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Digital compass and spirit level application.
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November 27, 2022
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Compass Apk Download New*

Easy to make use of compass and spirit degree software with magnetic north, coordinates, precise deal with and offline off highway navigation.

Compass Apk Obtain New* apk

Make a choice from magnetic north and true north, see your present deal with and coordinates, navigate to express coordinates with out web connection, or use the top precision spirit degree capability to measure relative angles.

Compass Apk Obtain New*

Compass could also be to be had on Put on OS gadgets.

Compass Apk Obtain New* apk mod


Compass Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

• Please wave your instrument round a number of instances in a determine of 8 (∞) to calibrate it!


40 comments on "Compass Apk Download New*"

  1. Delanei Abagale says:

    Very good app! Basically a copy of the Apple compass app, but that’s not a bad thing – it’s well made. One small disappointment though, color on the level doesn’t change color when you leave it level. No a huge deal but a nice touch that the original app has.

  2. Kelemon Jordi says:

    it could be s great piece of software but needs to fix a bug which makes it useless for today (april 2019). i run it under sndroid one and if i switch it into background mode and then turn my phone , then switch back to the application it displays sides of the world as they were before i turned the phone which are no longer correct. it is nice that theapplication shows address of the current point.

  3. Milborough Lucullus says:

    It’s a great design but no magnetic declination without GPS is a problem for people who don’t want to risk their location data being used by other parties. A manual magnetic declination correction can/has been done and should be implemented to make this betterm

  4. Garanhon Maida says:

    The app is great, moreover it’s add free. Simplistic yet usefull. I would only suggest an addition of live camera feed on spirit level which may be helpful in checking of horizontal line of sight on vertical facade.

  5. Felabeorht Torrey says:

    Finally someone made a good clone of the iOS compass. Love the minimalist design. However, please add the key feature of tapping to calibrate the level at any angle, like in iOS. Also, more options and info in the settings would be nice and would not break the minimalist feel of the application itself.

  6. Lauretta Chandler says:

    Installed this app on an LG V40 Thinq, it would start up just fine and it looked promising. I liked the clean and simple interface, it reminded me of the compass app by 🍎. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the compass to successfully calibrate. I’ll have to try something else…

  7. Anwir Tobiah says:

    No ads, great functionality I would reccomend. A suggestion to the developers would be to ad a camera view to the level tool maybe with a few options for on screen rulers and lines together with a well placed snapshot button to so as to avoid nudging the phone while performing a awkward screenshot action. A camera view option for behind the compass screen could be great for Instagram pix etc.

  8. Alasha Cresswell says:

    Very good app. Tried other apps and had to uninstall those. The compass needle turns better than others i.e. is more responsive and is more consistent. Also includes inclinometer/ spirit level detection. Haven’t seen any ads which is another plus point. Would recommend this one.

  9. Tanka Fleuretta says:

    Best compass app for Android. Always has been anyways. Would be nice to see a comprehensive calibration set up screen that walks you through the steps of calibration and gives you a comparative end result.

  10. Geo Lund says:

    I read that the NS EW directions are backward which is annoying, so I tried to uninstall it from my watch by going to Google Play, My Apps, and hitting uninstall. IT WON’T UNINSTALL!!! It’s stuck on the “uninstalling” screen for so long that it drains the battery to totally dead, over and over. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

  11. Ron Wolf says:

    Exceeds the iOS app for which I sought an equivalent. Really great for hikes with no cell connection. Makes navigating on foot more fun and less frustrating; and encourages creativity in navigation, something I wasn’t even looking for, but for which I am deeply grateful! P.S. As a software developer myself, I would love to contribute to this as open source. If this would be helpful, please get in touch!

  12. Life is Your Right llc says:

    To tjaz did u do the set up. Cause this app spot on every time .if you don’t do the set up u will get bad results so DO THE INITIAL SET UP Just roll that ball even if it takes 5-10 min. Cause the outcome is a great compass app without ads and a bunch of BS. Some of the others either didn’t ask you to to do the initialization or depending on which way I held phone coordinates changed. This app developer has done the compass justice built a great app without being a Richard. Thank you. Excellent

  13. Prayag (Gladiator) says:

    It’s very amazing app with very clean user interface and there isn’t any ads so really cool app. It even shows the current address and can see the direction of any city or area by searching it in inside navigation and when we finish navigation it again shows north side. Very useful features.

  14. Matthew Carter says:

    No options, configurations, calibrations, no anything on the wearOS portion of the app. Just a compass that’s always ~60° off. Tried doing the move in an 8 thing to calibrate it and I sometimes get either 170°off or 20°off for up to 15 seconds before it reverts to 60° off. Update: Managed to calibrate the system somehow in Google maps, so it’s perfect in this app, but this app now always tells me it needs recalibration because it’s no longer 60° off.

  15. Geofferey Eakins says:

    This compass should really be higher up in the app ranking charts. Its a compass with no ADs and does what a compass should do. Great on amoled displays with a clean minimalistic feel. Thank you for making such a great app, I truly appreciate your lack of greed.

  16. Wixmis says:

    Such a clean ui. I downloaded for the compass and found the best level app on android, it rivals the default IOS one. No ads is also a plus!

  17. Oliver Frič says:

    Clean, neat. No ads, no nonsense. Literally the best minimalist compass, not cluttered, but also with everything you need to know from regular compass. Another bonus is the level, which is on another level, cause it’s simple yet so cool.

  18. There Alone (therealone) says:

    Love this company!! All apps a so small and don’t require unnecessary permissions. They do what they are supposed to and don’t try to get you to buy a subscription or watch ads. I really appreciate the people that spend time out of their day to make these apps that work really well. Thank you to the company for developing this app and making it free to use.

  19. John Smith says:

    Best I’ve used! Make sure to go into settings and turn on true north and exact location. Without true north it was off from my hand held compass not by a lot but still.

  20. Sam Watkins says:

    Have installed this on watch and phone. My phone’s GPS needs regular calibration but hard to achieve through the regular settings. This app gives me that functionality and much more besides – I’m hoping to never be lost again 🙂

  21. Attila Emam says:

    Simple, ad-free and no in-app purchases. Does exactly what it says on the box. 👍👍

  22. Qudratol Wazir says:

    The best compass application for Android phones

  23. Mark Palmos says:

    Accurate compass, and does excellent levelling too

  24. Veethahavya Kootanoor Sheshadrivasan says:

    Dies what it says pretty well with a pleasent UI and no ads. Recommended. Only suggestion would be to add an option to display the magnetic field strength as the reading is already internally available. Would be a nice feature.

  25. A babu Aneff Sahib says:

    Very good app which does what it is supposed while maintaining a user friendly interface

  26. ROHAN SALUNKE says:

    Does what it says, No ads no intrusive UI

  27. Dr. Anirban Mukherjee says:

    It is doing perfectly what it needs to do without any advertisement.

  28. Wyatt Delahunt says:

    Great app. Any chance at a pure black background for the wear companion app? Also, a feature I would love to see is being able to add/mark multiple points on the compass, instead of just one. If marked with a number, that’s easy to work backwards from!

  29. Emmanuel Lauron says:

    Easy to use and no ads. 🙂

  30. Timothy Patton says:

    constantly calibrating, completely useless app

  31. Evan Taylor says:

    Using it on my smart watch. It does what you’d expect and does it very well. What I would say is for the smartwatch varient specifically, a pure black background instead of the slightly greyish one would make it look much better.

  32. Ethan Wigginton says:

    This is a beautiful app. Simplistic in design, functional, and ad free. The perfect compass app!

  33. Sultan AlKhulaifi says:

    Excellent Design and excellent way of thinking, do more apps I think they’ll succeed.

  34. Joan Nadia says:

    Simple and elegant. It just works

  35. Justice League says:

    The direction of this compass is actually WRONG! I installed it as my backup compass and had taken it for granted. But today i discover the North and South were actually flipped. After i discover the bug, i updated the app and immediately the North and South changes direction. However it is still inaccurate. How ridiculous can this be? It could be a disaster if anyone were to actually navigate based on this app. So be warned.. i was shocked and uninstalling it right away.

  36. Punit Sharma says:

    Very simple more content, totally flawless and free

  37. pawan sahare says:

    Not working on Motorola edge 30 since last update

  38. Rakesh Shende says:

    Best compass with no ads and no purchase. Thanks to developer.

  39. Krishnanand Kamath says:

    Exactly what I wanted moving to Android from iOS

  40. Cody Joseph says:

    Cool app! No ads. Simple and sweet

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