Dott Apk Download New 2022 Version*


The electric scooter platform that gets you from a to b to c on your schedule.
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November 30, 2022
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Dott Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Download the app, spot a close-by Dott scooter or motorbike and trip within the nice huge open – your means.

Dott Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Meet Dott
Our inexpensive, handy and secure rides make inexperienced trip a very easy selection for other people in Europe. Simply enroll, trip freely via site visitors jams and arrive at your vacation spot on time – for a fragment of the price of a taxi or automotive percentage.

Dott Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

The way it works
Our brightly coloured automobiles are handy, local weather impartial and to be had 24/7 to temporarily zip you the place you wish to have to be.

Dott Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

To get began:
1. Obtain the Dott app
2. Open the map to discover a close by car Three. Scan the QR code to free up – and you’re off! Professional tip: Make a choice a go or cut price after unlocking to save lots of for your journey.

Dott Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

To finish your experience:
1. Open the app
2. Discover a devoted parking spot at the map Three. Proceed in your day!

Dott Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Save with a Dott go or pay in line with journey Select your most well-liked cut price proper ahead of you get started a journey to avoid wasting on trip. Discover Dott passes to save lots of in keeping with day, week or month — or simply pay as you opt for now and select one subsequent time you journey. You’ll be able to choose from promos you’ve added, referral bonuses you’ve earned, or limited-time native offers – it’s as much as you!

Dott Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Protection first Deal with your self and others when at the transfer:
* Journey in motorcycle lanes or at the street * All the time park in devoted parking spaces * Give protection to your head – put on a helmet
* Stay your eyes at the street * Take a look at our FAQs for extra pointers below Assist & touch within the app

Dott Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Why select Dott?
We’re on a venture to loose our towns with blank rides for everybody. With our inexpensive and available rides, we’re pushed against making the puts we name house much less polluted and congested. By way of switching up your shuttle nowadays, you’re making a good affect on generations to return.
Experience with Dott every time you’re:
* Assembly a chum for dinner
* Commuting to paintings * Heading to elegance * Occurring a date
* Exploring your town in your day without work, or sightseeing in different nations The place you’ll in finding us
Dott is recently to be had in 7 nations throughout Europe and counting. Wish to see Dott for your town? Drop us a line at [email protected].
Glad using!


40 comments on "Dott Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Vyacheslav Zaslavskiy says:

    The app has great deals and ebikes are the best way to get around central Rome. It has its issues, like you have to be well within the allowed zones because the gps takes a long time to get precise enough. But the concept is very difficult and their execution is pretty damn good. The bikes themselves are self shifting, the electronic assist is very intuitive, brakes were good, and the ride was comfortable.

  2. Luke Richardson says:

    I’d rate 0 stars if I could. Picked up a bike that had been left in a non-parking spot. Only realised this after hiring the bike and the app wouldn’t let me unhire it. It then turned out that my destination wasn’t in the tiny operating area. Ended up having to take it to the nearest parking spot, nowhere near my destination, was charged £5 for the privilege and then had to get a taxi to complete my journey. Never again. Avoid Dott at all costs.

  3. Юрій Шейко says:

    The scooter i used was not able to go faster than 10 km/h and it was exactly when i was in a hurry, so i was late for an important meeting. The app didn’t indicate that the scooter was not functioning properly and didn’t provide troubleshooting. The app itself is also not very user-friendly

  4. Oriol Solé says:

    1st time I used the bike today. The left pedal started to come off, and had to stop the bike in an area bit marked as P. I can’t end the ride, and yet no one is answering my messages to the chat (very annoyingly, they don’t have a phone helpline). Also, careful with the parking areas: even though the map on their app show some white bits surrounded by red areas… Careful!! those are not allowed areas to park!! Very misleading . Not happy at all

  5. Russ Raynsford says:

    App is fine. Service in London is useless. Tiny useable zone and enforced parking in spots a long way from the edges of the zone. Turns off the power when you leave the zone just to make sure it’s really hard work getting back in to the zone. Makes me love lime so much more

  6. Stefan Holmstrøm says:

    Picked up one of their bikes just outside of Rome. Absolute nightmare. Was practically restricted to one stretch of road otherwise the motor would shut off, and the bike kept making an obnoxious beeping sound for seemingly no reason that made it hard to take in the sights without being a nuisance. Glad I didn’t end up getting one of the passes, because this was a total waste of money. Trash.

  7. Mocanu Marius says:

    If i could i will rate in minus. This is a money scam. At the end of the ride you can’t end the trip even if the scooter or bike is on parking bay marked on the app. I was charged for relocation 2 times. Paid monthly pass for nothing. Help center is unexisting. Didn’t come back to me after more than 12 hours. Please don’t waste your time and money. Don’t use this in London.

  8. Adir Ron says:

    Horrible app. Don’t use. Used it for the first (and last!) time. I tried going from Tel Aviv center to Ramat Gan. This is literally a 5 min ride. At some point the scooter stopped. I got off of it to find out I left the “permitted zone” and they charged me a fine??? No other competitor app has this stupid restriction, and – here’s the best part: they notified me mid-ride, while I’m literally riding the scooter with my phone in my pocket. And it’s all in the same metropolitan area. Don’t use.

  9. Jafar Hejazi says:

    The worst experience ever! They just want to get your money. Didn’t mention the areas of the city that is not supported. It’s not free for the first time even (as they wrote on the bikes!) Not user friendly at all. PS: I just find a lot of people had problems with dott! And I’m quite sure these are fake stars! How dott solve customer issues? Sending the same reply to all the complaints!

  10. Vanessa Pouso says:

    Avoid. Confusing and not clear, rented a scooter to go back home the same way I had come out on another of their scooters earlier: the scooter was working intermitently, had to push it for most of the way, journey took twice as long so I ended up paying more for time I didn’t need to spend pushing a heavy useless load, got fined for leaving it on a spot outside the red area on the map. Only got refunded for the fine. Nothing is very clear from their app, no Ps on my map to park at all, etc.

  11. Trish Storbeck says:

    Decided to try dot because it’s advertised that you can “try it for free”. Well we went through the whole process of signing up and immediately got charged £1. I figured maybe I’d get an option to enter the code after the ride was over and get my money back, but no, I was charged the full amount. Ride was frustrating cos it kept putting on brakes even when I was in a designated cycle lane. Tried contacting Dott via the app, but sending fails every time.

  12. Ian McKenna says:

    Very frustrating. They want you to scan your driver’s license or passport, which other apps don’t require. I was uncomfortable with it but did it anyway, except the app wouldn’t process the scan – I tried at least 10 times. I could see there was an error message but the white text on white background might be cool but is unreadable. Of course there’s no help available. Didn’t get a ride – they still charged me €3. Lime was so much simpler.

  13. Freddie Goldstone says:

    I rarely feel the need to write reviews on apps but at this point I feel it is necessary. I wish I could give this joke of a company zero stars. Terrible customer service, and no indication on the bike when entering a no ride zone or no parking zone – the bike simply just stops. I ended up paying £4.50 for a pointless journey that took me nowhere. Basically had to cycle kms without any electrical assistance and no way to park and pay fee. Do not ever use this company, use Lime instead!

  14. Elżbieta Bicket says:

    This app is an ABSOLUTE SHAM. You have to constantly switch between navigation (yup folks, a bike rental app without built-in navigation) and Dott app to check if you’re not getting close to restricted zone (which will suddenly STOP your bike in THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC). That’ll kill your battery, and then Dott will charge you for being stranded somewhere with no bike or phone. I have no words for how user-hostile, stupid, and ill-designed this service is. Wouldn’t be worth it even if it was free!

  15. Alan Perotti says:

    It keeps redirecting me to scooters that aren’t actually there, with the added bonus that sometimes when I find them they have stuck wheels or beep desperately during the ride. Switching to a competitor!

  16. Rachel Zammit says:

    Scam.Did not give back the €2.50 starting fee for 10 rides. Tried to talk to customer care for weeks but all responded with the same text. Talked to my bank and they said that dott isn’t trying to send my money back!

  17. Anhsar M says:

    The 24 hr unlimited is a real scam. Don’t fall for it if you are a first time user. Get well informed before. I paid 9 euros thinking i had unlimited use ofthe scooter for 24 hours. Then they informed and i had 30 minutes of free ride. When i surpassed that i was charged for the extra time which was not a little sum. Better take tramway

  18. Shachar Mirkin says:

    Spent 20 minutes trying to complete signup with 2 different credit card but the app didn’t advance to the next step. Reinstall didn’t help either. Update: customer service is useless. I did manage to set up the account in another way, though, thanks to another user. Update2: took my first ride, everything went smoothly. I updated the score and will continue doing so as I use the app/service

  19. golden bear says:

    I found a bike not in the zone and couldn’t park it back because I wasn’t in the parking space so I had to drag the bike with the battery off all the way to the zone and it still was saying that I’m out the zone and the engines won’t work but at least it let me park. Terrible experience

  20. Ellinor Granstrom says:

    Did not let me end the trip as it said I was in a ‘no park zone’ even if it wasn’t indicated on the map with a grey or red outline. Ended up having to park the scooter in the exact same place I got it from and lost 80kr + 30 mins doing all this. I emailed customer support and they only offered a 20kr credit on the app for a trip that got me nowhere. Beware of the map because it did not show me enough information to make an informed decision before using. Highly DO NOT recommend.

  21. Ed Vinyl says:

    Disgraceful. It took 15 minutes for the app to recognize I was in an allowed parking spot, while the timer was going. Ripped me off. Beware.

  22. Benjamin Stocker says:

    Easily the worst bike hire app in London. So many sudden “no-go” zones where the accelerator just cuts out, totally without warning which is so dangerous. You then get caught in traffic unable to go any faster than a crawl which is again so dangerous. And most of the city is these no-go zones! There’s barely anywhere to park or anywhere to even cycle through. You’re much better off with HumanForest or Lime.

  23. David Ross says:

    Dont just leave them anywhere! Pedestrians with sight and mobility issues find randomly left bikes and scooters a genuine risk to their safety. Dott is working closely with TFL and local councils to avoid this and designate specific areas to park within the app. Other providers seem to not even care and dump their bikes (en masse) at night. Make use of the parking areas and help make these microtransport methods welcoming for everyone. Great service & any of my issues rapidly resolved!

  24. Jani Arnold says:

    Been using the bikes for last couple months in London bikes VERY VERY low quality. Mostly not available in Little Venice area a lot of bikes have many technical problems such as wobbly pedals, malfunctioning electrics also bike brakes you when you go over 16 miles sometimes happens in middle of busy traffic which is very dangerous. I’ve had pedals fall of in the middle of a roundabout which almost lead to a crash. Customer support replies relatively quickly. App works ok.

  25. Francisco Area says:

    Disgusting app with no customer service… I paid for a package the app won’t allow me to use it nor to the end the ride. They charged me an extra and keep charging me due to not being able to end the ride. Wrote to them no answer in more than 2 hours… Would have to waste time blocking the payments with the Bank

  26. Nicolas Nowak says:

    Just installed the app to start using it, but it seems to be searching indefinitely for a network, or for the bikes in the area. Can’t event buy the passes for later or scan a bike nearby. When will it be resolved?

  27. Mehul Vesvikar says:

    Bikes are becoming less and less reliable with showing full battery whilz starting but it dies within 100m, it happens now very often. Very inconvenient if you dépend on it to get yourself somewhere on time.

  28. Tommaso Dattoma says:

    Useless. And crazy pricey. The area were the bikes work are only few (it doesn’t even work in central London) and if it happens that you enter the red area right after a hill you are force to go up the damned hill again, paying for the time that you are using the bike. Is not even that your rent stops, if you enter the red area. No. You keep paying for something that you can really use. Just use Lime or Santander. 1000 times better. This is just scam.

  29. Francis Pizziferri says:

    Terrible customer service. Mostly relying on automatic templates. Many faulty bikes, the software shuts off and never restarts, you end up with no electric assistance. Unreliable as hell.

  30. Mav Johnson says:

    Don’t be using this one because when you start your ride everything is good , but when it comes to finish you ride the app won’t respond and it takes you over your prepaid amount so you get charged LOADS. I have been trying now for 2 days to contact them to get my money back and there is no response.. I have told my bank these are not authorized payments and fraud.. I hope you sort this out before I take more action .. Thanks

  31. Andrei Lifchits says:

    The app had a bug that failed to end my rides SILENTLY, so the first time I didn’t even notice that my ride wasn’t actually ended and I incurred additional charges. When I reported this to their customer service, instead of reimbursing me for the extra time they gave me credit valid only in the country I was visiting, which is useless because I don’t live there and I don’t know if if I’ll ever go there again. Frustrating experience and unfair handling of charges caused by their own bugs.

  32. Jazzhar Chronos says:

    Dott made me pay triple what I drove. The app did not let me end the ride due to a bad reception. If this is the case it KEEPS ON CHARGING YOU BECEAUSE IT DOESENT ALLOW YOU TO UPLOAD THE END RIDE PHOTO Instead the app should save this in memory or something, and not make you pay the full 10 min. Currently it only stops charging you € after 10min of not using the e-step. I had 5 euros on the occount and now owe 4.63 euros to set the balence to 0. Wich I will not pay and uninstall the app.

  33. Rens van den Heuvel says:

    Horrible app, keeps saying to activate my mail. When i press the button to do so it says I already activated my mail. Nowhere can I find an exact price. GPS is dodgy. The city is littered with the scooters.

  34. Rajendra says:

    Worst experience in ebike hire. Hired a dott. Bike was noisy, clearly something wrong. But it worked. Parked at a place and tried to end the ride. Dott app said I need to park at an authorized location, fair enough, I started to move to an authorized location. Dott ended my ride on their own!! And the bike stopped moving. And yet dott charged me parking at an unauthorized location. What a robbery! Stay away.

  35. heyitsB says:

    I don’t recommend this app. It will took a lot of money from you and doesn’t have a big riding zone. Don’t get this app,it a trash app!!👎👎👎

  36. John VA Matthews says:

    Terrible! I was not allowed to park my bike in 3 legal parking spots in London today which I have photographed. I was therefore unable to stop the bike and had to leave the bike in a legal parking spot with the timer still running. The battery also ran out. Massively inconvenient- avoid Dott at all cost!

  37. Jerome Smith says:

    Incorrectly charged a fine, impossible to get any communication from the customer services to get the issue sorted. Called, and was put on hold for over an hour and a half, only to be told to leave a message 🤬so angry

  38. Ismail Djelloul says:

    It’s an absolute scam. I’m sat here in the cold in the dark at 8pm waiting for Dott to reply to me because they didn’t care to explain to me that the bike I chose to hire was already in a no parking zone. So as soon as I unlocked it, the throttle won’t kick in at all and you’re stuck crawling along at a snails pace on main roads. It’s very dangerous. Now I have to cycle 3+ miles away from where I started the ride, in the opposite direction to my destination otherwise dott is going to fine me.

  39. Theodoros Kondakos says:

    All is great. The only thing I don’t like is that the max speed is reduced from 25 to 20 which is quite hectic, hit the charge remained the same.

  40. Zachary Szyndlar says:

    Dott was great in Belgium but beyond horrible in London. In Belgium they were well taken care of, plentiful, and the app worked great. In London it was the exact opposite and a huge waste of time and money. The app didn’t show no-go zones until you were half way through! Then you had to walk back to exit. Terrible. The worst part was spending 15 minutes trying to get the app to recognize that it was being parked in an approved zone. Very disappointed by the performance and would not recommend.

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