Holo blue theme Mod Apk


The simple holo blue theme for Period Calendar
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Simple Design Ltd.
October 17, 2018
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Holo blue theme Mod Apk

This is theme of blue holo for Duration Calendar without a crimson, you’ll be able to exchange it via the next steps:

Holo blue theme Mod Apk release

obtain the newest Length Calendar;
open Duration Calendar; click on surroundings from house web page; click on theme; make a choice this one and practice;

Holo blue theme Mod Apk apk mod

when you have any query, please touch us ([email protected]).


40 comments on "Holo blue theme Mod Apk"

  1. Jareth Conswellia says:

    Great app but we need more themes!! Other apps also sync with Fitbit or Google fit to track activity, sleep etc during your cycle..something to look into!!

  2. Halbert Elvyne says:

    Great app. Love it and accuracy is good!

  3. Balder Garner says:

    I use this app for almost a year now and I love it but in settings I can’t change my status from single to married, so how can I add the information regarding my relationship

  4. Leia Chriss says:

    Too many ads. If a paid version of this ad was available without ads. I would happily buy it.

  5. Chassidee Eadburt says:

    All I can say is that its been my best friend since 2014, even used the App when I was trying for my 2nd child and believe you me it was accurate with my ovulation date

  6. Jacoby Dudley says:

    I have the actual app. I only recently got my period first time and was so glad for the actual app. My fave colour is blue so I downloaded this theme. Thankyou for helping me and my stupid leriod

  7. Sever Neti says:

    Nice professional theme but doesn’t allow you to use the pets in the other theme

  8. Tobie Jerick says:

    It improves the app but pink still crops up in places. I’d like all the pink to be replaced with blue (for instance in the widget or in the charts)

  9. Secilia Chandler says:

    i like this app a lot. I’ve never really had any problems with my cycle. but to be able to track it like this is amazing. it’s simple to use and free. you really can’t go wrong.

  10. Shelby Hareleah says:

    helps keep me on track and a great way to keep track of periods

  11. Lauralee Cheyane says:

    good app but you can’t pause when you’re pregnant

  12. Beckett Erline says:

    Never really liked the original user interface of the app. But this theme makes it so much better.

  13. Barbi Denysa says:

    it was very confusing and i didnt know how to use it and it wouldnt help me so i was confused but it has alot of options and stuff so thats good

  14. Andressa Ev says:

    i wanted to try a new theme, and so i installed it. and it flooded me with ads, so i uninstalled it.

  15. Edwald Alexandrina says:

    Soo good and i’ve been using it for 2 years now.. Before.. I used to miscalculate my period. Now this app always gives me a heads up as it’s also accurate💗

  16. Brytanie Emhyr says:

    This app caused me 6mths of random ads that would take over my whole screen anytime! I could be texting, on google, fb, in my emails or anywhere! A ad would pop up no matter what. Finally my paid ph security figured it out, and it was this particular app! I would never download or trust it again.

  17. Lindly Aslinn says:

    Simple and easy to maneuver. Love this app.

  18. Jake Dorothy says:

    Helps me a lot. I’ve been using it for over 2 years now. Very accurate. The data backup option is thoughtful too.

  19. Bridget Mnyalira says:

    I have been using this app for 4 years, the best decision that i have ever made. My Calender is the best period tracker!

  20. Phacie Reuben says:

    I find the color to be a bit too saturated. If the tone was lighter, I would have probably given a 5 star rating instead of a 3. I’m currently using it since I have no other option. I’d suggest adding lighter tones. It would definitely improve my experience.

  21. Grace Wallace says:

    I really did like the holo blue theme, because it is nice for the older girls to have something more mature

  22. Tonia “Tuna” Spears says:

    Easy to use & great way to keep track of your daily symptoms! Easily shared with your health care professional!

  23. Maria Kassouf says:

    So organized ,great to use and it helps u a lot to know ur period details

  24. Aileen Elizabeth Trip says:

    I’ve used pink version of this app for 9 years tried others, this is the best & most fabulously accurate app! (Once you get a good data set into it…) its great to get some relief from the pinkness of the other one, however, I do like cute, just not pink and so I miss my totally unessential pet! Improvements? Purple background & an intnsity/ shade control on that next please! & a part that hubby can go into to looksee the relevant stuff for him! love this app! I’d pay for that & to have no Ads.

  25. Fritche Melloria says:

    I like this one compared to the default theme. It is minimalist, the other one is cute but very girly, good for teenagers. Try making other themes that are simple and minimalist. Thank you!

  26. Raven Bloodshed says:

    I really wish there were more themes, this only gets a 2 star because I like it better than the default theme, but I still don’t like it. Lol.

  27. Favour Richard says:

    The app isnt working, i jut lost the pink coloured one that i have been using for years, tried getting it back but its different now with a price on it

  28. Rajni Gupta says:

    I just love this app .. firstly I thought taht the pridicition won’t work but now it’s take time but it’s absolutely right ..

  29. nadia ndlovu says:

    This app has been nothing but good to me…and its reliable too. I recommend it to any lady has trouble tracking their cycle.

  30. Jilaina Chirinos says:

    Super simple to use and customizable which I love.

  31. Gintare Bagucianskaite says:

    Awesome application. I use it for a few years now. It makes pretty close predictions, it’s comfortable, there is a possibility to input all the data you want.

  32. Mayra Morales says:

    Been using it for about 9years and I have no complaints or problems with it. Easy to use and understand and also you can see how long between periods if your period is irregular and how long it last for better adjustments on the settings so you can be prepared before any unexpected surprise.

  33. Banana Lol says:

    Soo good! It’s so minimalist and just completely in love with it! Great design!

  34. mari says:

    Very accurate in its predictions, and simple to use. Love that you can back up your data. Been using this app for nearly a decade and I love it!

  35. Ngeti Dlamini says:

    Great app. Gives me all the information I need and helps me tracking my period and fertility.

  36. Gloria Oamen says:

    I have used this for years even during pregnancy. I love it. Very easy to use and love the themes

  37. Fkry Bacon says:

    Much better! I redownload this app as you guys are the only one I found that doesn’t charge. I had a very bad emotional reaction to the starter theme and almost broke down crying, and I am really happy you have these other theme options. Could you make some themes in pink, purple, and rainbow?

  38. Julia Sophia says:

    Lets me install but it doesn’t show up anywhere on my home screen or app drawer and even here on the store there’s no option to open app, just uninstall. 😣

  39. Kayleigh says:

    I love this blue theme alternative. I’m just not happy it doesn’t change the app icon blue as well 😅

  40. nur ayuni says:

    Best theme. I love the pink one but I think it look lame. I just hope that maybe you could make an aesthetic one theme. overall, this one also nice ❤️

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