SFTPplugin for Total Commander Mod Apk


This is a Plugin for Total Commander for Android! It does not work standalone!
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C. Ghisler
July 13, 2020
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SFTPplugin for Total Commander Mod Apk

This is a Plugin for General Commander for Android!
It does now not paintings standalone!

SFTPplugin for Overall Commander Mod Apk

don’t set up if you don’t use General Commander!

SFTPplugin for General Commander Mod Apk apk mod

Word: This plugin lets in to connect with SFTP servers (document switch over SSH safe shell). For FTPS (FTP over SSL), please use the separate FTP plugin from the Play Retailer:

SFTPplugin for General Commander Mod Apk apk mod new

Why is that this plugin so giant? It contains the unfastened sshj library for ssh connections. To toughen authentication by way of shopper certificate, it additionally has to incorporate libraries from the BouncyCastle challenge.


40 comments on "SFTPplugin for Total Commander Mod Apk"

  1. Sammantha Joyca says:

    Used to work really great but now disconnects after a few minutes into watching a movie on a shared drive.

  2. Candyce Hartford says:

    Excellent plugin for Total Commander on Android. Works perfectly for me.

  3. Jesika Blysse says:

    🌍🌎🌏⛈🔒someone would not let me keep mine own phone still in Paris Texas in this is what its been about.

  4. Hadlee Demetrious says:

    Failed to reconnect after access point drop and reconnects… annoying. I have to completely close the app and restart it… I tried to give my device a fixed IP to see if this would fix it… It seems that after being disconnected it simply won’t reconnect…

  5. Meri Josephs says:

    Works great for connecting to my Synology NAS.

  6. Kaety Brik says:

    Good consept, wish it wouldn’t disconnect after a minute or so. Could be great, if it could be relied on & had an intigrated terminal emulator. I would gladly pay for a plugin that would let me securely login to a server. And use a terminal in whatever directory I was in. Sometimes U need to administer to a server. When U aren’t near a computer.

  7. Duran Cord says:

    I know of no other android app for SFTP transfers that works. this works 100 percent

  8. Baerhloew Briseida says:

    Disconnects very often

  9. Niles Garison says:

    Fast, good. Would’ve given it 5 stars instead of 4, only because it does not preserve file timestamps when copying/moving files from mobile to PC (like another certain popular File Explorer on Android can)

  10. Beronica Redley says:

    Very buggy. Prone to errors that break the app’s functionality completely until its’ data is purged.

  11. Jeraldine Bristal says:

    Has suddenly started to crash..

  12. Cadel Lakisha says:

    Doesn’t work on my redmi note 7 with Android 9 – after I try to establish a new connection it never finishes. Worked fine though on prev. phone.

  13. Seymour Aetheston says:

    How to use it.. when I click on new connection it only ask me for a name and no credential or other parameters!? Edit: you were correct about the issue with the Xiaomi issue. I own a Xiaomi redmi note 7 and popup permission was causing the problem with the plugin. Working fine now.. kudos to the dev!! ❤️

  14. Binder Jenita says:

    sftp: new file can not create.

  15. Wardley Ellyson says:

    Doesn’t work, something about exhausted protocol and uninstalled

  16. Ákos Várady says:

    Really?! Local ip addresses cannot be used?

  17. Krzysztof Kajak says:

    Works already as intended.

  18. Louis DePalma says:

    works precisely as advertised.

  19. Galen Thurber says:

    No hassles on LAN

  20. Anakin Riggs says:

    This has consistently worked well over the years for me using arch linux (arm) on a raspberry pi 2 as the server. Thankyou!

  21. Evan Lawrence says:

    Cool, but add a mp4/mp3 streaming option for remote videos. That would be epic.

  22. G A says:

    Very good add ons.

  23. Brandalyn Cartwright says:

    It’s a decent App

  24. Anonymous User says:

    So damn useful

  25. Branko Simović says:

    Can’t authenticate using private key. Password auth works fine.

  26. Andrey Zaharow says:

    Work with raspberry pi!

  27. István Donkó says:

    Very useful app, finally found the file name encoding setting as well, noe everything’s fixed! 🙂

  28. Devid Pavliček says:

    I often move pictures from my Android smartphone to my Windows desktop. It is not straightforward, I have to copy the file and then paste it. Moving it will cause exceptions. Also often the connection throws exception and won’t work properly.

  29. Nathan Saunders says:

    To those who are having issues with disconnection after a short time. It started to happen to me too after android system update. So I allowed this plugin app to run in the background in power saving options and prayed to God it works and thankfully it has. Maybe try it if you’re having the same problem.

  30. Krzysztof B says:

    Great that I can easily manage my files between my phon and computer. I only have one problem, that I can’t neither put or get file when scp option is checked in connection properties. It looks like extension try to copy from destination path to destination path which is impossible when file doesn’t exist there.

  31. Kim Phelps says:

    Password authentication doesn’t work.

  32. 이sus says:

    doesnt support ecdsa keys

  33. Mathias says:

    How to open this?

  34. Dennis K says:

    Fastest local transfer speed I have found, maximizes the network speed available compared to other file explorers, with SCP checked, it is much closer to theoretical maximum of the connection compared to others like FX and Solid File Explorer.

  35. Dano Misurda says:

    very handy addon

  36. Juha Virtanen says:

    Does not support upload to sftp server.

  37. Razvan Eduard says:

    It would be nice if “show hidden files” toggle would work also on SFTP connections

  38. Joe C. says:

    The one decent sftp client experience on android, if you can figure out what button initiates the file transfer.

  39. P. J. says:

    Can’t download+open file (temporary file deleted before it opens it). Battery management disabled but app still resets connection after multitasking and coming back to app

  40. Stephen Haslam says:

    2022, November 17, update ok, app ok, thankyou.

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