Zombie City Master-Zombie Game Apk Download New*


Tired of escape and survival games? It’s time to let zombies hunt entire cities!
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December 8, 2022
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Zombie City Master-Zombie Game Apk Download New*

Welcome to Zombie Town Grasp – probably the most best possible idle zombie video games in the market. Overlook concerning the tense tower protection, zombie survival, zombie protection, zombie killing, zombie catcher and break out video games – it’s time to start out your individual zombie apocalypse! Keep sharp people, deads forward!

Zombie Town Master-Zombie Sport Apk Obtain New* release

In Zombie Town Grasp, you get an opportunity to overhaul places with hordes of zombies looking for people. Not like zombie protection video games, this sport means that you can take at the function of a hunter and assault along with your hordes the people left alive. It’s no longer a zombie idle shield sport, it’s a natural human looking recreation. The one manner you’ll be able to take over each location is to let your zombies run and kill each unmarried human being that tries to cover or struggle again.

Zombie Town Master-Zombie Sport Apk Obtain New* apk


Zombie Town Master-Zombie Recreation Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Zombie Town Grasp is a zombie idle sport that units a easy, but comprehensible continuity to give you hours of stress-free zombie the town gameplay. Not like in protection video games, you’ll have to assault those who attempt to shield.

Zombie Town Master-Zombie Sport Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

The larger the zombie horde, the smaller probabilities the people have. It’s now not that people must continue to exist however the useless forward zombies that are meant to win the battle.

Zombie Town Master-Zombie Sport Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Make people both useless or both undead on this exciting zombie sport!

Zombie Town Master-Zombie Sport Apk Obtain New* apk mod

– Spawn zombies to create hordes tsunami and ship base assault on the people;
– Accumulate blood, brains, and bones from the eaten people;
– Use the amassed fabrics to make your zombies more potent and sooner;
– Stay the observe of time to complete each and every degree ahead of it runs out;
– Construct a Bone Tank to regulate your bone creditors that you’ll be able to rent within the Graveyard;
– Construct the Cursed Graveyard to routinely spawn zombies when your power is at its most and keep an eye on their numbers within the Graveyard tab.

Zombie Town Master-Zombie Recreation Apk Obtain New*

You’re a zombie hunter on this idle zombie sport, so you’ll get upgrades to reinforce your possibilities:

– Bloodthirst to extend zombie harm;
– Like Leather-based to extend zombie well being;
– Chilly Garage and Mind Cage to extend the collection of most saved brains;
– Recycling Is Cools to extend the probabilities of getting better brains from people;
– Your Soul Is Mine! to extend the possibilities of corpses changing into zombies;
– Power Rush and Crown of Bones to extend technology of power according to 2nd;
– Grasp Summoner and Bone Throne to extend your most power;
– Primal Reflexes to extend zombie pace;
– Blood Harvest and Bone Bolstered Tank to extend most saved blood;
– Bone arrows to extend the bone collector capability.


40 comments on "Zombie City Master-Zombie Game Apk Download New*"

  1. Joseph Davis says:

    4 stars because its honestly a good game, but I think the creators are thinking to small with this game. It has the potential to be a great game that grabs your attention for hours! What I feel it needs is just more, there needs to be more stuff to build in the construction menu, more upgrades for the zombies and add different kinds of zombies you can unlock and upgrade. All in all it’s a good game with a good concept.

  2. Ryan Nakamoto says:

    Very fun game! The new update adds a lot of great quality of life improvements to the game. But I think it also added a couple of bugs. When playing a boss level, the win condition didn’t trigger and required a time extension for it to register, even though I somehow managed to exceed the amount of enemies killed. Also I’ve seen one of the bone collectors become stuck and move back and forth in a random pile of bones while the other collectors were fine.

  3. Zero Sin'dal says:

    Really love the game. I’m having a problem however. On level 185, in the top right corner, there is a solider ( brown fatigue automatic rifle character) stuck inside one of the columns on the building and can’t be killed. I’ve tried the level multiple times. I have the ad skip, so I’ve been just having my zombies swarm around the column like a mosh pit at a slip knot show, soaking up the ad resource bonuses. That being said I’d love to be able to advance now.

  4. Casey says:

    Pretty freaking fun! Simple, and not too stale. The ads are murder tho. 35 second ads between each level sometimes. And the no ad fee is eleven bucks. So basically, is the game worth it for 11 bucks? Yes. Is it worth it if you do not want to pay that? Unfortunately it’s not. But gameplay is solid and fun. Simplified Zombie Age of Empires.

  5. LittleLamaLatte says:

    This game got time through the boredom of healing from surgery. I have laughed so many times at the sound effects and the cartoon style enemies. The only feedback I have is that the VIP golden ticket selection has a dead zone around it so I often try spawning zombies and can’t. I think it’s just the area around a clickable thing is dead and won’t allow interaction if it’s too close of a tap to the button. Other than that it is a great little tap game and worth investing in. Thanks developers!!

  6. Blank User says:

    You lose an entire star because you must pay to play, without buying ad free version there’s just no point in trying. You get two stars for concept, functionality, and because it actually looks pretty good. Another star for boss battles and the potential it has. You’ll get the fourth one when at least every twentieth level after 250 has bosses, there are more unit types (something you’ve created room for in the UI in gameplay, but haven’t implemented) and making progression more interesting

  7. Amadeo Octobie says:

    Just another ad-spamming game if you don’t want to pay for no ads. But unlike many other games, the no ads purchase here is very, very satisfying. It makes progression so much easier. I personally don’t think this game is enjoyable with the ads, so it’s not getting 5 stars from me. Wish it was more playable without paying for no ads. Update: clear your app cache to unlock the 3 new buildings of 3 new zombie types. Pretty excited to try them out.

  8. David Felts says:

    The game play is nice and all, but the hours you need to wait to both unlock and upgrade buildings, with no chance to buy/earn additional workers so that you can work on multiple buildings at once, is annoying. Thankfully, after hitting the reset button a couple dozen times, I was able to get the version I like back, so that’s a plus.

  9. Joey Caracappa says:

    Game makes you watch too many ads. Tracks your data even when you tell it not too. And when you want to watch ad for some extra resources 80% of the time 1 of 2 this will happen. 1) the ad won’t load 2) let’s you watch the ad and then once it’s over and you get back to the game it says there was an error loading the ad and doesn’t give you anything

  10. Avyukt Gupta says:

    I just love this game, it has very nice content because instead of being a human force fighting zombies, it’s the opposite. The only thing I am kind of sad about is all of the bones that are left in the ground after rounds no matter how much I upgrade my bone collecters. Overall, this is a very good game, so I don’t mind watching ads that pop up on the right side. More games should get rid of pop up ads and get optional ads.

  11. Mike O'Donnell says:

    Fun game. Cool concept being the zombie. I enjoy the various upgrades of the zombies, but wish there were maybe different types of zombies you could spawn to counter the different enemies. I also wish you accumulated the power to spawn zombies a little faster. I realize you can upgrade to accumulate faster but it’s still just a bit too slow. The ads aren’t too bad compared to some games. I really enjoy it overall

  12. Trill Cosby says:

    *contains ads* well at least they gave me some warning. Somewhere around the tenth stage i started getting an ad after every. single. stage. Imagine watching television and getting a commercial every 2 minutes of content. You can pay about 10 dollars to remove the ads. I might have done that once i got into the game. Didn’t really have a chance to get interested.

  13. River Crimea says:

    Gameplay is pretty cool…. My Samsung tablet works best with a stylus. The game does not respond to the stylus during gameplay or for scrolling or selection on the main menu, but does for other functions. Also, there is a bug in time display. For example, 6 minutes and 5 seconds displays as 6:5 instead of 6:05. Lastly, there is no clean way to exit the game. The Back button does nothing, forcing me to use Home instead. Fix these issues, and I’ll give you the last star.

  14. Alexander M says:

    A lot of fun for what it is. There is no real way to lose a level, except the few timed ones. Quite ad heavy, even for a free game, I watch a lot of the optional ads for more resources, so I wish I could just skip the mandatory ones after each level, since at that point I am watching ads every few seconds.

  15. EndlessShadow says:

    I have played over 200 levels in this game. And while I love the style and the concept, there does seem to be some things missing that I think would make the game 100x better for replayability. For one, the motionless humans, I feel like having them walking around or maybe having the army men have little squads that walk around would be cool. Also having them run away to shoot from a distance whenever a zombie gets close. More zombie types!!!!! And finally, new buildings and maps.

  16. Kiley Staats says:

    Update (Back to the old version) wiped progress of the zombies, but left me at level 260 enemies. Now, to go back and farm, I have to press the arrow after every fight with a slow scroll animation till I’m down in the beginning levels, and farm everything again. And zombie types? We don’t need 200 different types, with tiers and cards to collect, and leveling with multiple tiers for each level of each ability. There is too much to keep track of. Before it was too basic. Now it is insanity.

  17. Vladimir shumovych says:

    The game does have it’s fun element which is basic but fun nonetheless. attacking with zombies and trying to beat the enemy compositions can take a bit of planning but you essentially cannot loss. Also all upgrades are basically tied to paying for them with real cash, waiting crazy long times for even the most basic unlocks, and watching a ton of ads to get anywhere. The agressive monetization is difficult to put up with, hence after 60 levels I couldn’t take it anymore and uninstalled.

  18. Josh Schum says:

    I really enjoy this game, but since this most recent update, the mega knight and ancient castle functions are completely locked off for me, and after playing more than two levels some of the enemies become unkillable, forcing me to restart the game. I wish there were some kind of bug report system, but I don’t think these problems will be fixed. New players should enjoy the game, if they can even download it

  19. Joseph Amaya says:

    This game started out fun, I even bought the ad remover and I waited patiently for the new zombies to show up on the 3 extra slots only to find out it has all been removed. I was waiting to unlock the auto spawn which is completely absent. The zombie knight is more of an annoyance than helpful even with good armor. Upgrades take a long time just to be able to upgrade once or twice per level. It could have been a fun game. I want a refund on my ad remover purchase asap.

  20. George white says:

    The game itself isn’t bad, but the adds pile up and half the time the ads don’t end or have a way to close so you have to force close the app and not get the rewards you watched the video for, or if it is an after level add you have to replay the level. I made it to lvl 100 before I just couldn’t take it anymore

  21. Greg Moberg says:

    During the game it offers rewards for watching an ad but about every 2 or three rewards you have to watch two ads for the reward. If it’s a glitch please fix it. If it’s not a glitch then don’t watch the ads for rewards. Also if it’s not a glitch it is false advertising. Please fix this problem then I will give 5 stars. Thanks.

  22. Andy Thomson says:

    Game was good, update was ok but made me work back up to where I was in upgrades, then it reset back to old version. Could not upgrade anything anymore and when I tried to play a map there were no humans nor could I place zombies, plus it took me even further back in my upgrades. Reinstalled and it was just like never played the game, though my ad blocker purchase was able to reinstall.

  23. Jesse Bricker says:

    Sooooo I really enjoy the game very much but I absolutely loathe the idea of how I’m forced to watch an ad video everytime I beat a level. And half the time the videos don’t play all the way through so me “beating the level” doesn’t count so I gotta beat that same level again due to so many ads. Sometimes I gotta play the same level 5 to 6 times because the videos don’t load or I’ve watched too many videos to load another video. If you remove ads after beating levels I will download it again.

  24. Donny says:

    I was hoping to find something like this. Something fun that I don’t have to get to involved with the controllers to enjoy. Plus, there aren’t enough games out there where you get to be the bad guy. I think it would be awesome if when a cop becomes a zombie, he becomes a zombie cop that starts shooting all the humans and their allies, instead of losing his ability to shoot when he becomes a zombie.

  25. Christopher Cope says:

    I played this game for several days and I have some suggestions to improve the game play. 1) There should be an “open all” or “open 10” button for the wood chests. You get so many chests soo quickly and then opening them all takes forever. 2) There should be challenges to complete with the levels. As it is each level (except the boss levels) are un-loseable. 3) The character upgrade feature is too slow. Taking HOURS to make minimal upgrades.

  26. Seth Cottam says:

    Great game with too many ads. I’ve played through 3 rebuilds of the game that completely change how upgrades are done. They seem to have gone back to the second version (the worst one) but it won’t let me place any units. I’m so dissappointed I wasted so much time on this game just to have my progressed wiped.

  27. Will Augustyn says:

    Very early on, you could get an upgrade that would auto spawn zombies at a steady rate. This was great to get a slow build general horde, and once you had energy upgrades you could then choose to drop zombies into a heavily guarded base. For some reason the device decided to get rid of auto spawn, not even an option to toggle it on or off. Definitely makes it more annoying to build a horde. Also hate that my prior progress got wiped.

  28. Troy Harmon says:

    It’s fun, but not challenging. The biggest limit on upgrades is you can’t store enough blood (tier 1 currency) for mid-level upgrades. The only way to raise it is to spend brains (tier 2 currency). That moves slow enough that midgame I was getting as much from ad rewards as game play. Bones, (tier 3 currency) let you upgrade rates significantly, but they’re limited by time spent making buildings. Gems(premium currency) grow too slowly to use without buying.

  29. Nick Curran says:

    I have had this game for a while. Bought the ad free which was great. But now the game was redone again for some reason and It dosnt even run anymore. Waste of 5 bucks. It was looking promising. When I open the map to play, there are no enemies or ability to interact at all. This game is broken. For me anyway.

  30. Victor Scott says:

    This could have been good. Literally should call the game hurry up and wait simulator because that’s all you’re gonna do. Wait to build, then wait longer to upgrade. Upgrades are capped immediately at the respected level and stay locked until the upgrade finishes. All of this sounds normal, I can deal with it. What I can’t deal with is the insane ads forced down your throat in order upgrade because your actual bloodbank can’t upgrade enough to be useful. Save yourself time and don’t bother…

  31. Jacob Russell says:

    I really want to like this game. I purchased the ad remover a long time ago, and I’m glad I was able to restore the purchase after reinstalling it. My biggest complaint is that for as long as this game has been out, it feels like an alpha. There are 4 slots for zombies at the bottom of the screen but no additional zombies? I’ve read other reviews stating that they were added and then removed. I feel like having other zombies would add another level of strategy.

  32. Richard Thompson says:

    On the one hand, this game starts off kind of fun. However, you will quickly struggle to raise resource caps to be able to buy improvements. This helps for a time, but it won’t take very long before you will absolutely not be able to buy upgrades without watching multiple ads. Take blood, for instance. My cap is under 7,000, but my upgrades are between 40,000 and 100,000. I can’t possibly buy any blood-related upgrade without watching ads.

  33. Ihuntin Wabits says:

    This is ad to win which is more annoying than pay to win. Buying the game gets you is no ads after completing one level nothing else (glad i didn’t) You have to watch ads for resources if you want to upgrade anything unless you want to wait 4-10 hours to upgrade buildings to collect past max capacity while you’re offline. Even if you’re not you have to do it anyway since the enemies get too strong for your basic zoms to take out without upgrades. Good game. needs to lower upgrade cost/raise caps

  34. Oscar Orozco-Jimenez says:

    Man this game is fun when on the toilet. Honestly I forget I’m on the toilet then it’ll lead on to one of my legs falling asleep or looking at my watch and realizing it’s been almost an hour in the restroom. But even sometimes when I have free time I’ll still play this game. The ads its what really gets me. Cause I’ll just collect alot of the resources from the ads and just make my zombies op. But the ads are annoying sometimes. Plz give me free things In the game. I used almost all characters.

  35. Guerman says:

    I loved this game, great way to let time pass, liked it so much that I paid to have ads removed. As of recently though I can’t get anything to load, when I go in to play a round there are no enemies, I can’t see the death knight, and can’t purchase upgrades. The game is useless to me now and im super upset that I spent money on it… please fix!

  36. Hannah Wilton says:

    I really liked this game but now I cant even play it anymore because they added the timer back and the amount of time they give you is totally unrelated to the difficulty of the map. The timing isnt even challenging. its just straight up impossible, even with the free 30 sec bonus, I just played a level where I had to spend 50 gems on one map. Do they really expect me to get through 200 enemies, armed with guns behind spiked gates in 2 minutes???

  37. Delwin17 says:

    Considering I have made it to level 250 and have 90% of upgrades. This game has a good concept but bad execution. Only three types of zombies (basic, zombie dog, and bonus basic) and you also have a Skeleton knight (slow moving and are attack) Levels are super repetitive (with the occasional boss fights until level 100 afterwards for the next 150 levels just basic mobs until you unlock last building unlock (gem base). Upgrades are ridiculously expensive. If your extremely bored would I recommend

  38. James Mills says:

    I played for several months and the game surprisingly got worse. The timer was added to the game (which apparently was in before), makes progressing impossible at higher levels. I purchased the ad remover when I first started and the game feels unfinished. There’s information about zombies that isn’t in the game, the buildings screen is unfinished, and the resource rewards are inconsistent and unrealistic. Great premise, but hard pass.

  39. David Kessler says:

    I have played this game for over a year and am now uninstalling it. The new “time limit” on rounds is the reason. I was ok with a 30 second ad after each round but now it’s too much with an ad to continue 30 seconds and then another and even if you choose not to add time there is still an ad. Too greedy.

  40. Michael Ringenbach says:

    Cute game, but if you’re not willing to pay $11 for the no ad package, skip it. Ads after every level. And frankly, the 2 hour build time on the 2nd building is stupid. It’s a single player game so the only reason to have build times is to get people to spend money. Disappointing and unnecessary mechanic.

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