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Device Care - optimize your Galaxy smartphone
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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
November 24, 2022
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Device Care Apk Download New*

For a extra delightful enjoy whilst the usage of your Galaxy smartphone, take a look at the “Software Care” app by means of Samsung Electronics. With the “Tool Care” app, any person can simply stay their smartphone in excellent situation. The intuitive display screen format and interactions lend a hand the person take a look at the situation in their instrument at a unmarried look and deal with their smartphone simply with out professional wisdom, because it allows them to take instructed movements if issues, equivalent to malware (viruses, spy ware), get up.

Instrument Care Apk Obtain New* apk

Some Galaxy units would possibly not fortify one of the most options defined under.
App updates by way of the Google Play retailer are handiest to be had on some gadgets.

Software Care Apk Obtain New* mod apk

[Main features]
– Studies the present situation of a buyer’s smartphone on a 100-point scale;
– Optimizes a smartphone in a single easy click on;
– Analyzes battery utilization on a per-app foundation and saves battery energy by way of checking unused apps by means of App energy observe;
– Identifies battery-draining apps;
– Supplies Energy saving mode and Most energy saving mode to be sure that the person can revel in their smartphone for a longer time frame;
– Provides a function to take away pointless recordsdata robotically;
– Manages and frees up RAM successfully;
– Detects malware (viruses, spy ware) and gives real-time coverage for smartphones;
– Provides two widget varieties and an edge panel for buyer comfort.

Instrument Care Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Positive Galaxy units would possibly not make stronger probably the most options defined above.

Instrument Care Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

This app calls for the next permissions:

Software Care Apk Obtain New*

It must get admission to Garage to supply a characteristic that cleans up junk recordsdata to your tool, in addition to a function that selectively deletes track, video, or record information.

Tool Care Apk Obtain New* apk mod

It must get entry to Telephone to make use of Telephony Supervisor, in order that it could allow or disable the automobile restart characteristic in response to the MCC and MNC, SIM state, and speak to standing.


40 comments on "Device Care Apk Download New*"

  1. Heortwiella Brent says:

    Probably the best maintenance app there is. Simple UI and straight forward to understand. Only problem is I think it keeps causing accessibility permissions to turn off on certain apps I have that require them. I’m always having to go into settings and turn them back on. I’ve already changed battery optimization settings and every other thing I could figure out by searching online. Still testing, but pretty sure it’s this app.

  2. Malorie Sally says:

    My Samsung is 30 days new, it has crashed countless times already. This app., “Device Maintenance” states no info on crashes have occurred. Trying to understand that, makes no sense. I know that it crashes, over and over and over. This app isn’t recognizing crashes so also then crashes aren’t reported and will continue. If any one reading this has suggestions on my issues, please do tell. Thanks

  3. Camie Lytton says:

    I try to go into my phone Settings but then it automatically goes into the Device Maintenance app. I have all notifications turned off. If I press the back button on the phone to go back to Settings, it automatically goes back into Device Maintenance. Constantly looping back. Getting Very frustrating. Have removed battery, didn’t help. Fixing to see how far I can throw this damn thing!

  4. Alyanna Kalah says:

    No app is perfect and this would’ve been a four star application, except with the android Pie (9) update came the adjusted UI positioning pushing it down (making many users unaware it’s even there). Then, the battery manager…Wow, what trash… The option to force close applications in bulk here was fantastic. Now the alternative is sleep, but doesn’t work properly. If I close the application by swiping I don’t expect the app to continue to run in sleep mode… Wasting battery life and RAM!!

  5. Lillie Easton says:

    I would have given it a solid 5 star rating up until the last update. since the last update my galaxy note 8, on Verizon, when ever I try to change the performance mode the app crashes. every thing else works but not the performance settings which mean I’m stuck on “optimized” mode and can no longer switch to movie, game or high performance mode. So I can’t increase my audio output, I cant change to fhd screen resolution or wqhd+ resolution. Fix it. now. I paid for a high end phone. not this.

  6. Cingeswell Pamila says:

    Can’t turn off notifications! This is highly annoying. Every day, several times a day, the app will keep pestering you with notifications about apps using battery power or data in the background, despite certain apps having been given explicit permission allowing that. When you click on the gear to the right of the notification, the option is grayed out, stating “notifications for this app cannot be turned off”. Why not?? I’m perfectly aware of those apps running in the background. Fix this!

  7. Earvin Benna says:

    It does nothing as described except for single-click memory cleanup?? Really, I have no idea what it does. I click it and it does something for less than 5 seconds and then it comes back and says 512 kilobytes of memory cleaned. There’s no UI, there is no interaction, nothing telling you what’s being done, what it is getting rid of. Considering the app is from Samsung, you would expect that it would work on their own flagship, the S10 plus. But as I said it is the stupidest thing I have seen.

  8. Mael Richard says:

    app seems to work well in clearing up space to keep the device running efficiently. since i do not experience the phone running more efficiently I can only go by what the app says it is doing. it can be set to run automatically but it needs to keep a log for say a specific number of logs ie. keep 5 logs and delete the oldest one. when i do run it it will the icon will spin around until done a pop up message will appear saying what it has done and then disappears. no ads is good

  9. Amerawdwr Zain says:

    It’s nice to have this built in phone optimization tool. Still unsure what it is doing, and believe we, AS CONSUMERS, deserve a little more transparency. We should be able to select what applications run in the background and what they are sharing with 3rd parties. I know this will disappear in the comments, and we will all go on happily and oblivious to the unscrupulous hidden world of mass data collection. Samsung, you were supposed to be the chosen one.

  10. Nelly Bliths says:

    The app is pointless; Google’s own device management features far out way what this does. The battery menu is not accurate, and the storage menu is powered by 360, which kills files that the system actually uses. Also, the Wi-Fi security feature is powered by McAfee – no one likes McAfee. Google’s own built-in security is good enough.

  11. Annett Joyanna says:

    The app keeps sending a notification when the battery is low, but it pauses the wireless charge to tell me that it’s low! I cannot force stop or turn off the notification, so it keeps pausing the charge and increasing the amount of time it takes to get my phone battery charged up. This is very frustrating, and I would uninstall it if I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t cause a phone issue.

  12. Christabelle Francys says:

    If you work on files within the phone, creat folders, etc, do not trust this app’s recommendations for “unnecessary files.” It will delete data files that you don’t want deleted. I’ve had to do this: Take a “full backup” first, let it rip, and see what you lost. Then manually copy back in what you need. Not very useful. Easier to manage the files myself in the first place.

  13. Glendel Jennalyn says:

    Does a good job cleaning your phone. If you clean memory a lot, eventually you have to restart your phone. The force stop & restarting may make an app act screwy. Very seldom does it but can happen. Also, disable Drive before optimizing. It doesn’t like the cache being cleared. Don’t do the factory default. Hit cancel. Corrupts the thumbnails. Re-enable after running. Also, AI game apps lose the stats folder. Open each AI game afterwards. The stats folder is there if you have to reinstall them.

  14. Welsa Hulen says:

    There was just an update to this app yesterday which seems to have caused several problems. First, the button to clean or clear storage, which also cleared caches, has completely disappeared. Gone. Secondly, even though I am putting some apps to sleep, it does not seem to be working. I optimize to 100%, and minutes later is down to 98. Not what I’ve been experiencing the past year-and-a-half. Since this app seems to minimally help with my ridiculous battery drain, please fix!

  15. Lacee Claegtun says:

    I am choosing not to do the most recent update after reading the reviews. I like my cache clearing option & while I understand that y’all have decide to do away with that feature, it seems to me that before eliminating it altogether you would have come up with something similar to put in its place. I know that I can go into my apps setting, but that is very time consuming.

  16. Gore Anamaria says:

    Update, took my widget. Optimizer on my screen doesn’t work, says within 1 second my phone has been optimized. It’s not. So I go to app and it’s not cleaning properly. Whatever you did, go back to what you had. The app has been amazing for the last several months I have had it.

  17. Shirl Kassie says:

    You completely ruined the usefulness of this app when you took away the button to clear excess storage caches. I depend on my phone to do my job. It is necessary to keep my caches cleared out and my storage low so that the apps I use for my work will run quickly and smoothly. I had been running my phone at below 50% of my storage, thanks to using the clean now button on the storage page frequently. Since the last update my storage amount has jumped dramatically. I cannot clear out my caches and it doesn’t seem like it is being automatically done when the phone optimizes. All the numbers listed for storage in various locations are the same as when I was running my storage below 50%, yet now I have about a gig more storage used than before with no apparent reason and no way to clear that out. This is slowing down the response time in my work apps and causing me to lose productivity and income. PLEASE do something to solve this problem and let us run our phone devices efficiently again!

  18. Alwyn Joana says:

    I agree with lot of other reviewers here: this used to be such a simple, yet useful app. A five-star app! Now, in Android 10, and the latest updates to this app, it’s become overly “cutesy” and doesn’t perform as nearly well or intuitively as in previous versions. In fact, it can’t even “see” the eleven large apps I have stored — and running — on my SD card. (Used to “see” them every time!) Those 11 apps all still work fine and as before….but Device Care only recognizes them when first installed or updated. Then, as soon as one of those apps is opened, Device Care no longer recognizes it’s existence on the SD card any more….even though the app’s still there and running just fine.

  19. Garren Rhawn says:

    No longer shows system up time. Also changed the font color to be impossible to read on dark themes. I liked to use this regularly to ensure my battery was functioning normally and lasting and that my phone was on as long as it should be before losing battery. Why would you update and show less information and make the app useless? Used tobe great.

  20. Ethyl Shonda says:

    The system analysis that comes with it is awesome however, I am disappointed I’m give it 3 stars. It doesn’t clear any of your cache in system storage I have to go out and manually clean the cache data for each app in settings. Very tedious, time-consuming and frustrating! I have owned quite a few Samsung devices. ONLY Samsung phone (Samsung J3) that I have owned that my storage didn’t have cache data show up. Samsung please fix you have disappointed. Would love to hear back on this.

  21. Yoline Rowland says:

    I updated Feb 8 2020 and now (feb 10) my fone constantly needs charged. I have never had a problem with this app. I actually always use it and like it. This has been the only change to my fone. I have checked different settings to make sure something isnt using battery without me knowing. I just charged the fone and had 20% battery use in a very short time. Something is not right.OMG updated again its putting apps to sleep that says no notifications will come through. I cant check this everyday

  22. Truly Andressa says:

    This app used to be extremely good for me, but, then they removed manual storage removal. I don’t know why they did that but, ever since that, my phone’s space has been filling up! I highly suggest you bring back the feature. Without it, my phone’s been acting like it’s a magnet to unnecessary data. Device Care having manual storage removal really helped out. But, the fact that they removed it, it just screws up the phone. I’ve seen other reports of this. I really recommend to add it back.

  23. Ms Turbo says:

    I’m not sure what happened to this app and it’s performance over the past few months but whatever was changed, CHANGE IT BACK PLEASE!! I used to absolutely love this app! It worked so much better than other apps I have tried, it doesn’t work right! It never says anything other than “optimized” on the beginning only clears storage cache now!

  24. bjo daddyo says:

    Best app. Keeps my phone running in tip top shape. Let’s me know what it did to improve performance. All with just one click of a button. Couldn’t be easier. Update 7-22-20 Last time I used this app it removed some downloaded documents I paid for. GONE! Now I have to rebuy those documents. Not happy that I can’t choose what gets removed. Loss of 2 stars. One for removing important documents and one for not being able to see and select what’s being removed.

  25. Dani W says:

    Before the update this app was great, after the update, it is far from great. Since the update there are many issues, like clearing cache is now a huge process where you have to go in to each individual app. Also you could no longer see how much space you have left you could only see how much space you have used. I think the app designers in Samsung need to remember if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Please think about how to reverse the update back to the user friendly version.

  26. Jerry Bozeman says:

    Needs work. When you put an app to deep sleep, it still runs. You can’t clear storage. You can’t put un- needed system apps to sleep, or deep sleep. You can’t optimize when you want, it’s greyed out. There are better apps you can install, but this is a system app that isn’t very good and your stuck with it. Device storage is useless at getting rid of trash.

  27. Sumayah McDonald says:

    This app used to be great. The most recent update made it a nightmare. It doesn’t work at all half of the time. The other half of the time, only some of the controls work. It’s very frustrating. This is the main way we control our TVs, since we have two visions and using the physical remote controls both televisions at the same time.

  28. Michelle S says:

    This app was super helpful…until the update in about February 2020. Ever since then, my phone would constantly run out of space and I would manually try to remedy it. Previously I had been able to clean out cache files with Device Care, often cleaning out hundreds of MB in just a few seconds. With the new update, this feature was gone. I googled this problem and discovered other people went back to the factory settings. I did that and immediately the the app cleaned out 1.2 GB!


    Watch what this app does. It IS putting apps to sleep, that are running in the backround. However, some apps are system apps that need to run for best performance. Optimizing saves very little battery, so it isn’t all that helpful. Really need an option to clear cache for all apps. (Often this fixes issues I may be having) Then a solid restart.

  30. Cat C says:

    It’s horrible. The last update wrecked my phone. My phone now runs extremely hot regardless of what it’s doing, including charging and it can no longer hold a charge. Also, no matter how many times my phone locks up, activating device care is useless. It only ever shows 100%, which it obviously isn’t or it wouldn’t be seizing up. If this isn’t fixed & I need to get another phone, you can bet it won’t be Samsung.

  31. Sarah Simoneau says:

    UPDATE: Now, the 3/21 PUSH UPDATE: has disabled the phone for me. Even trying to manually clear each apps cache doesn’t work. It says it’s cleared, only to go back in, and it’s all STILL THERE. But now, even MORE features have stopped working. My Bluetooth connection, will only stay connected for about 8 min, the only way to get it back, is to force close the app, and restart it, only to have 8 more min. I’m breaking a cell contract for the 1st time. USELESS POS.


    This is the app that reminded me that since my photos were backed up I could make more room on my phone. I agreed and it proceeded to delete the contents of all my albums. The titles are there, but, many of the photos that I refer to daily are gone. I had about 20 albums each with about 20 pics. It’s horrifying to think that, I believe, that those pics were really only a location description so, the pics are likely redistributed back into the locations they came from up to 10 years ago!!!

  33. Stuart Pamela says:

    This app would be wonderful if you had the ability to actually review every listed folder within the app that contains data. It would be nice to be able to go through and see and delete doubles as well as unnecessary files, residual cache, and unneeded downloads. I also agree with a prior review. I hate going through each app individually and clearing the cache or app data. If I had found a better app personally I would find a way to delete or permanently disable this app entirely.

  34. Nicheel Bayne says:

    The app isn’t working. Have been attempting to download the new update through auto updates since last week. But no such luck. I have since tried deleting and redownloading but it’s just trying to download in the background unsuccessfully. I am also getting constant notifications about apps running in the background although they have been selected for such. The app is getting quite bothersome at this point but it can’t be completely deleted.

  35. Donnie Barksdale says:

    I like to think this app helps improve the performance of my phone. There’s nothing really to indicate that it does, or not for certain anyways, nor is there ever a significant difference in the performance of my phone after I scan my phone. Really the only action that seems to work is to manually clear caches or remove apps.

  36. Dagger's Edge says:

    When checking for software update, I used to get an almost immediate result. However, the past couple weeks the search takes forever before saying “unable to connect”, but my WiFi connection is perfectly stable. Very annoying. UPDATE: It seems to be instant now most of the time after clearing the app’s cache.

  37. T J says:

    Samsung store says it’s not compatible with my device , yet won’t let me remove it and it doesn’t do what it says it will do. The one thing we all want is to clean the cache of all apps. It doesn’t do that. It doesn’t have protection mode. what does it do take up space, allow the apps to al run, and create a hacker link. great. so false advertising. And no it doesn’t Detects malware (viruses, spyware) or provide real-time protection for smartphones; it just does this little thing and puts a 🙂

  38. Veronica Romero says:

    This keeps saying one of my apps is crashing. This is constantly and with only one app. First of all, the app is NOT crashing. So why is it saying the app is crashing when it’s not? The app is supported on my device and it works fine (no lagging, works like it always has.) But yet again, device care constantly says it’s crashing. It’ll say “app crash detected” then I’ll literally open the app, and it’s still open. It didn’t even close.

  39. Rich Peterson says:

    The darn thing sends alerts telling me apps are scheduled for deep sleep. But there is no way I can find to silence the alerts. As a result, it wakes me up, even though I turn off all notifications I don’t want to hear when I go to bed. And when it does wake me up, and I go to Settings- >Notifications->App Notifications->Most recent, it’s not even listed. Before one of the recent updates, it could be turned off, but Samsung removed that critical feature. I hate it.

  40. Max Knapp says:

    I have Auto Updates turned off for a reason. Google decided that they can update and auto “Optimize” my phone and Apps. I have MY PHONE set up the way I want it to be. I had to go back through my apps and Restrict all background battery and data usage after they decided that they know better and “optimized” and put data usage as unlimited. They also took away the ability to turn off the auto optimization. Put back the options and the ability to remove updates that aren’t wanted or needed.

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