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November 8, 2022
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CoronaCheck Premium Apk

CoronaCheck is the reputable app of the Netherlands for appearing coronavirus access passes. The app is advanced by way of the Ministry of Well being, Welfare and Recreation. With this virtual instrument, you’ll create a certificates with QR code of your destructive take a look at, vaccination, or restoration. This permits get right of entry to to positive venues and actions in a foreign country. Or on the border.

CoronaCheck Top class Apk

The app works like this: Necessary: first make sure to are vaccinated or have examined for coronavirus.

CoronaCheck Top class Apk liberate

• Ahead of departure, take a look at on whether or not the rustic you wish to have to seek advice from calls for a coronavirus move. Additionally, test which certificates you particularly want at your vacation spot.

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• With the CoronaCheck app you’ll create a certificates in line with your vaccination or coronavirus check effects. You do that by means of retrieving your main points by means of DigiD or by the use of the retrieval code you won if you were given examined at a check location instead of the GGD.

CoronaCheck Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

• You’ll create a vaccination certificates out of your vaccination, create a check certificates out of your destructive coronavirus check end result, or create a restoration certificates out of your sure coronavirus check end result.

CoronaCheck Top class Apk apk

• The QR code of your certificates is also checked on the front of venues and actions. And likewise at world borders. That is evidence that you’ve got been vaccinated, have had coronavirus or didn’t have coronavirus on the time of checking out.


40 comments on "CoronaCheck Premium Apk"

  1. Andor Admiraal says:

    It simply doesn’t work. It doesn’t allow login though DigID, it doesn’t allow you to create a QR code for a vaccination, only for test results. The screenshots used on the site to promote the app are not actually available in the app. Only useful for testing, not for vaccination, have to go the paper route instead. Disappointing. EDIT: in order to create a QR code for a vaccination, you have to first deinstall the app, and then re-install. There is no update function. This is at least true if you downloaded the app before 25/6/21. This gives you a different app that will allow you to create your code. That is to say, the option is there. It currently doesn’t actually work because of overloaded servers, but that’s understandable and a matter of trying again later.

  2. Dom F says:

    The app has quite a lot of issues, making it necessary for me to cancel my weekend plans. Somehow I wonder if a non-digital alternative like the yellow vaccination booklet wouldn’t be more cost effective and ECO-friendly. In the current system, going places without your smartphone is getting ever more difficult.

  3. Vera says:

    I was really excited about this app and now I’m just frustrated. I’m traveling next weekend (July) and I’m fully vaccinated. I’ve tried to retrieve my vaccination info over 100 times, including at 5 in the morning, on different days, and they have all failed. Each time I get to sign into my digiD and then I get the message “It’s too busy”. On the plus side, it’s in English.

  4. Paul Smits says:

    Cannot connect with digid. Probably an issue within this client app and its dependencies. “Retrieval is cancelled. it might be too busy. please try again later.” It is not too busy, the app just fails to establish a connection.

  5. Luuk Broos says:

    Does not work. Keep getting ‘retrievel failed. It might be too busy.’ DigiD works fine, so it must be the CoronaCheck app. Just used my girlfriend’s IPhone, and it worked fast and flawlessly there. Have been trying for an hour on Android, with Chrome and Firefox. No luck.

  6. The Path of Eudaimonia (Neuro Kosmos) says:

    Great concept, but it’s rather amateurish that people are unable to create QR codes because it’s impossible to login with DigiD because the app is only compatible with just three browsers. Please fix it ASAP, since this has become a highly important and relevant app for a lot of people!

  7. Jerome Caron says:

    The app was redirecting towards Chrome and saying something like “too busy, try again later”. So i was trying in the middle of the night but it still didn’t work. Solution: I had to disable Chrome and uninstall Forefox focus, then install Microsoft Edge on my phone and then it worked! What i recommand is to install/uninstall different web browsers to try to make it work. Considering how important this app is, it is scandalous that no more efforts have been done to test and debug it.

  8. anna iivarinen says:

    Really frustrating app to use. It asks user to add a code for coronatest result / recovery / vaccination, but if you open another website the app goes back to the start screen and you have to start again. I had to do this 8 times before I managed to memorize the code and add it to app

  9. Bart Rensen says:

    Literally does not work. In order to use the app you need to log in with digid with options not available on the mobile site (yknow, the whole reason for an app) after some hacky solutions, it’s telling me I only have an international certificate. Absolute gobshite.

  10. Erik Buis says:

    When I try to add a test certificate, the app keeps saying “Sorry, something went wrong because of a technical error.” Ended up installing the app on someone else’s iPhone because it worked there for some reason. In contrast, adding a vaccination certificate on the iPhone didn’t work but worked on my android phone. Really frustrating, it’s clear the app isn’t tested enough.

  11. D Balls says:

    It seems that the app has a small problem with Android One phones on Xiaomi ( “Mi A3” and “MI A2” ) No any animations are show. For the NL QR code , it only shows the background houses, and For the international QR code , it show 2 persons but they are static, so no animation. For the rest it seems to work and it shows the QR codes.

  12. Craig Healey says:

    Bizarrely doesn’t work with DuckDuckGo browser. Had to set my default browser back to Samsung and restart the app before it would send me to the right page, to then be able to select to use DigID on my phone. Oh, and it’s busy a lot of the time.

  13. T.W. K says:

    Worst App Ever! I have just installed it and it keeps on crashing with “Time for an update. To continue, install the latest version of the app”. Which i have just done! ! (Update! Should have read the most recent reviews before wasting my time downloading it!)

  14. Inês Inácio says:

    Downloaded the app from Google Play and it is asking already for an update even before I am able to open the app. When I try to install the update it redirects to the open page, if I press the open button, it asks for the update… Weird loop. Cannot open anything. I am running Android 10.

  15. Kailyn deRooy says:

    I just downloaded the app, I’m traveling coming week, but I keep getting the ‘time for an update’ screen, there are no other options but to ‘install update’ button which leads me back to the store where I CAN’T update the app because there is no update. it’s driving me crazy.

  16. Hilbert Rosier says:

    Redirecting to digid was not working. At there was a login screen but after I entered digid username and password there was an error message telling me I could only use digid app or sms verification. But it never gave me this option. After changing to chrome as default browser (instead of DuckDuckGo) suddenly the option of sms verification appeared below the username and password fields. It took me a long time before I discovered that. Please make this app work with all browsers!!!

  17. R Sn says:

    It seems you HAVE to use the DigiD app. Logging in with DigiD using an sms I always got the “it may be too busy” message just like many others. I tried many times. However, when I used the DigiD app to verify it did work. Seems to me like a bug that needs to be fixed.

  18. Stijn says:

    It loses your data and QR code on multiple occasions. It never seems to be able to retrieve the information needed. One of the worst apps I’ve ever had to download, especially since it’s mandatory if you want to travel. You’d almost think they had a year or more to figure out how to make a better app..

  19. A Dongo says:

    The system is fundamentally flawed and the app is nearly useless for me. It didn’t register my first shot so after receiving the second shot it indicates that I am not fully vaccinated. Basically, I need to make the hassle of taking a test every time I would like to go somewhere. It creates a lot of red tape and cost for me. Furthermore, there is no reply after a week despite the indicated 72 hours. This is a major letdown.

  20. Roald van Loon says:

    Retrieving vaccination doesn’t work. I get redirected to my browser (I use Brave) for digid login, but digid doesn’t redirect me back. When manually going back to the app, i get “retrieval failed – it might be too busy”. Have tried for couple of days now. Giving up. — edit: I got a response to use a different browser, like Chrome. Funny thing is, Brave is Chrome but with added security. So they basically say: our app only works if you accept lesser security. AVOID AVOID!!

  21. Jeroen Van Ingen says:

    Fails to work with DigiD, so unable to access/link vaccination status. Doesn’t give an option to log in with DigiD app, opens browser (DuckDuckGo, my default) but gives an error after logging in on DigiD. Workaround by temporarily changing default browser worked, but it should work with all common browsers.

  22. Panos Mitsis says:

    Pros: Backend works great (DigiD integration/loading certificates) Cons: UI design could be better. I would prefer the data that are available in the QR code to be also shown by default (like in the Belgian app). In addition I miss the dark mode.

  23. Dejan says:

    Quality of this app and service in general is not acceptable. I cant get any certificate (vaccination, test) loaded in the app in spite of trying for few days already on few different times in the day. I have called 2 times helpdesk to try to solve the issue, after 15min waiting somebody picks up the call and after less then minute connection breaks. Zinloos…

  24. Ilona says:

    Had to show the qr code abroad but the app suddenly required an update. It wouldn’t show the qr codes without updating, but google play store couldn’t download the update (the pending error). Extremely stressfull situation because otherwise I wouldn’t be allowed to enter the country. This should be fixed.

  25. Hans Alves says:

    Opens in a browser instead of the app and then complains I can only login using the digid app for this service. Unusable. Edit to add: Firefox is my default browser, but this app refuses to use it and keeps opening chromium. Almost a month later nothing has been fixed, but I found a workaround. To get the certificate, you have to log in to, there you have to deactivate the digid app. Then you can use this app to login through chrome using sms verification.

  26. Mike Schenk says:

    The app should work offline but often it does not and states that it cannot connect to the server. Luckily I also carry a paper version of the QR code to use in those cases. At some other times it does work offline.

  27. Danny Kay says:

    Sadly after my 5⭐ review from 1/aug I have to retract. Since the first use the app was unused till 4/sept when I had to fly. At the destination airport during border check the app demanded going online. I was being escorted by border guards with guns like a criminal searching for a god damn signal as the app failed. Guys – this not a weather app, this is a serious tool with serious stability demands-one task! Sorry, but for this calibre of solution there are no excuses. I am deeply disappointed☠

  28. John Jester says:

    No persistence on login via DigiID. That is frustrating. Websites all indicate that you can “upload” a certificate. This isn’t the case. You can only download a certificate if it is contained in the GGD database. If you were vaccinated outside of NL then you are stuffed and will need to travel to Utrecht apparently. Lovely, given the new requirements to have this app to go to public places.

  29. Alex Chronopoulos says:

    It doesn’t work! I was in front of the check in and did not load the QR code. It was complaining about internet but I was online. I run to make a rapid test. I was trying in parallel and did not load for one and a half hour. That is completely unreliable. Tip: try to load your QR code from home even one day in advance, then keep the app open until you present it. It was a nightmare …

  30. Ryan Harris says:

    The Netherlands government has completely botched the rollout of this app. It relys on several 2-level verifications that apparently never sync and can not be relyed upon for non-Dutch residents even though that specifically mandated it for such. While you don’t have a choice and have to download it if you hope to get anywhere in the Netherlands during the complete failure of this app and the testing, good luck actually getting it to work if you don’t have a Dutch phone number for SMS verifica

  31. Juan Banda says:

    Fix the messaging issues for international numbers. The single most frustrating thing next to the retarded idea to require sms verification to click a link every single time. Recommending to get a Dutch friend to use his number or buy a SIM card is the worst solution. Imagine somebody tests positive and it is running around buying a Sim or finding a sucker to use their number, before going to get retested… to be able to get his test results… totally dumb.

  32. Kristyajeng Suryo Putri says:

    I’ve the digiD app already activated, but this app doesn’t redirect logging in with the digiD app while trying to log in with browser is useless since it says that you are required to log in with the digiD app! What the….. (don’t get me wrong, I’ve no problem to log in to digiD itself, but logging in to this app with digiD doesn’t work at all). Im sitting down on my cozy couch and still got crazily upset, can’t imagine those who are trying to work things out at the airport! Please…

  33. Jan Willem De Ruig says:

    Either the app doesn’t work, or the app’s integration with digid does not work. When you try to log in with digid, it redirects to the website. I try to fill in my credentials, and am met with this error message: > This web service requires you to log in using the DigiD app or SMS verification. Go back to log in using your DigiD app or activate SMS verification in My DigiD. Fun fact: The app never gives the opportunity to log in using the digid app, and my sms verification is already on!

  34. YXN Soong says:

    This is a terrible app!! I have tried several times to log in via DigiD, but it never works. It redirects to an SMS check to log in to DigiD, but then nothing. Please fix this issue, it’s a right pain. Please properly link the app to DigiD. Thanks.

  35. Sean Boots says:

    Update: the following day, international phone numbers started working again (previously hadn’t worked all week). Thanks for the fix! // After entering a retrieval code for an antigen test, the verification code (sent by SMS) is not delivered to international phone numbers. It only seems to be sent successfully to Dutch phone numbers, making it very difficult for international travellers to add negative test certificates into the app.

  36. Anton Tkachenko says:

    no English language, screenshots are forbidden. great job! (after 30 minutes) My apologies, English is available automatically if your phone language is English. still ‘great job!’ – it seems to be that hard to make a button for language selection.

  37. Vladimir “Equidamoid” Shapranov says:

    It works. Mostly. One problem is forced updates. You need the app to show the code NOW (and there is line behind you), but no, screw you, you have to stand here and wait while google play struggles to download a file. Quite frustrating, but IMO doesn’t justify all the 1-star reviews. Happened at least 3 times to me already, always at inappropriate time. Doesn’t even allow to make a damn screenshot!

  38. Rob Schipper says:

    Had the second booster. Tried to update the certificates in the app and logged in, unfortunately the app logged me out immediately after logging in. I had hoped that after 2 years government had been able to provide a functional app. It took me 7 tries before I could import the latest booster.

  39. Dakini La says:

    International Certificates won’t open!! This is a problem. When visiting the US, I need to show the certificate to enter restaurants, etc. The only thing that shows is a list. The ability to open the certificates, Does not work!!!!

  40. Maik Romme says:

    It worked after i deactivated digid and logged in after 24 hours. Before that it kept saying that something went wrong or that there were no results available.

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