LAN plugin for Total Commander Mod Apk


This is a Plugin for Total Commander for Android! It does not work standalone!
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C. Ghisler
December 15, 2022
4.4 And Up
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LAN plugin for Total Commander Mod Apk

This is a Plugin for Overall Commander for Android!
It does now not paintings standalone!

LAN plugin for Overall Commander Mod Apk apk mod new

don’t set up if you don’t use Overall Commander!

LAN plugin for General Commander Mod Apk apk mod 2022

VITAL: If you can not attach in your server with model Three, then your server more than likely doesn’t give a boost to the SMB2 protocol. Answer: Please open the relationship settings through lengthy faucet at the connection identify. Then disable SMB2. This will likely use the previous SMB1 protocol. Most often the plugin must locate mechanically when a server doesn’t give a boost to SMB2, however some NAS gadgets appear to react in a different way.


40 comments on "LAN plugin for Total Commander Mod Apk"

  1. Eydie Jeaneen says:

    Works perfectly with Windows 10 (using local password protected Windows account) from Android 8.1 (OnePlus 5). Tökéletesen működik Windows 10-el (helyi jelszóval védett fiókkal hozzáférve) Android 8.1-es telefonról (OnePlus 5)

  2. Embry Basile says:

    It simply works. I am not a computer professional so It took me a bit of trial and error to learn how to properly set up a windows share and connect to it with proper user name and password. Once I got it I put a shortcut on my phone! Now its a one button push to browse my computer hard drive. Well done C.G. There are support forums for Total Commander (and his plug ins) if your having issues.

  3. Jefferson Rook says:

    Has been working flawless since circa 3 yrs that I have installed it in several devices and was able to connect to various Seagate and western digital Nas.

  4. Aswin Banys says:

    Does not work. Attempts to connect to a Linux samba server fail and the server shows malformed SMB2 packets in its error log. Looks like a bug in the client code.

  5. Denu Nelda says:

    the best, most versatile file manager software available for android. The plugins are an awesome idea, and work well. One of ,y absolutely must have apps

  6. Daney Anhaga says:

    The only decent samba client I could find. Another review says it does not work on Android Pie, but it does for me. Feedback: (if possible) it would be awesome if the plug-in optionally also mounted samba shares at a custom file system path to be accessed from other apps when TC is running in background. It is not really the job of a plug-in, I know, but as mentioned I can not find another implementation that works well (with samba v2).

  7. Cenehard Jonita says:

    latest version no longer works with windows 10, i’m not sure what changed, but it wasn’t on my end. i had a pretty basic local user setup that didn’t have any issues until this latest update.

  8. Vinnie Northwode says:

    works great with any phone except my Galaxy S10+: file transfer breaks after 20..50 seconds, direct playing too.

  9. Clyford Chester says:

    Thank you! This plugin makes it simple to access LAN PC shares from mobile phone. Browse LAN shares. File copy over WiFi between phone and PCs. File transfers are at WiFi network speed. My Wireless AC 5GHz network . This app uses SMB 2 protocol which is much more secure than apps using SMB 1. I have tried many apps to allow phone to connect to LAN PCs using SMB 2 or 3/ Previous apps had major limitations. This app allows my phone to connect to network devices as easily as I can connect two computers.

  10. Woodman Dillard says:

    Total Commander as a whole has really changed my Android life. It works flawlessly with my SMB and NFC shares. The plug-ins, especially this one, are well made and easy to navigate. Good stuff right here.

  11. Page Ardelia says:

    I can’t edit servers since moving to Android 9. Can creat them, but when clicking properties, no menu opens. Means you can’t type in a username & password. I love Total Commander and this plugin, but have had to switch to CX File Explorer for now!

  12. Delavan Niketria says:

    Not compatible with Andrioid on Redmi devices (because Xiaomi modified original android on their devices). On original Android 5, 8, 9 works fine – tested on Samsung and Nokia devices.

  13. Danya Melony says:

    Worked nice on Nougat. On Android Pie on Honor 8x, after few seconds of connection, gives error and have to reconnect to copy some more files. Settings are correct and fiddling with them don’t help at all. Please fix this problem.

  14. Hellon Lannie says:

    My smb server is on my local network. I connect to it via a VPN tunnel. The app refuses to use my data connection and insists I turn on WLAN. SMB3 support would is also amiss.

  15. Leyton Tracie says:

    Worked like a charm, but now it is usless. Server properties dialog dissapired for a some time! There is option in menu, but after tap nothing happenes. I can connect to previusly created servers, I can create new server, but properties dialog just can not be opened. IP address of a server can not be write down. Fix it please!

  16. Iachimo Sherron says:

    Fixed, thanks dev! ORIGINAL REVIEW: Can’t edit servers nor add new ones. Properties doesn’t open up and I can’t do anything beside adding a share name.

  17. Flemming Hayes says:

    Can I donate or encourage developing this totalcmd for newer versions of android? I really really miss this plugin, that’s the only decent file transfer client over ssh. And it does not work on newer versions of android 🙁

  18. Harleen Sibille says:

    If the Plugin does not work on the latest version of Android (9/10?) Then it must be set to Accept Permissions (Allowed 5x Permissions) in Manage Apps. (Malang-Indonesia 14Apr20 Redmi Note8).

  19. G Music says:

    This works perfectly for reading and cutting. However, for writing or pasting, it does not appear at all. All of the bookmarks that use the LAN are shown for cutting but disappear for pasting. Is there something I’m missing?

  20. ifritdiezel says:

    Ideal. Having full access to your PC from your phone is very convenient. However, it’s pretty annoying how you can’t just copy files from remote device and need to open them and then save to location on your device.

  21. Ryan Wolf says:

    SMB v2/3 is broken, “Bad SMB2 signature for message”. Must force server to accept the older insecure SMB v1, which has been disabled by default in newer versions of samba.

  22. John Chenier says:

    I have Total Commander installed. When i installed the Lan plugin, it does not appear anywhere. That makes it difficult to use. I tried reinstalled but it was already installed. I figured out what happened. I was on my tablet but it installed the app on my phone. From my phone, using share, i send the link to mt tablet. Using that, i installed on my tablet.

  23. Zheng Gong says:

    It works but it’s extremely slow (less than 100 kbps). It’s impossible to stream video with it.

  24. dino Snake says:

    Once you understand the operational paradigm of Total Commander, which is a bit different than other apps, it works fantastic and efficiently. I could wish for SAMBA host browsing, rather than having to type in the full and correct connection details, but it works, and always does once you set it up, never problems. Thank you for a great program!

  25. Jonathan Richard-Brochu says:

    As always, useful plugin to an essential app. I just wished server entries would could be exported/imported from one device to another.

  26. Kyle Hagerty says:

    It has been good to use this over the years, but it needs to support SMB v2/v3. Makes it hard to use the plugin without supporting those standards.

  27. Barry Levine says:

    Beautiful. I can delete files from my media server after viewing. Perfect.

  28. David Hart says:

    Very useful add-on for the excellent Total Commander. Enabled me to interrogate remote LAN files. Thanks.

  29. Rvs Corner says:

    Having a connection to my desktop computer over WiFi makes it easy to move files back & forth.

  30. Γιάννης Δόστος says:

    Works fine with windows 10. The only one I found with samba 2.0 support that connects every time with my PC.

  31. Kebab says:

    There is this odd bug when the master password is passed using a biometric scan. So the biometric card like area slides up but the actual fingerprint area indicator or the activation off it misses. This happens 1/3 of the time.

  32. David Sarge says:

    Can no longer recommend this for Linux Samba servers. Get “Bad SMB2 signature for message”. Devs don’t seem interested in fixing this so I guess it is time to find another solution.

  33. James McNulty says:

    Norton Commander-like interface, Dos-like file structure. Powerful network tool Features as well.

  34. Reto Nadig says:

    It would be a perfect 5 Star BUT all of a sudden I cannot rename files on the LAN. I can creat delete move them but not rename them! Multi tool rename does not work either. Is this a known Bug?

  35. Squirrelly Fursona says:

    Worked perfectly connecting to my Windows computer where several other apps would not. Also works on my old Android 4 tablet.

  36. Jim Zix says:

    Total Commander does not behave nicely on Chromebooks and any files selected will frequently hang when control is passed along to the next program.

  37. Michael Collins says:

    So many random errors like error: cannot access share because j has been closed? Many times trying to access network share says bad server name yet I can open another share then go back and share opens🙄🙄🙄

  38. William Feely says:

    Connecting to LAN require Wi-Fi enabled even with VPN. My phone is connected to my home network via VPN so I am on the LAN even on mobile data.

  39. Alfred Scamman says:

    Usually works with no issues. As long as the share is configured right, this client just works and it’s super easy to use, blending right in with the rest of TC. I have discovered on Android 12 the plugin does not inherit special permissions from the parent TC, which means I can’t use it to copy something from scoped storage, I have to copy to common storage first. I do hope that can be updated as it’s wasting time and write cycles on my card.

  40. Jim Medcraft says:

    I am trying to workout if I can use this for serving the phones storage as samba on network. There is a distinct lack of documentation, but over all I do like Total commander and having the choice to buy what ever functions you need is a clever idea.

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