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A weird game about emotions
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August 21, 2019
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Pluck It: hairs and emotions Premium Apk

Pluck This is a recreation about going via a peculiar adventure of hair plucking. On this adventure, you are going to revel in all more or less feelings as you pluck hairs. Do you have in mind when used to be the final time you felt those feelings?

Pluck It: hairs and feelings Top class Apk mod apk

Some hairs are moodier and it is very important use your creativity and creativeness to pluck them. Are you able to chill out a hair on hearth? Are you able to forestall the hair from crying?

Pluck It: hairs and feelings Top class Apk apk

– You pluck a large number of hairs. So much.
– Enjoy over 30 other feelings.
– Your creativity and creativeness will probably be examined. Are you able to prevent a hair from procrastinating?
– There’s a secret easter egg within the recreation? Are you CURIOUS?
– The sport is totally unfastened and not using a commercial. Pay what you wish to have.

Pluck It: hairs and feelings Top class Apk apk mod

*** NO hair is harmed within the making of this sport ***

Pluck It: hairs and feelings Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Pluck it’s made with the aim of selling self-awareness and emotional consciousness of other people’s on a regular basis lifestyles within the data age.
​ On this busy virtual technology which all more or less issues take a look at to draw our consideration, on occasion we’ve got very little time to grasp and care for our feelings and psychological well being. Pluck It brings this subject to you in a a laugh method.


40 comments on "Pluck It: hairs and emotions Premium Apk"

  1. Athelstan Allannah says:

    this game is really, really great. the occasional motivational messages are really soft and come through as honest! my only problem was the gameplay mechanic of plucking. while it may be because i wasnt very good at it, its really hard to go at it at times. wish there was an accessibility setting in which you could pluck with only one finger. a really nice game to spend some time on and get some motivation from overall!

  2. Dani Pesayco says:

    It was a simple game, short and sweet, with a great message. However, idk if it’s part of the game but the graphics weren’t all too smooth. But the absolute best part is that it has no ads, and i think its best that way to experience the entirety of the game in its simplicity. Thanks dev!! Hope you make more thought provoking games

  3. Amanda B says:

    Not alot to it and it’s a little silly. Takes a minute to figure out how to pull the hair straight down but it does its purpose well! I downloaded it as a distraction from bad habits and it’s really great. I’m excited to see what each new emotion does and it makes me genuinely laugh and smile. Great way to get yourself in a better mood when all the other “mindfulness, journaling, and self care” apps just feel too tedious.

  4. Lindsey says:

    This is a very wholesome game. Its obvious that it was made by a beginner team or a single person, but that just adds to its charm. Each level incorporated the designers depiction of each emotion through an interactive hair plucking game. Its satisfying to pluck the hairs ans see the animation that comes along with it. The controls are a bit difficult because it requires 2 fingers which block most of your game play field as the hairs grow at the top. Also, the graphics could be a bit better.

  5. KittenNoodleSoup says:

    I gave a good review too quickly, there is one level impossible to get past, more specifically the “Distracted” level. Yes, I have found the right hair but can’t pluck it no matter how hard I try cause the others are in the way and keeping me from keeping a grip. Please do whatever you can to fix this one level.

  6. Cat McGrath says:

    This is an interesting, quirky, fun, short game. Emotional states are represented by hairs to be plucked, with some cute visuals and soundscapes, and a surprise or two. The narrator’s accent is endearing. Some of the English grammar is non-standard, but that’s a minor criticism for a very neat little game.

  7. Hubertholding says:

    This was a journey, to say the least. It was short. Anything that is completely free gets a good rating from me, it’s therapeutic and a bit euphoric (as someone who struggles with hair pulling problems). The graphics aren’t great, so there are 4/5, I would recommend this to anyone with anxiety or who is just bored in quarantine (or not?). Side note is that I’ve only played this once, and without sound.

  8. Jeano Elam says:

    I really wanted to like this game but the the way you grab the hair to pull seems buggy or really difficult. I’m not sure which. Seems fine for other people who rated. I spent way to much time trying It pull the hairs and didn’t get far. I made it to motivated after hearing “ouch let’s try harder” multiple times I got annoyed.

  9. a Person says:

    While I admit the graphics quality is low and the controls can be a bit squirrelly, this game was beautiful to play. Yes, the concept was a little odd but I enjoyed playing every once in a while to see what emotion was coming next. This game was also translated into many different languages, which shows even more love from the devs. Thank you so much for creating this game with a powerful messege!

  10. Heather Smith says:

    Although the graphics weren’t great and the controls we’re not the easiest, the overall concept was so cute and (though it sounds cheesy) I truly felt and understood all the emotions they were trying to portray. When downloading I thought it would just be a time killer, but it turned out to be a cute, fun, well thought out, beautiful game and I enjoyed all my time playing it! Also I loved the voiceovers, and audio as well as the visuals (though not the greatest). Also there is no ads!

  11. Alexis Cohen says:

    Cute little game. Had some grammar issues here and there, but overall, I enjoyed it. The plucking aspect was really satisfying to me as someone with dermatillomania (skin picking disorder) and I’m sure people with trichotillomania (hair plucking disorder) would also really enjoy this. I think it’d be cool to have an infinite plucking mode, or even another app specifically for that.

  12. Kellie Tremblay says:

    I great concept piece. It was strange, but pretty cute. I’d look forward to seeing what the devs create in the future with more experience and feedback in the bank! Notes: grammar and controls could benefit from a little tweaking, but did not hinder the ability to enjoy the app.

  13. Quadreye says:

    It’s a strange concept for sure–plucking hair and emotions? But the devs managed to pull it off, with some clever, amusing tricks. The graphics aren’t the best, and the controls are janky–I had a hard time plucking the hair, and my screen got cut off because its longer. But it’s not that repetitive despite the entire thing revolving around hair-plucking. The accented English is charming, and the message was clear despite the errors. Overall a cute little game worth your time to check out.

  14. Big D-ina says:

    This game is so cute! It sounds like a strange concept, plucking hairs for emotions, but the visuals and the narrator’s voice are super smooth and satisfying to go through. The game is both calming and hilarious, I had so much fun going through it! I wish I could have donated more; kudos to the wonderful devs for making such a wonderful game, and I look forward to their future endeavors! 🙂

  15. Isabella Cortesi says:

    Interesting game and I love that there’s no ads (rare to find that these days). But PLEASE please please get rid of the share feature that pops up after every level. It’s so unnecessary and annoying. I can’t imagine anyone using this feature and it makes the game frustrating.

  16. Anh N. says:

    This is a great game to both relax and get irritated at the same time. However, I think the developer should really look again at the interface to match with all devices. I get to experience choppy game and the game’s interface exceed my phone’s size so sometimes it’s impossible to swipe from the side of the phone or from bottom up.

  17. Brienna M says:

    Overall, this app is amazing to get in touch with your emotions. I felt them all…especially “???” and joy. I love the app. At first, the hairs are difficult to pluck out, but you need to pinch and pull the hairs slower than you think. They’re all different and effective in their own ways.

  18. Curie Watson says:

    I forgot I downloaded this, so I opened it tonight on a whim. Completed it in a sitting, and it was mellow and relaxing. Graphics are basic, but nothing seems out of place. I am also pleased that I chose to play with the volume up, as I did really enjoy the narration! Also (it may very well not be a bug) but in the initial playthrough, the curiosity level was completely skipped over. I went back after completion and did it. All in all, definitely worth a bit of my time. Good for all ages.

  19. K Benda says:

    Since the game needs some focus and problem solving, it shifts the focus from your problems to the game, which is good. Also, the animations and colours are fun and cute so it’s aesthetically pleasing as well. However I feel like some people might find some levels annoying because of how tricky they are. But overall pretty good game. And it has no annoying ads!

  20. No-Name Brand says:

    It was very cool, and very interactive. Also, a lot of it was so clever. Like, for example, the ???? emotion and the procrastination emotion. Really impressive! My only struggle was that I had a difficult time with the game mechanic. It’s just hard to pinch on a smart screen. Other than that, honestly really amazing game

  21. Brittany Shepherd says:

    As someone with Trichotellomania, I assumed this game would be a little offensive or harmful– its the exact opposite. Whenever I feel the urge to pluck, I pull up the game, and its soothing graphics and narrator help me to overcome the feeling in a very safe way. Plus, as a compulsive puller, Im really good at it! Its the exact mix of anxiety and struggle and frustration, and finally satisfaction as the real thing, without actually plucking 💕 Thanks guys

  22. Caitlin Harris says:

    Surprisingly relaxing and cute! So the first time the app asked me to support and rate it part way through (only once) and I was not convinced and ready to give up (having issues plucking the hair), but I stuck through and it was well worth it! Take the moments each emotion gives you and reflect on it, even just for a moment. It made my morning! App is easy to use and the narrator is funny! 4 stars and not 5 because the pinching motion of the hair didn’t want to cooperate. Loved this game.

  23. Vincent Young says:

    A bit frustrating at times (the controls are iffy when it comes to controlling the hair) however other than that I’m truly and utterly surprised at how much I really like this game! The levels are short enough to make it seem like you’re making lightning fast progress and the gameplay is challenging enough to work your brain making this a double trouble combo for for any age. You KNOW you want to get this game, I guarantee it!!

  24. AzenHawke says:

    A short, simple and sweet game about coming to terms with your emotions. Every level is a new emotion to solve and face. The controls are a little wonky at times but not hard to use, the English is a little off sometimes but easy to understand. Overall a great art piece and a good puzzle game!

  25. ezra button says:

    Although the games english isn’t the best (probably just poor translation, but it’s still understandable) and sometimes the controls can be a bit fidgety, I loved this game. I would say its more of a journey than a game, and it gives very healthy and positive views of emotions and how to deal with them. It really doesn’t take that long to play and finish. I would recommend you to just play it for a little bit and you would still get something out of it. A great game.

  26. Janine C says:

    This is the first real free to play game I have played–no annoying ads, that’s a big plus! I also love the narration, it gives so much personality to the game, and makes it a more personal experience than just plucking some hair. Just one constructive criticism, please fix some grammatical errors, which are very obvious in stages like Emotion. Other than that, kudos to the team for creating this game!

  27. Calvin Clark says:

    It’s fun, but some of the levels are extremely difficult. I can’t get past the listen level due to a mix of the iffy controls and the nature of the level itself (looks blank at first, touch it and you can see the hair and it makes a sound)

  28. Chelsea says:

    This app was cute. I respect and appreciate the lack of ads & it can be a good exercise in self-awareness. I enjoyed it. I don’t have cash to give, but I hope my review helps others see the app and use it. Btw, to anyone having trouble: use two fingers to pinch. They are puzzles so they won’t all be straightforward. It takes a bit of problem-solving, so don’t give up! Procrastination was the hardest for me.. you have to go SUPER slow as you pull the hair out bit by bit. Good luck!

  29. Maggie Gibbs says:

    The game is beautiful, and the voice is lovely as well. It’s amazing that it has no ads, also! Unfortunately, the controls and color scheme trigger my OCD quite heavily, so I will have to uninstall, but that is no fault of the developer, who created something wonderful!

  30. That One Annoying Friend says:

    I absolutely love this game! I like how simplistic but entertaining it is. It is a great way to use up some spare time and unwind. It was very calming to me. It makes you stop and think about how to complete the level. The listen level was difficult, but in a good way. These developers made something absolutly phenominal. I love you and your work, devs! Please continue to make beautiful games like this!♥

  31. Ellie Saxton says:

    It was super fun but after the love level a support us box came up, which I’m super okay with I think people should support creators, but I couldnt click any of the boxes. Every single box even the no option didn’t do anything and I was just stuck on this screen. I tried restarting the game and going back but it just wouldn’t work.

  32. Animal Info says:

    This. game. is. amazing! The only problem is, the hair can be really hard to pluck sometimes. (I was stuck on the listen one for awhile) But what would help a little is to add a toggle thing in the settings to switch between one finger and two to use on the hair. Otherwise, this is a great game! Short and fun.

  33. Anabel Sirois says:

    This is, always and forever, the best thing ever made. (For those having a hard time plucking the hair; if you hold your thumb and forefinger together, there will be a tiny gap left between the fingers at the end where they tough the screen. This is the easiest way to touch the screen in two places around the hair, then just move down slowly. The experience is worth it)

  34. Elizabeth Parks says:

    It’s silly and weird, but it made me actually laugh. It’s also free with no ads. It’s short but charming, and it used some phone features in unique ways. The share button doesn’t list out apps properly to share (only had Google drive or print), so take a screenshot manually instead. Sometimes the sound effects were too loud and startling compared to the voice.

  35. Ernesto Pedraza says:

    The game has some original ideas and I appreciate the effort of making it ads free. However, It can get a little repetitive after a while. It’d be nice to either add more meaning/a story to the messages between levels or add something more to the gameplay besides plucking hair over and over. Being able to skip or fast forward the animations between levels would also improve the experience.

  36. Daniel Mazanec says:

    The game itself is great and helps teach people that it’s okay to have emotions, even the ones we hate. The function of plucking the strings is really hard though, I usually have to press really hard on my screen to even be able to grab it. Pulling it is probably the easiest part, and without the hints I would have been confused on what to do for some emotions. This game definitely made me feel emotions.

  37. Jelly Nothing says:

    The controls are a bit…. Funky. But that’s pretty much most of the point of the game. It’s free and 100% completely addless. And gets slowly weirder and harder the further u go. And helps u with ur feelings (which I wasn’t expecting) Making it feel like it’s ok to feel everything ur feeling rn. (Somehow) Sad, angry, etc. Also tip for the 1 level: Pinch ur index finger and thumb close together, but not touching. U needa hv ur fingers ina similar position for the rest of the game.

  38. Eleanor Chambers says:

    Absolutely wonderful A bit odd with the concept of plucking hairs, but overall a lovely game with no advertisement and satisfying content. There are some grammatical errors (such as saying things like please takes care of something) and procrastination came up multiple times while curious got skipped over? All in all, still a lovely game to play, just a couple of errors 🙂

  39. Keira Vermeulen says:

    This game is short and sweet. It makes you think about emotion and to understand it. It was a well made game and the narrator was very…interesting. The hints also did not exactly always give you the answer, but instead helps you figure the answer out by yourself.

  40. Nova says:

    A very repeatative, overly simple, buggy game with a strange concept. The whole game feels like someone thought of the concept on a whim, began to create the game, realised how poor of a concept it was, and decided ‘oops I’ve already started now, oh well’ The whole game has a ‘coded on scratch’ feel. It presents as a ‘satisfying game’ but the poor interactive function makes the game downright frustrating. The only reason I give 2 stars rather than 1 is there are no ads, which is refreshing.

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