LoungeKey Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Enhance your airport experience with lounges and benefits from LoungeKey
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October 26, 2022
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LoungeKey Apk Download New 2022 Version*

What is it?
This unfastened app is a must have shuttle better half for contributors of the LoungeKey™ programme. It supplies complimentary admission to over A thousand lounges throughout airports international.

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How do I am getting began? After you have gained affirmation that you’re a member of the LoungeKey programme, merely sign up together with your cost card main points directly from the app and start playing your time on the airport. You’ll additionally sign up for the programme by means of coming into your main points on the web page URL supplied through your financial institution or card issuer. After that, all you want to log into the app is the username and password you could have created at the website online.

LoungeKey Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

Why use it?
Our new design is sleeker, cleaner and more straightforward to navigate and can help you browse helpful data in any respect airports with a LoungeKey presence. You’ll be able to seek for collaborating lounges or let the app to find one for you with LoungeKey’s automated location function. LoungeKey smooths the way in which through offering instructions to lounges in addition to further main points just like the amenities on be offering and opening occasions. As soon as you’re logged in, you’ll be able to even seek and get admission to lounges offline, heading off any undesirable roaming fees.

LoungeKey Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

User-led options Our function building is pushed through standard call for. We will be able to proceed to replace the app together with your tips in long term releases.


40 comments on "LoungeKey Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Ziad Van Beek says:

    The app says I need to Verify Card Details. But when i enter the details, it says i need to enter the card number. which i just entered. The app has had this issue for a few months now. I sent an email to LoungeKey helpdesk but they did not bother to reply in the last 3 weeks. The website has the same issue btw.

  2. Kenneth Chia says:

    According to NBD bank, my Visa Infinite card is eligible for Lounge Key but when I tried to signed up, it is not accepted. May I know why I cannot register with my NDB Visa Infinite Credit Card. Thanks.

  3. Azhar Sharieff says:

    App isn’t of much help in terms of knowing which card features free access of lounge. In addition, worst customer service experience when dialled UAE helpline number.. Seems like staff isn’t monitored quality of work and handle customers at a least bothered podium. Very pathetic service.

  4. G G says:

    Card verification doesn’t work, like with the other users , terrible… maybe I’ll just use other bank , useless like this …. 🤔 ….(i complain with my bank , i advise everyone to do so , maybe they will push for this problem to be fixed)

  5. Great Mrid says:

    Its good one I am using since last 6-7yrs.. but one thing is missing in this.. I am holding 3-4 credit card which have different kind of lounge access.. but here I can add only 1 card.. If you can make option to add number of card and the best lounge access with feature if the app suggest..automatic selecting on the card will make it flawless..

  6. Nashat Eltoukhy says:

    The application requests verifying of credit card but whenever i try to do so it always inform me to enter the credit card number, i keep entering it and retrying numerous times with the same result, it seems it is a public issue as i see many comments here with the same case, and the application team always reply with a request to send an email, however this also come with no success as it is obvious from other users comments Update: sent the email a weeek ago as requested without any solution

  7. Akshay Garg says:

    I just downloaded the app and it’s very unclear how the app helps you for lounge visits. I added a card and expected the benefits and covered lounges will be known and maybe an option to book through app which are covered under my bank debit card, but nothing. I’ll try to explore if I’m using it the right way but definitely not intuitive UI for a new user.

  8. Marja Peedo says:

    I read all the comments about not being able to register card but hoped for the best.. But the same happened to me.. Error and won’t accept my card. Something in this app is off.

  9. Jamie Typo says:

    Same problem that everybody else is describing. Won’t let me verify my card in the app or on the website despite already verifying it one time already.

  10. Ondrej Sirocka says:

    Registration process is painfully as you need to enter the same information multiple times. You have to create username instead of using just email. Card verification doesn’t work so I don’t have access to any features

  11. Alan Robertson says:

    Doesn’t work properly for registering a valid card, keeps giving errors. Lots of other users reporting the same issue but I see the developer unfortunately just keeps responding to reviews asking for people to email details rather than fixing the problem.

  12. James Konrad Quizon says:

    You have to sign up I believe through your bank’s portal/website link. Pretty fluid app. Can’t wait to use. *Edit* Today the PAGSS lounge didn’t honor my lounge key access and told me they are not accepting lounge key or priority pass at the moment. This is very disappointing as they as still listen on loungekey.

  13. Mark Bevan says:

    Awful app, full of bugs and not fir for purpose. Card verification fails constantly and returns user to login screen. Unusable.

  14. Andrej Šmigala says:

    Inoperable. Tried several times to create an account, was charged 1 USD each time for validation, only to be returned back to the initial register screen

  15. Nafih Abdul Rahman says:

    The best app since its easy to know whether there is an available lounge with your credit card in the airport your visiting and its precisely gives you the details of location, available services, timings and age limits of children admitted for free.. I have been using this for more than 3years now and have travelled to vietnam, turkey and india the app has been helpful everywhere.

  16. Craig Morgan says:

    Like many, many others I’m stuck in a doom loop of verifying card details. This meant I missed an eligible visit as my account wasn’t operating. I have sent emails to support to no avail. A terrible experience.

  17. Piero Bosco says:

    App doesn’t work, can’t get past add name page as it just logs you out asking you to enter name again when logging in.. Clearly app is broken as there many other reviews reporting the same problem.

  18. Mohammad Ramzan says:

    App is very useful. I wish I could change/add other credit card numbers that I have. This App can use only one credit card

  19. Mauro Tatini says:

    Every time I get to a new airport, the app denies access. It says “something went wrong”. Changed the password, nothing. Can’t use my benefits, because I can’t even find the participant restaurants/lounges.

  20. Tobechi Nkere says:

    I am unable to log into the app with the same details I use to log in to my online profile. This sucks. I’ve changed password just to be sure but it’s still the same situation. Real thumbs down.

  21. Mostafa zabetian says:

    Not working sometimes and this isn’t a light thing! Having to wait hours in an airport terminal when you was relaying on your card isn’t fun. Heathrow Terminal 2 access is a joke £15 of your food in a cheap bar. Hey but even that didn’t work and I had to pay. Restaurant stuff admitted every one has the same problem with loungekey. In Istanbul airport app didn’t work I used my card and paid full price without any refund. Customer service blamed my bank, bank blamed the loungekey not helpful.

  22. Marek Elko says:

    Quite straight forward. Im not sure why so many reviews are that low. Registration could be better, thats true. I couldn’t validate my card without resetting registration form (I had to leave the app to approve the 1$ transaction in my card issuer’s app. Registration form was reset when I opened LoungeKey app again. I ended up creating an account with two devices). But after that I can clearly see how many free accesses I still have.

  23. Jakub Vonšovský says:

    Cannot even register. To confirm my card, I need to switch task to my banking. When going back, it resets to home page to login. Another totally broken app.

  24. Ana Alexandra says:

    Won’t let me register. Keeps giving an error. Uninstalling.

  25. Mathew P.M. says:

    I have downloaded this app and saved my bank credit card details in the app. Now I want to remove my credit card details stored in the app and would like to unsubscribe. So I tried to remove my card details stored in the application. But there is no such option to remove our card details stored in the app. So I have written to the customer care to help with the same. But the reply from the customer care officer is very strange. They advised me to get in touch with my bank 😒, Very strange 😕

  26. m s says:

    I checked the application in my latest travel. It gave me the name of the lounge I am entitled to. I presented the card to the agent in the lounge. To my surprise, I was denied entry for free. When I tried to contact Loungekey for help, the only contact method available was making an international call to UK!!!

  27. Andrei says:

    What a stupid thing to ask a new account creation because LaungeKey changed their policy. It doesn’t possible to create a new account because you need to confirm a $1 payment and then this application returns to the first screen. So, it took your money but nothing else. A kind of SCAM application.

  28. Drew Stonebraker says:

    When trying to set up my account, app gives me an error indicating my card isn’t eligible for LoungeKey access, but it is. I tried contacting support and they responding explaining how to reset my password, which obviously doesn’t address my issue of trying to set up my account at all.

  29. Waleed Masoud says:

    Good 👍 app and saves lots of time prior to being at an new airport.

  30. ritesh agarwal says:

    Hi, I got myself registered on the app & while it stated that I will not be charged any amount, I see my credit card charged twice by USD 3.25 Pls have these charges reversed. Regards

  31. Pongpat Na Nongqai says:

    Apps is very horrible. Can’t register an account promptly due to several errors. And once you switch the page, you need to start everything again.

  32. Andries de Jager says:

    Very easy to use, support quick to respond, facilities are very good and definitely helps during layovers. Thanks!

  33. Nasser Alawami (Sayed) says:

    Works perfectly as described, I wish they make the locationa if the lounges more clear any easier to locate

  34. Saif ur Rehman Sheikh says:

    There is no QR code anymore. Forgot my card and couldn’t access lounge because they only use card or scan app and no scan option available.

  35. D AB says:

    Very poor application. Despite putting my CC details, it does not show lounge eligible for free access or access fees. In lounge and when you contact bank, they have no idea and tell you to consult app. I was charged twice in lounges that used to be free before moving to this poor app.

  36. Shahab Q says:

    Lounge key is rapidly removing access to lounges around the world without offering alternates at many airports. Had to spend several hours at Jakarta airport, both domestic and international terminals, as they have withdrawn access to all lounges, what a disappointment 😞

  37. pradeep u says:

    After filling couple of times all details, still I could not able to create the account. Whereas I have been charged each time . Useless app

  38. Ramiz Polat says:

    as an American Express Cardholder how can I verify my Card when loungekey insists on 16 digits? very user-unfriendly app with lots of failure messages without solutions.

  39. Sanjive Agarwal says:

    I am unable create my account, keeps saying that the card is invalid while the bank says it is valid for loungekey, do not know how to resolve, even contacted the phone support.

  40. Srećković Branko says:

    Extra apk, easy to use, friendly, just kind remark for some working time on some lounges, but nothing related to apk itself

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