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The NYC Ferry App offers Mobile ticketing and Scan & Go boarding.
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November 17, 2022
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NYC Ferry by Hornblower Premium Apk

Commuting made happy with NYC Ferry. Come see simply how simple (and relaxing) your adventure may also be.
  Listed here are Five good things you’ll be able to be expecting from the NYC Ferry app:
*    Assist NYC “move inexperienced” with paperless ticketing! Purchase and use tickets at once out of your telephone.
*    Take the tension from your travel with are living scheduling and real-time updates.
*    Get able for an journey! Discover NYC with our end-to-end shuttle planner.
*    Stay forward of the sport with push notifications for the routes that subject to YOU.
*    love to journey? Make the most of our 30-day Limitless Move! To be had in-app best.
NYC Ferry (operated via Hornblower) proudly serves New Yorkers in Ny, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx alongside the East River. Our state of the art vessels give you a greater commuting experience—all for a similar value as a subway experience!


40 comments on "NYC Ferry by Hornblower Premium Apk"

  1. Karisma Cheril says:

    contacts permission? I get the feature you are going for (easy input of contact addresses), but its not that hard to type an address, and your network isnt that complex. the use case does not justify the ask. Im not the tin foil hat type but it does make me wonder if you want the data for other reasons.

  2. Dana R Fortini says:

    This update has locked me out of my account. When I receive the email authentication link, the app does not proceed past the welcome screen with a loading circle. I’ve lost access to all of the tickets I’ve already paid for. EDIT 4/28/2020: I have tried to use both Google and Facebook authentication to log in, but I still receive error messages. I’ve lost access to tickets that I paid for and cannot use.

  3. Joseph says:

    Update is broken, screens from the menu show up blank 9/10 times making it almost impossible to use. Also the schedule tab (if you can even get it to load) is way less user friendly than before. I don’t see the average user being able to understand it.

  4. Luisa Schuster says:

    I got locked out of my account with the new update, the link they send you to sign in doesn’t work. Cannot even use Facebook to access my ferry account. I work in a hospital and commute from BK to Manhattan via ferry. Now I have to take the subway because of this issue. Thanks NYC Ferry! Can’t wait to get sick!

  5. Pamela Stanis says:

    As described below. Can no longer open app. Keeps looping between asking for email then sending you email with link to open the app and access your account. But it just brings you back to the page asking for your email. Loops back and forth between the 2. Very frustrating. The old version was good. Could buy & store tkts from phone. Need to fix glitch.

  6. Bolade Akintolayo says:

    I purchased two tkts on jan 22 for my next trip to NYC. E34th st to dumbo and dumbo N to E34th st. Due to events and then the shutdown I was not able to travel. Recently I received several notifications instructing me to update my app. Until today I was able to see my two tickets with the notice “usable”. Today I received another notification and my tickets have disappeared. It says you have no tickets.

  7. Vera Miljkovic says:

    The worst app in the world. What’s the point if it’s unusable. You can’t log in. It toggles between sending you the email link and the opening screen. It just doesn’t work. Get to work and fix it!

  8. Shayan Niaki says:

    The new update is absolutely a joke. The fact that you cannot login to your account with a password is unacceptable. My email linked to my account is an Apple email, but I am using an Android phone. The link sent to email to login will never work because it is sent to another device. Unacceptable. Please fix this issue. I have tickets on that account that I can no longer use.

  9. Kieran Dennis says:

    Can’t choose a direction for the ferry, can’t choose a time specifically to see when a ferry is leaving.. lot n w/ no password is not wise. This app is god awful. Previous version was simple and effective, this has added extra bs that clouds everything.

  10. Bri says:

    I’ve had the app for a long time and it previously worked but since the update it crashes every time I try to open it on my Android. Completely unusable.

  11. Michael Connor says:

    Can’t use the app. Sign in with Facebook and you get the spinning wheel of doom. If you try to sign in with email it sends a link, but my account isn’t attached to my phone and you can’t verify it on a computer. Tried uninstalling and now the app won’t even install. Guess I’m not taking the ferry.

  12. Marisa Bowe says:

    Wasted a lot of time trying to download and open this on my phone. Google Play says it’s “incompatible with all my devices.” Why does every other app work on them, then? Tried downloading the “new version” linked to in Hornblower’s responses to complaints here, and my devices couldn’t “parse” it. I bought 2 tickets online assuming that, like the airlines, Hornblower would email me my tickets. Joke’s on me, I can only use them through the app – which I can’t use. I want a refund, or some way to use the tickets without the app. Also I’d like the last 2 hours back. Thanks in advance.

  13. Karen Lawler says:

    App is terrible. I miss the old app simply because it worked. Tried to update a couple months ago and was stuck in the magic link cycle of doom. Downloaded latest update today and was finally able to enter my name after clicking on the magic link only to have the app crash repeatedly.

  14. A says:

    Used to use the old app all the time. Was happy to hear there was an update, but cannot sign into the new app at all. The Google authentication doesn’t work, the magic link email came so late I didn’t see it until then next day. And clicking the link just brought me back to the sign in. Tried to resend, but now still waiting for this magic link email… Was going to use the ferry today. Guess I will have to figure out another way.

  15. Russ Stevens says:

    Broken and Useless This app hasnt worked for me all summer no matter how many times I try to log in and get the verification emails, they don’t show up for hours, at which point they’re no longer active. This app used to be great and now I can’t even log on. Total waste of time

  16. DP Wally says:

    I downloaded the app for the first time and it prompted for an email address to send a verification link. But it NEVER SENT A LINK, so it’s impossible to get started. (I retried several times and checked the spam filter. Nothing. )

  17. Alison Hemans says:

    The app works great, and I enjoy the ferry rides all around the city. They no longer have concessions because of COVID-19 i believe, I hope that can return soon. Some ferries offer more seats than other , some have tables, they have a bathroom, theres the option of sitting on the upper deck outside or lower deck inside. It only costs $2.75 one way same price as a metro card and $1.00 extra for a bike. I enjoy riding the ferry more than the subway!

  18. Ayal Adamit says:

    Layout and User interface is great, but the schedules are not accurate, so i cannot really on the app for planning a trip. I have to walk all the way to the schedule monitor on the dock just to see the times of arrival.

  19. Ken Chester Jr says:

    The app works well, but sometimes it’s frustrating if you “activate” a ticket you’ve purchased but the boat ends up being full by the time you get to the front of the line; the timer starts to run down & messes up your free transfer period while you wait for the next boat. It’d be nice if the QR code wouldn’t begin to expire / have a transfer timer until it’s been scanned by staff.

  20. Pierre Fils-aime says:

    Not sure what’s going on, but this app no longer works properly. Loading tickets, purchasing tickets, practically anything you would expect to be loaded promptly no longer does. The ticket purchase screen wouldn’t show me any tickets. Then after the 6th time restarting the app and purchasing a ticket, accessing the ticket started a 5 minute loading wheel that would of made me miss my ferry; had I not had access to buy a paper ticket I would of missed the boat. Please fix the loading issues.

  21. Jennifer Newman says:

    The app’s ticket purchase checkout consistently doesn’t work. For some reason the app is unable to process any of my credit or debit cards for payment. This most recently resulted in me missing my ferry because I was unable to buy a ticket.

  22. thomas purdy says:

    This app is not working when I need to get to Rockaway from Manhattan at 2:00 in the morning. After I press the destination on the search bar, it continues to spin the loading symbol. This is a disgrace, but what do you expect with anything from NYC nowadays.

  23. Rahul Taduri says:

    The purchase is easy. Timings and real time status are easily available. The downside is the app hangs a lot, sometimes not showing the tickets bought right before embarking causing panic.

  24. David Wills says:

    The ferry is a breath of fresh air, a peaceful form of transportation in NYC, who would have thought it…staff is nice as well! The app is great, but the schedules can be made to be a little more clearer especially when transferring…

  25. John Cosentino says:

    Great app, but ticket storage is problematic. When you have coverage issues, the tickets won’t come up. You can turn on local storage, but the issue still persists upon trying to “use” the tickets. This gets a 1 star rating because local storage shouldn’t break if internet is not on.

  26. Nel Aguilar says:

    After the update ,the app is not working when I try to purchase a ticket, it just keeps looping

  27. Joseph Collins says:

    Leave it to the City of NY to change the rush hour ferry schedule and TELL NO ONE. Workers also are too lazy to even announce their destinations. Cant even expect the bare minimum.

  28. Roman Semenov says:

    Does not load half of the time even internet connection is working fine. Let alone offline functionality.

  29. Steven DeSalvo says:

    How are there “no trips in that area” when I am clicking 2 NYC ferry drop off points? Ridiculous app, waste of space on my phone.

  30. OH says:

    This update just locked me out of my account. Just what other commuters are saying- don’t do it. I think I lost all my tickets purchased 🤬

  31. Kelly Abraham says:

    This app connects through unrelated browser pages redirecting to ferry app’s cart to purchase tickets, looping repeatedly away from the page actually typed in. If tickets had been in the cart, the app would have purchased them without permission. The app’s integration into browsers is like a virus. Had to uninstall to stop unauthorized browser redirect/purchase prompt of ferry cart. Should be pulled from Google Play *IMMEDIATELY.* *BEWARE – DANGEROUS* How is this allowed in Google Play Store?

  32. James King says:

    great app. simple to use last minute when running to catch the Ferry! does what it’s supposed to do

  33. Steve P says:

    App double charged me for tickets due to a poor internet connection. Of course NYC Ferry terms and conditions are “no refunds”… I am a visitor so I had no use for the additional tickets, so they will likely expire worthless.

  34. Chris Smith says:

    Latest update is causing the app to open when I open unrelated links in my email. Uninstalled until fixed

  35. Nick Taucher says:

    The app logged me out, and now won’t allow me to log back in. I can’t access tickets I previously purchased, and can’t even purchase new tickets. Update: problem fixed!

  36. Yasamin Bahadorzadeh says:

    the figuring out of schedule is a but hard and not intuitive. but overall useful and you don’t really have much choice if you use the ferry

  37. Luis Zhao says:

    The yahoo login page got closed when I switched to Yahoo app to authorize. So I cannot login through Yahoo account at all. Bad QA process in the release.

  38. Ilias Giannakopoulos says:

    The app charged me four tickets instead of only two that I bought…. I have all the four tickets in my account but I only wanted two…

  39. Sandip Madan says:

    In normal times this App works well. But during modified schedules (including today, during Thanksgiving) it gave the updated schedule on some cell phones but NOT others in our family. Uninstalling and reinstalling the App worked (showed the modified schedule of today correctly) on my wife’s cell phone (happens to be an Iphone) but NOT on my Android (Google Pixel 6A) cell phone. Others suffered similarly – they showed up at the at the wrong time, misled by the schedule displayed on their App

  40. Alan Goodman says:

    Brings up Payment screen when clicking unrelated apps It took eva while to figure out why some unrelated apps would bring up a payment screen when I clicked on them, such as the weather It doesn’t happen with every app but Annoying when it does. Hence, I will delete the app and reinstall it when necessary.

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