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Take command of the Allies or the Axis to win the World War 2! Strategy Games!
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November 9, 2022
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WW2: World War Strategy Games Premium Apk

WW2: Commander, International Battle 2 & Technique Video games is the newest technique video games and speedy tactical warfare video games set throughout the turbulent length from 1939-1945. You’re going to play the function of well-known generals for quite a lot of primary international locations, Rommel, Goodrian, Manstein, Sir bernard law, Dowding, Cunningham, and different army geniuses will practice you to dominate all of the global.
The conflict video games are about to start, act as commanders and lead your military to triumph over the sector! Relive the flame of the best battles on this army technique WW2 conflict video games! Options – Relive the flame of well-known battles in international warfare 2, enjoy ancient moments reminiscent of Normandy Touchdown, Operation Marketplace Lawn in WW2.
– Well-known Generals, all of them have distinctive energy:
Rommel, Goodrian, Manstein, Montgomery, Dowding, Cunningham and different global battle 2 generals will sign up for this World Struggle recreation.
– Tough firepower guns: armored artillery, tanks, automobiles, submarines, battleships, heavy cruisers, destroyers… and many others. that gave the impression in International Struggle 2. The most efficient apparatus such because the German Tiger tank that gave the impression in WW2. Provides you with the most efficient revel in of technique video games.
– Greater than 30 large-scale battlefield maps in warfare recreation.
– Omnidirectional fight area for technique video games: naval, air, land.
– Morale gadget, decrease your enemy’s morale to weaken their firepower within the battle video games. Triumph over the arena – Mobilize troops, fee into struggle, re-light the struggle of WW2.
– Lead the Allies in WW2 or sign up for the Axis powers to protect your hometown within the struggle.
– Command your military to perform strategic goals in WW2 battle video games inside of a restricted time.
– Regulate strategic goals in keeping with the battlefield in WW2 struggle video games, and bring army gadgets.
– Random occasions will make sure that never-ending replayability and the individuality of every recreation consultation. Make your individual historical past within the conflict video games.
– The combo of terrain, generals, guns, and troops makes each and every combat distinctive and offers you the most productive revel in of WW2 technique video games.
– New troops & guns within the box of WW2 struggle video games! Akin to paratroopers, engineers.
– Well-known legions of WW2 similar to Guderian’s Grand German Department.
– The correct association of troops and the use of generals is the important thing to victory in WW2 technique video games.
– Manufacturing and building, correct association of assets lead you to win the WW2 battle video games.
– Win the fight to discover extra well-known battlefields within the WW2 technique video games.
– Broaden your military with sources from conquered territories, improve the nationwide generation.
– Learn about new applied sciences and make stronger the battle effectiveness of all gadgets in WW2. Similar to Making improvements to automobile frame guns; firepower protection; gasoline; huge structures.
– Make a choice superb generals to combat facet via aspect, advertise their ranks and pick out the fitting talents for them within the conflict video games.
Problem – The fog of struggle, watch out for enemy ambushes. In the meantime, you’ll additionally use the fog to ambush the enemy.
– Terrain restrictions make the battlefield extra complicated; as a commander, you’ll want to believe terrain restrictions.
– Problem operations to check the restrict of your commanding talent in WW2 technique video games.
– Win the warfare inside the specified stipulations, which can check your commanding abilities.
New improve – Improve of WW2 technique video games visible impact, the usage of a brand new engine to toughen the sport graphics.
– Render a extra practical WW2.
– Extra detailed lend a hand machine; simple to know each and every serve as within the warfare.
Coming quickly – Climate device Fb: https://www.fb.com/Strategy-CommanderWW2-Community-343526342834960/


40 comments on "WW2: World War Strategy Games Premium Apk"

  1. Stepne Anora says:

    It’s good but I LITERALLY can’t get past the first level, it’s easy but when I have troops over EVERY BUILDING when it only states to occupy the one at the end, nothing happens. I’ve restarted the level, closed the app, tried it again and again but to no avail. The dudes that join you half way through just circle the map, and when it takes up the 25 turns it says ‘defeat’… Why?

  2. Aundra Stepahnie says:

    A good game that has lots of potential. As other players have said the English needs a little work and the gameplay is good but requires refining to bring the best out. Main point is that medals (in game currency) is too difficult to accumulate for the prices of even basic upgrades. You have to watch 120 adverts for one tank upgrade which is realistically not going to happen. Also seems to be a problem with resources going negative by huge numbers for no reason preventing building or supplying. Not being able to stack units on cities or airfields means refuelling air units is almost impossible so they become disposable. Ground units cannot pass air units nor attack them causing issues with map navigation where one air unit can block bridges indefinitely for ground units. Update: after playing for a while the game is way too difficult even on easy mode at the higher levels and very much dependent on purchased upgrades. Shame to see yet another promising game ruined by pay2play greed from developers.

  3. Emelyn Warley says:

    Fun game, its got a good set of units as well as a pretty decent research tree for an app game. I would like to make a suggestion to the Dev’s. You need some kind of counter in battle as to how many troops you have created and destroyed. Destoying so many troops and keeping your production under a certain number are goals for winning battles. These numbers are crucial to getting a 3 star win. There should be a simple counter for these. Only reason for not giving a 5 🌟 rating!!

  4. Frankeleyn Elgin says:

    Good tactical combat fun initially at the basic level. I realised that the Infantry units weren’t particularly strong, even when defending in urban terrain. They should be granted better defensive stats and bonuses. The tanks were a little too strong, but what would have been good was if they were also given the Overrun capability seen in Panzer General 2. Also, I couldn’t find an option to restart the campaign from the onset.

  5. Bronte Morcan says:

    I’ve only played the first 3 scenarios so far, but first impressions are it’s very good. Quite like Easytech games, but more tactical and has its own flavour and personality. I am happy that planes interdict the hexes they’re in – when a general is “commanding” a single tank, the unit scale is fluid, to say the least. So don’t try to make this game more like a simulation – it’s fine the way it is. I agree the anti-air are too strong, but it’s its own game – learning what works and what doesn’t is the fun. If planes could overfly AA units without penalty, wouldn’t be a purpose for the armoured cars. I will say that $9.99 is more than I like to pay for a single purchase.

  6. Ellene Franklynn says:

    seems like there are still bugs in the game. scenario 4 ends with victory conditions met but then screen changes to a defeat. permanent unit got locked in a finished scenario. no menu option to turn off music while in map mode. good concept. like the idea but seems like it never finalized in developmet. Update to my review. Very impressive developer response time. The issue about units being stuck was resolved. Hope the game keeps developing.

  7. Carrington Fleur says:

    The game is fun, I actually enjoy aircraft taking a whole hex because it gives me more options. I like the tech tree, how we are given generals as we progress. Now, onto the major flaw, WHY let ME unlock an extra slot in the Troop menu if I’m not allowed to add another troop!? I wasted 50 medals unlocking the 2nd slot and another 65 medals getting the 105 arty. I should be able to put the 105 in the 2nd slot and field both troops in any mission unless told otherwise. Extremely misleading.

  8. Kailyn Hamo says:

    this biggest problem is that if one of your troops dies you have to save up alot of money (in game) to bring it back and it can’t be used until you do so, i think that either the troop is lost and can be replaced or if it dies it will slowly regain health until it can be used again, like a day or something. i don’t mind waiting or paying to speed up the wait time, but i want the whether to pay or wait.

  9. Mikella Tina says:

    Okay i can tell you devs, i love this game BUT it needs improvements. Biggest thing u need to do is REMOVE STANDBY. It gets annoying just to press it. 2nd Fix some text errors like, wrongly typed in words and etc. 3rd let us make unlimited units. Dont become like european war 4 and 6. other than that and a few other minuses, i like this game and definatly the music aswell. hope to see you guys more in the future.

  10. Jaguar Ransley says:

    I’ve played SSI games for years and really enjoy this. HOWEVER, not having a “save game” functionality is a serious problem. If you don’t finish an entire scenario, you lose all progress. Interestingly enough, the game periodically flashes that the game is saved. However, there appears to be no way to open or continue a saved game. I have emailed the developer about this but have yet to receive a response.

  11. Isrel Edelina says:

    Graphics are decent and you are not buried under video adds. The grind is slow, but not insurmountable if you want to play for free. Could use a “cycle active troops” button to help make sure you’ve moved all units before ending a turn. Game mechanics are a little unbalanced: have yet to see an enemy tank/artillery run out of fuel/ammo (both of which you have limited supply per unit). Enemy units have the entire map visible and never blindly move into unseen/scouted danger like your troops.

  12. Avrel Jaguar says:

    Developers make their money by showing ads. which pays you stars which are used for upgrades(which is fair).The ads do not interrupt the battles. Turned based game, so both relaxing and challenging. You can spend real money to improve your progress, but it is not necessary. Good game.

  13. Cleon Caris says:

    Really great game. I’d give it four stars except for two minor issues. The first is I have bought a second unit in the troop section and I have bought troops to fill the second unit but it won’t fill. Is this a bug or am I playing the game wrong? Also the star sistem becomes really frustrating when you have do old levels over again which takes really long because the matches can take up to two hours. Can’t there be a way to change that? Anyway, still a nice game.

  14. Lilian Anise says:

    Love the game. Not happy that you made it harder to earn money and medals from victories though. Still waiting on the backup system to work as well. It’s also unrealistic when on some levels the enemy seems to have unlimited planes which makes it impossible to earn all your stars. Smaller scenarios are better as well. I view these as minor issues though, as a whole I love it. It’s very playable and I’ve had a ton of fun with it. Keep tweaking, and thanks for an awesome game!

  15. Zaine Garman says:

    It’s a great game but at level 12 (Axis) I’ve just stopped playing. The objectives are just too long to complete for me. It would be nice to see more troops and the multiplayer has been led on for a while but overall the game is still really good. Maybe add some additional scenes so if you get stuck, you aren’t just completely halted. (For Axis and Allies I mean)

  16. Edouard Karen says:

    This game is very good apart from 3 things – the incorrect use of English eg “warming” instead of “warning” which makes the game appear amateurish, the over eagerness to get the player to spend money and the constant ads until you spend $9.99. If it wasn’t for these things it would be a great game. As it is I find it quite addictive and enjoyable.

  17. Adamm Daylan says:

    The game is enjoyable but it stalled at map number three. It makes me repeat the same map over and over. I did it about three times just to make sure… it won’t allow me to proceed, I do map number three, I watch another very long commercial… and then it still has just the first 3 maps as an option. It’s a bug. no matter how many times I passed each of the three levels and never offers me anything else just those three levels

  18. Berkeley Ilde says:

    Update….my critique is still the same. I would give 5 star, but the English is poor on the instructions and objectives. The objectives do not fit in the star tabs on the mission objective screen during in between turns. Also, there are so many mispellings it just is sloppy. The game play is good, but 5 stars to me is perfect. Calling trucks “trunks” and units “unints” and cities “citys” all could be easily fixed with one person on staff to edit. Great job on the gameplay though.

  19. Jewel Albet says:

    It’s ok. Can’t pass the third level. Everything costs a lot to up grade. Probably to much. Which kinda sucks. Wish there was a game like this a guy could play with not having to spend money. Lower your prices. Allow supplies to grow if you occupy the area buildings. Also the the number of moves you can make should go up a few. I get to the objective and I’m always always 2-3 moves short. The level I’m stuck on. I won’t spend money. Sorry. So I’ll probably just get rid of it all together.

  20. Cooke Destini says:

    It’s not bad at all. The controls are a bit clunky at times and a couple of the features either don’t work or require some better explanation. The step up between normal and hard is a good one. Makes for much more variability. Overall a worthwhile 7.5/10

  21. Gretta Harvey says:

    Overall an excellent WWII turn-based, strategy game with good graphics and a challenging AI & scenarios. It needs some patches regarding the resupplying trucks not being able to refuel all German tanks. The English translations are poor and need work. I’m enjoying the game, in spite of it’s flaws and the ads. Thanks for designing it. Since my above review, I reached Game/Level 14. I incurred $33,000 in unit damage because the resupply trucks & airfields don’t resupply fuel properly. PLEASE FIX!

  22. Elinor Giordani says:

    Great game, often a challenge to find the right strategy and very tricky at the harder levels. Can be a little confusing to understand exactly what to do early on but eventually it all clicks. For anyone interested in WW2, it’s a good option without many of the complications of similar games.

  23. Queen Gabriell says:

    Pretty fun. Cannot get past level 4 though. I recommend that the game give a sandbox mode. Or make levels easier. Maybe even have the Axis start at the borders of Germany and continue outward. And maybe add a Japanese side campaign for the ocean. I absolutely love these types of games but I believe this one still needs work. Like how am I going to grind out 8k to repair my main tank when each level takes almost 30mins to beat. Just minor things. Still worth 4 stars.

  24. Windsor Butch says:

    0 stars if possible. The early levels gives u hope that u can actually make progress but after certain period of time it makes the enemy so overwhelming that u can’t possibly win even in the NORMAL mode. At the 15th level of the axis campaign the enemy planes and tanks were twice the size of my own troop. I just wached them obliterate me in just 13 turns. It would’ve made sense if it was general or hard mode. If u play the same level 2/3 times the AI just gets dumb and lets u win. Deceiving.

  25. Madelene Jered says:

    Overall liked the concept, but like others said it becomes frustrating as the opposing team always seems to get reinforcements and always seems to have fuel and ammo. Level three I was one move away from capturing 2 of the last 3 buildings and all of a sudden each building built a tank and then artillery, soldiers and two bombers showed up as reinforcements. I lost due to the maximum turn shortly after. This was set to the easiest level. Quickly lost interest after that experience….

  26. Elberta Jayde says:

    I have played this type of game on pc a few years back. With WWII background. Now I can play it on my android! I love it so much. Only I find it difficult to play some normal or general setting of the game. The enemy army is a lot and promoted where as ours is still the same. So we are going against powerful enemies. All in all, I love the game very much.

  27. Gray Fox says:

    Pay to play. ….that says it all. After the 4th level, time constraints and difficulty level are so high that uou cannot collect enough stars to continue. Decent game. But has very poor control characteristics and lose contact with the game server several times. They cannot even spell correctly, such as the word “truck”. The developer needs to add more features and control for the players….i am not enticed to spend money on a game that the player cannot control his own units.

  28. Si Historian says:

    Good turn-based strategy game. Takes a while to build enough strength to tackle later missions so you do have to repeat earlier missions several times to build resources to upgrade. Some levels take a long time to complete. Whiles away the hours. Interesting use of real people and timelines.

  29. Wes Harden says:

    Game play is great. Lots of depth in skills to learn. Only one complaint is that the prices to acquire advanced weapons is too high. I play for free and have no issues watching ads. The ads level is appropriate. On the technical side there is a bug on level 4 of axis side. Upon victory you have to go back in to retrieve troops and it says defeat. Overall a great game I am enjoying many hours of entertainment. Thanks as good turn based war games are hard to find.

  30. jeff johnson says:

    Overall an easy game to pick up and play. Not too simplistic, or too complicated. Definitely have to pay to enjoy fully. So that may deter me from really sinking my teeth into the game. As of now I’ll just stop playing it when they limit my advances on the map. Either I didn’t have enough stars to advance or needed more money. Either way ive stopped playing as much and will drop it soon if advancement is that petty and difficult.

  31. James De Bono says:

    Great game So far have been playing for about 3 weeks. Only gave 4 stars because some of the descriptions lack information. Also while in missions sometimes you can’t see what full description is to get three stars. Also a lot of spelling mistakes. Thanks for replying. Also to add to this it is very annoying after 28 or 30 days that you’re rewards go back to the first day (basic rewards) again particularly after third day when you get the same Commander you already have.

  32. Jeff M says:

    Both this and 1942 are great fun and challenging at the same time. Keeps you ingaged. If you like war games and history this game will fit your interest well. Spending is not necessary but, its up to you. I would suggest spending at least $5 to get a “Special” troop that you can then upgrade, otherwise just get a troop from an in game mission and upgrade. The tech tree in this one is not as in depth which I wish it was. Anyway, I highly approve of and have tons of fun with this game!

  33. Brent Moeller says:

    This game is extremely bare bones when it comes to turnbase. If you are new to this style of game playing, then I would suggest you play it. There’s no ads, but bundle packs you can buy. I found it annoying that I had to move the units and then confirm it or they go back to original block. All in all its a good game,but I got bored only after 20 minutes and I will probably never load it again. This game does have potential, but as of now, it’s basic and boring and setup to win without thinking.

  34. John Smith says:

    Warming is spelled warning, and ganeral is spelled general, so they don’t know how to spell, but the game rocks. graphics rock. maps and units rock. The only downside is the production upgrade cost it’s set up to grind same map.over and over to slow grind medals and cash. I’m changing my review to 5 stars and I hope the developers give me a few free tanks and a good general for my good eye at catching grammatical errors. 🙂 Because overall it is a fantastic game when the only issue is gramatics.

  35. Carl Harris says:

    Really enjoy the game, although after spending quite a few of my unused dining out dollars on upgrades and moving through the campaigns, I am no longer able to upload the game. It will let me get as far as choosing either axis or allies, from that point the map continues to state “coming soon.” This has been going on for a week now. I would greatly appreciate assistance on this matter.

  36. Jeffrey Mumford says:

    Kind of fun, but very poor balance after 4th mission. Enemy strength and numbers ramps far too quickly. Medals accrue way too slowly. Hero repair cost is ridiculously high; should be reduced to 1% of current value. Unit heal times are way too slow. And what’s with enemy reinforcements popping up out of nowhere in areas you already cleared long ago? With significant balance changes, this would be a good game.

  37. Mike Gold says:

    I decided to give this a chance, but it is disappointing and cartoonish. You find that your tanks have a 10 mile range, you have to build a damn supply truck to refuel them, there’s no difference in armor, infantry and everything can trade hit points, and it is very convoluted and and annoying especially when you add planes. Grand War is their better game. I barely recommend this. Close Combat by Microsoft was superior to this and it came out over 20 years ago.

  38. Danyel Avila says:

    This game is pretty good. It’s a mobile game so it is restricted and doesn’t run perfectly smooth but it works. You can join either the axis or allies side which is a very good aspect of the game. Howerver the troops needed to win a battle need to be bought with real money. Therefore it’s incredibly hard to win levels because you don’t have the troops or manpower to win. Even with precise strategic thinking it is still hard to win. I’m asking if you can make an easier mode.

  39. Michael Sabbe says:

    Enjoy it very much. Daily tasks keep me entertained, and earn much needed medals. Even watching the ads are fine. It does get harder as you advance, but no problems so far. All technology unlocked for both axis and allies, and up to mission 18 on axis, and 12 on allies. I play everyday.

  40. Richard Bails says:

    Turn based ww2 strategy. Good so far ,still learning. Six units per truck, is it a tardis or mercedes

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