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File manager is a small and fully functional file explorer
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November 8, 2022
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File Manager – File explorer Mod Apk

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Record Supervisor – Document explorer Mod Apk apk mod

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Document Supervisor – Document explorer Mod Apk

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40 comments on "File Manager – File explorer Mod Apk"

  1. Rollie Franklin says:

    No root access, no image dimensions in details, but solid app. No ads! And I like having the number of files displayed within a folder: FolderName (#files)

  2. Ebonnie Joanie says:

    Using not system music player doesnt work. How it makes file uri for music files makes all or most of not system music player not able to work. Very simple. Copy, cut and paste works well. Using not system video player works well. Waiting for fix.

  3. Dontae Roderick says:

    Fast, very clean and intuitive UI and lightweight 🙂 Simply the best, but no subtitle support within the video player 🙁

  4. Jacee Princess says:

    Strong points. When choosing video category, all videos do open in single page. That is great. The menu that does open when we move videos is quite good. Weak point. Thumbnails very small. Hard to see.

  5. Hengist Aldrich says:

    Very good. Lean but with one Ad. Keep it that way. Suggestions: Make Files the default opening page. Replace ftp with Google Drive cloud access. Few use ftp.

  6. Arlys Bradbourne says:

    This apps helps me to manage the files. However, please add some features to read, write, and manage files on USB OTG. Thank you.

  7. Cingeswiella Bekki says:

    Your app is great. very fast & small. but it has a big problem: It doesnt’t open rar or zip files. I should open them with another app while browsing my files

  8. Chera Clay says:

    This is a great file manager but please make it faster to transfer files between phone storage and SD card. It’s too slow.

  9. Diamanda Marlaina says:

    Good app. While it lets one perform basic file management, it was a pleasant surprise to see thoughtful options to see big files, apks. And the color scheme is pleasing to the eye.

  10. Jewel Terrie says:

    Worked. I need to transfer files to a very old tablet from a windows PC. This app opened an ftp server on the tablet with write privileges. I logged into it from my windows PC and transfered the files. Stoped the ftp service on the tablet and done. Worked flawlessly. “It’s an old code but it checks out, Sir.”

  11. Shazli Nut says:

    Hey!! and installed this file man,trust me..this is realy great,they know what we needed? .,I like this file manager very easy to used and it’s really like a progressive manager..thanks you so much..small maked it’s more better smart and maked it me smile much more meaning between us.

  12. Jean-Paul Max says:

    Very good file manager of very cute size. But why doesn’t it show system files? I can’t find ‘xbin’ folder where ‘busybox’ and ‘su’ files are situated.

  13. S Vazir says:

    I have downloaded a few of these, they all have problem with accessing my SD card. This is the only one that says it needs permission to access SD card and asks for permission there and then. Been working smoothly since.

  14. Anderwriter says:

    Amazingly small and fast. (Does this person code in assembly language? 😲) It really needs a more distinctive name, though… And when you install it, why is it called “Category Files”? And when I thought I’d closed it, why did it startle me by playing my notification sound (I was in Airplane Mode, and not expecting texts) and volunteer the info that I had “large files” on my phone? (Yes, I know—they’re videos.) Oh well, nothing’s perfect.

  15. Grand Omens says:

    This app is nearly perfect!!! Please add these features: Show folders size; Sort by size, incl. folder; Bookmarks/favorites. Enable landscape mode besides portrait. Without these, this app can’t fully function as files manager, don’t you think?

  16. Teguh Sakura says:

    Great small apps, but no multi tab and image viewer. I already using Total commander (have *multi window in slide* ) and Cx File Explorer. So i’am looking for small app with image viewer. Uninstall it.

  17. Jag says:

    Beautiful, functional, contains all the basic requirements of a file manager. Please add dark theme. Also can you add the options to copy, move multiple files and also pause the copy, move process. Please add also ability to store files in cloud like Google drive, drop box etc

  18. Joseph Younger says:

    Works exactly as advertised. The simplicity and functionality are perhaps its greatest assets. When compared with similar file managers… this one IS concise. Exatly what I need.

  19. Paul Kerr says:

    Seems to be stable, works well. Only thing driving me crazy is there is no way to set the app to open on the ‘files’ tab instead of category. A feature worth looking into please.

  20. asha says:

    It’s great, love it so much especially the “big files” category, very helpful to me. One thing, can you please consider this on your next update? I wish I could change the view style of the files, most file managers have that. It would be helpful especially with images with thumbnails, I wanna change the view style so I can see it clearly. Please consider these. Overall, this app is worthy to be downloaded.

  21. Prathamesh Bhadke says:

    I loved this app because my phone does not have file explorer/File manager . I play Minecraft PE and it got deleted by me so I was worried because I worked for 7 months but when I downloaded this I got my all worlds and resource packs back but there is one problem that there is no option of searching please add it

  22. Razidin Usman says:

    After transferring files it didn’t reach to specific location, it scatter your files create a loop effect and in some cases otherwise you will need to uninstall both browser app and this app to get back to normal use. Having an existing file manager it’s not recommended to download this app otherwise you’ll encounter a loop malfunction after testing transferring any files your browser will fail to work. Unless if you install it to a cheap phones that doesn’t have File Manager maybe it will.

  23. Rajkumar B says:

    Unable to find the the size if more than one folder clubbed together. If you select more than one folder the details gets grayed. Guys its a simole issue hope you can fix ir other than that ot is great simple quixk powerful tool for free of cost without ads.

  24. David Gibson says:

    I’m a computer geek going back to 1985. Windows machines. I love this file management app in Windows style for Android phones. It is simple to use and WORKS.

  25. Utkrisht Sridhar says:

    Simplicity and Minimalism is great. But being just too basic also means less functionality, including lack of essential features. Not for me.

  26. Benedict James says:

    Just installed_looks very nice application, thus, operational wise. Looks has alot of options at its size_its wonderful. To cap it all “no ads” _ keep developing it, you’ve gold in yr hands. Thanks buddy.

  27. Rajesh Timilsina says:

    When I search for a file, there are no options when I long click the fie like cut, copy, copy file path, rename, delete. This is the only thing I see lacking in the app, otherwise fantastic app.

  28. James Callus says:

    App calls itself Category Files. I find it much better and easier to use than the “resident” OnePlus and Google offerings, so they are now disabled. Only one problem. The documents category doesn’t find items in Documents sub-folders. Then I would give 5 stars.

  29. Peter says:

    Good BUT where is the “open with” other apps function GONE..? If I wanna edit with photo shop for example..? If I knew I’d never update. This is SILLY! I’ll look elsewhere, you don’t update to make things WORSE!

  30. Dharani Nadh Bayyana says:

    Excellent file manager app, But, need few more imp features (WiFi file transfer) and UI-UX could be improved. OTG storage is showing as SD card.

  31. Fakhar Ilyas Malik says:

    Small foot print does the job Search function is very poor. File transfer rate somehow is painfully slow. The ads are becoming bigger and annoying.

  32. Rajab Rachmat says:

    I use this app more than weeks, and i still have no any complain. I like the file transfer, it is fast even very fast. Usb OTG feature is great, makes me more flexible. Other feature i still not used yet. I have read many complain, on this comment list, please do some improvement. Other users need to know that free dosen’t mean no ads, but it is no limitation on feature. Thanks

  33. ray kwoon says:

    Excellent app because:- * panorama of folders * Shows SD card * visible picture of recent files Would have been five star and everything tops except…. MAJOR SETBACK ~ why must give SD access EVERYTIME, not just once & for all? Is there a trick to get around this?

  34. jimtomatola says:

    My kindle was drowning in podcast files that took up all the root drive space. File Manager easily alllwed me to clean them out by searching for the largest files, showing me where they were located ( to confirm what they were ) and then easily delete them. It also allows moving files to my external memory card with no extra “permissions” that another file manager needed ( I guess for security reasons ) I’ve removed all the other managers I’ve tried previously.

  35. B says:

    Only app that could delete videos that wouldn’t delete! It was the fifth I downloaded to solve the issue. Finally! Nice app.

  36. Matias Godoy says:

    Really like the app since it shows me all my files and it’s very easy to find

  37. badmus adebisi says:

    Very good app, i love it even more than google file manager. It opens faster with extraodinary features. So, thank you.

  38. Larry Nevada says:

    It’s basic, not complicated. It does what I need it to do.

  39. Sulena Majumdar Arora says:

    Very nice little file manager. Does exactly what it says. So tiny and efficient.

  40. Lata Bedasa says:

    This Application is Very Good Application! But there no Setting with in!

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