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Naraka's companion app
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December 2, 2022
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Naraka+ Mod Apk

Naraka+ is Naraka’s spouse app. Right here you’ll be able to make amends for the newest information at the recreation, view fight stats and take a look at the place you stand at the leaderboards.
Naraka+ options come with:
News—Stay up-to-date on all of the breaking information, sport bulletins, technique guides and extra. Know about the most recent goings-on in Naraka. Combat Stats—Analyze your ancient information, see main points from fresh suits, and commonly-used guns and heroes too. Give your self a aggressive edge that can assist you succeed in Asura Rank that a lot faster!
Rank—Check participant rank information for the present season. Stay monitor of your rank anytime, any place.


27 comments on "Naraka+ Mod Apk"

  1. varada narayana says:

    Worst app. Always log failed and says connection error. Please fix this issue.

  2. Dave Bautista Quitay says:

    I’m Philippines:- Ilove this game! Download nyu na dika mag sisii pag na games nyuto legit 100%✓

  3. Judge Chen says:

    I like this app, I hope I can see the data of my friends 🙂

  4. Alex Graziano says:

    Cool stats

  5. Max Chu says:

    Please add the ability to bind and unbind accounts like Epic, Steam, Facebook, and Google. I cant attend the morus memories web event as i cant login using Epic Games from the web. If i login with other method like Facebook, It created a new account instead of let me bind it with my epic games account.

  6. KeiiroKV says:

    Easy to understand and navigate. Good to use for Naraka news and dynamic track replay

  7. NingSenpai says:

    Very simple app to view your profile and news, i like it. I would like to suggest adding statistics in duos and trios for deathmatch and adding in our provincial rankings and city rankings to see our stats on that!

  8. Maximus says:

    Waiting for SEA server option

  9. NeKett says:

    Region lock when ?

  10. johnz daculos says:


  11. Noah Kem says:

    I log in via Xbox account and it makes a new account instead of using the one I already have. have tried multiple times. does not work for Xbox. please fix.

  12. Quez Brown says:

    The app isn’t working for me at all it literally say connection issue and isn’t letting me link my account

  13. Denny Foss says:

    Broken app, dosen’t connect, just another example of a game developer attempting to create something useful but ultimately failing deliver.

  14. MrOsiris says:

    Wont allow me to sign in, tells me there an issue with connection.

  15. Geezee194life says:

    Good app

  16. Jordan Mowbray says:

    App works great for me! Originally was a bit clunky but all seems to be good now

  17. Salla Riou says:


  18. Malcolm Mckeown says:

    More awards

  19. sic semper tyrannis says:

    Unusable app. Log in -> says log in sucessful -> try to use any app functionality -> prompts log in again -> repeats. Restarting/force restarting/uninstall all does nothing. Still loops back.

  20. shaun says:

    issues signing in with steam. logging in with steam is fine to the point steam guard is done. but the app doesnt seem to register the login

  21. Brus Ponce says:

    Great Job in telling you all your complete stats and even info about your previous matches.

  22. Savvy Dead says:

    This app sucks my dad wanted me to download and play with him but it kept getting confusing and i tryed to create a charicter but it wouldnt let me

  23. Shelby Felicite says:

    The game is cool0ihci0wfbpkck2prbpkefbcknrojfirjcobrocnirjcpbdocbro2 n9eifn pkebf kpbepfkb p2jfvckpefpk bepfkb i92rb 9iwbfpkb plan 9kn2fjp bwprkbcp2krhcib2rpixb02idbxi01eh ipv1e0ixb10irbc0i2ebxi0g2eo0hci10rbc0ih1d0icb0o1ebc0ih1ei9cb1r0inc0o1evxi0v2dohchi0rg u2hri0xg0i2rgx7h2ri0c296rxi0r2vcub2ri0xv20irbc9i1dbc0ob1d0kcb0i2rboj fojbwdpj befpkcb20krbc0k2db 0i2br0k 2pdk pk2rb 0kb2d9i baked k92vf0i bwdi0b 0i2b 0ob1d0kcb2d0kbc92kdbc0i1bd0cib1r0jxbpjrbcpk2rvi0cb1epkbcpk1ebpjf1ekpfbip1ebi01e0icb1e0kb

  24. Nadia Wilson says:

    Its so weird a YouTuber sponserd it in a video, And i went to the the app and it was not a game i have it on my tablet and phone but looks like is only for xbox and playstation…

  25. Tom Howling moon says:

    Since the latest update that incorporated unrivaled asura, data is not displaying once you reach that milestone.

  26. Bro Nea says:

    Kana played you

  27. no comment no respon says:

    It is rare🛣️to connect🏫pc game 🍻and android app as the same🙂time,the app look🏪likes watchdog and 🤖BF tracker in🐟android, sometime it’s disconnected need re login🍎,the run around in circles 🌍without flight🥚and become💤the first who not postion🌊by gas hope pc can🌭achieve 144hz⛈️with 5-10ms 👍🏻

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