LEGOLAND® Billund Resort Mod Apk


Plan your visit, waiting times, tips and interactive map around the park
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Merlin Entertainments Group
October 15, 2022
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LEGOLAND® Billund Resort Mod Apk

Download our app at no cost and make it simple to devise your seek advice from to LEGOLAND®! Amongst different issues, the app help you to:

LEGOLAND® Billund Lodge Mod Apk

• See the park’s opening hours
• Plan your consult with – upload the rides you desire to to check out and the displays you want to see
• Select the rides that fit you and the folk for your crew relying on top, age and journey desire • Select the presentations that fit you and the folks to your staff relying on peak, age and display choice • See ready occasions at rides and presentations
• Get the interactive map so you’ll to find your means across the park
• To find meals and drinks in addition to stores that fit your needs and the folk on your team
• To find parking and bathroom amenities in addition to lodging that fit you and the folks to your staff
• Get pointers in your visit


40 comments on "LEGOLAND® Billund Resort Mod Apk"

  1. Bartel Austyn says:

    Long time comming, pity released when holiday is over

  2. Balder Dusty says:

    Very best

  3. Boda Jeriel says:

    First time I opened, it wanted to restart the app. Then black screen. Then I tried again, app restart again, and then the app just closes. After that it just closes every time I open it. No crash report option..

  4. Jimmy Dariell says:

    Crashes all the time.

  5. Hayley Jago says:

    I have the same issue. Installed and opened. Got message stating that app had to re-start, which it did. Chose language option them got a black screen and nothing else. Useless and disappointing (especially as I am at Legoland right now). Note – restarted phone and it all works now!

  6. Estmund Claudius says:

    The map does not reflect this season’s attractions. The map is also blurry.

  7. Angelyn Farson says:

    I like it

  8. Daine Ballad says:

    Requires too msny permissions inc access to all your social media without your specific knowledge. Also can contact your friends in your social media and contacts without a per time approval.

  9. Gillian Triston says:

    When I installed the app it told me to restart it and then wen I clicked continue it went back to my home screen and the app went back on the screen again and then back to home and it kept on doing that so I had to power off my phone plz fix that. Thx

  10. Jennette Wilbert says:

    Ticket ordering functionalty does not work (08.07), and maps are static etc. come on Lego – Is this the best you can do?

  11. Burch Jacquanette says:

    Useless. Ticketing does not work. No location positioning on map.

  12. Leyman Mikeya says:

    Doesn’t show you where you are

  13. Daja Jazlyn says:

    Rubish nothing to do😢

  14. Richard Tedd says:


  15. Reggie Carter says:

    – too low resolution, poor map navigation, silly ios imitation date selector, Unhandy trip planner. Really, Lego should get another app developer.

  16. Ariona Clement says:

    Park map was completely wrong. Rides on there that don’t even exist. Wait times don’t work. Absolutely awful

  17. Narissa Moria says:

    Tid til en ny app.

  18. Kristalena Violet says:

    A really crappy app full of bugs.

  19. Leighton Ernestene says:

    Inactive map with poor resolution, the map doesn’t show where you are, it doesn’t update waiting times and daily events are not found easily. So why to use this app?

  20. Dyson Mercher says:

    I think it is amazing and cool app

  21. Kaela Nan says:

    Was very disappointed. Almost useless. Expected at least to be able to see where I am on the map but no…

  22. Alejandria Aviance says:

    This apo is close to useless. The map is so low resolution that you can see the jpg artefacts if you zoom in ONE step. You are a lo better off using the paper map in the pamphlets. Show times are not listed at all. The only thing it’s good for is checking the waiting times of rides. Not all rides are listed.

  23. Davison Gerika says:

    Just horrible in so many ways. See the other reviews

  24. Bryana Bordin says:

    Crashes on startup, can’t even try it out.

  25. Mikia Lousie says:

    Crashes on open with Pixel 2 and Pie

  26. Lizabeth Jessyca says:

    Works but there is no refresh button on queues since it loses internet connection. One have to close the app and open again.

  27. Harleen Danise says:

    This app is a very lite version of what it could be. For example, it would be nice if you could flag a ride that you want to check out and it would show up green on the map to optimize your visit. Also, when you go to look at info for a ride, it tells you walk time, but you have to go to another page to get queue times. I did get some good info via Bluetooth.

  28. Michaelle Marjo says:

    Very useful if you’re visiting Legoland

  29. stefano fontana says:

    The app looks very nice and useful, but still I do not understand how to register tickets that have been bought before installing the app.

  30. Shabeeh Abbas Sayed says:

    Rubbish app. There should be a wallet to store the season pass. It’s cowboy style where you log in each time. Awful experience and UI. Even the parking pass doesn’t read the barcode unless turned a specific way. Sort it out,it’s pathetic.

  31. Alexander Fateyev says:

    The worst user interface also it is not responsive. For example when you sign up, it asks for a date of birth where it is not possible to enter year, months and day separately… Guess what I had to flip through calendar picker month by month until I finally reached January 1st 1980 – that was a lot of clicks!!! On a page “Want more personalized experience” there is an option to opt out of targeted adds called “No thanks” but that is the only button that is disabled!!! Really? Nice touch!

  32. Tino Didriksen says:

    Feature anemic. Can’t store season passes.

  33. Jonas Živelis says:

    Can not download it

  34. Chris Brooker says:

    Needs improving as it’s so frustrating to use. Setting up your itinerary is a great idea but the app is so laggy you don’t know if it’s added the ride or not so you tap again only to find you’ve added it several times. Then it sometimes randomly loses all of the saved rides!

  35. Fluffy M says:

    Legoland, Castle Hotel and Lego House are amazing, staff very friendly, very clean. Will definitely return.

  36. Jacob Hansen says:

    service messages in app when a restaurant or activity is facing difficulties, would be a nice improvement. Wasted time walking to a closed restaurant.

  37. Ben Scott says:

    App does not work in real time. Que times were weeks out of date. Map doesn’t show your location. It’s more confusing than helpful. Personal I would stay clear of both the app and the place.

  38. Aaron Butterworth says:

    Sht the times were wrongband directions horrible

  39. MLX 2.1 says:

    Great and handy app.

  40. Alastair Macnair says:

    Great app for quickly finding rides, getting wait times and locating food and toilets and refill stations. Highly recommended.

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