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Explore Universal Orlando™ Resort park maps, ride wait times, dining, and more!
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October 25, 2022
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Universal Orlando Resort™ Premium Apk

Whether you’re nonetheless making plans your go back and forth or already right here, the Authentic Common Orlando Resort™ App is without equal must-have. It’s unfastened to obtain.

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Ahead of and All over Your Shuttle, It’s Simple To:

Common Orlando Resort™ Top class Apk apk

IN FINDING THE WHOLE LOT YOU WISH TO HAVE • Get detailed, interactive maps of the theme parks, Common CityWalk™ and the on-site hotel inns.
• Test experience wait occasions and display occasions.
• To find eating venue menus.
• Use filters to seek out and type by way of park, experience sort, displays, eating and buying groceries.
• Find all restrooms, together with circle of relatives restrooms.
• Set a parking reminder to search out your automotive via segment, stage and row.

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• Browse the menu and position your order at make a choice places from anyplace within the park
• Tell us when you find yourself close by and we will be able to get ready your order
• Pick out up your order and proceed to experience your seek advice from

Common Orlando Resort™ Top class Apk unencumber

GET ABLE TO EXPERIENCE • NEW – Get a spot within the Digital Line™ and get your go back time for make a selection points of interest.
• NEW – Common Play™ permits you to experience interactive reports, video games and trivialities concerning the rides. Test it out by way of the Supercharged Community in Speedy & Livid – Supercharged™ or throughout the left navigation menu all over choose instances.

Common Orlando Resort™ Top rate Apk

MAKE IT YOUR IN-APP POCKETS • NEW – Pay with Common Pay – Common Pay is an absolutely contactless and easy solution to pay together with your in-app pockets whilst in-park.
• Acquire park tickets, and Common Express™ Passes.
• Create an account to simply get admission to your purchases and redeem with a scan.
• Arrange your TapuTapu™ wearable as a fee approach whilst in Common’s Volcano Bay™.

Common Orlando Resort™ Top class Apk apk mod

CREATE A FAVORITES RECORD • Mark your most sensible rides, sights and extra.
• Use it as your individual private “to-do” listing.
• Get correct wait occasions for all of your favourite rides and sights in a single position.
• Set indicators for low wait occasions and display get started instances.
• Get a custom designed map view to seek out your manner.

Common Orlando Resort™ Top class Apk apk mod new

• Keep up-to-date with in-park notifications on sights and agenda adjustments.
• Get location-based bulletins associated with the park that you simply’re in.
• Learn about particular provides and particular occasions.

Plus, it’s simple to stick hooked up whilst you’re on the lodge with unfastened WiFi all the way through the parks and Common CityWalk™.
WORD: Persisted use of GPS working within the background can dramatically lower battery existence.
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40 comments on "Universal Orlando Resort™ Premium Apk"

  1. Wessley Irl says:

    App is bad and hard to use. It keeps location on in the background eating battery when not needed. Notifications for show reminders don’t ever fire. UI is crazy hard to use. If you go to max zoom level you still can’t click on icons. Icons on the map don’t match what are in the filters. It’s all very confusing. My recommendation would be to hire a ux designer.

  2. Daphnee Marline says:

    Almost the perfect product. Map is managable, wait times seem relatively accurate, and the wallet feature would be the perfect addition save for one issue: APP DOES NOT SYNC PASSHOLDER ACCOUNTS WITH YOUR PROFILE WALLET. For such a simple idea of streamlining wait times and purchase power, you would think they would make it manageable for their annual passholders. Such a disappointment! Please address soon!

  3. Lockie Libby says:

    Useful app with room for improvement. Wait times can be inaccurate, but the map is simple and easy to understand. Glad to see restaurant menus, since they help to plan the day. Why not add a notification when the Valet is full? That way we wouldn’t have to wait until we get there, see that it’s full, and waste time turning around to head to the parking garage.

  4. Geraldine Tolan says:

    There’s room for improvement with this app. There should be a way to view photos taken at the park in the app. I’d prefer if the wait times were shown without clicking on the ride, just show the wait time not the icon. Also, it’s hard to select the ride or restaurant I want because of how small and close together the icons are. Lastly, I wish it would just open up to the map instead of a home page and having to select the map.

  5. Auriana Sign says:

    This app was very accurate on wait times and if the rides were closed due to weather. It also showed where all the restrooms were. The map was very accurate. I didn’t need to have paper tickets or visit will call. The app had all our tickets on it, and we were able to use the app to park hop. I loved that you could mobile order your food from some of the restaurants. We used it to order our food and it was great! I will definitely use this app in the future!

  6. Preece Darylyn says:

    This app is great and made going through the parks much easier. Storing the tickets for multiple people was nice so I didn’t have to keep paper tickets for everyone. We were there for the Halloween event and it helped in deciding which house to go for to maximize our time. It is easy to use with useful filtering options. The only thing I would add to this would be a deeper zoom on the maps.

  7. Zaine Loriann says:

    I found this app to be lacking in a number of areas. For one, it never has bathroom’s listed on the maps, which is a pretty important part of any map for an amusement park. Also, it would have been great if you could filter the dining options by those who take the dining plans, as you can do on the website. You can get real time wait times, which is great, but very few show times were available on the app.

  8. Wiladene Saxton says:

    This app is amazing. Being able to see wait times on rides, show times, and your location in relation to everything was great. Also the fact that you could set notifications for when wait times dropped to a certain time and for when shows are starting was really helpful. It helped us plan a really good trip and use our time effectively. I recommend this app to everyone.

  9. Andreis Karia says:

    Really like this app, it’s great for wait times and the map is very helpful! However, I wish the app had menus for ALL the dining venues and included the holiday/limited time offerings. I’d like to know exactly what drinks are available at the Hog’s Head and Fountain of Fair Fortune, for instance. Especially the specialty drinks and food (ie Hog’s Tea, holiday meals), instead of hunting down blog posts and trying to remember it all at the parks.

  10. Andrea Morris says:

    This has been extremely frustrating. The app frequently crashes. Once I log into the app, if I close it, I can’t get back in without uninstalling and downloading again. The app will look like it’s loading, but just stay on the title screen. I’ve tried unchecking the stay logged in box, and signing out before closing it. I haven’t found what works yet.

  11. Rafael B says:

    New update brokeaa few functions. Pixel 4XL, used to work well for virtual queues and ordering food. Now when trying to load virtual lines it just buffers and buffers and buffers without the ability to go back to the previous screen… Forcing us to have to close the app. Premier Pass holder here that would also like to see more functions, like “whats near” me…. And maybe also family locator for family members under the same account also visiting the parks.

  12. Elizabeth Wilder says:

    The app is good for seeing wait times for rides and as a map but that’s it. It’s very irritating to try to order food with it, and some of the restaurants require you to order through the app. The virtual line tickets for Hagrid’s roller coaster, which is the only way you can usually ride it, are almost impossible to get, even if you log on right when it says they will be available. It is very buggy and frustrating to use.

  13. Tyrone James says:

    The app is grate 4 w8 times. Although, the app doesn’t have the navigation thing that Disney© has. Also when ordering food with THE credit card, the app tries to get you to put in your credit card 💳 information again. My friend got frustrated 😡 but eventually figured out that you had to back out and then order your food. Solid 3/5. Could be better, but it still works. 😵

  14. nathan w says:

    good app, and smooth and nice map layout. only complaint (that i know they probably can’t control) is to PLEASE up the amount of virtual line passes available for all the rides. this system makes it impossible to ride any popular ride during peak seasons. i think it’d make everyone’s park experience a lot better and less of a headache.

  15. Tyler Golden-Hart says:

    Access control is a mess. Universal Express, My Universal Photos, hotel keys, and park tickets are all separate systems. And 3/4 of them work off barcodes instead of NFC. Compare this to Disney, where everything is combined into a Key to the World and can even be added to Google Pay to be tapped. Please copy your competitor. ^^

  16. Amanda Martinez says:

    The interface is awful. Wait time notifications didn’t work. The map was so useless we used paper maps instead. You can’t filter rides by park and it doesn’t remember your filter settings for rides, so every time you have to choose them again. You can’t even search for a specific ride. This app needs too many improvements to even list out in 500 characters. Very poor quality.

  17. Jeremiah Baty says:

    Oops Something went wrong, tray again! That’s what you are dealt with, over and over again when trying to add any kind of purchased tickets to account through the app. Very useless app due to non functional problems you encounter. Also, not having a search function in the maps to find specific rides location is very annoying.

  18. Xavier Cienfuegos says:

    The app is a must but it can get annoying at times. The user interface could be better and I feel they could add features that could greatly enhance the park visit ESPECIALLY when your waiting on a line for 60 minutes. Trivia, mini games and a point to prize system of some kind. Imagine, rack up points from walking or waiting on line and get free buttons, stickers, merch or whatever. I would visit TWICE AS MUCH! Hell, they could even go the route of pokemon go or something. Wait times are bad!!!

  19. Tyler Fowler says:

    The app has some good and some bad. I had no issues adding tickets and the wait times were always accurate. However, the mobile food ordering and purchasing express tickets just doesn’t work. On wifi or mobile data it never loads. If you want a map of the park or quick access to wait times, the app is fine. Just don’t expect to make any purchases.

  20. Alex Herr says:

    In 5 minutes of thinking could come up with a half dozen improvements to make the app more useful and user friendly. Provides decent basic information, though. Since I went to the parks with family and friends, I would have liked to be able to see their locations on the map and directions to their location. I would like the ability to get walking directions from my location to another attraction.

  21. Jose Salce says:

    A jack-of-all-trades app, but master of none. I think they had to many good ideas to get into this app, but they could not execute most of them. The only thing that worked was the wait time. Placing orders and even paying from this app is a hit or a miss. I could not get the interactive map to work and tried two phones. How can one locate places, suchs as restrooms, if the map does not know where I am?

  22. Ryan Paunovich says:

    The Android App is VERY slow. When I open the App it takes about 1 minute before the Dashboard displays. When I navigate to other areas of the App there are additional delays for each step. Fix this obvious performance issue, Universal. 5/22 Update – The App now opens instantly and all pages load immediately. Great job!

  23. Crystal Hudak Ms. D says:

    It’s okay. I was expecting more since the park/hotel staff are trained to direct people to the app. I liked having access to menus for food venues. The map feature never worked for us which was disappointing. The park can be difficult to navigate as the big “you are here” type kiosks are no longer around. I would love for the app to offer a green check to use for “did it/visited venue” in addition to just the red heart for favorite, so you have a working “To do list.”

  24. jccjgraves says:

    I was excited at how easy it was to pay for things at the park with this app. However, about half the time it was not accepted, and when I got home from my trip and started looking through the receipts, I found multiple instances of being double or even triple charged for some things. I am extremely disappointed and will not use the app for payments again.

  25. Hannah Leon says:

    Universal has managed to make the theme park experience as cumbersome and disorganized as humanly possible. This app is no exception. Processes that once took mere seconds like locker rental are now a fumbling mess thanks in part to the app and the new miniscule size of the free lockers. Online ordering is a mess, line times are completely off. In short, the app will complicate your day more than it will help it.

  26. Taylor T says:

    I mainly use it for checking wait times and mobile ordering and for that it is good. Mobile ordering can be buggy but typically works. I would love to see the wait time section organized by park. 3 tabs at the top would be perfect. I know the filter option is there but it is tedious to do everytime.

  27. Tropical _Gacha says:

    I absolutely love this app. Loads easily in the parks and is great for mobile ordering. I love that I can see menu prices. Only two issues. Ride wait times need to be updated more frequently, due to a lot of times posted on the app are not equal to the actual time. And also the app needs wait times for Volcano Bay. I’m not sure why this isn’t possible. As it’d be easier to be able to view those as well.

  28. Abby Rivera says:

    Almost frustrating with how it could be more useful. Would love an option for filtering “open now” and also would be amazing if you could share location with your family. Would also love a freestyle locator. Also VERY frustrating that the app tells you to load your extra options like breakfast passes into the app but then the park won’t accept them that way.

  29. Molly Self says:

    Can’t order food, keeps hanging up. Can’t log in on another phone that DOES pull up food options. Can’t save searches and have to re- filter every time you’re checking ride wait times. This app is a MESS. The only thing that consistently works for me is our passes, so that’s worth 2 stars but no more.

  30. Ryan Turpin says:

    If it weren’t for a bug that has been going on for a long time that has never been fixed it would be a great app. If you mobile order food you have to constantly force close the app and reopen it to see if your food is actually ready. I can’t tell you how many people at the park I’ve had to tell this to. I was ticked the first time I ordered food through the app and I waited 45 minutes just to find out that the order status is broken in the app. I know the issue is at least a year old.

  31. Phantom Flyer says:

    I have not arrived and already having issues. I appear to be unable to order ahead for collection from Voodoo Doughnuts. I have been unable to add 1 debit card onto the app but can add my credit card and my partners debit card. The YouTube videos show a different opening screen. Main screen on YouTube has ‘Wait Tmes’ ‘Buy’ ‘Map’ ‘Order Food’ ‘Shows’ ‘Park Hours’. My app has ‘Buy Tickets’ ‘Park Hours’ ‘Map’ ‘Rides’ ‘Shows’ Dining’. Drop down has mobile ordering but not all restaurants there.

  32. Sumanth Reddy says:

    Order food feature is horrible. after you place the order, you need to go into the restaurant and stand for an hour to checkin at the front desk. Better to stand in the line instead of using this app. Horrible. The manager at Mel’s drive in doesn’t even bother when 20-30 customers were standing in line for an hour and were complaining.

  33. Kevin Middleton says:

    Awful. Refuses to let me buy tickets. Says the state is optional then insists I populate it. It clearly has a list of right answers because whatever I enter, it won’t accept the answer. I suspect it wants a US state, but as it asks for my country, which isn’t the USA, it won’t even let me enter Florida. It is ridiculous. Very poor experience. UPDATE: I emailed. They replied: We know – book by phone. I called, they don’t allow ticket sales in the UK over the phone. It’s ridiculous.

  34. Mike Fields says:

    Almost useless. The one redeeming quality is the ability to order food within the park. Otherwise, pretty much useless. We stayed at a universal resort when hurricane Ian hit and I kept trying to get information from the app, we went to the front desk and they told us that the app would be the last thing that would be updated. We had to rely on phone messages in our room to find out what was going on. Very disappointing in this age.

  35. Gabriel Lemire says:

    App is fine. It is helpful to enjoy your trip at Universal. However, it is a bit buggy and some user flows have their quirks. Other than that, pretty good app.

  36. C. N. says:

    It updated the day I was going to HHN. The map was absolutely useless. Didn’t show my location within the park like it used to. Only showed me daytime park amenities. When I wanted to find specific Haunted Houses, they would only show a marker on the map. No directions to get to there. There was also no Parking Reminder to help remember where I was parked at CityWalk. CityWalk is also a different huge, racist, judegemntal problem. Pay $27 to park to be treated like a criminal.

  37. Carly Bruckner says:

    Always an error in my wallet, can’t buy anything like express passes or tickets. Not even sure how to go about canceling my pass. This app sucks except for seeing wait times

  38. Ivan De Los Santos says:

    It does not allow to filter favorite attractions by park. It does not include wait time for fast pass holders. It does not show where water fountains and bathrooms are across the parks.

  39. Rex K9 says:

    Quite hard to open the maps then find surrounding rides and wait times. Also tried to order food at leaky cauldron. It kept giving an error with a white cross when adding billing details. Told staff. And they had zero clue. Tried to order at counter and was told only 1 counter open. No other staff opened other counters. Thirdly the wait times are for normal waits. But what about express passes? Overall a sad app. Disney remains top of the pack

  40. Chris Chase says:

    Can’t upload or upgrade tickets in app. Keeps saying having issues see cx svc. Cx svc can’t fix it. Oh and most of your free refillachines don’t work or are out of syrup and I have to wait 10mins for another flavor that you don’t have. Thanks for taking my money though.

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