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Install the Companion app on your kid’s phone to get VZ Smart Family features.
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October 26, 2022
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Smart Family Companion Mod Apk

Verizon Sensible Circle of relatives is your spouse in parenting, with circle of relatives location sharing to search out your youngsters or their misplaced telephone, parental controls to restrict display time and block content material, and inspire secure using conduct with driving force insights. Obtain our parental controls app on your Android smartphone, and pair your child’s software to:
• acquire display screen time keep an eye on • clear out apps and web page content material • block Web get right of entry to • view software utilization • set up calls and texts Make a selection Top rate to unencumber:
• location monitoring with circle of relatives locator
• arrival/departure notifications
• location sharing with pickup requests
• riding insights corresponding to protected driving force ranking & force task historical past
• crash detection signals • talent to discover a misplaced telephone

Sensible Circle of relatives Better half Mod Apk apk mod new

Join Top class and check out all options for 30 days on us ($9.99/mo thereafter)*.
*After 30-Day Trial duration, your Good Circle of relatives Top rate provider will auto-renew at $9.99/mo until you cancel sooner than trial length ends. Cancel anytime thru Sensible Circle of relatives app.
+++ As soon as the child’s Android smartphone or iPhone is paired by means of the Verizon Sensible Circle of relatives spouse app the mum or dad app can configure parental controls. If enrolled in Top rate, mum or dad app too can view location monitoring and riding historical past – for both a driving force or a passenger.


40 comments on "Smart Family Companion Mod Apk"

  1. Danty Garison says:

    I’m a child, and of course I don’t like it, but it makes sense as to why you may need it on your phone. The things that I’m not pleased with at all are the internet/mobile data turn off. Mine keeps changing the time that it turns off. Also, it won’t turn off sometimes when my parents try to turn it off from their devices and mine. I also don’t like how it is causing problems with some of my phone functions. It won’t let me text some people at times and won’t let me send any kind of pictures or MMS. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. I wish that it functioned better and didn’t mess with basic phone functions. I hope you fix this so it works more smooth and correctly. Thank you!

  2. Nowell Pax says:

    This app is terrible. I understand this is for blocking the content of the kids, yet my children cannot recieve group texts until 24 hrs later. Even then, it takes a couple hours to send pictures. Also, they can’t even send group texts. To block content, the app is great. Otherwise, while texting, terrible.

  3. Anya Lytton says:

    DON’T USE!!! Even if you unblock something, most of the time, it doesnt work anymore. It might work fine before you block it, but it’ll just freeze up, crash, or just won’t show you the content on the app if you unblock it. It’s a waste of storage and time.

  4. Kemp Brinly says:

    This app is not child proof. If you click on the VPN icon on the notification bar, a screen pops up for a split second that says deactive. If you are fast enough a child can deactive the companion app and all the controls to go along with it. Go ahead kids, give it a try. Maybe when the parents complain enough, Verizon will fix it. When it does work, the app is great.

  5. Dyllan Audry says:

    I would not recommend. It works fine, but its the things it keeps you from. It limits how much I can text people, it won’t let you text or call someone who your mom/whoever’s is in charge of your uses doesnt add to your contacts. (you can’t make any new contacts, just who’s in charge can add them) They limit apps, keeping me from socializing, etc. etc. etc. Do not download. How to get rid of it: Restart phone and as soon as it loads delete

  6. Hade says:

    Just generally overly glitchy and doesn’t seem to really fix any problems– more so, it makes problems. You can pause your kids internet. Cool. You can’t unpause it after it’s been paused, you have to wait until the time is up. There are ways kids can bypass the internet buffer as well. Just a free crappy vpn can get rid of the buffer until next restart.

  7. Hunter Leal says:

    I am a child who has this app on my phone, and it sucks. It blocks stuff just fine, which is what it is designed for, but most of the stuff the app can do you can do without it (time limit, data limit, etc.) The problem comes in when you try and unblock stuff. WiFi doesn’t unpause, it’ll restrict call and text sometimes even a few hours early, blocks random apps (like Amazon Music or once even my calculator app) without warning, and sometimes it just stops working, forcing you to reconnect it.

  8. Jasmine d says:

    This is a horrible app. My dad made me install it to limit how much I goo on my phone, but that is not the problem I have with this app. First of all, it doesn’t even work. I can go on my phone hours past the times I am supposed to. This may seem like a good thing, however i this app makes my phone overheat to the point that I cannot use it. My phone gets so hot it burns my hands and I can smell the insides. My phone randomly turns off and on and none of my apps work. This did not happen before

  9. Roxana Krouse says:

    Terrible it was working fine on my phone and my child’s phones. But idk what update they did that it tells me to pair my child’s phone and it’s paired but I can’t really download it again to his phone cuz I thought deleting and reinstall will work. Spent literally 2 hrs on the phone with Verizon and they couldn’t figure it out. But. Still being charged for it. This app is ridiculous and needs to be fixed asap. I pay 9.99 a month with Verizon for this pos not to work.

  10. Alex Ewing says:

    It’s hell, no fun and no good. Imagine you waking up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep and try to listen to music or try to watch videos to fall back asleep you can’t. You have to sit there with nothing to do until it turns back on. It’s not alright that they made this app. It’s stalking my privacy with personal conversations that don’t need to be brought up or repeated. It’s a terrible app and causes problems with you and your child,makes your child feel restricted and in trouble

  11. Grace Eastridge says:

    This app is the buggiest thing ever. I can’t connect to most public wifi networks and there is no stated reason why in my parent’s app, it’s a battery drain to the point where I need to constantly have battery saver on to get through the day, and it just auto blocks most social media (reddit, tiktok, snapchat, discord) when it bugs out and needs to reset itself.

  12. Holmes Sayers says:

    Just awful! Constantly have to fix connection issues which is very frustrating. The kids have the ability to disable the app on their phone which really defeats the purpose. The app’s constant connection issues combined with kids ability to disable the app has made parenting and monitoring kids activity VERY difficult & infuriating. I am currently looking into other apps because I will not be using this one!

  13. Sophia Smith says:

    Drains battery quickly and uses up most of my data. The location part of the app never functions properly, the location is always off of where people actually are. Should have an option for internet to be turned off, not service. I miss tons of texts as the 20 contacts aren’t enough to fit everyone in, and the texts never come through, even when my service comes back on.

  14. Albert Salazar says:

    For some reason the app doesn’t work the way I think it should. I like the controls and the setting you have, but they don’t work. For example, I want the LTE suspended, but the phones will still work unless the companion phone exits all app. Even then it might work it might not. I don’t know what apple does to their phones, but this feature is 50/50 at best. There should be a simple toggle to suspend the line on the parent app. Nice and easy.

  15. Caden C says:

    This app completely renders my phone unsusable. I get how it’s for parental controls and stuff but it makes it so my phone dosent even work. I can’t play any games without this app crashing which then leads to my phone freezing up and I have to reset it. This has happened every. Single. Week. At least 6 times. Maybe verizon should learn how to actually make a good app. I think that’s their best bet.

  16. Calvin Matthews says:

    This renders my phone pointless. It displays incorrect data saying that I was on Facebook but I don’t even have an account. 2 it constantly disables messaging and websites even though my parents haven’t changed any settings. 3 it is extremely easy to stop it from running. 4 it drains battery once the app has been opened it drains the battery out of my phone.

  17. Octane Xiam says:

    Even after ununstalling the app it still sets data restrictions and blocks texting randomly. After a certain time it wont let me online while on data so if I have no available wifi I can’t do anything. The texting is worse though, it will randomly turn off some nights and stay on others. This app is a complete waste of time, you shouldn’t invest money in this.

  18. Ezra Shurtliff says:

    This app sucks. On my parent’s phone it constantly sends messages about it being deleted even though I’ve never touched it. It also blocks me from safe sites while allowing me to access the most dangerous viruses. It also takes huge amounts of space and drains my battery life the most. I would give a negative 5 stars if I could. It is in all annoying, unhelpful, and dangerous.

  19. MaryAnne says:

    Not effective at locating a child’s phone- it always says “within 2 miles” Does not sync in what I would consider a reasonable time. I can have the parent phone and child phone side-by-side and it takes over 30 minutes to update data limits. Cannot be installed on a tablet as tablets are, by design, not setup for calling or texting. The companion app constantly shows notifications on a child’s phone- SUPER annoying!!!

  20. Gavin Olsen says:

    I’m a teen, I was able to stop the app from working with ease. Along with all the other complaints from kids here it’s too easy to brute force the app. All I have to do is click on the icon athletic the top of my screen and try to click deactivate before the popup disappears. It takes a few trys but after that I can do whatever I want.

  21. Leo says:

    I am a teen and this app sucks. I can’t go on websites like Kelloggs for some reason even though I just wanna look at red berry cereal but don’t mind that and I just can’t go on websites, I constantly have to reload games cause they say its offline, its caused a ton of problems with my connection and websites it just sucks.

  22. Willus Barnicus says:

    Works great, the only thing is it doesn’t allow me to use internet around the same time I can’t text/call. My mom has denied making any sort of restrictions on my internet access, not sure what’s up with that Edit: I opened the app and I don’t understand how people are saying it violates your privacy, it gives the vaugest if vauge overview of what you do on apps (it tells you how long you spent on the app) the data issue still bothers me, and I see this with a lot of others too.

  23. Santiago says:

    decided to rewrite this. i have this on my phone, and it’ll randomly shut off then back on. sometimes, random apps won’t work! for example, i tried to download an app and it told me it had no wifi, despite me having good reception. other times, on discord, images and gifs don’t load! on youtube, icons for people’s channels don’t show. for some reason, it blocks what urls it gets the images/gifs/icons from; but when loading from the google settings, my youtube icon works?? (reached word limit)

  24. Jared Dahlke says:

    Too many bugs. Cant turn off school hours. It’s summer there’s no school. The second parent feature wont let you share your location. This is a smart FAMILY app. I should be able to customize it to MY family. The map also is in a generic map. I’d like tbe option to have satellite, street and other options. When you do add a location the smallest radius is like 260 feet. I’d like it narrowed down to like 25-50 feet. This app is on the right track but still has a ways to go to be 5 stars.

  25. L Owens says:

    Blocks thing that my mom can’t unblock, won’t do the changes she makes to the permissions, absolute horrible app. If you want to know where they are or have complete control of their phone so you can hold it against your kid, check yourself. That isn’t a good relationship to be establishing with your kid. That’s how they get smarter and better at getting around your obstacles. Maybe try to have a actual conversation with them instead of cutting off what they like. You might get better results

  26. Zakariya Wardak says:

    Horrid app. Blocks the dumbest things and can’t function properly. Ruins the point of having a phone. Blocks things that aren’t even inappropriate. It’s annoying and completely ruins the function of the phone. I would rate it 0 stars if it was possible. Location is also off point, much easier to just send my location via. messages.

  27. Ali Bryfox says:

    However effective. It takes up a lot of space on the device your child uses. Over a burdening 2G, this app can slow down applications. I use a J7 V, and highly recommend a clean up before you apply. Other than that, it’s quite efficient in what it can block, and know when the child tampers with it.

  28. Kima says:

    Awful. This app crashes all the time, let’s me download content and apps I’m not supposed to and I get in trouble

  29. Crashing says:

    destroys the point of buying a phone and paying for it i can’t use Google discord any apps pretty much but youtube I wouldn’t recommend unless you want your child to hate you plus to disable it just go in settings go to apps look it up and Uninstall it from there

  30. Roman Sasquatch says:

    Disables texting and calling even after uninstalling the app. Awful app and easily bypassable for children. I don’t understand how an app can still affect a phone even after it is uninstalled. Do not get this app.

  31. Spamton g. Spamton Fan number 18 says:

    Terrible app stops me from even watching YouTube videos and that is a load of bull $#%! and it forced me to get YouTube Kids to watch YouTube videos. I would give it a 0.0000000005 stars if that was possible. But of course it isn’t. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU DOWNLOAD THIS APP FOR THE SAKE OF YOU AND YOUR KIDS!

  32. Sj says:

    I think parents should let off a bit and give the kids some more privileges and relax. As a 16 year old I’m tired of this app controlling my phone it has been 3 years and I haven’t gotten into any of my apps because my mother is very overprotective. Maybe don’t be so strict with kids phones or give them timers on when they should get off, but please for the sake of the kids reputation don’t take away their phones and devices 24/7 it really doesn’t help.

  33. Carmen Neidert says:

    This app was great at first, now at least 5x a day I get a notification that the app needs “fixed” on my child’s phone. I know he is not disabling anything, happens when he is in front of me. The location is usually wrong and it consistently says the VPN is part of the problem. I installed child app on my husband’s phone just to see and it continues to do the same things! I pay 9.99 for the Premium which makes this ridiculous!! Verizon can’t/won’t fix, I’m done!

  34. pink miata says:

    I can’t override the system and it’s hard to Uninstall. I feel this over controls a phone and should not use a VPN to control the device, and it should allow disabling override

  35. A B says:

    What an abomination of a parental control app. Kids can easily bypass by simply deactivating companion app and samsung internet cannot be disabled and it seemingly bypasses any restrictions. Perhaps Verizon should give the option to completely remove internet from phone plans and only allow for call/text/location.

  36. Avers says:

    This app absolutely sucks I’d give it 0 stars is I could blocks things that aren’t inappropriate and just the poor engineering on it….

  37. Starwars dude says:

    Terrible no one is talking about the 20 contact thing you can only have 20 contacts! Why? Also even though my mom allowed me access to discord it still blocked and my mom has had a very hard time getting it to limit what she wants. Also it is super easy to deactivate took me 3 seconds not good for if you are a parent wanting their kid to be safe online.

  38. Brian Hoover says:

    The last updates are horrible…..they monitor your phones screen time on every app and when you were on it….don’t recommend!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Gauge Echavarria says:

    It’s useless if my kid can just turn it off when he wants it takes away my ability to control his life

  40. Eliot V Hislop says:

    I’m a child myself this app is HORRIBLE it blocks literally everything so there’s really no point to using the phone Snapchat is blocked,Tiktok is blocked,and even Pinterest is blocked. Snapchat is like the only way to talk to my friends and literally EVERYONE has it. So I hate it and I hope I never see it again.

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