs and got more usage.

  23. Pete Johnstone says:

    So far this app is proving to be the most complete and best app I’ve ever used for weather, wind and fishing. Its got everything and well laid out in a format that’s super useful in sections. The only thing that needs to be added to make it the best in market is sea tide current so one can get an idea how much current can be expected on the Beach or close to shore etc. Only problem it has is a clutch in adjusting to Daylight savings time. Phone has adjusted time but app still says 12 + 1 hour.

  24. Ken Lisagar says:

    Downloaded the app and data pack. This is the most complete app I have used for assessing fishing conditions. It includes weather, tides, moon phases, fish activity, everything I could ask for in one place. It does take a little time to become familiar with how all the data is represented, but like any good tool, you need to invest a little time (talking minutes, not hours in this case) to learn how to use it to its full potential.

  25. NCSS LLC says:

    The UI is very reaponsive while using a Standard Mobile phone in this case an older model Samsung S7 with minimal storage capacity. The layout is not too overwhelming for someone whom may know most if not any at all of the Metrics and Measurements that are far more than standard. The information is customizable easily for individuals’ needs whether it be Surfing or Fishing or Boating. A tremendous Application and highly useful!.

  26. isabel says:

    It’s a great app with all the info you need in one place, and presented in a really smart way. Only one thing I havent managed to sort yet; I should have inmediately access to the databack I’ve already purchased in another device just by using the same google account, but it’s not there… EDIT: I got access to the datapack the next day, so it might have been a timimg issue or the work of the support staff. 5 stars now! Thanks!

  27. Mike Benedict says:

    Love the way this app shows the various conditions in a concise chart. Even better is the way the chart icons are listed below for quick reference. This is the first app that I felt was actually good enough to go beyond the free version. Well done!

  28. Jeff S says:

    Buying this app would be a no-brainer for me if it were not for the fact that they’re missing the current stations. If they added this information it would be perhaps the only app I would want to use. Many of us going out in the water need to know not only the wind conditions but the opposing current conditions to be safe.

  29. Mark Ezrin says:

    Unusable in the free version. Intrusive ads. literally every 5 seconds. So how would I be able to see if I want to buy it? Seems like it’s full of info I can’t evaluate. And $10/year for a data pack? And you’ve not updated the app since December? Nah, there are much better options out there. A shame. It was promising.

  30. G T says:

    I use it mainly for inshore sailing. There is a lot of information available including ‘chill factor’. The version used is the paid one which gives the whole year’s tide information. If this is not required the free version works fine though it only displays the daily information. It also includes data related to fishing and more. An excellent App and one to be recommended. One piece of information that I would find very useful would be the inclusion of Tidal Streams.

  31. rusty gh says:

    Wait a minute, so a year data pack and I still only get limited 14 or 7 days on some parts?and if I want those it’s a subscription? Oh no GFY uninstalled. Totally awesome! I am tied though, the price for a full year is a lot. Not so much that it’s too high, but more from my side if I’ll actually use enough you know? The 6 bucks for rest of the year, I might check it, but what if you had a 30 or 60 day trial, so people could monitor their own use, seeing if they would use?

  32. GW says:

    This used to be my go-to app for tide times/levels, etc. But they ruined it w/ the latest update. Not crazy for the new layout at all. But worse, you can’t click on even tomorrow’s tide forecast w/out watching an ad to “unlock” it & then if you do & wanna check next day after that, you have to watch yet another ad. I believe the old version was something like $3-5 for the entire year. But now they’ve rolled out “Nautide Pro” that’s ad-free but costs $20/yr or $3.50/mo. Total ripoff!! Uninstalled

  33. Alexander Guskov says:

    The app is too designful so it’s make tricky to find the data. When one get through it design he must sort out with nonsence of the data. For example, if you are, say, in NY and are going to, say, Norway, and are schaduling your plans there, you need not to forget to change timezone of your mobile to Norwegian to have the correct time tides and than return the sattings of your mobile back, because you are still in NY. Mood calendar looks complete unralable. And so on…

  34. Dsdax says:

    Great app, very useful information, very cheap subscription that isn’t even necessary to pusrchase for the features you would want the most, but offers nice advanced features that are worth the price. It’s hard to navigate the app as there is a lot of information and stuff, but they explain everything to you and once you familiarise yourself with it, it’s easy.

  35. gary smith says:

    Looks great but the ad pop-up’s are a tad assertive. If I needed the info more often pro would be an option worth exploring, but for infrequent tide checks maybe just a Google search in the browser is better. I’m uninstalling based on the app not being appropriate for my particular infrequent usage needs.

  36. Bill Hutchins says:

    multi year paying user. We dive and fish. Living in the fl keystides are drastically different through the chain and side to side. App is a huge time saver deciding which direction in channel to go saving 20 minof wasted time n fuel. The only complaint I have is state of sea doesn’t appear accurate following storms. Maybe its because it displays forecast versus station reported? I would like to understand which it is. App showed 2ft seas while i stared at glassy channel very near station

  37. Daniel Gosling says:

    Downloaded the app for fishing as this has fish activity, tides, weather / bar pressure, and lunar phases. So far it is invaluable, so I decided to start the subscription to help me plan more trips out without ads. Best app out there by far for avid fishermen/women, surfers etc. Really handy, thank you

  38. Jamie Depares says:

    Has made issues within my phone the phone freezing and can not delete or uninstall from my device

  39. John Prescott says:

    Useless. All I can get is all Philippines, no specific island

  40. Markus Oberholzer says:

    Very useful for fishing give the tides,swell,wind

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