VLC for Android Mod Apk New 2022*

VLC for Android is the best open source video and music player, fast and easy!
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November 3, 2022
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VLC for Android Mod Apk New 2022*

VLC media participant is a unfastened and open supply cross-platform multimedia participant that performs maximum multimedia recordsdata in addition to discs, gadgets, and community streaming protocols.

VLC for Android Mod Apk New 2022* apk

That is the port of VLC media participant to the Android™ platform. VLC for Android can play any video and audio information, in addition to community streams, community stocks and drives, and DVD ISOs, just like the desktop model of VLC.

VLC for Android Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

VLC for Android is a complete audio participant, with a whole database, an equalizer and filters, enjoying all bizarre audio codecs.

VLC for Android Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

VLC is meant for everybody, is for free, has no advertisements, no in-app-purchases, no spying and is evolved by way of passionate volunteers. All of the supply code is to be had without cost.

VLC for Android Mod Apk New 2022* release

Options ––––––––
VLC for Android™ performs maximum native video and audio recordsdata, in addition to community streams (together with adaptive streaming), DVD ISOs, just like the desktop model of VLC. It additionally beef up disk stocks.

VLC for Android Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

All codecs are supported, together with MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC. All formats are integrated with out a separate downloads. It helps subtitles, Teletext and Closed Captions.

VLC for Android Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

VLC for Android has a media library for audio and video recordsdata, and lets in to browse folders without delay.

VLC for Android Mod Apk New 2022*

VLC has toughen for multi-track audio and subtitles. It helps auto-rotation, aspect-ratio changes and gestures to regulate quantity, brightness and in the hunt for.

It additionally features a widget for audio regulate, helps audio headsets keep an eye on, quilt artwork and an entire audio media library.

VLC for Android wishes get entry to to these classes:
• “Photos/Media/Files” to learn your all media recordsdata 🙂
• “Garage” to learn your all media information on SD playing cards 🙂
• “Different” to test community connections, alternate the quantity, set the ringtone, run on Android TELEVISION and show the popup view, see under for main points.

Permission Main points :
• It wishes “learn the contents of your USB garage”, in to reserve to learn your media information on it.
• It wishes “adjust or delete the contents of your USB garage”, with a purpose to permit deletion of information and retailer subtitles.

• It wishes “complete community get entry to”, to open community and web streams.
• It wishes “save you telephone from napping” in an effort to save you… your telephone from dozing when looking at a video.
• It wishes “trade your audio settings”, with the intention to trade audio quantity.
• It wishes “regulate device settings”, as a way to permit you to exchange your audio ringtone.
• It wishes “view community connections” so as to observe whether or not tool is attached or now not.
• It wishes “draw over different apps” to begin the customized picture-in-picture widget.
• It wishes “regulate vibration” to provide comments at the controls.
• It wishes “run at startup” to set tips about Android TELEVISION launcher display screen, most effective used on Android TELEVISION gadgets.
• It wishes “microphone” to offer voice seek on Android TELEVISION gadgets, simplest requested on Android TELEVISION units.


40 comments on "VLC for Android Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Anthony Mendenhall says:

    Not sure what people are whining about… The app seems to work fine on my device. I use it exclusively as a music player. It’s kind of awkward to set up (organizing my songs was slightly more annoying than I expected it to be), but once it’s set up everything works well. The app supports FLAC and 320kbps MP3 files, which have the best possible audio quality compared to the more commonly used 128kbps MP3 files.

  2. Robert Silber says:

    OK a pet pev of mine. So I been using vlc for about 6 years now. But I always get upset when I play a song and it’s half way through. I can’t remember listening to the first half days ago. Yeah you can click on ask for resume or start over in options. But that doesn’t work. Vlc I’m asking you I like this app but please fix that Edit: so now I can resume easier. If I click out when I get back in long click on the thumbnail to get back to full screen video major YES!!! Changing to 5 stars. Congrat

  3. Shera A says:

    This use to be my favorite App on my phone for listening to my audio books. Since the latest update pausing and playing with a tap of my headset button doesn’t work! I have to wake my phone up and even hit unpause. Sometimes the back 10 seconds is sketchy too. Also, it doesn’t auto start after calls. And if I hit pause it’s a big gamble if it stays paused or playing. Hopefully these will all be fixed with a new update a lot of other things were fixed and some good features. I have faith VLC

  4. Corbin Clasby says:

    Updates have now fixed the widget and it now behaves as expected. I don’t like the fact that when you pause the widget player, all other icons (rewind, skip, etc) disappear until you press play again. Aside from that, VLC has always been a great free media player and after an update has fixed the resizing of the widget I’m thrilled to have it back.

  5. Daylight 106 says:

    I wish it had Google driving mode capability. I cant switch songs while driving as it always defaults to YouTube. I want to listen to The Wall on my phone without YouTube’s PayWall. I have the whole album but not hands to spare at 60MPH. I also can’t get it to start as part of my morning alarm. Great app, compatibility with almost any file type you find.

  6. Mike MD says:

    Best all around app for watching anything on phone or mirroring to another screen. Few minor bugs that pop up after update, but by no means does that bring it down a star. I think some people just get frustrated with technology and I’d bet 95% of bad reviews are operator error and not the app. I myself did at first time of use which is why I never rate apps untill months after use.

  7. extio loves says:

    The audio boost feature is very nice, but now we need a brightness boost. When watching video content that displays dark scenes on a phone in daylight, it can be very hard to see, but something amazing would be to also allow the slider to change gamma and brighten the scene that way, then it could be seen. Likewise, darkening the image could allow dimming the phone even more than the phone brightness settings allow at 1% brightness. Please pass this on to the phone app developer.

  8. Raphen Ilweed says:

    Long time user of VLC not just for Android but PC as well, probably as far back to one of the earliest releases. It’s fairly simple to use yet packs in advanced features. Will keep using and recommending. Though, the biggest annoyance is if you pause playback then switch to another app. When switching back to VLC to resume the playlist is gone and you have to reselect files, folders or playlists. Especially annoying with large music collections.

  9. J. says:

    Mostly great. Very extensive options in the settings. I think my only complaint is that the default language selector for subtitles doesn’t work (in auto-loading). There is also no option to automatically load the subtitle track but not automatically display them. Nonetheless, the developers of VLC very clearly have a deep understanding of the user experience. I can’t think of a better UX than VLC, when it comes to customization and all, not to mention its versatility. You guys are the best!

  10. Stephen Altilio says:

    Android widget broken with latest update. I’ve used this app for years, but the widget now gets stupid after pausing. When trying to restart a music playlist, it flashes “multiple media cannot be played” repeatedly as it looks to restart and find something to play. You guys seriously have me considering another player soon if this keeps up. Thanks for years of open source heaven. Hope you straighten things out.

  11. Bradley Johnson says:

    Good Media Player / / I like that it can also browse to other devices on the network and supports signing into devices to view their files… / However, note that if you try to open a non-supported file type, it seems to try to open it, fail without a message and then go back to the directory screen. I wish that long-pressing on a file would allow you to open it in another app (if possible). /

  12. John Schmidt says:

    This app is just as good as the laptop version I’ve used for years. It installed on my Samsung with no problems and is working great. It’s loaded with useful features and is much more versatile than most other players. The ability to place bookmarks in a file so you can easily return to that spot is extremely useful to me, for example. Highly recommend VLC.

  13. Steve Barton says:

    Been using this app for years. I average about six audiobooks a week as I drive for work. The most recent update has screwed something up. Anytime I pause and go away from the app for more than about 3 minutes, it won’t resume where I left off. It says “multiple media cannot be played” and picks an arbitrary song from my library to play. If they get this bug fixed, it’s definitely a 5-star app.

  14. Jordan W. says:

    Interface is great, however audio becomes out of sync with video on every playback. Not sure if it’s the video that lags or the audio is sped up, but the audio gets ahead of the video after only a couple seconds o playback. This is the only issue with the app, however it’s a big one and makes the app pretty unusable

  15. James says:

    Something def got messed up in the last or previous update. I used to cast music locally stored on my phone (pixel 6 pro) to my Google hub max all the time. Now, whenever I try to cast and play a song I get an error stating it can’t play the audio file. If I cast to a standard non-screen Google hub it works fine. Something definitely broke.

  16. Travis Terrell says:

    Good at everything…except seeking! Jumping forward or back using any method often results in the audio beginning to play for several seconds before the video “catches up.” Really frustrating, since I use this feature a lot. The drag method is unique and nice for those times where double-tapping isn’t appropriate. Unfortunately, due to the bug I have to rewind further than the part I want to see, making the accuracy benefits dragging brings meaningless. Please fix!

  17. Robert Picone says:

    VLC has such a strong history as an amazing media player and nonprofit, and I’ve used it for over a decade and will continue to use it. BUT recently it’s had an error where it cannot resume audio files and just seems to shut down and completely forget its place when I try to resume saying, “multiple media cannot be played.” So if I’m listening to a 14 hour audiobook and have to stop to have a conversation then in order to start it up again I have to try to find my exact place in all of that.

  18. Fusion phoenix says:

    As of the latest update (Note 9) it takes 30-60 seconds to start playing any song from my music library, of about 10,000 songs. Then, if I hit the shuffle button from the “Tracks” list under “Audio” it takes another 15-30 seconds tp pick and play a new song showing a “Loading please wait” screen. If I click this button say 5 times times, it will play parts of each of the 5 songs it randomly picked, until it gets to the 5th one, then it continues to play without issue.

  19. David Kimberley says:

    I listen to audiobooks in the car and the app worked great for some time. Recently its struggling to remember where it left off and I always get the message “multiple media cannot be played”. I have closed all apps, restarted the phone and the issue continues.

  20. Don Swanick says:

    the user interface is seemingly intentionally designed to be as annoying as possible and potentially to cause epileptic seisures. if you don’t move the mouse for 3 seconds, it automatically forces you into full screen. there was a basic explanation of how to do everthing in the beginning, and it is all so inconveniently designed. just put buttons for everything at the bottom of the screen and give the OPTION for full screen. the key is to give the customer freedom so they can actually enjoy it.

  21. Jeffrey Cheeseman says:

    I’m a long the VLC user, Linux, Windows and Android. It’s been my one size fits all media player. Would love to give Android VLC 5 stars here, but one problem, when playing audio from a playlist, the equilizer keeps turning itself back on everytime I switch tracks. This is a problem because when playing audio over Bluetooth to my car stereo, the EQ is causing distortion, even when the EQ is set to flat. There doesn’t seem to be an app-wide setting that disables the EQ. Am I missing something?

  22. Jon says:

    New version 3.5.2 is inadequate and slower to load. Can’t long press the fast forward or reverse buttons to seek anymore. It is nice you can change the amount of seek time instead of having it fixed at 10 sec. Also when playing videos on A-B repeat the UI controls don’t drop down until you click on the screen. Lastly In order to resume video playback in display mode from playing in the background the user now must long press the small cover icon on the lower left instead of one simple click..?!!

  23. T Mayberry says:

    Great app. Needs tweeting. Issue 1 playing music. When playing you cannot skip forward to start wherever you want. You select play all at any place and it decides it will start at the very beginning. Issue 2. To go along with issue 1. Whenever you pause it. The app stops and you have to go back and restart and encounter issue number 1

  24. Gary says:

    Update to 3.5.2 on Nvidia Shield. Old version was a great app for viewing .iso video files but looks like the new version has quit playing .iso files. Also it decided to mix in some files from the music folder for display purposes, ( files never moved). I’m still researching this problem but will probably try to reload an older version to fix problem.

  25. S. Vincent Parish says:

    No ads anywhere. No ad bar at the bottom. No showing ads between screens. None. This is what I wanted and VLC came through. Thank you. I also like the format because the app shows me all my media files with a quick scan. I turned my old phone into a multimedia player that can be used anytime offline. VLC is the best.

  26. Danielle Siegel says:

    The video changes after pausing and switching apps or screen timeout. It will pick up a completely different video in my folder or playlist at the same timestamp where the original one that was playing was paused. This did not occur until the most recent update and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. Sometime while playing a video only playlist it switches to audio only. To get the option to switch back to video I have to turn off and on my screen to get the setting to populate.

  27. Sean Oakley says:

    Overall this is a great app. With one critical exception! Would you please allow the time to skip ahead and rewind to be adjusted. The 10 second double-tap ahead is a painful limitation to an otherwise great Audio/Video player. There should be a selection of various times such as 10s, 30s, or 5 min. Also a triple tap skip ahead feature that would triple whatever time is chosen so it then becomes 30 sec, 90 sec and 15 min respectively. Surely this is an easy fix for what’s clearly an oversight.

  28. Jovi G says:

    I updated to the newest version and does not perform as good as the previous one. Keeps on dropping out the playlist when you switch between car, speaker or headphones and, you must start the Playlist from the beginning. Please, fix it or let us know how we can switch back to previous version. Thks.

  29. Aaron Clark says:

    Since the last update audio files on my Pixel 4a don’t resume from where I left off if I pause for more than a minute or two. When using my aftershocks Bluetooth headset pressing the start stop button has no effect whatsoever after 2 minutes manually tapping the file in the playlist will start it up from last position for a few more minutes but after about 5 minutes or so that causes the file to start over from the beginning. I have checked every setting I can think of and reinstalled

  30. James Arnao says:

    I’ve been using the VLC app on my Android device for a little over 3 or 4 years. Recently in the last 4 months I’ve noticed a lot of bugs popping up. The biggest one as someone has mentioned in a previous review almost 80% of the time if I pause an audiobook and try to replay it more than a few minutes later it either tells me that it cannot play multiple Medias at the same time or it will freeze and I have to go back into my browse menu, find the book and restart it.

  31. Edward Avalos says:

    Great media player and possibly one of the best on android, until recently. I use this to play FLAC’s on my phone, but now I’ve been getting some strange stuttering at random parts of some songs. Almost half my library is affected. It’s just too damn noticeable and it’s ruining my listening experience. I tried other media players on my phone and pc just to be sure it wasn’t the FLAC files and only VLC for android had this issue. Even Spotify had no issue playing local FLAC files.

  32. Wilhelm Strasse (Retd.) says:

    An excellent video player right there! Which is being successful in playing almost any media formats and streaming corners of contents from Radio to Video. Using it since 2008, how time flies.. I remember using it in my laptop to stream movies and now I do almost every media activity here from conversion to mixing! Greetings on your comeback in India! It’s not just an Android review, considerably it’s a multi-platform review for the ‘Best Media Player App Ever’. Thank You for sticking with us.

  33. Alex Sage says:

    Very inconvenient. The player lacks one of the most important feature is to remember the last playback and the ability to resume playback where you left off. Instead you always have to navigate, select what to play each and every time. Its especially dangerous on the road. The player has to be able to play from where it left off whenever you press the play button. Or when phone connects to car stereo and automatically starts playback, but this player cant play upon connect. Have to select.

  34. Jacob Flandro says:

    A UI is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good. Everything else about the player is super solid! But please bring back the old “return to video view” button instead of the bizarre “long tap the cover to restore the video” thing with a recurring pop-up that always ends up covering up the very control its trying to explain. (Or at least give us an option to disable the recurring explainer pop-up?)

  35. Robert Foy says:

    VLC is the only worthwhile media player on both Android AND PC. Everything else is inferior garbage fit only for people who think Windows 95 and installing “search bars” into their browsers is a “smart thing”. It has soooo many options to change and tweak things. Performance is also the best. And like most “must-haves” it’s freeware. This is also one of the few pieces of software that is free that I actually donated to. I’ve been using VLC since the very beginning.

  36. Chris Zeimet says:

    Since the death of Play Music this has been my go-to for media on my phone. It works pretty well, I also use it to listen to soma.fm and has Android auto capability. My only complaint is with the Android Auto interface itself. I have a lot of albums on my phone and the ones I listen to more frequently are towards the bottom of the list, every time I go back to the albums it takes me all the way to the top and I have to scroll down again.

  37. Chad Pettit says:

    I’ve been using VLC ever since Google killed off Play Music. It’s been a good replacement, but recently, there’s been an annoying bug. The music I’ve been playing will no longer resume when I get into my car. Also, the notification panel controls lose functionality after the app is unused for more than a few minutes.

  38. Adrain Scully says:

    Over all, really enjoyable. But the playlist function does not work right. It just makes up a playlist of my music for no reason. It also does not keep the tracks in the play lists. So I have a bunch of playlists that I cannot delete, all empty, including the one I tried to put together myself.

  39. Thorvald Hopp says:

    I love this app because it can play almost any kind of media (main reason I’ve had VLC on every computer since 2014), but you know what would be nice to have? A “Folder” option under music instead of “Albums”. For whatever reason the app doesn’t recognize certain Soundtracks, Greatest Hits, Collabs, etc. Kinda ridiculous having 36 “Unknown Albums” comprising of anywheres from 1 song going up to the biggest one with 1456 songs! This could easily be a 5/5 app if this issue was fixed.

  40. Thebrothaisback says:

    I used this for about a year for Android Mobile. I mainly used it because i use the pc version and that is great. Let me get to the point. This app plays the music files back and the album art shows up quickly – but sometimes not at all! The main problem is that it has dropouts while playing various, uncompressed audio files. I used to think it was my wire connection, then Android Auto, but when i switched apps, the other app had no dropouts and the audio files played with a true hi-res audi

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