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Tickets, real-time information and coach sequence
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Deutsche Bahn
November 29, 2022
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DB Navigator Apk Download New*

Turn your smartphone into your price ticket and shuttle on the lowest worth and with out price tag controls. The DB Navigator is your absolute best spouse for regional and long-distance go back and forth in addition to for the underground, tram and bus. From real-time knowledge, to the present trainer collection and notifications of adjustments on your adventure – the DB Navigator has the correct provider for you in each and every scenario.

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Obtain the DB Navigator app without cost right here within the Google Play Retailer and get started your virtual commute better half!

DB Navigator Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Virtual price ticket
Paperless commute: Tickets for regional and long-distance delivery in addition to for the S-Bahn, underground, tram and bus are to be had within the DB Navigator.

DB Navigator Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Best possible Value Finder Shuttle on the lowest worth: Turn on “Display our best possible costs” within the commute knowledge and in finding the bottom value for long-distance, regional and world commute.

DB Navigator Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Shuttle notifications Stay knowledgeable always: You are going to be notified of delays, observe adjustments and timetable adjustments by means of push notification or email. If you want, we will be able to additionally remind you to get on, exchange or get off the educate.

DB Navigator Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Fast reserving E-book your price ticket in only a few steps: Merely swipe to the left over the required connection within the connection segment.

DB Navigator Apk Obtain New* apk

Real-time knowledge The entirety at a look: To find all real-time details about departure and arrival occasions in addition to choice connections at a look in “My travel”.

DB Navigator Apk Obtain New*

Trainer series Comfortable boarding: To make sure that you might be on the proper platform segment and will at once to find the appropriate trainer along with your reserved seat, you’ll be able to view the present trainer collection within the app.

Komfort Check-in
No price ticket keep an eye on: For long-distance commute, you’ll be able to use the virtual price tag to test in and validate your price tag your self on the seat in an instant after boarding.
Call for indicator Trip with quite a lot of house: With the present call for indicator, you realize prematurely whether or not you will have to reserve a seat or transfer to some other connection.
To find additional info at https://www.bahn.de/en/view/booking-information/booking/db-navigator-app.shtml?dbkanal_007=L04_S02_D002_KIN0059_FLYOUT-BUCHUNGSINFORMATION-APP Percent 20_LZ01

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40 comments on "DB Navigator Apk Download New*"

  1. Cathy says:

    Die Language cannot be changed to Deutsch (only if you change the language for your phone). The App needs a lot of explanation, but the explanations you get are not completely adequate. Additionally if you want to update the information — like check for new tickets — the app asks for your password. I would not recommend this app for anybody. It is confusing, inaccurate, lacks of consideration for the user.

  2. Mark Baker says:

    This app is a must-have! I used it more than a dozen times during our 3-week trip to several German cities. I was able to purchase tickets rather than fussing with a machine, and to easily check updated arrival times, platforms, and seats. I see the negative reviews about difficulty in purchasing tickets but did not have that experience. My credit card information was stored the first time I used it and retrievable every subsequent time. It isn’t just for the Inter-City and Regional trains — it’s also for the S-bahns as well. Ticket options are explained in English as well as German (perhaps other languages too?), so it was a snap to tell that for example an S-bahn group day ticket in Munich would save my wife and I money in spite of the ticket allowing up to 5 adults to commute together. We also used the “reserve seats” feature whenever we traveled on busier trains (especially Fridays) as we had luggage and could not go car-to-car searching for seats. The tickets are stored in the app for easy retrieval, and there is a “Komfort” check-in feature so you don’t have to show your ticket to the conductor. Here’s the real test of its usefulness: it will even tell you where to stand on the platform to be aligned with your car — very useful for reserved seats when you have luggage. It was especially useful when one of our trains was canceled (while we were on the platform) and I could tell exactly what my options were. There are a number of options you can invoke so be sure to play with the app to find all it can do for you. Highly recommend!!!

  3. Lisette Lowe says:

    Used to work fairly well. For some reason I was logged out of my account and now every time I log in, I just get taken back to the login screen. Impossible to view or buy tickets or see my bahn bonus card. Payment also never worked for me inside the app, it would just direct me back to the page over and over without ever paying. So I had to buy tickets on PC and sync them with the app. Now I can’t even do that anymore. May as well use google maps at that point, the functionality is the same…

  4. Jonathan Hess says:

    Update 11.03.22 – login function STILL BROKEN! Still cannot buy tickets via the app. Older versions of the app used to be a workaround to login but no longer…come on, get it together! App is useless with new account login procedure. You can login over and over again but it always takes you back to the login screen each time and you cannot buy a ticket. The only way to login and buy a ticket is through a browser, so then what is the point of an app???

  5. J “Jayhawk” Gould says:

    one of the worst apps in history. crowded menu system. delays never shown on time. ‘real-time’ delay alert after ticket purchase is ridiculous. in-app bahncard useless as conductor doesn’t accept it, or doesnt appear. int’l booking not possible unless DB-owned trains. RMV ticketing is the worst. error message even when booking goes well. Komfort check-in never works.

  6. Werner says:

    App has been very slow to open the last weeks for some reason. A good addition would be a different view of connections, similar to how the different trains are shown with coloured bars on the website, but that vertically and showing all the connections going there to have an overview. Take a look at “grafische Ansicht” of the Bus&Bahn App from bwegt. Algorithm needs an improvement too. App will take a train that’s literally 1min later which will then leave only 3min to change instead of 30min

  7. augusto c. romero says:

    The app is trash. The requests get stale and you have to start over frequently. It doesn’t confirm if the payment went through so it has happened to me that I pay twice and the app doesn’t let me know. If you manage to submit in time before the app has an aneurism, it will somehow be unable to display the ticket. I have to download tickets from the web portal instead. TLDR: Save yourself the hassle, and pay through the web portal or some other way, the app will mess up somehow invariably.

  8. Sergio Ramírez says:

    Why every time I open the app I get the instructions showing me how to use it as if it was the first time? It doesn’t send updates about changes. I’ve missed trains because of this. It makes unrealistic travel plans. I missed a conexion because the train I needed to catch had to depart from the platform my first train was arriving at. As if using the DB wasn’t hard enough this app just makes the experience worse. I bought a 9-euro ticket and it’s not shown in “my tickets”.

  9. Amedeo Felix says:

    Really poor app. Hard to impossible to find the right ticket, and know from experience that there are tickets one cannot buy at all on here. Then there’s the journey planner which doesn’t actually give all the possible options for getting from A to B and so letting the user decide which way is best! Like right now from Lübben to Berlin there are three separate bus replacements, but one is only told of one!!!

  10. Allison K says:

    Buying tickets online with this app is dangerous. I go by train an awful lot and I’ve had quite some bad experiences, including being told my tickets weren’t valid because the payment didn’t go through (even though I had a confirmation) and, a different time, receiving a notification in the mail from a collection agency for another journey that had already been booked to my account by Lastschrift. Use paper tickets. And if not, then keep receipts.

  11. Mark Phillips says:

    I’m stranded in Frankfurt thanks to this app. It showed my train running on time in my booking. When I got to the station it was explained the timetable was changed, there was no train, and the app isn’t updated by DB with changes that impact your booking. Crazy bad experience.

  12. Joe Black says:

    App deliberately shows the most expensive connection. I save more than half of my ticket price if I put the route together by myself instead of typing in the destination and let the app suggest a route. Overall the apps from your regional providers are more accurate and have better suggestions if you stay in their zone. You better off by looking for the regional provider who isn’t DB and use their app.

  13. Amit S says:

    Very easy to use and reliable. Must have if you live or travel in Germany. Some suggestions: 1. Allow booking as a single ticket when traveling across providers (Like Ingelheim to Frankfurt) 2. The app can be used in English for searching and planning. But ticket legend is in German, and it could be difficult to translate

  14. Karam Kayali says:

    It’s bad enough that the app is really slow and laggy but getting a 404 error when booking a ticket is on another level of horrible. And yes, the price on the app is much more expensive than it is on the website. Honestly, just book your ticket on the website. You’ll get it at least 20-30 Euros cheaper.

  15. Mike Vasovsky says:

    It’s an indeed good app to plan a train route and buy the tickets, however one major I don’t like is it doesn’t store a recent history of a train route a customer took. In case of a big delay, it is hard to gather proofs as the delayed trains schedule and tracking info is no longer displayed after a short period of time the planned arrival time is passed

  16. Philip Richards says:

    Works very well with live journey information. Very easy to use for purchasing rail and other local public transport tickets. Most download straight to the app and transport staff have no issues checking the validity.

  17. atul sethi says:

    I tried to book tickets but India as country is not listed in the address section of booking page and it does not allow to proceed unless address is filled. I used so many different transport apps of belgium, Netherland, Austria, Bratislava, Hungary and Czech. Never had any problems booking tickets. DB needs to accommodate more countries.

  18. Mark Cello says:

    Works okish, but with random breaks down in the worse situations. Using external browser for transactions is bad. In-browser can keep loading forever, or abort, irrespective of ticket issuance. This uncertainty is nerve wrecking for expensive tickets: was actually purchased ?(app not always loads it), were you charged ?(visa sometimes charged without ticket issued), and should I repeat operation to get a ticket? BTW 2-factor authentication is nice if well implemtd, should let in with right SMS

  19. Chi Ceasar says:

    The app is never accurate and often delays are shown much much later or not at all. The connections that are offered often make no sense as they allow for only 5 minutes of transfer time from one station to another, which is utopian anyhow as the trains are never on time. Edit: as today several trails were shown as being on time and later entirely cancelled I just want to express that the DB is in its entirety a joke and unreliable. For shame.

  20. Elidjon Grembi says:

    Comfort Check-in functionality doesn’t work. My BahnCard card is already uploaded on my profile and it is linked to the specific train ticket. When I click on Comfort Check-in button a pop up dialog appears and asks me to enter the BahnCard number but offers no input field for that. I checked every possible corner where such functionality could be hiding on the Ticket or elsewhere in the app but found nothing.

  21. Boris Radosavljević says:

    This app was great, it gives access to all transport associations in Germany. However something changed. There is a two factor verification that started popping up for every transaction. It would be tolerable if it would work! The result is that I can’t buy a ticket. Unacceptable for something more that does not cost two or three euros, but could be very expensive if tickets were to be checked.

  22. Hendrik Schicke says:

    Is my train on time does not work. Language can’t be changed. Time table says information is missing, but all fields are filled. Bugged app…

  23. Simon Michler says:

    Login fails every single time. App is updated to the latest version. Cleared cache & storage, rebooted, reinstalled app, nothing helped. Dysfunctional.

  24. Christoph Holzhey says:

    Everything goes by postal mail for teutsche Bahn, they don’t even give an email address after responding to complaints, and certainly don’t care about anything the app says. You are better off doing everything by certified snail mail.

  25. RS G says:

    When “All” is selected for “Means of transport” filter, only ICE trains are shown. This is a huge bug and undermines the purpose of the application. If not for that, the app would be very good

  26. Tobias Addicks says:

    In theory it’s a great app, however I often had it display route information that simply wasn’t true and thus missed a lot of connections. Also it won’t show a warning when a previously booked route changes so you will miss your new connection

  27. steveadkins0510 says:

    Login function STILL BROKEN.. The app was great when it worked, now I can’t purchase tickets, have been ‘locked’ from my account, and the forgot password process never sends an email to fix the problem! I’m back to using the station kiosks unfortunately.

  28. Mistryu says:

    Terrible it always chooses the most expensive routes. Additionally I paid for 1 train and didn’t receive the ticket at all! Now I have to contact them and get my money back.

  29. Ahi Sait Arat says:

    Shared itinerary can’t be opened with the app. It’s only be seen as text. Thanks. Edit: There’s also no language option to change it to German. **Still no update on the mentioned functionalities. No update till today. It should be also dark theme option.

  30. Maurizio Antonio Carlucci Zambrano says:

    The app doesn’t show changes on the tickets and trains even tho they send you an email a month previous to the travel. Lost a train because of it and almost lost another.

  31. Sounie Slim says:

    This app provides fake data! Standing at the station the electronic arrivals boards say my train is delayed 15min, looking at my train details on the app it says on-time. This app serves bogus data and should not be allowed in the app store, its the DB fake news channel!

  32. Samet Rasih Köseli says:

    09.2021: Not easy to use. Asks password for everything you do. Connection to paypal is always troublesome. I always spend at least 5 minutes to buy a simple ticket. Navigation does not work well and they did not improve it in the last 4 years. Overall it is a very bad app. 11.2022 Edit: They improved quite a bit. Other regional apps are worse than DB. It does not end your session for no reason now. App is overall good now. The problems mostly stem from the actual public transport now.

  33. Umide Sacoor Ahnemann says:

    I’m a bit confused. I want to buy a ticket and all goes well. Until I’m asked for my password, which I don’t remember. I click on “forgot password” and get an email to reset it. Up to here, nothing unusual. Except that to reset my password I need an authentication code from the same DB app whose password I’m trying to reset. And the code never comes. The bar for customer service with DB is really low, so I don’t expect anyone to do something about it. But as a user: be aware.

  34. Fumachi says:

    I don’t speak German and talking to the train staff is out of my comfort zone. I knew my train wasn’t going to make it in time for my connection, and I didn’t know how to handle it. Luckily this app allowed me to search for alternative trains, and even better it updated just before I was about to pay for a new train to tell me that my connecting train will actually wait for my train. What a blessing.

  35. jill rowe says:

    Straightforward to use, easy to Straightforward to use; east to buy tickets, just annoying that you can’t buy S-bahn tickets very far ahead; means you have to have Internet connection.

  36. Christian H. says:

    Why does it randomly forward me to their website to log in, when inside app it states that I am in fact logged in?? Just to redirect me right back to the app to complete the booking.. makes no sense! Keep! me! logged! in!!! I don’t use DB very often (because they’re overpriced and underwhelming), and when I do, I find myself logged out and have to research my stupid password. This is especially great when you’re not at home!

  37. Marc Stauch says:

    It doesn’t always seem to let you know of all possible connections (some cheaper than those it does tell you about).

  38. Benjamin Weyland says:

    Two factor authentication should be an option, not a requirement. Why do I need to open my browser to log in for every transaction when I’m logged in on the app? There’s security and then there’s tedium

  39. Shahriar Rokana says:

    I’ll not rate the app, only 1 thing to say it become so slow when I need to use it fast. One of the worst service ever. Always train late, Extra late when I’m late. For there service I always go late to my work & have to say Sorry. And for your service I can’t go before my time cause 1 hour = 12€ & if you come late that’s not my responsibility.

  40. Sergeï says:

    The recently introduced new login feature is a nightmare. I went through the whole procedure of receiving a confirmation email (with problems accessing it in a browser in android) and then setting up the OTP. I thought it was over. Now the same story happens again and even the confirmation email is not arriving. Not to say that I can’t access the tickets I bought. It’s just uncompetent people working in the DB, from the top to the bottom.

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