Family Link parental controls Premium Apk

Download this app to your child/teen’s device to use Family Link.
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November 10, 2022
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Family Link parental controls Premium Apk

Family Hyperlink parental controls is the better half app to Circle of relatives Hyperlink for folks. Please most effective obtain this app to a tool being utilized by a kid or youngster.

Circle of relatives Hyperlink parental controls Top rate Apk mod apk

Check out the Circle of relatives Hyperlink parental controls app from Google. Whether or not your youngsters are more youthful or of their teenagers, the Circle of relatives Hyperlink app permits you to set virtual flooring regulations remotely from your individual instrument to lend a hand information them as they be told, play, and discover on-line. For kids beneath Thirteen (or the acceptable age of consent for your nation), Circle of relatives Hyperlink additionally means that you can create a Google Account in your kid that’s like your account, with get entry to to maximum Google products and services.

Circle of relatives Hyperlink parental controls Top rate Apk apk

With Circle of relatives Hyperlink parental controls, you’ll be able to:

Circle of relatives Hyperlink parental controls Top class Apk apk mod

Information them to excellent content material

Circle of relatives Hyperlink parental controls Top class Apk

• View app their job – Now not all display screen time is identical. Assist your kid make wholesome selections about what they do on their Android instrument, with process experiences appearing how a lot time they’re spending on their favourite apps. You’ll be able to see day-to-day, weekly, or per 30 days experiences.
• Arrange their apps – To hand notifications help you approve or block apps your kid needs to obtain from the Google Play Retailer. You’ll additionally set up in-app purchases, and conceal explicit apps on their tool all remotely from your individual instrument.
• Feed their interest – It may be exhausting to determine what apps are proper to your kid, so Circle of relatives Hyperlink displays you teacher-recommended apps on Android that you’ll be able to upload at once to their software.

Circle of relatives Hyperlink parental controls Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Regulate display screen time

Circle of relatives Hyperlink parental controls Top class Apk free up

• Set limits – It’s as much as you to make a decision the correct quantity of display time on your kid. Circle of relatives Hyperlink allows you to set closing dates and a bedtime for his or her supervised gadgets, so you’ll be able to lend a hand them discover a just right stability.
• Lock their instrument – Whether or not it’s time to move play outdoor, have dinner, or simply spend time in combination, you’ll be able to remotely lock a supervised software every time it’s time to take a spoil.

Circle of relatives Hyperlink parental controls Top class Apk apk mod new

See the place they’re
• It’s useful so that you could in finding your kid when they’re at the cross. You’ll be able to use Circle of relatives Hyperlink to assist find them so long as they’re wearing their Android tool.

Necessary Knowledge
• Circle of relatives Link’s gear range relying to your child’s instrument. See an inventory of suitable units at
• Whilst Circle of relatives Hyperlink is helping you arrange your kid’s purchases and downloads from Google Play, they are going to now not want approval to put in app updates (together with updates that amplify permissions), apps you might have up to now licensed, or apps which were shared in Circle of relatives Library. Oldsters will have to ceaselessly assessment their child’s put in apps and app permissions in Circle of relatives Hyperlink.
• You will have to moderately overview the apps to your child’s supervised tool and disable the ones you don’t need them to make use of. Be aware which you can now not be capable to disable some pre-installed apps.
• To peer the site of your kid or teen’s tool, it should be powered on, just lately lively, and hooked up to the web.
• Teacher-recommended apps are handiest to be had on Android units in the united states to folks of kids of sure ages.
• Whilst Circle of relatives Hyperlink supplies gear to control your child’s on-line revel in, it does now not make the web secure. Relatively, it’s supposed to present oldsters alternatives about how their children use the web, and inspire conversations about web use.


40 comments on "Family Link parental controls Premium Apk"

  1. Jonatha Nelly says:

    This is a bad app. All it does is get in the way. I can’t open any files stored on my device or SD card that aren’t saved to my google account, it won’t update the activity for 5 hours, and when I try to do a file transfer onto a new phone, it prevents any apps from being installed. Especially the fact that it requires a parent sign in just to add my account to a school chromebook. Fix this app quick and then maybe I’ll think of it as more of a blessing rather than a burden.

  2. Mander Suzann says:

    This app does what it is supposed to do. Kind of. The “emergency” option you have when your device has is often very fickle. It randomly shuts on me, many times over, for weeks in row. If you do not let it access your location, or even turn it off, it can still track you. I belive there are also similar problems with other app permissions. Needs some signifigant improvements.

  3. Jenilynn Elbert says:

    The way it counts time spent on apps is extremely inaccurate. For example, it shows my total screen time as 1 hour and 45 minutes. However, if I look at how long I’ve spent on apps, it shows me as used 30 minutes each on 4 different apps. Which doesn’t work. Also, it doesn’t show you how long you’ve been on certain apps when you first open the app. And maybe let the kids look at the settings their parents put in place for them instead of a “learn more”

  4. Aiden Machia says:

    Terrible app. Apps lock earlier than the set time, I can’t do emergency calls when it’s locked due to it kicking me back to the lock screen, it won’t let me update half my apps, it causes my phone to slow down to almost a halt at times, it keeps my location on no matter what, draining the battery, and it makes itself an administrator, meaning it’s not easy to completely get rid of it. All in all, good in theory, terrible in practice.

  5. Zach Wilson says:

    It blocks notifications when it says time for bed and my coach texted my team that practice was canceled before my phone was turned on so I drove 30 minutes round trip for nothing because I had no clue that I got a text message. I have figured out that if you stop updating it it wont always lock at the right time so you get a little bit of extra time. Also don’t bother playing games like egg inc. Because u cant change date and time to make those games easier.

  6. Idil E says:

    This app is horrible. Not only does it ruin any trust you may have, it also can put you in danger. Once your time is up you cannot even make calls so if I were in a dangerous situation I would not be able to call for help. I cannot receive notifications or pick up calls once my designated time is up either so I am unreachable and this has caused multiple issues. ALSO DRAINS YOUR BATTERY. My phone used to be able to go the whole day without charging and now I have to constantly charge my phone.

  7. Random Cat Vids says:

    1st, the PROs: fast, easy install, didn’t eat up a bunch of space on my phone, minimal battery usage, app capable of showing various places the phone had been seen at that day, it lacked ability to do so in real time Now the CONS: several different occasions I tested this, had the supervised phone in my hand while checking it’s location, giving inaccurate results, like a location it had been at earlier but indicate this location as “updated just now. also, confusing UI, a pain to delet

  8. TheMultiverseFox says:

    The blasted thing has caused so many issues, not just for me, but for my parent as well. It continually bugs out, crashes, and makes it extremely difficult to accomplish anything even if they permit it. It took her almost an entire day to get something to work and it still didn’t, it’s an absolutely terrible app that I would advise against downloading.

  9. dua'a shwaiki says:

    This app is great! Other than the fact that you have a certain amount of screen time, have to ask for every app, can’t uninstall it, that it keeps track of your location, it drains some your battery like your battery doesn’t matter, apps are blocked, and that when it locks you can’t do anything; play music, use the camera, text, or even call anyone. Other than the fact that this exists, it’s a great app! 😊

  10. Ava Wagner says:

    My phone worked great before my parents installed family link. I have given up trying to argue my way out of installing this app. Yes, it constantly tracks me, and when I got my mom to turn off my location, I wasn’t able to look at the weather for my location because it got turned off. I have no control over what apps use my location. I’ll agree with my mom’s reasons on why there needs to be location on, but I don’t want apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc. using my location. Also, I have noticed that the software on my phone is having issues. (Although this isn’t proven) I believe that it is family link effecting my phone from being factory reset when I need to. I really don’t recommended this app for anyone unless it’s really needed. We need to create trust and communication, not toxicity and secretiveness.

  11. VioletSpaghetto says:

    this app is so bad it doesnt work, it crashes my computer, it doesnt have a way to unagree to it. I thought it would be fine till I used it. It also wipes all of your local data. Files, app data, pictures, gone. It counts amount of time used when your device is ASLEEP or on the home menu. DO NOT USE! Like i say red flags not restrictons.

  12. S.N. Gerwolds says:

    I do not mind being monitored. What I do NOT like is that in emergencies you cannot text or call. It is laggy and drains my phone’s battery in a matter of an hour. When you reach the limit of an app and go on it the next day, it takes a long time to re-unlock! I once had to wait literally 30 minutes for an app to re-unlock after I used my time on it up the previous day. Then one day I could not get on my phone at all! It said “Time for bed. Come back tomorrow at 6:00”. This is a saftey hazzard!

  13. Zachary J. Chidester (Zach) says:

    DO NOT INSTALL! This app frequently doesn’t work properly. Several times when it is locked and you press the ’emergency call’ it locks before you can make a call. You can’t even look in your contacts as normal. Earlier today I had to restart the phone 3 times before I could have it unlocked. When it locked again I had to restart my phone 20+ times and it still didn’t work. I finally had to turn off the phone a few times and it finally worked. If I could give this app 0 stars I would.

  14. Ezram Pearce says:

    Okay, I’m just going based on the app information. Yes, it locks the phone as necessary. That’s infuriating. Yes, it can put screen timers on apps. Those don’t reset the next day (you’ve got to be frickin kidding me). Yes it can track location. That absolutely devours limited data. What is wrong with you people???

  15. Tyler Smith says:

    Alright it’s good at regulating screentime and whatnot but after you are done with your screen time you’re unable to look at notifications, text, and even when I try to call with the emergency button to call someone it just takes me back to the “Your screentime is over, ask a parent to extend your time.” It doesn’t let you do anything, there are a few good screentime apps that allow you to text and look at notifications after your time is over.

  16. dino dude says:

    Very clunky and unecessary. It’s default settings are hard to remove, and often damage educational capability. The need of parent permission to do most basic things heavily slows down much of the functionality of the device. Removing default settings is a hard process, and more hassle than needed. Generally, I find it stops being useful once the child turns 13 as that is when school becomes more digitized and it could become a problem. For younger kids, it is capable.

  17. John Snyder says:

    This app sucks. I am 12 years old, and have noticed several annoying things about it. When you haven’t used an app for a while, it will often ask a parent to make sure you are allowed to open that app, and put in a password. The same thing can randomly happen whenever as well. There is a way to turn on notifications for when screen time is about to go up, but it doesn’t even work? When you do almost anything on your device, it randomly needs a parent, which gets really annoying really fast.

  18. Nyomi Barrows says:

    Honestly, you must be pretty insecure to create an app like this. The app glitches all the time and never shows the location. You can only use apps for so long and your phone locks and unlocks at a certain time. Most of the time when my phone’s locked, I can’t call anyone. Not even the police. The app doesn’t always show everything needed. If I could give it a zero, I would.

  19. Aradhana Kaur says:

    This is a horrible app… 1-No privacy at all, your parents can see EVERYTHING that you’re doing. It doesnt even allow Incognito! 2-It gets really annoying when you’re doing something important and your phone locks, and you can’t text when the phone locks so in order to tell someone something you have to call them. 3-It doesn’t let you change the time. If I’m in a different timezone I want to be able to change the time so I don’t have to ask my parents about it. An annoying app overall..

  20. gurns07 says:

    Latest update ruined app. Worked fine, parent could set certain apps to not affect screen time until latest update. After latest update, ALL apps affect screen time, so I can’t text my friends or even check how much screen time I have left. Apps I haven’t used all day have begun appearing on the used apps list, and are saying “less than one minute.” Needs to be back how it was. Also locked while phone was asleep, meaning it counted time while the screen was off. Didn’t used to do that.

  21. Gab says:

    The app is suffocating and buggy. It does it’s goal but it’s easily bypassable and also very bad. Google searching isn’t allowed after locked, Texting isn’t allowed after it locks, If you don’t want your kids communicating to friends, they can bypass it anyways. Listening to downloaded music is blocked and downloading APKs. As a younger person, social media is a good way to communicate with friends and you should allow them to talk to friends. Kids and parents should have trust in each other

  22. destroyee 706 says:

    This app is horrible, I absolutely hate it! I used to be able to control my phone but now I’ll just be listening to music and then it just shuts off in the middle of a song. My mom blocked all of my entertainment except for songs because apparently I had too many games. I only had three and I only ever played one of them. She blocked chrome so now I can’t look stuff up and it’s so annoying! Would give 0 stars if possible. [Here’satipifyourchromeoryoutubeisblocked,uninstallallupdatesandopenit(;]

  23. J Pringle says:

    It counts screen time wrong. I can’t access my settings or my flashlight once I run out of screen time or it’s time for bed. It sucks. It once gave false information to my mom saying that I had already been on my phone for 2+ hours when I had shut my phone down the night before. It updated and all I can see it parental controls. There were other features before and now it just sucks. Please fix this. The older version was way better .

  24. Brendan Howard says:

    This app is horrible, and I would never recommend anyone to download it. It limits your time on everything, it drains your battery very quickly, allows your location to be tracked all the time, and worst of all, can lock you out of your entire device! I might just be doing schoolwork, and it says “time for bed, come back at ____ am”. Sure, this may be coming from the perspective of a 12 year old, but come on! I can’t access notifications, calls, or texts.

  25. OneUp117 Gaming says:

    Let me express my ingratitude for this app yet again. It’s malware. Once your phone is locked, you can’t do ANYTHING (except make a 1-minute emergency call, which isn’t even enough time to make any sort of sufficient emergency call. Also, even at high accuracy, the location tracking is broken (might be my horrible hardware or the app draining my battery). Also, even if the tracking doesn’t work as intended, it drains your battery too quickly. Say goodbye to 2 days of battery, it’s now 3 hours.

  26. Matthew Monahan says:

    I got this phone for my birthday and I should be able to use it whenever I want. The things that sucks about this is that it drains the battery way too quickly, and usually I have about 3 days of battery, then my phone is on life support in 2 hours! Another thing is that when it locks, you cannot access anything and it also clears your open apps. When this happens, I loose all of my progress on different things if I didn’t save. If someone hacks into the location thing, you could get kidnapped.

  27. JJ says:

    Very poorly designed. When it’s bedtime or you run out of time, you can’t do ANYTHING. No camera, no flashlight, nada. Also, this app removes some of the helpful digital wellbeing told built into Android. You aren’t learning to use tools yourself – you become reliant on a system that will soon disappear. Apple’s Downtime is a much better system, and Google should take a clue! UPDATE: checking school email is once again availible. See edit history for details. Still trash 🙂

  28. NyaTurret says:

    wowee, i do love how it drains my battery, removes all of the useful features on my phone except for phone calls (no texting, no notifications, nothing.) i also enjoy how in a tap of a button my device can be locked in a second, without warning, in the middle of what you’re doing, and how it always tracks your location, which makes me a bit uncomfortable. this should be considered malware- it literally blocks every single thing on your device. an easy way to make a 13 year old’s day a bit worse.

  29. Harper Seeliger says:

    This app sucks . I went to go use my phone and found out that now I cant talk to a lot of my friends anymore or wach anything for more than 5 seconds and i cant even listen to music. I’m going to be in seventh grade I dont reely think for a 7th grader this is going to help them be more independent at all. This app is the absolute worst. Plus it makes your battery run out so fast.

  30. Mars says:

    this app is way too strict and it messes up my phone. none of the apps work after the bedtime unlocks again. I have to close my phone and ick my power button two times fast in order for the phone to work at all. not to mention the 1 minute emergency calls. that’s not enough time if there was a real emergency. that is the worst and most unsafe feature from this app. and there is no way to delete it. my mom and I have tried to and we even took it to AT&T and they couldn’t do anything about it!

  31. Raima Saha says:

    This app is very glitchy. Its screentime is always off, anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hour’s. I can’t call or text anyone when my phone is locked, and emergency doesnt work. The original settings that were put in place are very hard to take of. Also, my phone updated and I can’t even open the app anymore.

  32. Rudram Dave says:

    Awful, this app is very glitchy. What’s the point of getting a phone if you’re just going to lock it the whole day 😞. I usually struggle getting to sleep with out some sort of music. Even the emergency call is not working😡. It consumes a lot of battery from my phone . It also makes me ask my parents before i can download any application or any thing. Spending time on home screen takes time in screen limit.Also if I’m calling my friend and my time is up the call gets disconnected automatically.

  33. UndeadsKILLZ says:

    This is app is the worst app ever. Changing the child’s phone was impossible. No longer connected to the child’s account and couldn’t reset the app. Can’t do a hard reset because of parental controls and I am the parent trying to fix the issue. Not worth downloading. Too many bugs. Keeps giving me the “Something went wrong error”

  34. Serenity Thurston says:

    This is coming from a child’s pov so I’m gonna try not to be biased. So first of all when you go to emergency call you only get a minute for the call, what if I had to call 911? The oprater asks you to stay on the line, but you can’t with the one minute emergency call time. The app also makes you ask for your parents permission to use a different Google account. I want to check my grades but can’t. The app in general wont work sometimes, and ends up taking so much battery, storage, and trust.

  35. Qaanita Jonkers says:

    This is the worst app u can have put on by your parents. Yeah I understand completely that u have to limit phone time or whatever but it’s a terrible app. How can u not do absolutely anything after bedtime. For me and most people music helps them sleep so maybe if u guys could like allow some apps for after bedtime. And also change the amount of time for an emergency call. What’s the point if u only have one minute to explain a whole situation when you’re in danger. Please delete or improve it

  36. Luca Morton says:

    This is coming from a 15 year olds perspective, I have recently got the family link app put onto my phone for no reason at all even tho I’ve done all my homework and my school work (you name it) it is also so annoying in the evening as it says my bedtime is 22:00 and unlocks at 08:00. And thanks to this app I now suffer from depression every single day and I suffer so much. I sometimes feel bad for the children who have this app put on their phone. Children should be able to have freedom

  37. Kellen Macomb says:

    When I try to hack my phone which I can not do but when I try to text someone or call my wifi calling is disabled and the chat does not work when you want to message and you can’t see multimessages so Uninstaller this app if you get it it is the worst that they made for a parent they can just use this app to stop you from things that are fun and they do it to make you stable from a device.

  38. Samuel Nevills says:

    I have these two devices, a phone and a chromebook, and their battery only lasts about 3 hours. But, there is one hack. Google play sometimes auto downloads random apps, like a news one, (I recomend the red one with the big N) that lets you access youtube and other stuff. But it really (to sum it all up) is a big pain in the big butt for anyone whose parents download this. I do not recomend. P.S. I prefer GoGuardian to this.

  39. Caden Bloem says:

    I’m a kidd how do I make this thing break, Adults out there never ever get this it will put ur child in strees with all there favorite things blocked not being able to remove it, they will be in torture!!! Not to mention I have to constantly reset my phone because it laggs from the app not worth downloading. I mean it has a 1.8 star review I had to go to Verizon because of how much my phone was lagging out. Once you install you can never uninstall it even if you take it to AT&T or Verizon.

  40. BigBabyBlue says:

    There isn’t anything to it. My parent’s installed this with no warning. You can’t even do much. Wanna sign in to something? Well you can’t, you gotta ask first. When it locks, you can’t even record or look through photos. What if I need to show proof to the police? The location thing sucks also. I’ve never had to emergency call, but one minute!?? That’s ridiculous.

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