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World at Arms is the groundbreaking modern-war strategy game by Gameloft!
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Gameloft SE
May 25, 2018
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World at Arms Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Battle towards the KRA, a rogue military with invasion plans for each country. However you’ll be able to additionally problem your pals for a laugh and glory within the difficult multiplayer mode that in reality checks your technique.

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Benefit from the wealthy social options to seek out allies and devise your subsequent crafty strike with the chat characteristic. Then sign up for or create your personal Faction to mix forces and really transform a drive to be reckoned with! You’ll be able to even make your title recognized at the leaderboards by way of difficult opponents and assuredly stealing their assets.

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Prospect and offer protection to war recreation

Global at Fingers Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

· Revel in a loose global battle simulation sport with good graphics, surprising animations, and lifelike trendy army devices & structures.

Global at Palms Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

· Building up your base by means of developing and making improvements to amenities that unencumber new guns, era and techniques.

International at Fingers Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

· Acquire sources to gasoline your army country, improve amenities, fuse military devices and entire a large number of achievements to earn unfastened bonuses.

International at Palms Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

· Interact in cutting edge battles around the globe and on more than a few terrains together with sizzling deserts, city cityscapes, ocean depths and any place else the struggle spreads.

International at Fingers Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

· Immerse your self in the one modern-war technique recreation in the marketplace that provides deep-sea exploration and battles.

· Assemble the brand new tremendous unit: Atlas. This immortal battle robotic is a relic from an historical country, however may also be without equal game-changer in fight!

· Shape a Faction with your mates and allies to pool your powers, communicate technique, lend a hand each and every different out, and succeed in ranges of energy that might be all however not possible on my own.

· Hook up with your folks by way of Fb and make contact with for reinforcements from their gadgets right through fight.

· Construct a Faction Base the place you and your allies can construct and shared facility that you simply should all lend a hand to give protection to from invaders.

· Give a contribution gadgets to change into the invader and strike rival Faction Bases for big rewards and supreme bragging rights.
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40 comments on "World at Arms Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Welsa Jenilynn says:

    This game is great and all and I would give 5 stars but……. but the crashes and game data synchronization where it gives the popup is annoying. Please fix this! I have just been crashing way too often right now I can’t get on without crashing and my phone specs are enough to run this game….

  2. Merry Bray says:

    I love the game but I have been having problems recently when I try to invade base. On the second or third fight and I go to invade enemy base, the loading screen just keeps loading like it freezes up.

  3. Rickard Roderik says:

    Great, easy to play, lots of fun. There is a bug that makes the game “synchronise” too often and this has happened to me 4 times in 2 days. O and the pvp could have been more interesting…

  4. Early Genista says:

    The game is great. I have a lot of fun, but I am coming across a big when it comes to specialization of boosters. I was trying to get the production specialization, but everytime I clicked it, I would get something else. I noticed it earlier as well with other specializations. I got the specialization I wanted, eventually. But it ended up using an un needed amount of medals to get it and about 5 – 10 taps/clicks. Please fix this.

  5. Benjamie Joslyn says:

    The game has a lot of problems. You build up plenty oil and then it just disappeared. Too much syncing in which you lose the battle ,any rewards and other resources. You set up a battle and then the game freezes and you need to restart the game. Annoying pop ups keep appearing telling of insignificant achievements from weeks ago. Problems from 4 years ago have not been addressed. The customer services is of no use whatsoever where you NEVER get to complain or mention problems.Nobody is there and

  6. Edlyn Dalene says:

    I do enjoy the game, however it frequently freezes in mid game costing me the battle at times. Further to this it also sycronises in mid battle as well, if in Global Conflict the battle and control points are lost. I am also aware that the game does not always record a successful breach. Fix these and I will give 5 stars.

  7. Pernell Cy says:

    This game keeps me interested in playing, but make no mistake; in order to keep playing and win, I am forced to spend money. It takes a while to figure out your best strategy. There could be improvement with the directions or “how to.” I still can’t figure out how to repair the water dock. I need help with that, but found none.

  8. Mathers Wilber says:

    I have some problem while playing game, whenever I build a powerlant, a pop-up window comes up and says “The game will synchronise now”,this happens again and again, and game reverse few seconds back,Please fix it if it is a bug

  9. Alcott Sinley says:

    I enjoy using this app and I played for many years. I’m concerned that sometimes when I launch the loading screen it stays at the same percent for a while. After a few minutes of waiting it kicks me out.

  10. Camyron Ryana says:

    The game is very buggy. Now Im at a point where my barracks wont stop producing the same marine. Once complete it syncronizes the game and takes me back to the point i was at when I first cued it up for production. In other words I cant play for more than 6 minutes and 30 seconds before the game resets back to that moment. Im done.

  11. Jennelle Bonnita says:

    It is a fun game but after playing for three days now it does have issues. For instance buying a plot of land. Exiting game then when you come back it’s gone along with your money. This is just not on plots of land either. It’s on everything you purchase. It keeps wanting to synchronize even though I’m using only one account. You lose what you bought when it’s done.

  12. Leanna Jonalynn says:

    Requires your location to play? No thank you. Other games need it but give you the option of having it on. This doesnt. If you dont agree to give your location you wont progress at all and will be reverted back to when the game asked you for your location. All progress you’ve made would be lost when you get off the game for even 1 minute. Very disappointed

  13. Cony Tifanny says:

    Overall it is a good game exept for the fact that I was banned TWICE for using something provided by the game, Im playing on a computer and it offers touch drive or something and apparently you can’t use it in multiplayer and I was banned and had my progress reset. If you will ban players for using something in multiplayer don’t let me have the option to turn it on for multiplayer, game support doesn’t work and I have no way of contacting them since their customer support doesn’t help with game

  14. Lilliam Robinne says:

    So far have had good experiences with game. Some bugs. Would not purchase with real money at this time as purchases for items do not stay in account. Added base expansion with 40000 purchase. Funds reduced and shows timer. Login later and land is back to default. Twice this has happened.

  15. Daena Loly says:

    I like the city builder combined with managing an industrial war production elements. And Paying to play, isn’t necessary. I wouldn’t mind seeing optional advertisements, to earn rare currency. Seeing how advertising is basically only in-game elements.

  16. Posh Allicyn says:

    A really good game overall. The graphics are good it’s easy to manage has tutorials to make sure you understand what the hell is going on and even has a somewhat interesting story. There’s only one problem though, which is overtime like as you progress through the game it gets more tedious and like you have to wait days on it and just to get one thing done. Which leads to another problem, being that it’s a bit too pay to win of an experience. Edit: Another issue, you cant use multiple devices.

  17. Marline Garnock says:

    I would have given it more stars but after I completed the tutorial I had a task to build a oil refinery and when I built it there would be a pop-up that said matching data and then it would disappear. Also the it takes a long time to load and crashes happen often

  18. Alechia Marlena says:

    The game is no longer supported and is full of glitches, hackers and hacks. But it’s really fun to play. Just make sure you don’t accidentally press the wrong button by going to fast or you could find yourself easily losing your most valuable items.

  19. Clover Tarian says:

    Too many bugs, Gameloft is a quality game company i don’t know what happened to this one. When attacking under water some a lot of times buldings appears not in the construction area and you cannot steal money. Sometimes when you try to fuse your army it takes your money and game goes in synchronizing. When you grow in level sometimes you have to restart the game, and more other once i’ve found Prometeus building in the middle of my base. Same on you Gameloft very disappointed . Zero stars

  20. Andswarian Seal says:

    The game is good, the graphic is also. But After 1 day of playing the game, it is not loading anymore. When you start the program it is writing ‘ checking the updates ‘ but the status bar of loading is not going further, nothing is happen. After waiting some period going to delete the game. A lot of lost the time.

  21. Israel Contreras says:

    I used to play this game back when it was first released. It’s good to be back but I find that I take longer to load certain things. For example, after I defeat a player and want to evade his base, it takes really long for it to load their base. Sometimes it’s doesn’t even load at all and I have to close the game and restart not again. By the time the he loads back up I get sent to my base without ever raiding the enemy player.

  22. Md. Shariful Islam Sumon says:

    I would rate 5 but I can not help. I play games thorough my pc and android phone. but I can not link my mobile game to my pc games. its irritating that two device has different two progress. why it don’t have option to connect two different device, why I need another windows environment to sync. its lame.

  23. Kailash Lale says:

    A huge fan of this game but then the made me delete this game on windows device as the reset my whole progress from level 90+ to level 1. Now have downloaded it on android and found the progress cannot be transferred to different platforms. I hope they should have worked over it Now issues on android devices. 1. Game stays on loading screen forever when I try to invade enemy territory and have to force close. 2. Game does not respond after girl popup with message to tap on coin icon to learn tax office mechanic. 3. During this two issue when i force close the game, i lose my money made from any invasion before the issue kicks in. Tried going to the Gameloft forum to get technical support but i was unable to even post a issue as i didn’t found any option to create a post or submit a complain on their forum. Please help me out with this so i can enjoy my game play and get my progress back on windows and also remove this issue on android. Its okay if games don’t sync on windows to android but i want issues on both platform to be resolved. Please atleast connect me to the support person who can solve this.Hoping you find this review important and act asap Would give 10/5 star rating for game but for this issues giving it 2/5 stars

  24. Zach Costenbader says:

    Very fun and well-developed game. Its strategic yet relaxing. Doesn’t get boring as you progress because there are lots of new fighters, buildings, features, and so on to unlock. The difficulty is very well balanced, you won’t get tired of fighting easy enemies and you won’t be constantly overwhelmed by prestige players. You play against people that are near your level. Loads of fun, well rounded game, highly recommend.

  25. J.L. Holubec II says:

    Great game. Only reason not 5 🌟 is the game is constantly out of sync & I loose progress almost daily. Otherwise I enjoy the game play & speed of the game & upgrades. Good time killer. Update on my review. Game is still very out of sync. Now it tries to sync during a battle & I loose the win & reward or I instantly loose because it synced up finally. Still a fun game but sucks consistently loosing progress. Update again lol. Still very out of sync but still fun. Out of sync still badly 7-24-20

  26. Nathan Crabbe says:

    I love this game but they can’t seem to deal with all the bugs. I got it when it first came out and played all the time. After all that work I came into the game one day and it had restarted and I lost all my progress. I loved it enough I played through it again. Same issue. That happened a total of 3 times at this point. I’ve just now given it its last chance and am stuck. It says to click the coin icon which its not allowing me to do. Save yourself from the headache that is this game.

  27. Swiss Cheese says:

    I instantly disliked this game as we are forced to play as ‘america’, I’m English. The gameplay itself is also terrible and it is not a fun game at all. It may not help that I have seen extremely similar games before this one… The only reason I’m giving two stars is for the graphics, that’s it. Overall, don’t install this unless you are really desperate for a game like this and you’ve tried all the other similar games, but if you haven’t tried the other games, they’re much better in my opinion

  28. Vanja Cingel says:

    Addictive, but has a few flaws that could make a person disinterested in a while. For example, it takes way to long to progress through the levels. Also a bit confusing about how to do certain things, and not enough in-game options to get help or info.

  29. Tom Porter says:

    In general a good game and I have fun playing it solo. I have found occasional glitches in their interface. Biggest issue I have is that there is a lot of cheating/hacking going. When you play it don’t expect to win first place in global events as the hackers will take the top positions.

  30. Keith Norton says:

    My only gripe is it never gets any updates , the update yes/no screen you sometimes see is a bug , if you tap yes it crashes and you have to re-install. Over the last year it has become overun by hackers , new players now log in and the first thing they say is how do i hack. my main account is 7 years old , my new one is 4 month old. A storage facility like in war planet would be good idea. A lot of good friends in the game have helped me through personl difficult times over the last 2 years.

  31. dustin leblanc says:

    Absolute waste of time and energy. Constantly resetting and losing all progress. Collect money and build something. 1-24hrs later you start all over again. No point in trying.

  32. Magister says:

    3 times in a row my progress reset. First the game crashed after I hit level 4, progress lost. The second and third time the game flashed into a loading screen and said your game will now be synchronized, progress lost. I shouldn’t have to play the tutorial 4 times in 15 minutes

  33. Jonathan Howe says:

    Unique to my knowledge. You do have build timers but can set as many builds as you can afford/power so that can save a ton of time. You can grind to your heart’s content, you do need fuel for combat but you can very easily make enough to go just about non stop. Events are fun and don’t require spending to do well just good old fashioned skill and sometimes grind time. All in all a fantastic game. Only negative = it can be a bit of a pain having units die after so long, but it isn’t a big issue.

  34. Kera Ramsey says:

    Update: I had to quit the faction in order to restore game function. Not good. —— Broken. The tutorial to join a faction got me into a faction and completed the objective. The progress did not save, but it added me to the faction. Now every time I load, the tutorial starts again but I am already in faction so it gets stuck in tutorial and I cannot click on anything in the base and I cannot figure out how to save progress. Literally unplayable.

  35. Chris Kemerer says:

    It’s a fun game to play. Very well developed. I do have a gripe about having to pay money to get Idk I guess golden stars to be able to advance through the game. You can advance without having golden stars but it’s super hard. And having to use the golden stars to buy the newest equipment . You also need golden stars to shorten time for equipment or buildings etc I’m positive you understand what Im talking about. You make it super hard unless you spend cash to buy the golden stars.

  36. David Hallum says:

    The game is a great game to play. The reason I didn’t give the game a 5 star, is because of the cheaters/hackers. I have played in the Global Conquest 3 times or more. Every time there are hackers that make it impossible to compete for event rewards. It still is possible to rewards as an individual. Bottom line hackers/cheaters makes for discouraging players playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played.

  37. Mohamad Ali Zahedee says:

    It doesn’t work at all. Non in starting the game, non in the invading time. It just turn like a radar signal. Meby you can fix this problem in the next updates. Takes a lot of time when you just open it, doesn’t load! (Don’t say that your internet connection is not good!)

  38. Joseph Steward says:

    Game synchronize and takes away your weapons, artillery, machinery. 30% of battles won will not go into invasion. Many times the game rebuffs and take away monies, soldiers, equipment, and weapons. After the game synchronize it removes buildings, weapons placement. Exciting game when it plays correctly which is never.

  39. Anand s s says:

    THE GAME IS GOOD. And we could spend many time on this and it has many interesting things to do. BUT our fun is limited by the gold star medals they don’t give it f2play players much . They makes the game not much fun . So they should do to increase the amount of stars getting from f2play events.There should be more stars from goals also . It is very hard to get. ALSO GAME TAKES A MIRACLE TO LODE. THIS IS VERY BAD.

  40. Ahmed Khaled says:

    In first it was a good game that i even played it several times every day than , in this time i live with several crashes without reason but i was ok but in last time it start to stop a lot when i start it and loading in 40% than stop for 2-4 min !!! Than work but inside some features don’t work well like free chest don’t open and collect being slow !! Even when everything work good in other game ! ( Ps . I updated to the last update ) .

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