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Track your collection through ACNH with Pocket Guide!
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December 12, 2022
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ACNH Pocket Guide Premium Apk

With a contemporary and smartly polished design, ACNH Pocket Information is the most efficient information for monitoring your assortment as you move in the course of the recreation. View data on collectibles and creatures, in addition to upcoming in recreation occasions. With the most recent recreation knowledge, that is the only prevent for your entire ACNH wishes!

ACNH Pocket Information Top class Apk

Present options come with:
– NO COMMERCIALS + loose for existence – Darkish mode
– Trendy and polished interface and design
– Notifications for occasions – Upcoming sport occasions and villagers birthdays
– Match and villager birthday calendar
– Villager reward information – More than one island/profile toughen – Customized date and time make stronger (for the time vacationers)
– Wishlist assortment – Day by day todo listing – Turnip monitoring – NPC customer monitoring – Catalog uploading – Flower hybrids information – Thriller islands information – Sport pointers and information integration
– Customizable interface and menus
– Detailed filters and seek machine for all pieces – Cloud and garage backups
– Assortment monitoring and development – Totally supported languages: English, French, Spanish, German

ACNH Pocket Information Top class Apk mod apk

– Energetic creatures checklist – Recipes and substances lists with recipe resources – Cooking recipes
– Creatures and fish shadows
– Museum assortment monitoring and artwork information – Villager knowledge – Furnishings, Clothes, Ground, Wallpaper collections
– Slider tune assortment – Emoticon assortment – New pieces assortment – Development and area exteriors
– Letters listing – Amiibo playing cards assortment – Achievements

ACNH Pocket Information Top rate Apk apk mod new

Insects and proposals, please electronic mail: [email protected]
Making an utility isn’t simple, and this has taken a actually very long time. We are hoping to proceed to increase, replace and strengthen this app revel in up to conceivable. If you happen to experience this software please believe leaving a ranking, it’ll be a lot preferred.


40 comments on "ACNH Pocket Guide Premium Apk"

  1. Marwa Habibi says:

    I love this app so much. Ive really been struggling tokeep track of all the bugs and fish i catch and this makes it so much easier. I also tend to forget when the shops close and now I dont need to look it up every five seconds. I didnt even know there were specific times where differents shows came up on the tv. The weather feature is also really cool and i dont know how you did that. But i love it all so much!

  2. Tawny Caudill says:

    So far, I really enjoy this app. It has the ability to track everything I’ve needed a notebook for, until now. The only things I would suggest adding are a specific tab for ‘my villagers’ and maybe a daily checklist we can modify. I would use this app and this app only if it had those two ideas implemented 😊 *Fake art! Fake art would be lovely to have in the menu next to the legit versions.

  3. Molly Kidd says:

    This app is the best ACNH app I uave found so far, everything is easy to find, and you can navigate through the app fairly easily. One thing that I noticed was that in the construction section on the prices, there were not any commas, so I had to count out how many numbers there are. This is just a suggestion, I can live with it.

  4. Shelly Suttles says:

    I like to see things laid out and there’s a lot missing in game that really lays it out. This app has helped me visually see what I need to work on and helped prevent duplicate purchases of art and music. It also has a helpful guide for fish, villager details, and a daily to do list you can edit as you like. I emailed the developer with some issues and suggestions and they got back to me quickly, sent screenshots to show what I had missed and was receptive to hearing the suggestions.

  5. Kaitlyn Propati says:

    Edited: I was fiddling with other apps and honestly the wishlist setting for this app is a lot easier than the others. So developer if you see this please don’t change anything! So far I really like it. Only critique I have is having to hold down on an item to bookmark. It’s hard to do it with the screen possibly moving and the screen sensitivity being iffy.

  6. ann says:

    this app is great:) the amount of stuff you can log & keep up with is amazing, and i’m kind of shocked there aren’t ads, but i’m so glad there aren’t any because it allows for much easier logging. the only issue i have is with the to-do list. it’s really tedious to move items when you have a lot of them. i think it would be a lot easier to use if you could move them by drag-and-drop

  7. Beth Charlton says:

    Perfect ACNH companion app – does everything you’d want it to do and more! Many thanks to the developer for creating this app and keeping it up to date. Very intuitive and easy to use UI. Also there are ZERO ads, which is WONDERFUL! In addition to keeping track of collections, you can also track pretty much everything else…turnip prices, when special visitors come, daily tasks, etc. Plus all the info you need is right there at your fingertips. Love it!

  8. Melissa Stenzel says:

    Really good app, literally everythingyou would want! Straightforward, user friendly interface, intuitive controls. Let’s you catalog all the critters, gives you info about critter availability for date/time, check off item catalog, DIY lists, let’s you make wishlists, and turnip calculator/ predictor. Seems really well supported/ updated, and I hope the devs keep with it because this is by far the best companion app for the game 🙂

  9. Cheshire Grinn says:

    this is probably the best of the catalog apps for ACNH, you can bookmark items for easy accessing (which saves me time at the Able’s shop) or to keep an eye out for a specific item. you’re given all varients you can find/make with an item and it tells you whether or not variations can be made or have to be found. only problem im having is sometimes if i tap an item for more info i’ll get booted back to the main screen, the import/export data function as far as i can tell doesn’t work either

  10. kasagure says:

    the most in-depth and thorough Animal Crossing app i’ve seen for any Animal Crossing game, period. the user interface is beautiful and every section, from flower breeding charts to treasure island layouts to villager compatibility, is neatly layed out and easy to understand at a glance. there’s a checklist for everything here, and anything you could possibly need while playing New Horizons is stored neatly withing the app. incredible service, would star it 10 if i could 🙂

  11. Kaitlin Tessier says:

    Really easy to use with a clean and simple design. It has a flower guide and shows villager gifts, which I just learned about. In the items section, I can check off all the flowers I’ve bought or grew. I think it would be better if I could check off flowers in the hybrid flower section. Then I could easily see how to grow the ones I’m missing. Overall, a great app that makes it easy to track the things you want to track.

  12. Avana TheEarthMama says:

    I use this app a lot its easy having all your info organized in one place and I appreciate that. I do think I have a few bugs. One is that my dailys do not reset each day but maybe its because I never complete them. Second is once ive clicked on a villager’s preferred furiture or gifts I cant go back to the villager screen without changing to another in game tab. I hope you find a fix for these. Though overall a great pocket guide that has everything I was looking for and more!

  13. Brooke Ballance says:

    Great UI/UX!! This app is great! I love the way it looks and functions! They have pretty much anything and everything you need for cataloging!!! Somethings I think it might still need: •% to completion bar for creatures/museum. •A home/back button. (The swipe is great, but a button is simple.) •A way to store deign codes and descriptions. Keep up the great work!!!

  14. Lilly says:

    This is a super streamlined app with pretty much every feature I can think of to add! It’s easy to use, and visually appealing 😀 I think the only thing I have a small issue with is wishlisting things, my held taps don’t always register or it’ll register my scrolling as taps and take forever to finally register what I’m actually trying to tap and hold? I wish there was a different way to wishlist things! Maybe there already is and I’m blind though hehe

  15. Ben Sperduti says:

    Used this for not even 10 minutes and I think this is one of the best possible ideas. Love everything about it. HOWEVER. I would absolutely love the option to reorganize your lists, namely your daily checklist, by dragging and dropping as opposed to raise-and-lower buttons. The UI is crisp and clean but the organization priority icons are awfully small and drag and drop would solve this immensely. That suggestion aside, novel app with a clean interface and extremely useful. Cannot wait to keep it close! 😀

  16. EB Evitt says:

    Really love this app. Works well, has everything I need, and is super helpful with things like tracking catalogue items and what you’ve donated to the museum. 11/6/21 update: App only keeps getting better. With each update they add more and more stuff and it gets easier to use and has more information. Absolutely the best Animal Crossing app I’ve ever used. Plus there’s no ads, it’s free, and when I contacted the devs to ask a question, they were delightful! I 100% recommend.

  17. Catey Meador says:

    Super convenient for when I quickly want to know what creatures I haven’t caught that are available this month. So much easier that going to a webpage on my phone with a bunch of ads and extra text I don’t care about. Lots of filters which help you find exactly what you’re looking for. A little slow searching sometimes but it works. I don’t do turnips but if I was going to this would make it easy.

  18. Catherine Rodriguez says:

    I seriously love this app! It has everything I need and some things I didn’t even think of, like an algorithm to figure out weather patterns. It’s truly in a league of its own, and seeing the developer be so interactive and receptive with feedback was the icing on the cake. Hands down the best-developed app I have, and the one I use the most lol it took almost no time at all to add everything from the latest update, too, which was just plain incredible. Impressed doesn’t even begin to cover it!

  19. CL SM says:

    Love this app! I use it often when villager hunting and looking for certain items. I love that it tells me what is to come in the week. and the app is just visually pleasing which I love. It has pretty much everything you need to keep up with your island. They fix bugs and updates often which is great. Definitely reccomend.

  20. Jasmine Hickok says:

    It’s super easy to use once you mess around with it for a bit! Its super helpful, the only think I would possibly like to see added is a more specific creature appearance rating and a more clear time of day/season a creature shows up. I can figure it out, but it was real confusing when I first was trying to figure it out

  21. Joshua Creel says:

    Amazing app and developers! This app is a must have, especially for time travellers that wish to keep track of what needs to be done each day on their island. The various trackers are well-organiezed and accurate and the models of items, characters, etc. are quality. The developers are steady with updates and quick to respond to suggestions and critique. A feature I asked about that wasn’t available at the time was added within a day or so and the developer e-mailed me back to let me know. 10/10

  22. Jeff Lowe says:

    Very good design, especially for being free with no ads. I do hope that lasts. The side bar does like to stick every so often, making scrolling a little tedious. It would be cool to have a food section by itself, for both recipes and food that can be bought. Other than that, it does everything you need it to. Well done

  23. Amanda Hutkowski says:

    Very helpful tool. I did notice some duplicates of items in the app. But overall it’s great to keep track. I can look at my running list of DIY and tell someone on the spot what I can make vs saying “I’ll look when I get home to play my switch” which most people forget. LoL. So very useful. Little tedious when you really get going in the game and forget to log. 😅

  24. Emily Wren says:

    Love this app so much! I love how easy it is to search for items, and how well organized it is! It’s way better than any of the other apps I’ve tried!! It’s very customizable and intuitive, and it has some extra resources that are very helpful! Like the turnip price tracker/predictor and a to-do list of daily chores! Also love how there’s no ads, keep up the good work!!

  25. M RR says:

    This is the best ACNH app. It has everything you need for cataloging, turnip calculator, weather, TV guide, achievements, paradise planning, catalog scanner, a pretty beefy feed/profile section that is highly customizable, intuitive menu/controls, there is so many options for sorting, and you get a nice progress chart of your whole collection. What I like the most about this app is that you can tell it was made by someone(s) who actually plays the game. 10/10 awesome app, great job!

  26. Gryphon L says:

    2/27/2022 – I’ve only had the app for a few hours and of course the initial process of inputting all your inform (if you’ve been playing for a while) takes a bit, however it all goes by with a tap and scroll. The editing, deleting, and rearranging features are super useful and easy to use. So as long as I remember to use the app I willn’t have to scramble to remember what I have or haven’t done on the daily! 10 outta 10 would recommend!

  27. Ryder says:

    I love it so much! It’s so easy to set up your account and use the app once you get the hang of it. Its so easy to track daily missions and you can even add your own. In case you forget or are new to ACNH, it tracks events starting such as K.K. Slider, Daisy Mae, spring blossoms, etc! I have no problems with it besides some lag and RARELY kicks me out, but it’s most likely the device I have instead of the actual app. The designs and menus are easy to navigate. I love it! Keep up the great work!

  28. Aaron Schofield says:

    This app is super helpful in keeping track of my daily tasks, turnip prices, collections, recipes, item prices, songs, and so much more. It gets constant updates with really useful features and bug fixes. On top of that, it is completely free with no ads, but I’ve become a monthly supporter because I love the app so much.

  29. Caderyn says:

    I was using OneNoteSamsung Notesa different app before installing this one, and I’m sticking with this one. The GUI is easy to use, love having dark mode, love the features and info on villagers. My *only* qualm has been with cuatom times. My checklist doesn’t “clear” when I change the date. I’m time hopping back to present day and when I push the custom date forward a day, the previous days progress stays on the task list. Other than that, ❤️❤️❤️❤️! [After dev response] OHHHHH! Thank you!

  30. Sarah Harman says:

    I absolutely love this app so far, however I have one slight issue/reccomendation. I think it would be so amazing to have a playlist feature for the K.K slider music section. As it stands I can only listen to it if I individually select each song to the queue. I know the app isn’t meant for streaming music but it would be such a great feature to incorporate, especially for people who collect the music with the intent to listen to it even when not in-game.

  31. Kaitlynn Hershey says:

    Like the app, has a nice layout, looks nice. The only thing I struggle with is that I time travel a lot and feel like updating the time on the app is kind of a pain. Would be nice to be able to change it from the home screen instead of having to go to settings each time. I travel many times a day, so going through the settings each time gets to be a little tedious. Otherwise love everything. 🙂

  32. Ivory Hammond says:

    I really enjoy this app! The layout very nice and everything can be easily accessed. I really really like the reminders for K.K Slider, Daisy Mae and the seasonal events. I also enjoy the many filters for the collectiable items. Thats the one thing I’m the most excited about. Overall there is nothing bad I have to say about the app. Keep up the great work!

  33. Clair F says:

    I love this app. I think my favorite part is how you can see a list of all active creatures that I can catch the and it gives you where you can find it. I also love how I can document all the bugs, fish, paintings, and fossils so that I can keep track of what I’ve collected and still need to collect. This is so easy to use and so helpful. There are books that do the same thing but having an app on your phone is so much easier and more convenient. 10/10!

  34. Erica Graham says:

    I wish there was a way for it to automatically pull from the game to update somehow instead of having to go through each section manually but other than that, it’s really a great app. It’s really helped me keep up with everything on my island. Love the graphics and ease of use and it saves me from having tons of pages filled in notebooks trying to track it all. Lol.

  35. Olivia East says:

    Pretty good overall. I wish the date could be changed more easily for those who TT. I also wish we could remove or arrange items on the main screen. I don’t care at all about turnip prices, so I’d like to completely remove that option so it doesn’t clutter everything up. Also, for some fish, it doesn’t say specifically enough where to find them. For example, golden trout are only on 2nd or 3rd tier rivers.

  36. Erika Williams says:

    Amazing app to use along with ACNH. The layout is pleasing to navigate and you’re able to customize your lists and of course check off whatever you got within the game. I’ve had experience with several apps in relation to organize and track what I have in ACNH. Plus, it’s been convenient to use more than any other app I’ve used relative to the game. I mean check it out and see for yourself. This app works out the best for me! (:

  37. CowbirdP says:

    I’ve tried a few different apps, and honestly this is the best one, by far!! The app is visually well designed, but it functions just how I’d want it to. Any function I could ever want can be found in the app–weather tracking, turnip prices, even a wiki! And that’s just scratching the surface! If you want a single app for all your acnh needs, this is surely the one! I try to be as critical of apps in my reviews, but I’m just genuinely enjoying using this app and I want to share that with others

  38. Aurora Pass says:

    This app is so useful! I love having a way to make sure I do all the things I need to do everyday, track turnip prices, keep track of events, and especially keep track of what art I still need and how to make sure it’s not fake. In addition to it’s usefulness, this app is aesthetically pleasing and well layed out. This is truly the all in one best friend to any Animal Crossing player. So useful and easy to use!

  39. Jynifer Kyle says:

    Definitely useful, intuitive, and user friendly. A lot of the apps would be missing big features like separating regular finds vs submitted to museum etc. This one doesn’t hit every mark, but really close! Or maybe I just don’t know how to fully use it yet. But it is clean, it has features I didn’t even know I’d want, and does give you hints to finding things you’re looking for (like, “click here to add villagers”)

  40. Mallek says:

    EASILY the best ACNH guide app I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. The UI is crisp and beautiful, and there’s such a wide range of useful things. The only thing I’d change is how there doesn’t seem to be a way to separate villager wishlist vs villager checklist like the way the items work. But I’m still so wowed by the rest of the app and it’s not a priority for me personally, so still, 5 stars all the way!

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