Ultimate Flash Alerts Premium Apk


Brightest LED Flashlight Alerts on call, SMS & notifications.
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March 4, 2020
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Ultimate Flash Alerts Premium Apk

Get flash signals on each time you get name, SMS and notification. Each and every time whilst you get a choice or different notification LED mild of your digital camera will get started blinking and you are going to know that you’re getting a choice or different notification particularly when your telephone is silent or saved at the hours of darkness.

Final Flash Indicators Top rate Apk apk mod

Final Flash Indicators makes use of digicam LED mild and make blinking indicators whilst your software is ringing or new notification message is gained. You’ll modify the blinking of flashlight. You’ll be able to save your telephone’s battery via disabling flashlight robotically when your telephone’s battery is low.

Final Flash Indicators Top class Apk

***** Flash alert on Incoming Name
***** Flash alert on Incoming SMS
***** Flash alert on different notifications like Fb, Twitter, WhatsApp, and so on ***** Flash alert on Incoming Name with out ringtone
***** Flash alert on Incoming SMS with out textual content tone
***** Modify flashlight blinking
***** Take a look at flashlight from app

Final Flash Signals Top class Apk mod apk

New Options:
***** Incoming name web page to offer extra details about caller
***** Organize Flash Alert by means of Ringing Mode
***** Arrange Flash Alert by way of Time
***** Organize Flash Alert on Incoming Name through Contacts
***** Arrange Flash Alert on Incoming SMS through Contacts
***** Organize Flash Alert on Notification via Apps

Final Flash Signals Top class Apk apk

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– This app makes use of Accessibility services and products (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE).

Final Flash Indicators Top class Apk apk mod new

Please e-mail us If in case you have any drawback or bitch or ideas at [email protected] . We can take important steps asap.

Final Flash Indicators Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Get the brightest LED flash indicators on each and every notifications. Obtain Now!!


40 comments on "Ultimate Flash Alerts Premium Apk"

  1. Seger Atheron says:

    I love this because when my phone is in silent mode the flash show me that there is a message coming in♡

  2. Edit Frayn says:

    tested about 40 apps now. most are bad or to my liking. cant turn blinker off.

  3. Candice Canda says:

    When I have my phone on vibrate the flashing lets me know someone is calling or texting etc. I want miss any calls etc.

  4. Kynan Elvyne says:

    I like the app it does like a small issue where it cuts off by itself sometimes

  5. Rawls Colwyn says:

    It’s simple to set up but it does not work with WhatsApp anymore for some reason

  6. Cyanne Adia says:

    Love it…jux keep upgrading to suit the new tech…..and advertise

  7. Dannett Gladis says:

    Wanted permission to record video, make phone calls and send texts. Why is that required for use?

  8. Justin Deliesselia says:

    Decent app. Only issue I have is the fact you cant set the amount of times it blinks when you receive a notification compared to phone call. I only want it to blink twice for notification. Any suggestions?

  9. Karon Buster says:

    very useful when the phone one vibrate but for some reason it wont let u know when you receive an email

  10. Lanie Yale says:

    This app has several settings and has a user friendly interface. I definitely appreciate the battery saver shut off feature and the option to schedule a do not disturb time period. The pop up ads do come up, they are not frequent and the app does allow an option to end the ad immediately so it won’t interfere with usage. Definitely a happy camper 🙃🙂

  11. Jonithan Eldred says:

    works perfectly in my xiaomi phone!!!I love it so much!!!You guys are genius!!

  12. Bailey Julianne says:

    its working mi phones also….but i dont like tis permission lot …. but i like it working good

  13. Bearn Mindie says:

    wants to control the camera. why? hijacks back button too.

  14. Tyler Grand says:

    This seems to be the only flash app that works on all of my phones thank you so much for this great app.

  15. Cortland Brigett says:

    Thank you very much, this is the only flash alert that works for Xiaomi! I have a Xiaomi 6A. I’ve installed & uninstalled many others before discovering this one!

  16. Tatum Eleonor says:

    good app , though background wallpaper must b fixed ‘not appeasing .

  17. Galena Everleigh says:

    I love this app. But it only works once then it will turn off. You have to resert it again before it will work again….so annoying 😠😠

  18. Tanzi Wilford says:

    Thanks for effort, time, and work you put into this app! And THANK YOU FOR SHARING IT WITH THE WORLD COMMUNITY!

  19. Dauna Kelsie says:

    Love it goes off when i get a phone call. It lets me no even on no sound.

  20. Rolo Ransley says:

    It perfectly works good but it should have a limited range for set to flash

  21. Hope Ferguson says:

    Won’t run without the YouTube app being installed. No thanks.

  22. Cadden Claegtun says:

    It is wonderful application. The best easy working and flash is also available to fix according our choice..

  23. Inda Anntoniett says:

    I have to keep my phone on low because of the baby, and I also tend to lose it a couple times a day! This app has made a huge difference !

  24. Jarrett Danah says:

    It’s amazing I did not have d option of flash alert in phone settings so most did not work but after downloading this it installed the software in my phone now the setting is there I love this app

  25. Ainslie Dereke says:

    Love it… the best one I’ve tried! Update: Uh oh…the flashes are not coming on for notifications, Messenger, FB, Emails, even though I clicked on them… only flashing for incoming phone calls. Help, please 😊

  26. Du Arica says:

    I like this app it’s easy to use and keep you updated on notification.

  27. Helea Lannie says:

    Always turning off notifications but it’s ok

  28. Arkell Devereaux says:

    Way too many ads. Every time you touch a button. Ads ads ads… Uninstalling

  29. Michael Wisener says:

    Good app but keep turning off notifications and I have to keep turning them on in accessibility

  30. Peter Yeboah says:

    Flash Alerts not constantly experienced on calls.

  31. Joshua Miller says:

    Some bugs with the custom flashes by contact, if I have SMS general flash on, and most contacts individually set to off, phone still flashes from all contacts. If I have general SMS flash off, but specific contacts on, phone will not flash when receiving any sms, including those contacts individually set to flash. Most likely a compatibility issue. How do we still not have individual contact notifications using flash too? It’s 2020! At least this app tries.

  32. Juleena says:

    Wonderful app, didn’t disappoint…did exactly what I thought it would and its very easy to understand💯

  33. Vedansh Shukla says:

    It is amazing because any message in any call when come it on the flash phone is on the silent mode any message anything is come phone alerts you

  34. Karl Forer says:

    Just installed and tested. Seemed to work as advertised. Very satisfied

  35. Regan Davids says:

    This is a really good application for me . I’ve never experienced any problems, it’s easy to use and I highly recommend it .

  36. ronald easter says:

    They need to be upgraded it’s still kind of have some problems

  37. Jose Limon says:

    Just what I need, due to hearing loss. It let’s me know when I have notifications.

  38. Monica S. says:

    Exactly what I was looking for in the app, it’s nice that I can see the notification flashing without having to have the sound on. Very simple app to use.

  39. Gearry SANDERS says:

    Sometimes my phone will put on the flash from the app and it constantly flashes and I can’t stop it and I have to reset my phone it’s a little annoying

  40. Abrar Gujjar says:

    I really enjoy the application simple and easy 😊😊..

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