Nebula Manager Mod Apk New 2022*


A app shortcut tool for Android TV.
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July 4, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Nebula Manager Mod Apk New 2022*

Nebula Supervisor is a straightforward software to create every other app shortcut for your Android TELEVISION house display for higher customization.


40 comments on "Nebula Manager Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Marlinda Warren says:

    Don’t really know how to use or install this app on a Nebula Capsule 1? On the Aptoidetv, this app doesn’t even exist?

  2. Webbe Audri says:

    App dosent work..

  3. Charles Farin says:

    Pointless, don’t work!

  4. Culver Dack says:

    This app dosen’t exist! I wouldn’t rate nothing but I have to just to comment

  5. Blade Dolabella says:

    It actually what I was looking for, something like that for my shield android TV box. I can add this app to my home screen and access from there to my sideloaded apps. Glad I found this app. Good. Thanks. P. S. : to people, who don’t know what this app for and how to use it, – just don’t install it and don’t put your feedback.

  6. Julian Li says:

    Couldnt open the app at all

  7. Edward Morales says:

    Would not load

  8. Egan Dolph says:

    Been about 5 days since they did their update and made netflix unusable with the provided remote. Still no word on fixing it? Very frustrating. I have been able to use Netflix with Nebula connect in mouse mode. Controller option in connect does not work either

  9. jumpy “jumpy7” jumpy says:

    Won’t start on my android 8.0 tablet, absolutely useless

  10. Tao Hansen says:

    Force closes on the Nebula Mars 2

  11. Stephen C says:

    Very very useless. Installed on anker nebula 2 to use netflix but does not work at all

  12. Jeev Yatigammana says:

    New update makes Netflix unusable.

  13. Madison Perington says:

    Broken. Literally just a picture of a box that says Nebula.

  14. Junaid Shah says:

    Not detecting apps in my Nebula Capsule Max Projector

  15. D.T. Stro says:

    App won’t even open. Just defaults to Android app info & settings page.

  16. Alexander Griffiths says:

    Doesn’t even open. Doesn’t work at all.

  17. Joseph Gurney says:

    Downloaded the app and it’s not even visible on my phone.

  18. ange mccalmont says:

    App doesn’t open

  19. Cemal Parlak says:

    Does not appear on my Android phone!

  20. wayne jones says:

    install but cannot see or use it

  21. Dan says:

    Just use the other Nebula Connect app. This one doesn’t work

  22. Michael Sharrock says:

    Literally not an app.

  23. Padmini Ramesh says:

    Not working in android phone

  24. Deepak Singh says:

    Pnot showing open option. Only install and uninstall. Not showing in my Android app.

  25. ammar shaker says:

    So bad update . All applications are disappeared from the application

  26. Zoom Cool says:

    Stopped working on Google TV 11

  27. Juan Carlos Larrea says:

    Not working since the shield 9 update (android11)

  28. Suave Bajaj says:

    Installed on Andriod TV 11, shows nothing

  29. Emad says:

    it shows an empty channel list!! any suggestions? Sony android Tv

  30. Matt k says:

    Forced to download to use Netflix, then proceeds to make it a horrid interface

  31. Tom S says:

    App will not open in Samsung s22 Ultra

  32. Ginger Whalen says:

    Why won’t this app open?

  33. Paul Lunardi says:

    No longer works on NVIDIA shield

  34. Midhun Kumar says:

    cant open the app.. it does not show up in applost abd and playstore only gives option to uninstall

  35. Aiden Flowers says:

    Ok this is stupid I’m getting more and more annoyed anker.. this app wont even show up and all the other apps are broken.. I am a long time fan and I own a lot of your products and never had a problem.. I understand this is relatively new tech but the problems the nebula max has with its apps are absolutely ridiculous I’m only irritated because you did not tell me this.. other than that the projector is amazing but the apps really let it down to the point where it starts to feel cheap

  36. Kevin McCondichie says:

    App doesn’t work at all. Can’t even open.

  37. Towseef Ahmed says:

    Was working good. But since 1 month not showing any app..may be new update couse the problem ..kindly fix the issue

  38. Ahmed Al-kanan says:

    I have 2 TCL TVs and used Nebula for a while but now after updating my TV Nebula doesn’t show any apps to select and show , removed and reinstalled but still not working. Could someone help ?

  39. Nita Rollins says:

    Where is it? Download failed.

  40. Britta Hirsch says:

    i downloaded the nebula manager but it does not appear on my phone and can not be accessed

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