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Find a 76 station, track KickBack points, and discover promotions
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Phillips 66 Mobility
October 31, 2022
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My 76 Mod Apk

At 76®, we adore drivers. Obtain this app to search out the closest Seventy six fuel stations, observe KickBack® Issues, keep up-to-date on present promotions, and temporarily succeed in us with any questions or feedback.

My Seventy six Mod Apk apk mod

Our different manufacturers even have customized apps – My Phillips 66® App, My Conoco® App.

My Seventy six Mod Apk

• In finding the nearest Seventy six fuel stations and get instructions out of your present location. In finding within sight shops in response to town and state, or ZIP code.
• Should you like a station, reserve it for your favorites.
•Displays space promotions and station attributes and services and products together with the supply of an ATM, carwash, 24-hour provider, snacks, diesel, and so forth. MONITOR KICKBACK ISSUES With our KickBack Issues loyalty program, earn issues from purchases at taking part Seventy six fuel stations after which spend the ones issues similar to money. Deal with your automobile, or your self!
• Sign up and observe issues.
• To find the nearest KickBack Issues taking part Seventy six fuel stations.

My Seventy six Mod Apk apk mod new

• Don’t fail to spot the newest alternatives to economize or win Seventy six BEST TIER® detergent gas.

My Seventy six Mod Apk free up

• We welcome your comments, feedback and questions. Name or electronic mail us in a single fast click on.

My Seventy six Mod Apk mod apk

Seventy six. We’re at the driver’s facet.


40 comments on "My 76 Mod Apk"

  1. Ena Alin says:

    App is trash. Don’t use it. I have used this app twice before my card was compromised. So I needed to enter my new card, upon doing so there is no way to update ,only delete. After starting over, you get locked out or a message saying technical difficulties. Still cannot get my card re- entered after 2 weeks. App is a joke like the developer.

  2. Gabriel Canez says:

    TERRIBLE! THE MOST UNRELIABLE $HIT APP EVER.! Connection issues. You can’t log in or stay logging in. It tells all the pumps are taken when no one else is at the station. The app constantly glitches and sends multiple authorizations that completely locks you out of the card you use in app. You can’t even use the the physical card at the pump or with an attendant. This has happened more than once. It can leave you stranded. 76 lost my business. Going to Mobile. Much better, easier to use app

  3. Mo Web says:

    I wanted to give this a higher rating but using NFC or even a credit card is much faster. With this app you enter the pump number, then username and password, and then your pin, lastly you get a text code to enter. Really!!!! That’s absolutely ridiculous and takes way too long to do. You should only have to enter the pump number since all of the other information should stored in the app itself. So 1 star for the discount it applied and minus 4 due to the not user-friendly experience.

  4. Daniel Yan says:

    I have been using this app for over a year now and let me tell you, I have saved a ton of money with the discounts. When this app first came out it was one of the most horrible apps ever made with numerous crashing and error messages of no explanation. Although the app has been updated and works “better” it still isn’t 100% and at times will still give you those errors that just lead to frustration.

  5. Julie says:

    I don’t think that the upgrade is as user friendly as the last software was. Small icon to pay amongst busy screen. I like the ease of the app to pay at the pump. When the software upgraded my payment information did not and it was time consuming to add while waiting at the pump.

  6. Barry Graham says:

    You can’t use American Express with the app even though you can use it at the pump. Who designed this ridiculous limitation? Also I tried to use it this evening and even though they had signs up telling you to use the app, they said it wasn’t set up yet, so I went to a different station. I first pointed out the American Express limitation two years ago and they didn’t respond (nor to any other comments) so I don’t think anyone from 76 is actually reading these reviews.

  7. 5staro says:

    Tried to use this for several weeks at multiple locations and was only able to successfully make a purchase 1 time. When trying to authorize the pump the icon just starts endlessly spinning until I give up and use my card instead, which is much faster. The one time it did work it was beautiful, but even at that same station and pump couldn’t get it to work again. Idea sounds good but the technology isn’t here yet apparently. Uninstalled.

  8. B Wilson says:

    over all its a good app and you save money. However, just about every time I go to use the app it won’t connect with the pumps on the first attempt. I have to force stop it, or close it give it a couple seconds and it will connect. Even with that it’s never not worked. I’d give it five stars, but it has an app to pump communication problem where it has to be closed and restated or forced closed in order to work.

  9. Mark Berntsen says:

    It took me 7 or 8 tries to establish a NEW account on this app I used to use the app several years ago and it worked just fine but when I did the update it started becoming unstable. I deleted my old account tried to create a new account none of that worked so ended up creating a new email address just so I could sign up. I was finally able to complete the process I even called customer service a couple months ago to have them help me with the issue and they were unhelpful and never called back.

  10. Toby says:

    You, know what sucks, you only have a couple minutes to get gas, and you are forced to get another update. STOP. Way too hard to login constantly, should use fingerprint reader! Connection issues when I try to use it at the pump suck. Being forced to update the app while I’m in a hurry at the gas station also sucks.

  11. Mariah Ashlyn Elkes says:

    First time using today. I was worried I’d have to sit in my car and take a couple minutes to figure it out, but it was super easy, straightforward and fast. Love not having to pull out my card and of course, the savings!

  12. Christopher Sanchez says:

    Once you take six minutes setting up an account and Direct Deposit, save 25c a gallon. Pay from your phone inputting the pump number. Ultra-convenient. Don’t even have to touch pump keypad to use.

  13. Deena M says:

    I’ve seen advertising for this app for a while, but I was hesitant to try it because many reviews said that the connection to the pumps weren’t good. About a month ago, I finally decided to give it a try for myself. I purchase gas at least twice a week for work, as I’m a medical courier. My experience with this app has been great. I love the 10 cent per gallon discount and I have yet to have any connection issues with the pumps at each location I’ve been to. Highly recommend!

  14. Tara Chapman says:

    I used a Visa gift card with the 76 app to get gas everything worked perfectly just as it said it did and it said it was but now that I’m trying to put my other Visa gift card on there it’s saying it’s not accepting anymore cards why so I can’t use the app no more what’s going on with that that’s strange that’s how I get my gas is with Visa gift cards because that’s how my mom buys them for me

  15. Micah McConnell says:

    Super simple and actually kind of fun to use. Was hoping for a Dodgers pin, but never got the promotion listed on my app. Will keep using though. Thank you.

  16. Jim Kallas says:

    Unable to edit phone number in app so cannot verify 76 credit card. App only good for finding gas station and news. Cannot pay with app as most 76 stations don’t accept app. Credit card or cash only in my area.

  17. Diane Stewart says:

    Cookies are preventing me from paying my bill with the app and also on my desktop all of the time even though I allow them.

  18. Jen Rosas says:

    Online payments are amazing. I lost my cc and was still able to pump gas and get everything I needed.

  19. Jordan says:

    Great until recently, wont let you login to pay your bill anymore through the app you have to use the browser now very annoying. Also they wont give you a decent credit limit even with excellent credit like mine so it always hits you monthly for being over 30% credit usage which is very easy to do with gas prices this high and they report to the Credit Bureau at random times during the month and take 2-5 days to post so you have to constantly check everyday to see if it posted to pay it off

  20. Neil Springer says:

    With today’s technology this has got to be one of the worst damn apps I’ve ever used to get a few freaking sense discount at the pump it’s ridiculous and atrocious

  21. Tannim98032 says:

    It works great for not having to worry about card reader add-ons copying my card. But sometimes you have to Uninstall & reinstall to get it to authorize payment. Please fix this problem.

  22. Jay Bomberger says:

    Many times, map station locator loads blank causing major problems when trying to find gas. Other times, saved payment won’t load. (Wish there was an easier way to change payment options with Direct Pay (currently you have to call, cancel it and re-sign up to change credit card).

  23. John Williams says:

    Easy to use, never had to go inside, discounts applied automatically!!

  24. Vanessa Marquez says:

    The app never works. Customer service is extremely rude. And Google pay is delayed somehow on it. Plus Phillips 66/ 76 puts over a $115 hold on the account when u prepay just in case u put more gas.

  25. Kyle Stark says:

    It’s ridiculously slow to launch and even more so if you’re not on 5g. And they don’t have wifi at the pumps

  26. Garric Rowe says:

    This app saved my butt so i will keep it! I was on a trip far from home and didnt realize i lost my wallet until i stopped for gas. My bank is local so stopping by to pull cash wasnt an option. The cashier told me i could pay with my phone if i had the app and thank god i was able to connect my paypal with no problems because i was ready to jump onto the freeway!

  27. Dan Harrison says:

    Be careful with scammy DirectPay option. You save money, but at what price?? Identity theft? They use an obscure payment company called BIM that stores your information but is not transparent about what they’re doing with it. They don’t let you see the terms you agreed to when you set up the payment, and if you want to cancel you have to call and wait on hold for a long time. Be smart and don’t use DirectPay!

  28. Monika Sneezy says:

    Love the app but recently I’ve had to Uninstall and reinstall every single time I use it. It gets stuck after putting in my pin.

  29. M M says:

    I’ve been using the app for over 2 years, there’s been a few glitches, a couple were due to the station’s wifi. Ethan in tech department has always been able to fix any concerns. After 5G was brought online in my area, at times the app is a little slow to load the station I’m at, and again it might be a station wifi issue. Overall the app has been great to use and saves money on fuel purchases linked to my 76 card.

  30. Wayland Chu says:

    Very user friendly, and convenient

  31. Darthgrizmo 9 says:

    Easy to use and quick to get gas without going inside

  32. Heather Forrester says:

    I have uninstalled ans reinstalled the app because it keeps telling me that I cannot add any more payment methods when I have none on at all. This app is so frustrating. Please fix it.

  33. Gotchure Beacons - Gaming says:

    Super easy to use! I’m challenged when it comes to new things, this app was incredibly well designed and easy to navigate. Thank you, My 76!!!

  34. Juan Valerio says:

    Great savings, and super easy to use!!!

  35. Christine & Rusty Comstock says:

    I wish I had found out about this app a long time ago, faster, and easier, and more inexpensive to.

  36. Stephen Johnson says:

    My main reason to use this app is for the 25 cent discount promo with direct pay, but I’m unable to add my bank account. They use Plaid, but when I select my bank I get an error “bad request” “call from webview”. There’s no option to manually add your checking account numbers. Also, the station filters seem broken. When I add a filter for mobile payments, even though my nearby station shows a green mobile icon, it gets filtered out. There’s no option to search for Renewable Diesel vs. Regular.

  37. Danielle Henderson Ritter says:

    I love this app ! No more standing out in the cold to put your card in the pump and wait for authorization , nor do I have to go inside the store in rainy cold weather and stand in line. With this app your pump is ready to be used. Whom ever thought of this is genuis I love love love this app! 🥰👏👏👏👏 If you don’t have this app download it now

  38. Rick May says:

    Easy to pay at pump and get fuel discount.

  39. Cris R says:

    Grate when cashier’s know how to use it. Ran into a few that didn’t know there was an app. The ones that know how to use made it an easy experience.

  40. kevin w says:

    Fine when it works. Crashes constantly. Have to reload it all the time. First thing it says is “this station doesn’t participate.” But it does.

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