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December 9, 2022
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Crowdsource Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Answer a laugh and simple questions that force an enormous affect! Growth thru ranges, release badges, and proportion your achievements alongside the way in which! Your voluntary contributions make Google merchandise higher on your a part of the arena. Educate Google Assistant to grasp which means higher, reinforce Google Translate in your language, and lend a hand Google Pictures determine gadgets. Those are however among the ever-growing and numerous sorts of contributions you’ll be able to make to give a boost to Google each in the community and globally. Take a look at a few of these duties to enroll in Google’s neighborhood of individuals: Meals Examine: Evaluate the traits of 2 meals pictures.
Audio Donation: Report your voice to make stronger speech era. Meals Details: Let us know if a meals dish has explicit traits. Meals Labeller: Let us know what meals a picture accommodates.
Semantic Similarity: Pass judgement on whether or not two words have the similar which means.
Chart Working out: Pass judgement on whether or not charts are comprehensible and faithful. Drift Sort: Waft your arms at the keyboard to kind the textual content that you just see.
Audio Validation: Pay attention to a brief audio clip and resolve if the pronunciation sounds herbal on your language. Symbol Description: File your voice describing the pictures offered to you to enhance speech era. Symbol Label Verification: Let us know if photographs are tagged as it should be. Symbol Seize: Gather and proportion footage of your a part of the arena.
Translation: Translate words and phrases into other languages.
Translation Validation: Make a selection which words are translated as it should be.
Handwriting Reputation: Have a look at handwriting and kind the textual content that you simply see.
Sentiment Analysis: Make a decision if a sentence on your language is certain, damaging or impartial. Sensible Digital camera (Android Lollipop Five.0+ required): Level at an object and notice if the digital camera can wager what it’s. Every time you post a solution, you are making Google merchandise extra inclusive for years yet to come. You’ll even be rewarded in your lend a hand with perks, comparable to connecting with different members at native meetups, receiving unique invitations to on-line Hangouts with Googlers and different individuals, and getting featured on Crowdsource’s social channels. Whether or not you’re at the educate, at a bus forestall or ready in a queue, take a while to make Google higher in your local people.


40 comments on "Crowdsource Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Qahira Durrell says:

    Concept is good but seeing as you are currently using reCAPTCHA to crowd source – which adds 30s-1m depending on speed of connection or how many you want validated – for your AI, I think those who take time out to help should be rewarded with currency or play credit? Even if just a minimal amount the increase in users would be large or revert to the previous methods which are just as effective at detection for bots such as audio API sampling, light level sampling, interactions and movements of mouse in X and Y etc and give me back the hours in total I spend clicking on traffic light after traffic light

  2. Bobbi Elvyn says:

    It’s a great app, easy to use and pretty enjoyable but Google has to add some kind of reward system. I love helping but it just feels like a complete waste of time if I can’t even get some kind of reward out of this. It would be great if you could sum the credits of Google Opinion Rewards to this app in order to purchase something from the play store (ex. Books, Apps, Music).

  3. Dorrit Chauncey says:

    I love the concept of crowdsourcing information. In this app though I would like to see more incentive to use this app and make it fun to use. The app also needs the ability to zoom in and out on images for image label verification. Also add the ability to rotate images without rotating my phone. This would be especially helpful on images with text to be able to read what it might say.

  4. Trent Helton says:

    The experience using the app is getting worse. Its really annoying when the handwriting tasks you’re asked to complete keep getting repeated. There may be a legitimate reason for this, but it would be good if Google explained why. Or is it just bad programming and they don’t care if you’re given the same examples to work on? As for Image Label Verification, it’s rare now to see an image that IS what is meant to be. Maybe the users have improved the system and, the whole thing is now redundant!!

  5. Reece Orell says:

    The handwriting recognition examples just keep repeating – it’s an insult to people’s time and effort! I have been using the app for a while and the handwriting option appears and dissappear. When it is there the examples haven’t changed – I remember them so well as they obviously don’t change them. It makes a mockery of the whole concept!

  6. Laureano Clynt says:

    Great app, but I feel as if there should be a bit more compensation. 1 cent Google Play credit every 200 contributions sounds fair, photos should maybe count for 5 contributions, that way it would give very active users a few euros a month, but it’s still a low budget so Google can afford it. It doesn’t have to be monetary rewards, you could also give like 1mb drive storage every 1000 contributions, or special themes for Google services like Classroom/Drive/Docs.

  7. Benn Romayne says:

    Why let Google profit from us anymore than they already do whit the huge amount of data they have from just using their products. Those kind of things make me think more of a free Google Reward system for other stuff reward don’t adress. It’s like doing survey or watch ads for completely free. Instead i would just put that time toward wiki stuff or just get up and stop watching that damn screen for a while. Be useful and do something for yourself first, but that my opinion more than review.

  8. Deysi Daley says:

    A great app and really interesting to use. Its easy to use passing the time on the metro playing with it. I wish there was a portrait view mode as sometimes the images are dense and its hard to see if an item is in the photo. if you agree, use the help and feedback and suggest the same:)

  9. Merlin Stacy says:

    Regarding translations, make sure you differentiate Portuguese from Brazilian Portuguese, it brings too many inaccuracies lumping everything together. i.e. I won’t mark most Portuguese translations in the app as correct, because they’re either Brazilian slang or expressions that are not used in Europe or in a regular app/OS that makes that distinction. And it’s culturally insensitive.

  10. Laci Madison says:

    For the immense benefit Google, a private company, receives from even a small number of active individuals is offensive. Google has digital badges for my input? Cool; but that isnt going to do it. It’s astonishing that Microsoft with Bing Rewards rewards significantly more by comparison…for using a search engine. Google wants free crowdsourced labor to develop their services that makes them $Billions! I know Google struggles with ML/Intelligent Systems, but if help is wanted, actually reward!

  11. Kiandra Arnelle says:

    Basic gamification that rewards a few badges after reaching massive, horrendous milestones with so far pointless as rewards made all the worse that they are hidden. No idea if the 10k answered questions reward is worth it, but so far up to level 6 and it feels like nothing than a sad attempt to exploit customers to help label Google’s machine vision datasets.

  12. Wythe Bayou says:

    So umm basically I am even featured in Google Crowdsource Facebook page as well and even attended meeting but now, I don’t feel like contributing anymore. I was satisfied with the less reward and badges but now they have increased the level and eligibility to attain certain level or badge and the surprise reward at some level is absurd. Instead of motivating, this is demotivating me. E-mailed the team about it but no response. Won’t be contributing anymore like I used to.

  13. Damein Dericka says:

    I downloaded this app yesterday and I was super excited with the features!! But every now and then it keeps closing down on its down.. like within 10 seconds it closes.. it’s really irritating.. please fix this problem cause I really wanna keep using this app.. its kind of fungame which helps us when we are bored.. please take this into consideration

  14. Claegtun Ruck says:

    No real rewards? Seems like I’m actually working for Google when I participate in this app. It would behoove them, in my opinion, therefore to offer some sort of incentive that translates to gain in the real world. Participants are “rewarded” badges, but for what? This isn’t a game. I love Google, and want to help. I’m a local guide with hundreds of written reviews and ratings. Why won’t Google offer something real? Like, couldn’t this possibly take care of my $2/mo. Google Drive (cloud) fees?

  15. Kaleigh Barron says:

    Tedious! Great idea but I found the app to very time consuming. I don’t mind helping for 1 or 2 mins but sitting for 10 mins sorting out images is boring. Not worth the effort.

  16. Austen Tarrence says:

    I really love the concept of this app! I think it’s a great idea to use real people to help increase accuracy of AI. One complaint I have is that the sentiment evaluation (for English at the very least) is largely filled with at best nonsensical sentences. Some of the texts are composed of random characters and/or incoherent strings of words. I plan on burning some time away on this app. I hope that you’re able to get some useful data out of this all!

  17. Wandering Faun (The Wandering Faun) says:

    ok…it was going fine and I like donating my time to help others even if there’s no reward….this app let me do this easily…found out you don’t need it though to do the same thing because there is a website too… anyways, like said, all was going smoothly….then pictures started seeming weirder until there were pics of nooses! my husband hung himself. so…not cool. 😭😭😭

  18. Mads Feierskov says:

    It’s fine for a couple of minutes, but there is little incentive to keep going, when it gets boring. If they could avoid it being exploited, I’d consider adding a small amount of credit every time you complete a certain amount of tasks, like what they do with the Rewards app.

  19. Nish K says:

    Google crowdsource is one of the best product that helps in training the data in an efficient manner and uses it to solve various problems related to image processing, language conversion and also much more. Download this app for amazing experiences plus they also offer lots of perks to complete certain level and benchmarks of contributions.

  20. Raffaele Martin says:

    This app is fantastic, I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Google. However, there are some problems with the design. First: I think the home interface should be more like the Google classroom UI, with five colourful capsules instead of the empty ones. Second: in the image labeling I think that the two buttons “yes” and “no” should be of a different colour, not just blue, otherwise it gets confusing. Third: please add dark mode.

  21. Andrei Iaz says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! If you want a free brain training for speed and accuracy, image processing and recognition, while helping everyone, this is the perfect app. Perfect, except the fact that translation validation shouldn’t have a *submit* button, to increase speed. Also, as for any other Google app, DARK MODE.

  22. Ethan Dale says:

    Weirdly fun, a time killer that benefits others. I always want the collective information of the world to be improved. This helps me do it, and it’s super entertaining too. I like it, and it’s more beneficial and a better use of time than some random cash grab mobile game.

  23. Seth “Saluki” MB says:

    I would be happy to contribute more if there was more in the way of rewards. At the moment, there are very few rewards for contributing quite a lot to Google’s system, which they will benefit off. The rewards wouldn’t have to big either. More Google Drive storage. YouTube Music/Premium subscriptions (1 month chunk rewards) or things like that every now and then would make this a much more inviting program, and make me a lot more likely to contribute regularly.

  24. Mohit Sandhu says:

    – No true appreciation of work. – No real awards. or even a hard copy letter of acknowledgement. – Writing tasks keep repeating, several times. – Provide playstore credit, at the very least. – Some of the tasks are, I think, location specific. So, can’t get access to them. – Even at level 15, only a fb post. That’s all. I’m not even on fb. – On one hamd they promote “Quality over Quantity”, and on the other hand, the reward system is based on “Quantity” i.e number of contributions. Hypocrisy.

  25. Sooraj I says:

    Quite good, but it is to passive There’s nothing more interactive The things goes on and on And there’s no pop ing on screen with bright colors when u cross level Decreases excitement Also creates a sense of no achievement You have to go to check for your achievements

  26. Riccardo Milani says:

    Nice app to help train Google models and services in a fun way. I use it fo kill the time when commuting, it gives it a purpose. Bug: Since the latest update [jan 2021], I do not receive daily notifications anymore

  27. Matthew Cowser says:

    level ten no hangouts invite. a lot of contributions nothing concrete. I wish there was more to do… the 1 thing that would make it relivent is if you got points from other things too (maps posting, play store reviews, etc). Everything is worth 1 or so if I up load a photo it’s used 1000 times it’s the same as saying yes to a photo and it’s I have brand loyalty to google I use their version before any one else’s so this seemed right the app feels like it was abandoned and no one is updating it.

  28. Zsuzsanna Vári says:

    Love the idea thst Google asks its users to contribute developing their AI solutions. 👍 The app is easy to use and it even feels quite entertaining sometimes. 😅 UI is easy to use and works smooth. So both the app and the idea behind it is really nice.

  29. Lenard Guevarra says:

    I like this app. I can help Google to improve their products. But it would be better if they can make the rewards more attractive just like the badge that can be used as profile picture border, 1gb(or lower) cloud storage gift, time-limited(maybe hours or days) youtube premium and many more so that they can attract more people to help Google.

  30. Rob Lee says:

    I feel like should be getting a paycheck… This app amounts to little more than free assistance from those who download it and participate to help you train your AI. I have no problem doing that for free but I do have a problem with the deceptive approach you chose to implement it. “Make the world a better place”, but the place to start would be to reaffirm the concept of trust and reciprocity (the basis for all human interaction)

  31. Nathan Kellogg says:

    It’s not a bad app but there isn’t much reason to use it. I wouldn’t say answering questions about whether or not an image is defined properly is a very entertaining idea. I would say however that if the app gave users compensation in the form of Google Play balance similar to their other app, Google Opinion Rewards, it would be easily one of the best apps to have. Really, Google. Get on it!

  32. Keith Dunnett says:

    Crowdsource is fun to use. The Smart Camera mode leaves much to be desired; it doesn’t support multiple device cameras or use of the LED flashlight under dark conditions, and scarcely works at all on a tablet with a rather indifferent camera. Works slightly better on a recent mobile phone but the software side of things could be improved.

  33. Craig Smith says:

    A much easier and better way to contribute than using the web!! This app has saved me time logging in and is a fantastic way to keep track of progress! The few extra added categories/options are a major bonus!!

  34. Ralph H says:

    When this app works it enjoyable and relaxing to participate. However, when it doesn’t work, it’s annoying. You’ll keep resetting and trying to reload the task and it just became a nuisance.

  35. Gérson Henzel says:

    I reinstalled the app and lost all my points. Needs a zoom feature for picture tasks, because looking for small objects like a watch are hard on devices without a big screen

  36. The sneak says:

    Really cool idea I mean there’s no real inventive for me to use it but it’s interesting to see how the app takes Info, having only done a few like the glide typing one I would recommend to check it out if you have time, maybe some sort of star next to your name for getting all of the achievements in the play store idk 🙂

  37. Shaun Roselt says:

    Samsung DeX experience with a mouse and keyboard is not great at all. Phone Link with Windows PC using mouse and keyboard is also not great at all. It would also be cool to have country filter on the leaderboards. I’d like to see my ranking within my own country.

  38. Daniil Parchakov says:

    Come on, we do work on this app for you Google, and it’s passionate people who are trying to make some difference for future Google products or whatever technology this will help. Is it unreasonable that you implement a rewards program like the survey’s. For this also? It’s doesn’t cost you a dime to give people some Reward. Let people know they’re worth something and are actually doing something good. Play points too, loads of easy additions to the app can be made easily. Don’t be Greedy corps.

  39. Madhav Mohan says:

    This app is like work without pay. Google is getting free data. It should atleast give actual rewards, coupons or payments for this like mobile recharge, vouchers etc. Or like giving premium subscriptions on youtube, play pass, and subsciption to other apps

  40. Thomas says:

    Im not quite sure how to explain my experience with this app. I feel like a test dummy looking at pictures and describing them. Maybe it’s a test for captcha? Determining if I’m human or robot. Lol Some of the pictures are quite difficult to determine.

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