BringFido Pet Friendly Hotels Mod Apk New 2022*


Find great hotels, attractions, and restaurants that welcome pets.
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March 3, 2022
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BringFido Pet Friendly Hotels Mod Apk New 2022*

Looking for a pet-friendly resort? How about an amazing canine park, path or seashore? BringFido is the number 1 relied on useful resource for canine house owners searching for the lowdown on the most productive motels, sights, and eating places that welcome pets. Our app brings the most efficient of the site on your telephone, supplying you with unfastened on-the-go get right of entry to to pet-friendly data international.

BringFido Puppy Pleasant Resorts Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

Our new app makes reserving a pet-friendly lodge more uncomplicated than ever. Seek inns close to you, and kind by means of distance, recognition, ranking and worth. Touring with a big canine or multiple puppy? Use our filters to search out lodges that welcome giant canines and a couple of pets. You’ll be able to even slim effects to browse motels that don’t fee a puppy price! With the BringFido Puppy Pleasant Ensure, our consumers are confident of discovering the most productive pet-friendly spots to be had. Get fast affirmation of your reserving, and, in case you have a query, you’ll be able to all the time name or e mail our staff of Puppy Trip Professionals.

BringFido Puppy Pleasant Motels Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

In finding within reach points of interest, upcoming canine occasions, and native assets similar to canine walkers, groomers, sitters, veterinarians, and puppy provide shops. Don’t see your favourite position indexed? Use our app to submit a brand new pet-friendly location and proportion a photograph of your canine taking part in his favourite spot. Browse our canine photograph phase and percentage pics along with your dog-loving pals. You’ll be able to even depart opinions of your favourite pet-friendly points of interest.

BringFido Puppy Pleasant Motels Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Obtain the BringFido app these days and use the coupon code FIDOAPP to avoid wasting $5 for your subsequent reserving.


40 comments on "BringFido Pet Friendly Hotels Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Aalleeyaa Bray says:

    1st time using this app, the information was incorrect and we were sent to a restaurant that was not at the address listed. I will try this app again, but will call and verify they are pet friendly and then address.

  2. Jearldine Larkin says:

    I would to thank BringFido and Kay who helped us with our trip to NY. Kay provided excellent customer service and genuine care for making sure we were taken care of. This is my 1st time using BringFido app services for travel and I will be using them for all my travels from here out when I bring my two fury friends with me. Great experience, thank you BringFido and Kay!!😆👍

  3. Freed Ferguson says:

    I’ve used bring fido half a dozen times now and have loved it every time. I don’t have to read through small print on other hotel websites to find out if our 2 large dogs will be allowed. I just set the filter and search. So easy!

  4. Kristianna Alesis says:

    They farmed my room fee out to Expedia. Expedia’s credit card declined. We spent 1.5hrs in the lobby exhausted with 3 dogs. Got hung up on several times. They wouldn’t refund me so I could just pay the room myself. Come to find out, I paid 15.00 more for the room than if I had gone to the hotel myself and purchased it. Sadly, I can’t recommend them to anyone.

  5. Ysgawyn Alizabeth says:

    Love Bring Fido! We have used this service for multiple cross country road trips with our four Anatolian Shepherds. i have never had a problem finding a hotel or activity, and the customer service is great! The Android app has some issues though. More often than not, I get a server timeout error and can’t do anything. Thankfully I can rely on my laptop to access the desktop version.

  6. Julianne Enid says:

    Great but could use some work. When searching for hotels you have to reset the filters every time you get done looking at a hotel and if your comparing places it can get really frustrating and annoying. Other then that the people are great and and the app is super helpful in finding a place that takes dogs especially large or multiple dogs.

  7. Snape Myrl says:

    Needs GPS locations. it’s great for finding hotels, parks and trails but really needs to show current location on a map so you can see what’s nearby instead of having to click on every listing. Again, when doing an initial search, should be able to click on a *near me” rather than needing to enter the town/city every time

  8. Lorenna Cherese says:

    I`ve used this app successfully many times. It got 4 stars because if it shows an airbnb or vacation rental it takes you to the app but not the exact listing so you might as well use their apps to find those types of places. Great for finding dog friendly hotels.

  9. Albina Bashar says:

    So far I love this app. It makes finding lodging that accepts two 90 lb dogs much, much easier than other search apps not focused on specific pet friendly restrictions. It also specifies additional pet fees along with the nightly rate.

  10. Maxie Denham says:

    We stayed at the Seabird Lodge in Fort Bragg. It was dog friendly but the room we reserved was not available, it was under repair. The only reason we made reservations there was the room had a patio. Instead they put us up in a room without patio or porch. It was unfortunate we were not notified ahead of time, we were only 4 hours away. For what we paid for the room and condition of the room I would not recommend this to anyone.

  11. Loree Jordi says:

    Amazing customer service!! I highly recommend their concierge service. I traveled across many states with 5 small dogs and each night I would call Brinfido. Then, they called hotels ahead of time asking if we were okay to book. Once confirmed that the hotel would take us, they made the reservation and always in nice hotels. Upon arriving at the hotels for my reservation, I had no issues checking in, but Bringfido always gave me a name of the person that ok’d our stay in case I did have issues.

  12. Halig Bryon says:

    I haven’t used the app much yet, as my upcoming trip is fully planned but the app is easy to use and friendly with a clean design. I would like to know if there is a way to change the currency from USD to GBP, I also had a little trouble uploading a picture for myself or the hounds. Overall good app, but I hope for some guidance on the currency 🙂

  13. Tolan Mickey says:

    Works sometimes, but if I want to search restaurant in a certain zip code area it suddenly doesn’t show any places. So you pretty much have to manually look at everything with the map that glitches out. It’s all just long and tedious to use this app, when Google maps is easier.

  14. MJ says:

    Easy to use and accurate search results. Every hotel they list does allow dogs, but not every hotel allows dogs in every room, which makes sense. The description of services and pet fees is accurate. We enjoyed using this app during a 3 week long road trip and it has proved priceless. Have not yet booked a stay through the app, as we are gun-shy of third-party booking services, but we will try it out on our next trip. Kudos to the BringFido developers!

  15. Michael Pileckas says:

    This review is based solely on using the restaurant portion of the app. App is extremely laggy when searching in map mode or just crashes all together (using pixel 3 w/ Android 11). Half the places that pop up are not actually dog/pet friendly. A Google search and a phone call would be easier and save you the headache of showing up somewhere that doesn’t allow animals. This app needs a ton of improvement. Until they fix these issues, this app doesn’t save you any time finding pet friendly places

  16. Ashley Murphy says:

    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE We booked a pet friendly hotel through bring fido. At confirmation they say “Our Canine Concierge will make sure you’re assigned to a pet friendly room now, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises at check-in.” We get to our hotel and it’s NOT PET FRIENDLY. They were completely unhelpful and left us with no room. Now we have to wait days for our refund and have to book another hotel with money we dont have! No, they are not. Youre app does not uodate policey changes.

  17. Arden Haywood says:

    I like the service but there needs to be a number to call to actually speak to someone if your reservation is not at motel. This is happening to me at this moment. Money gone and no reservation. Maybe you guys should not charge until we arrive. I’m expecting a full refund as I have to make other arrangements

  18. Nick Holland says:

    Bring Fido is my go to when I’m making travel arrangements. Always found places that allow us to travel with our large dog. My only complaint is on occasion it redirects you to other sites to make final bookings instead of booking through the app (which I prefer to ensures that the hotels/place I book with are aware I have a dog).

  19. Brittany Pabo says:

    A client had recommended this app to me years ago and I’ve been using it since, especially when I travel. Customer service is A+ and booking places to stay (not just hotels) is so quick and easy. It’s a fun way to discover new restaurants as well. I highly recommend this app if you’re like me and need to have your baby always by your side.

  20. Travis DePuy says:

    Great idea! But lacking. It would be great to have a “current location” option on the first screen. When traveling you aren’t always sure what the city or town is named. I also wanted to post a picture of the place I just reviewed, but it seems the pictures are more general rather than related to the specific place.

  21. Cyndi Nickel says:

    BringFido is the best travel app. I don’t leave home without it. It makes traveling with our dog so much easier. Hotels and restaurants are pre-filtered for those who love dogs.

  22. Chris Jenkins says:

    I was thrilled to discover they have an app, too. I’ve done a dozen bookings with them over the years and never had a single problem. Travel planning with a big dog like ours can be filled with doubt and anxiety. BringFido alleviates those issues for us by doing all the hard work. The only way BringFido needs to improve is by us users being more diligent. RATE HOTELS AND WRITE REVIEWS!! Don’t just book and be on your way. So many hotels have few or no reviews. Reviews improve the community.

  23. West Gill says:

    If you have a dog and go anywhere, this app helps a lot. it’s cut down the time I spend searching ahead on my phone by 70%at least. also, it’s incredibly easy to book through the app. five paws way up.

  24. Cassandra Beltran says:

    I love being able to select from pet-friendly accommodations without the guesswork. You can also save hikes, attractions, or even articles to revisit later.

  25. Jane Lawson (Jane) says:

    The UI doesn’t let me input a specific location or range and keep it. For every single search, I have to add it. It’s annoyingly grating and ticks me off, esp since I have to go back and use the hamburger menu just to get back someplace. Even though you can add cats to your profile, it’s for dogs only. Moreover, this app is utterly useless if you’re not in a major metroplex. There is NOTHING near me. I have no idea why ppl suggest it here bc there are zero results.

  26. Paris Jaye says:

    Every search yeilds no results when the web page does. Also it’s not very useful without more filters like pools, laundry, etc Excellent idea though

  27. Lisa Walters says:

    This app is a game changer for traveling with pets!!! The phone support with the Bring Fido staff is always top notch, also.

  28. William Ford says:

    great app to find dog friendly restaurants, hotels, and activities. Only complaint is I often have to re-enter search criteria.

  29. Ronald Barber says:

    First time user of the app. so far I found it very easy to navigate finding pet friendly hotels, cabins and BB.

  30. Joshua Holland says:

    No GPS. The map doesn’t remember your location when you go back to it and has to reload which the requires you to redo your more specific location search. About half the restaurants I’ve looked at are permanently closed and one that’s open requires you to leave your dog outside the premises.

  31. Joel Bonner says:

    one star off for not providing a geolocated search feature, and another for not being able to customize the navigation app. however, overall, I do like this app.

  32. Cristel Sloan says:

    This is a phenomenal service! The folks that answer the phones at have always been extremely helpful and friendly every time I have interacted with them with a question regarding a pet-friendly hotel or in making changes to a reservation. Using the app is a breeze too.

  33. glen carr says:

    Every single property I click on does not show up. The only ones that do are way more expensive than what is advertised. Deleted. Typical bait and switch, as usual.

  34. Dennis Russell says:

    Used this app on a 2600 hundred mile trip !!! I found out the hard way that when you let a 3rd party pay for the hotel there is no way to get your money back for a subpar hotel . Also found out they do not fiscally check out the hotels and rely on feed back or what the hotel says . We ended up at a couple really questionable and unsafe places ! Used the app after the incidents to find places and called directly to ask question . And when we got there we had the option to leave .

  35. Mike Prekopa says:

    App has potential. I was surprised to see not a single Lowes or Tractor supply listed. I’m looking for stores that aren’t strictly a pet service to see what errands I can run with and without our pup. Would love to see an additional catagory of “shopping” or something to that effect for the stores that aren’t a pet service, but allow pets.

  36. Donna Scaffidi says:

    We love using this app!! Not only do we use this for our area frequently but we take our dogs with us when we go on vacation. It provides us with valuable info on pet friendly hotels, restaurants, activities etc.

  37. Salia Albanes says:

    I love the app, I just used to find activities and restaurants and so far all recommendations have been excelent. I used to look for hotels but I preferred to book directly with them but the Bringfido recommendations have been so useful.

  38. Lauren Bass says:

    I can’t say enough positive things about this app. My boyfriend, our dog, and I were traveling across country on a 2 week trip a couple months ago. BringFido had already made it incredibly easy to plan the trip. Then when we experienced a sudden and tragic family loss mid-trip, they were not only extremely kind and helpful to getting us back right away, they were thoughtful enough to send a sympathy card to our address. This company is incredible and we will certainly be lifelong users.

  39. Jensi McCann says:

    This app is invaluable if you frequently travel with pets! I travel for a living, and use BringFido to book all of my hotels. I have never had a problem.

  40. Orcus79 Orca says:

    International users beware! Overall. It’s easy to use and saves having to search and filter to find pet friendly hotels. Biggest fault that is very disappointing is that the prices are in default USD and do not change to your local currency, in my case CAD. Nor does it list the price as $$USD, just $123. Once you find the currency select button at the very bottom of the front page then you can select the correct currency. It will also book and charge in USD unless you select the currency.

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