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Pokémon HOME is a cloud-based service.
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October 25, 2022
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Pokémon HOME Apk Download New*

Pokémon house is a cloud-based carrier, designed as a spot the place your entire Pokémon can accumulate.

Pokémon HOUSE Apk Obtain New* mod apk

▼ Set up your Pokémon! You’ll convey any Pokémon that has gave the impression in a Pokémon core-series sport to Pokémon HOUSE. You’ll additionally have the ability to carry sure Pokémon from Pokémon HOUSE for Nintendo Transfer for your Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Pokémon Sensible Diamond, Pokémon Shining Pearl, Pokémon Sword, and Pokémon Protect video games.

Pokémon HOUSE Apk Obtain New* apk

▼ Business Pokémon with gamers world wide! When you have a sensible tool, you’ll have the ability to industry Pokémon with gamers around the globe anytime you wish to have, any place you’re. Experience alternative ways of buying and selling, too, like the sweetness Field and GTS!

Pokémon HOUSE Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

▼ Entire the Nationwide Pokédex!
You’ll be capable of entire your Nationwide Pokédex by means of bringing quite a lot of Pokémon to Pokémon HOUSE. You’ll even be in a position to take a look at all of the strikes and skills your Pokémon have.

Pokémon HOUSE Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

▼ Obtain Thriller Presents!
You’ll have the ability to briefly and with ease obtain Thriller Items the usage of your sensible software!

Pokémon HOUSE Apk Obtain New* unencumber

■ Phrases of Use
Please learn the Phrases of Use prior to the use of this provider.

Pokémon HOUSE Apk Obtain New* apk mod

■ Appropriate Programs Pokémon HOUSE can be utilized on units with the next OSes.
Android 6 and above NOTICE: Please bear in mind that Pokémon HOUSE would possibly not paintings on positive gadgets.

Pokémon HOUSE Apk Obtain New*

■ Questions Will have to you’ve any questions, please use the touch shape present in Pokémon HOUSE.
Questions submitted with out the usage of the touch shape would possibly take longer to be addressed.


40 comments on "Pokémon HOME Apk Download New*"

  1. Diandra Sally says:

    The functionality is mostly good, but it has a few things I hope are improved in the future. First, it takes forever to get a trade through the wonder box. This is the feature I was looking forward to the most (other than the obvious transferring from old games). You also can’t rearrange boxes or change box names on the app (you can on the Switch app). Lastly, you have to touch and hold for way too long to select things. Overall, though, this is a very good app. I’m a big fan of the art style.

  2. Washington Darvin says:

    I haven’t fully played around on the app but it has run more smoothly than I expected for how fast they got it to us. For those complaining about the price, I’m sorry you overlook the perfectly fine plate because you see a silver platter. The basic options, the free option, has the ability to do everything the premium option, the 16$ a year option, just in a smaller amount besides hosting a trade room. Look at the difference between basic and premium before making a decision.

  3. Cyd Linley says:

    UPDATE I’m still leaving it at 2*. All of these features should have been in the game to begin with. There’s no reason to put a majority of this apps features on the mobile version, as opposed to the switch version. An error, on my previous post: free version is enough to do what you want, except for the actual transferring from let’s go/USUM/bank to home. Again, for 16$ it’s not too different from the old bank, which was only 5$, just, this time around, you’re being charged for features removed

  4. Liberty Stanwyk says:

    It’s a very useful way to do the trading part of this. I don’t have a problem with them having a paid version cause even though I can’t pay for it yet I will when I can so I can have a more room. Though I do have some problems that I would like to be seen fixed. I have a problem the room trade system, it always kicks me out saying I left the room when I never hit leave. I would also like more then just one free box on the basic plan. Maybe if one day more free spots where made free.

  5. Dimitria Eofor says:

    App has some glitches, but works well. My biggest issue is with the challenges, I’ve completed registering all the Unown and Vivillion forms and have yet to have the challenge rewards show or unlock. There’s an issue with updates on the mobile version syncing with the switch version regarding the Pokedex as well. Usually that resolves after a bit though. I’ll be sure to update my review once the app has been out later.

  6. Unity Jearldine says:

    So far I like this app. Simple to use. I would like for the option to organize boxes on mobile, though. I spend a lot of time working on the details of my collection. Down the line I’d like to see a breeding feature where the egg hatches by itself after a certain amount of time passes, and maybe a low effort 8bit vs mode.

  7. Davonta Harland says:

    Would have been nice to be able to link my Nintendo account on both, mobile, and switch. Sadly only works for one… And the version for switch doesn’t have a trade feature. I ready don’t understand how this was supposed to be a helpful, or impressive app at all. It’s a waste of space on both devices if they can’t work together on the same account.

  8. Elizbeth Diamonique says:

    It’s good for keeping track of all my stuff from previous games. However, the organization is really weird on it, and for some reason, even though I have the pokemon, it doesn’t show that I have it in the dex. For two of them, not just one. Even the switch version shows that I have them in the dex, not the mobile version

  9. Mowgli Averill says:

    Great start, but GTS should have more filters, like an option to only show trades for what you currently have, and it should also show more trades, it should show all trades available, but as far as I can tell it shows a certain number of them, if it would be too difficult to make it infinitely scroll, then it should have pages at the very least…

  10. Glorin Lavon says:

    It would be extremely helpful if when looking through labels and boxes, when you open one of the tabs and then go back to the label/box search, the list would open back to the part of the list you had been viewing. Also the Wonder Box and GTS trade times are absolutely abyssmal. I was hoping for better performance for an app like this. I love the features it offers, but the performance of such features need work. As an avid player of the Pokemon series, I expected better.

  11. Canda Barby says:

    Not bad but not great. They’re charging a lot of money for features that were stripped from the most recent games to begin with. Furthermore, the Pokemon Home app and the Switch version are different, leading to very clunky interactions. Some improvements are also needed, particularly relating to the slow speed of the Wonder Box feature.

  12. Lyndsea Daryll says:

    Love it so far. The whole thing seems a little slow though. Speaking specifically about wonder trades. The animation to open a poke a ball takes just a little bit too long for my patients. My only other critique is that it needs some way to flag impossible trades for example someone looking for a level 1 through 10 dragapult or other evolved pokemon. It’s just a way for people to show off what they have without actually wanting to trade which is not the intended purpose.

  13. Josie Allanah says:

    Great but with ONE ANNOYING ISSUE. This may be a small issue for some, but as someone who likes to watch videos while using pokemon home, or sometimes uses it at work or at night, I like to make sure the sound in the app is off. However, even with the music and sound effect volume all the way off, when receiving pokemon in a trade, the loud, shrill twinkling sound effect still plays at full volume. What is the point of the sound effect volume options if they don’t work for everything?

  14. Patton Audrianna says:

    It’s great that I can browse my stored Pokémon from my phone, but I have to dock two important stars from my rating because 1. I can’t navigate my boxes as easily as the Switch app, nor can I move my Pokémon around from box to box on the mobile app. And 2. The textures of the Pokémon are shamefully lacking in detail. I get the feeling the app was rushed out and the art team didn’t have enough time to give the 3D models detailed textures. The 2D art of the Pokémon are cool though!

  15. Geena Rich says:

    The app’s been working fine, and finally being able to fully complete my Pokedex in Pokemon Sword is great. Problem is, after I changed my password on my Nintendo account, I had to uninstall and reinstall the entire app because I was getting communication errors. That REALLY shouldn’t have happened; on my Switch, I was just notified and prompted to log in again because of the password change. Hopefully this app does something like this in the future, instead of making me uninstall the app.

  16. Danior Kayanna says:

    Turning off music and sound effects does NOT turn off the sending/recieving pokemon sounds. Players are requesting impossible to obtain pokemon, such as Legendaries at levels lower than they can appear in any game, and fully evolved pokemon at levels lower than they evolve. There needs to be an easier way to switch boxes than scrolling through the whole menu from the top every single time, ex: when you just want to go from box 36 to 37

  17. Charlotte Miller says:

    Review changed to 4* as the bug i complained about was fixed rather quickly. Home is great but still some things i don’t like. The 100 limit for mass release can get quite annoying with long shiny hunts. The fact that sorting only works in a view and can’t permanently sort boxes is frustrating, at the very least it should remember how i previously sorted within the same session so when i back out and go back in i don’t have to sort again. These are my main issues currently.

  18. Tobie Yoline says:

    I love having access to GTS again and am surprised by how much I enjoy having access to it on the go like this. But, the rest of the app on mobile falls short. I would love being able to organize my boxes from my phone, labels are great but I found myself still writing checklists. I’m eager to see how they improve, hopefully fully utilizing it’s potential going forward. Continual updates to the challenge section and full box support are at the top of my list for improvements right now.

  19. Sesilia Aekerman says:

    The app is meh. I have a lot of random connection errors when I shouldn’t. The Wonder Box feature takes hours to actually trade my Pokemon. You can’t organize the boxes at all within the mobile app. You can create labels for individual mons, but I’ve not found a way to edit those labels in the Switch version. The most annoying issue I’ve had is the inability to change my subscription plan type without canceling my subscription. I also can not turn off auto renewal.

  20. Barton Eurlene says:

    It’s a solid app, with a lot of room for improvement. The dex it offers has been INCREDIBLY helpful with locking down what missing entries I need to shoot for, in particular. Two big things that absolutely need to be worked on: The GTS would be SO MUCH MORE USEFUL if it only allowed offered trades to be posted when they’re actually POSSIBLE. No requests for a Lv10 Ultra Beast, come the hell on. Also would love the ability to actually view/organize my boxes like I do on the Switch.

  21. Kersti Ellison says:

    The app is pretty broken. It seems that multiple bugs really make it a pain to deal with. Mainly, just the flat out crashes, temporarily unavailable because other devices msgs using it even when no other device is using it, features are uselessly split between 2 versions, free edition is barren with only 1 free box and some other stuff, and dont even get me started with the gts nightmare. All in all CURRENTLY, it’s not worth your time you are better off storing pokemon in a friends game for now.

  22. Marlyn Gentry says:

    Way better than expected. Just meant to have it for a few things, like transferring older Pokémon and using the GTS, but it threw me in a different direction where I could get much more out of the it. I like the added gifts for completing missions, and the side tools that add a little extra distraction😁. The only thing I want to change is the trading system. Hoping to have the app for a long time, and definitely can’t wait to see what other gifts could be brought to it in the future👍.

  23. Adny Elmyra says:

    The app is very … Sluggish. I have a google pixel 3, and scrolling feels awful and swiping is touchy. Which is unfortunately 90% of the navigation within the app. Also, it always shows you the last 30 Pokemon in the boxes, rather than the option you set (ie sort by number). I honestly don’t know why the phone version has to exist. Consolidate all of the features on the switch app as well or fix the navigation.

  24. Woolcott Verley says:

    Don’t make the same mistake I did. I set up the Switch and Mobile versions of this app near the same time and the Mobile version didn’t see that my NNID was attached to the Switch, so it made a separate file for me under the same NNID. EDIT: After a few months of e-mailing support, my issue was resolved. Better late than never, but the hype for this app is long gone.

  25. MochiFox Kit says:

    So far it’s a mediocre service at best. As a long time fan of the series. I was disappointed to see such a high price point for the premium services. It feels as if they took these features out of the game to be sold back to us. Still could use many improvents, like notifications when trades from gts/wonder box are complete, or the option to skip animations, and collect the wonderbox all at once. This app after a few months of being out is stilp lackluster.

  26. Connor Flammer says:

    The app works but the switch version cannot be used for trading or anything advertised. The app also is extremely difficult to navigate and use, while some features are confusing. My friend spent 10 or so minutes trying to get me to friend him only to find out I don’t have friend options on my version while he does, we were both using our phone. The app is overall expensive and has frequent breaks while not being usable on the intended device (switch).

  27. Zevhara - says:

    Very useful for filling the Dex, I wouldn’t have finished it in SwSh without this. There are a lot of annoying features. As far as I can tell, I need Home on both my phone & Switch. Don’t see a way to access trade features from Switch & can’t access games from phone. It’s inconvenient to keep changing devices. The GPS is entirely people looking for unfair or impossible trades. Everything I looked up wanted a legend. Not being able to attach games off Switch is obv cash grab to get u to buy Bank

  28. Summer Abel says:

    Simple to use if you’ve played Pokemon Go, if you want to use the mobile version of the app. Works very similarly and I love the tag system. I HIGHLY reccomend that this version of the app be used as an accessory/second to the app on the switch, though, as otherwise the organizational systems tend to be wonky when you finally open it on the switch. Love the trading systems on the mobile though. SUPER HELPFUL.

  29. Round Lake Railfan says:

    This app is helpful in many ways! It gives me a way to give a second chance to strong Pokémon I catch in Pokémon GO that aren’t as good as those I already have. Two glitches, though: First, the app freezes randomly, and I have to restart it. Second, the sounds and background music do NOT work at all. Might want to fix that.

  30. Mando G. says:

    I’ve been using the app for about a little over a month and from the beginning till now the app still has the same issue of constantly freezing and not working. This happens every single day and it gets annoying having to close and reopen the app multiple times throughout each day. I’ve cleared the cache, updated, uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times and none of those seem to solve the issue. Hopefully they fix this bug soon. Also wish there was an easier way to view pkmn levels.

  31. Evan Moushon says:

    It’s decent, and I like the concept and features. The big snag is that the app struggles to perform smoothly, and it crashes very frequently. If you scroll through your box too fast, it almost guarantees a crash. The app is just not stable, and it has horrible latency.

  32. Tom Nichols says:

    This app is generally useful and I appreciate its interconnectivity with multiple games. It is generally easy to set up specific trade matches (with one glaring exception: can’t specify shiny) and the bonus Pokédex language entries are a nice touch. However, the app’s instability adversely impacts the experience. The app frequently freezes, sometimes due to “overload” and sometimes for no obvious reason. Other times, the game seems not to freeze so much as lose the ability to accept user inputs.

  33. Wes Perz says:

    It’s nice to be able to store Mons and trade and all, but this only hinges on the fact that the app WORKS when it’s supposed to. I’m paying for this, an app that is constantly freezing and booting me out of trades and trade rooms for no reason. However, the freezing issue is the most severe. You can’t move in the app too fast, or it freezes. Heck, it even freezes as soon as I boot it up. Devs, fix this. This shouldn’t be happening from a AAA developer, and especially from a paid subscription app

  34. Luke Vadala says:

    This app does nothing more than get the job done. Transfer mons from game to game along with trading which is really handy. However, between mobile and switch versions you need to use both to get all the features. You can do somethings on mobile and others on switch. It feels poorly optimized and clunky at times. Organizations takes forever to do and there are no quick sort type of options. There are a lack of settings between the versions. I have wasted over 35 hours because of this.

  35. Corrin Gallaher says:

    I like the app, it’s easy to use and serves a very good purpose, but it freezes very frequently. Sometimes I have to reopen it several times in one session. It makes me nervous to transfer Pokemon to it sometimes because I worry if it crashes while I’m transferring it may corrupt my data. I also do not like how limited the free options are. Only 6 Pokemon are able to be stored in the free version, and thousands in the expencive subscription. Seems like a big difference.

  36. Zac Post says:

    A fine solution to storage problems. However, in the past three days of trying to use it, it has crashed every single time within a 60 second span. It just becomes unresponsive. The music plays, the little swirling graphics in the background play, but stops functioning entirely within 60 seconds or less. Galaxy S10+, latest software. Latest home update. Don’t know how half the population can use android and the other half ios and it is as broken as it is for at least one of those two groups.

  37. Curtis Johnson says:

    It’s very helpful. I wish there were more options on the search menu like to view Pokemon with the gigantamax ability or when you search while on the switch and you go to view all of your Pokemon instead of sending you to the Pokemon box for the one you want it can keep you on the whole view list and still take the multiple pokemon you want and it will automatically take them out of the box so you don’t have to take so much time trying to get what you need.

  38. Jakob Palmer says:

    Both mobile and Switch versions work nicely. However, the mobile version has a few problems. First, there is no music audible, no matter how many times I go into settings to enable sound. That and tapping on things is really delayed. But the main problem is the music and sfx

  39. Miranda says:

    The new update has fixed the freezing problem. But I wish there could be a legendary search option in the boxes. I also think the entire app could use an overhaul. It feels outdated compared to other apps nowadays. I feel the overall interface could look nicer and that there could be more clarity with the center button and all of it’s options. Finally, there is an option to turn on notifications but I never get any. It’s a good app, but could be changed a little make it more enjoyable.

  40. Anna Beagley says:

    I haven’t had any freezing issues or glitches, but unless this is a logistic issue, I hate how you have to have the mobile app AND the Switch app to access all functions. You can’t do trades on the Switch and you can’t rearrange your pokemon on the mobile app. It would be far more efficient to have all accessibility on each. It’s a very useful app for someone who lightly plays pokemon, but needing two devices to get everything done is inconvenient.

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