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A simple calculator utility for Android
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October 6, 2022
8.3 (477856174)
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Calculator Premium Apk

Calculator supplies easy and complicated mathematical purposes in a superbly designed app.

Calculator Top rate Apk

• Carry out elementary calculations equivalent to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and department • Do medical operations reminiscent of trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions


40 comments on "Calculator Premium Apk"

  1. Dawn Shadrach says:

    Terrible design. This calculator use to be the best but after the last update it went from a five star to a zero. They changed the colors to a nauseating shade of blue and a blinding white. They also switched the places of the keys and totally messed up the calculator. And why force all that on people instead of offering an option to switch themes is beyond me. What a shame. If I can’t find a way to revert back to the old calculator, I’ll have to look for a new one since this one is no longer usable.

  2. Tucker Ryleigh says:

    Poorly designed calculator. Additional function buttons are always on, though rarely needed – there should be an option to turn these off, or change the layout for scientific calculator options to appear in landscape mode but not portrait. Color scheme is terrible, no option for dark/night mode, unlike other Google apps. Find a better calculator, even if this one is pre-installed on your device. I definitely will.

  3. Sue G says:

    The pre-update was MUCH better then the update. The numbers on the keypad have shrunk considerably and are tiny compared to the answer display which is huge so to look back and forth between them is a poor experience and it’s hard to see the keypad numbers which is where you do most of the work. Also, the ability to press and hold the equal sign to clear the screen has been removed and I have not found a different way to do that same function now. Very poor update.

  4. Michael Pcsolyar says:

    Version 7.8 of this app was my favorite calculator on the Play Store. Now it’s almost unusable. Buttons have moved, button functionality has changed, and the theme is now an ugly Samsung knock-off. If you can get the old version (7.8), use that instead and turn off auto update here on the store page (3 dots in the top right corner). Versions 8.0 and higher are not worth using.

  5. Robyn Sims says:

    Do the developers not read the reviews after an update. It’s one thing to change the look of the calculator and nobody likes it, but it another thing when the functionality changes for the worst just for anesthetics. If you think it’s “pretty” just for the sake of change, fine, but give the people who actually need a functional calculator the choice to go back to the old style.

  6. Liz says:

    CHANGE IT BACK. It was perfect the way it was. Tell the new intern they’re not being innovative, they’re being annoying. If you want to change anything, do something fun like let us be able to customize the background with a picture or use different colors for the buttons. But please keep the original format. It was efficient and actually made sense for doing calculations on a regular basis.

  7. Isabella Routten says:

    It was super useful and easy to read, I always used it as opposed to the one on my iPad simply because of the layout, but they changed it, it’s like they were trying to copy iOS, the icon doesn’t even match with the actual app, not only that but you have to tap multiple times or press the AC button (which took me forever to find btw) to delete everything rather than holding down on the delete button, you also can’t preview answer anymore. It’s hard to use and even look at.

  8. Anthony M says:

    It’s one thing to redesign the buttons and colors and stuff, that’s cool. Moving the buttons around and changing their functions? Not cool. The calculator is something people get used to using and quickly, so changing the layout was just an awful idea, Google. That’s like changing someone’s keyboard layout to QWERTZ without asking or telling them, somewhat subtle but also very annoying and disruptive. Honestly just put erase back in top right and the equal button under the 3 and I’ll be happy.

  9. Melissa Durazo says:

    I dislike the new update. It’s not practical. For years this app didn’t change it’s look and function, and it worked great. Now, for whatever reason, you’ve decided that changing it would be a great idea. Sadly, the new layout is not a win. And, I’ll be uninstalling this app and looking for a calculator app that has the same look and function as your last format. ☹️

  10. John Perry says:

    Screenshots provided are of old interface, which looked half professional. The new interface looks as if it were aimed at 2-year olds. Whose idea was it to introduce themes but not allow one to retain the old theme? That aside, the calculator is surprisingly good. It isn’t merely functional; it also reports exact answers on many occasions where it could get away with approximations. For example, fractions are often displayed along with decimals, and it will even do sin(π/3) correctly! Nice!

  11. Ryan P says:

    New update is trash, they reorganized all the buttons so you don’t remember where anything is, holding the back button no longer clears the equation, so you have to spam the button 20 times to start something new, the circle button layout looks awful and it’s way too bright. The whole layout is just distracting. The old calculator was perfect. I think it’s pretty clear how bad this is over the amount of people coming to the app store to review a pre-installed calculator. Please go back.

  12. Nicole Rappaport says:

    The interface that came with the new update is awful. They’ve moved buttons around so it’s no longer intuitive, I’m constantly accidentally hitting the equals button before I’m ready and then having to start over, it won’t show sums until I hit equals when I use it in split-screen mode (which I used to regularly do while doing my monthly budgeting), split screen mode buttons are so small they’re near impossible, I could go on and on. Hope they change it back asap.

  13. Josh T says:

    The app was fine until the recent update. Now, you can no longer clear the formula bar by holding the delete key. You have to tap it for each numerical character. It literally takes less time to close the app and reopen it. I’ve never felt the need to replace the default Google calculator app until now, but they just had to mess with something that didn’t need to be messed with. So stupid.

  14. Darshan Rivka Whittle says:

    The update makes the keyboard vibrate twice in rapid succession per key press, and it’s absolutely alarming, overstimulating, and overwhelming. I hope it’s a bug that is fixed ASAP, but if someone is trying to make it like a physical button clicking down and clicking back up, please know that many users will find this horrific and antagonist, and please allow us to turn it off. I can’t use it currently. Thanks.

  15. Ruby Mitchell says:

    I do not like the newest update. The buttons are large and bubbly. This is completely an aesthetics and an opinion but I find the calculator difficult to look at and use because of this. I did just uninstall the updates and have turned off auto update and will continue to use the app. But if the developer’s could just remove the large buttons that would be better. Thanks!

  16. Jeremy Clark says:

    I used to love this calculator! So easy to use, very responsive, simple and intuitive layout. But then someone somewhere decided it needed an update. Awful So slow, so unsightly; I hope desperately that they revert back to the previous version. I don’t want to have to find a replacement when this one was everything I wanted in a phone calculator.

  17. Dblzyx says:

    Not sure who thought changing what was otherwise a standard numberpad layout was a good idea, but it was dumb. The vomit that is the new theme is frustrating enough that I’m out. Advice to developers… Everytime you make drastic and sweeping changes to app appearance, functions, and layout, I drop it like a bad habit and don’t look back. The list of Google apps I still use is getting smaller and smaller.

  18. Rhys Blatt says:

    It was fine. Nothing spectacular, but a simple calculator doesn’t have to be fancy. However, after the recent update all the buttons are set to “blind grandparent” size, like if you went to your accessibility settings and selected “visually impaired”. My screen’s 6.6″ and the 5 rows of buttons take up almost 5″. For serious? One-handed days are a distant memory.

  19. Twelve Entertainment says:

    Absolute trash.,. They changed it to absolute trash. I run multiple businesses, I use the calculator all day long to figure different aspects of my business with finance. And now they made it nearly intolerable to be able to do quick calculations. This new format changed to the calculator is the worst thing that they could have possibly done to this app. At least give us the option in the app to go back to the classic design.

  20. Bevvyj says:

    I’m chiming in with my first ever app review. I hate the new update! It’s bland with poorly defined buttons which makes it difficult for me to use. And there’s no way to go back to the original display. My choice is a light theme (yuck!) or a dark theme (double yuck!). Think I’ll download a different app that’s easier on the eyes. Which brainiac came up with this brilliant concept? Big mistake, Google!

  21. Ιερώνυμος Κόρακας (Ron) says:

    Ew wit the new design. You know, you don’t have to make everything look hip, and modern. When it comes to a calculator, you CAN make it boring, with small fonts, and dedicated buttons (instead of an INV that you have to figure out through a Google search what it’s for). Even if I’m alone in it, at least include the option to change the font size and overall look. I hate this new “apple – ish” new design.

  22. Alexandria Higgins-McKnight says:

    Recent update fail. The app used to give you a running total as you entered multiple items so you could see both the input and output live. This feature was amazing for balancing a ledger, because you could easily go through and check for entry errors if the answer wasn’t what you were expecting. Very disappointed with this update for dropping this feature.

  23. Matthew Ellenberger says:

    New doesn’t mean better. I had used this app for some time, and was quite content with it… Until the update and unwanted redesign. It will not allow me reverse the damage done by the October update, so it looks like I need to find a replacement with less irksome visuals. If an option becomes available to return to the previous version’s design, I will reconsider my decision to delete Calculator. Thank you.

  24. Drew Reagan says:

    Like the Clock app, the UI update is a straight downgrade. The buttons are way too big and are contained in useless circles. I can no longer hold the back button to clear the input field. For some unexplainable reason I don’t have any control over which parenthesis to insert. I would say it seems like this app was designed for children, but given the geriatric color decisions I guess it’s the opposite.

  25. Amrutha Amarnath says:

    I have used this app for years with no complaints. The new update has made the app much more unpleasant to use. It is not at all aesthetically pleasing. There is only one button for paranthesis now, which makes typing in complicated equations much more difficult because it always assumed you’re trying to close the previous set of paranthesis instead of opening a new set. You can also no longer long press the backspace key to clear the screen. Not sure why they messed with a good thing

  26. Douglas Clarke says:

    Terrible update! I loved having the running total so I can change my formula or continuously add other variables, this very quickly went from the best to the word design possible. Please go back to the old version. Also enjoyed having the press and hold delete button to erase the whole formula. This update was trash. Just go back to the old version so we can go back to our lives lol

  27. Nathan Edwards says:

    This new update is horrendous. I used this app multiple times a day for my job and I loved it. It was easy to use, had a nice, professional design, and showed progress during longer calculations so I could correct mistakes as I went along. Now it looks like a child’s toy. The layout has changed completely for no reason and it vibrates like it’s having a seizure at every button press. Who’s idea was this? I wish there was some way developers could see how many people delete their apps.

  28. Nick Singh says:

    This new update is absolutely terrible, the buttons are too chunky. No longer looks smooth and clean. It vibrates way to excessively with the push of the button and release. It doesn’t display The result in a fraction form anymore and it no longer tracks longer calculation so I could see the progress of it. I hate this app rn. It was way better before with it’s clean and slick design. Able to clear the calculation by holding the button. But now, this is just useless.

  29. Sarah Fredrickson says:

    The old interface was great, simple, easy to use. I opened up the app and was confused after the recent update. At first, since it looked so different, I thought it was maybe a different app. I have had the screen part (vs the number and symbol part) scroll somewhere I can’t see the calculations. The new design is frustrating vs intuitive and easy to read. Somehow they made a calculator annoying to use. Can’t even uninstall it and now it’s going to my bloatware folder.

  30. Evan Day says:

    This is the only review I’ve ever left about an app on the Google store. I have used this calculator for work and school for years, and the latest update ruined it. There is an annoying vibration with every touch. It no longer displays the answer prior to pressing “=”. No options for open/closed parenthesis. Also, new UI sucks. Please at least add the option to use the old version of the calculator.

  31. Peter Larson says:

    I liked the old calculator before the design changes. It was intuitive, clean, and fast. I tried to give the new look a chance, but it’s “flashy” at the expense of simplicity. A clear example of form before function. There is a very strange double tactile feedback on presses and quickly typing (sliding from the initial number to the next without a long lift from screen) will prevent the number from being registered. Also no more hold “backspace” to AC. Deleting App. I’ll return if reverted.

  32. Thomas Leahy says:

    What the h–l did they do to this? In would think it’d be practically impossible to ruin a simple calculator app, but they certainly have! Vibrates twice on every button press, once when you touch it, once when you let go and NO way to change this behavior, weird, clunky, slow way of saving and recalling numbers from memory, I mean, come on, it’s a CALCULATOR. Not rocket surgery.

  33. Rock Man says:

    The update to the latest version of this app, had the fonts changed to where they can be very difficult to recognize. The previous version had much more legible fonts and coloring on their displays. Contrast that with the current version, where if you don’t have 20/20 vision, you will probably have difficulty recognizing the various buttons in the app. As a side note, I’m disappointed that Google doesn’t have anybody experience working on their app displays. A large segment of the population doe

  34. Chuck Ricketts says:

    I find it really annoying that I can no longer hold the backspace button to clear the screen. Instead, I have to use a long reach to hit the AC button. Every time I use this app I intuitively hold the backspace button only for it to delete a single character upon release. I then have to correct and hit the AC button, which turns one intuitive action into two frustrating actions. Every. Single. Time. Why can’t the backspace also be used as AC like before?

  35. Matthew Hatfield says:

    Not much to say to very basic calculator. One suggestion if I may make it to where you can trace it up a little change to color and watching the way out. Add it to a shortcut like on a tile or something of that matter. Or at the ability like an old Texas instrument calculator where you can actually make a program too. That’d be kind of cool

  36. Dean Simmons says:

    Like others have mentioned, the backspace button cannot be held to quickly clear your entry, so you have to mash the backspace multiple times in order to clear the field. Furthermore, the backspace button is in an odd location, it should be further and up to the right so that is easy and intuitive to access (most all other calculators use this format.) The blue color scheme is hard on the eyes and leads to more eye fatigue and restless nights than warmer, orange/red tones. Blessings.

  37. Jolly Games says:

    This works for calculating basic things. It gives variations on answers (I do not need to know what my answer is in fractions, decimal places are enough. Why can’t I turn this off?) Longer numbers will run off the screen, which is annoying. This calculator made me do two things I never considered before: write a review for a calculator and search for a useful calculator app. I am spending time in my life looking for a better calculator app. Two stars is because it does work for basic stuff.

  38. Richard Sloan says:

    Did not like the last update. I’m 67 and have eye condition’s the prevented me from seeing the screen color combinations well. I would uninstall the update and the next time I used it it was updated again. Very frustrating. Asked if there was any way around that, of course no response. I understand updates can be helpful to some but not to all. I come from the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” generation. I use other calculators when needed.

  39. Polar-Star says:

    I cannot fathom why’d you’d even change the Calculator when it was simple and perfect before. The movement of the backspace has completely ruined my muscle memory and workflow. For the longest time I would roll back the Calculator app, and then install the older version to avoid the new version like the plague. Now, with my new phone, Google Pixel 7 Pro, since it comes with the Calculator app pre-installed on the phone, and now I can’t rollback and use the older version. I hate this.

  40. Ali Fleih says:

    5 stars is not enough for Google’s Calculator app! It is an incredibly useful and easy to use tool. I can easily calculate anything from basic arithmetic operations, to complex equations with just a few taps of my finger – no need for complicated calculators or math classes anymore. The intuitive design makes it even easier; all the buttons are laid out in logical sections so you can quickly find what you’re looking for without having to search around too much. Highly recommend this calculator!!

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