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Animal War is on! Lead your wolfpack to be the king in the wolf game!
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December 7, 2022
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Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars Premium Apk

Team up with wolves from everywhere the arena to struggle with different wolf packs – to live on, discover, hunt, problem, and revenge. Because the Alpha of your packs, you are going to lead your wolves to shield your den and upward thrust to the highest of the meals chain within the wild!

Wolf Recreation: Wild Animal Wars Top class Apk apk

Sport Options: Bring together Tough Wolves The massive Trees wolf, mighty grey wolf ,stunning arctic wolf ,mysterious Black Wolf , accumulate as many distinctive wolves as imaginable to shape an ideal pack!

Wolf Sport: Wild Animal Wars Top rate Apk

Lead Your Wolfpack Keep an eye on your wolf pack to transport and struggle with real-time technique. Your alliances are below assault? Simply ship your wolf clans to lend a hand them, or raid the attacker’s den as revenge. Don’t put out of your mind that the wild map has more than a few terrains that have an effect on your march path.

Wolf Sport: Wild Animal Wars Top rate Apk apk mod

Wolf Extended family Alliance There’s energy in numbers. Sign up for an Alliance on this planet of wolves to hunt like-minded allies. The original Alliance territory characteristic lets you assemble alliance structures, extend your territory, and make extra earnings in combination. Staff up with wolves to PVP with different packs, triumph over each regions!

Wolf Recreation: Wild Animal Wars Top class Apk apk mod new

Discover the Wild Ship out scouts, discover the wild global , uncover border invasions, spot lines of prey, steer clear of hunters’ monitoring. So the Alpha and pack can continue to exist the wasteland.

Wolf Recreation: Wild Animal Wars Top class Apk unencumber

Construct the Wolf Kingdom
Win the fight with technique and triumph over all of the wild international to create a wolf empire. Continue to exist the harsh wildness. Develop into the alpha of the pack. Be the ruler of the wild!

Wolf Recreation: Wild Animal Wars Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Seamless International Map
All in-game movements happen on a unmarried giant map inhabited by means of avid gamers and NPCs, and not using a remoted bases or separate fight monitors. The “limitless zoom” on cellular means that you can move during the global map and particular person bases freely. Map options come with herbal obstructions reminiscent of rivers, mountains, and strategic passes that should be captured to realize get right of entry to to adjoining spaces.

Wolf Sport: Wild Animal Wars Top rate Apk mod apk

Consideration: Wolf Sport: The Wild Kingdom is a free-to-play technique sport themed on animals, whilst it gives in-app purchases for some in-game pieces and purposes.

A community connection is needed to play this sport. Fb: https://www.fb.com/WGKthewolf


40 comments on "Wolf Game: Wild Animal Wars Premium Apk"

  1. Brie Harrison says:

    It’s a fun game about wolves and very interesting. Only thing I would think about is making them run a little faster to the destinations. And also being able to costamize ur character and being able to fight. Overall it’s very fun and enjoyable love the look of the wolves and the pictures.

  2. SleepyOwl says:

    The gameplay is pretty alright. Surprised me as i didn’t realise it was a war game. Good pacing with the story introduction and slowly gets you used to the mechanics. The only problem that I have with this game is that it crashes every minute or so. Its a shame as I would get into rhythm grinding materials or upgrading to then having it crash not a second later. It does make it a pain having to reload the game when you just loaded it a minute ago.

  3. Amber “Kitt Katt1229” Henley says:

    Nothing but a strategy game. It has beautiful cut scenes, but the regular game graphics aren’t that well. It also overheats my phone quickly, and you can’t customize your wolf. It’s just not what I was hoping it would be. Hopefully the developers create a wolf sim where you can find other wolves to create a pack with different hunting skills.

  4. Carrie Wilcox says:

    I’ve got some good things to say about this game, the endless stream of notifications and quick building times make for a rewarding and relaxing experience. There was trouble with my progression that made the game unplayable. But the developers responded quickly and respectfully, I was compensated which fixed the issue with the progression within a an hour or so. I did lose a few wolves I aquired through the fang currency but, those are all things for later me to worry about.

  5. Thomas Ekke says:

    Game is good and im really enjoying but it gets too laggy during trial fights. Theres connection issue when exploring via eagle when max zoomed out mode And I’m having one problem with the capture the flag mini game most of the times game crashes when I try to begin battle. Overall nice game only If you guys can fix that for me,I’m happy to play.

  6. Jack Samhain says:

    I’m taking back my last review. Got attacked by a whole alliance and lost 23 MILLION resources. That was everything I had. I don’t even have enough to upgrade and get stronger. Have nothing left and I am NOT saving up all that again, so I’m uninstalling. I am used to PvP attacks in other games, but this is ridiculous. Lose 95% of everything you own after one single attack? That took me two weeks to save up. Who even has patience for this stuff? Bye Wolf Game. It was fun while it lasted.

  7. Chris Battershell says:

    Compared to other mobile strategy games, this one seems to have some rts elements and effort put into the gameplay and story, showing me it isn’t some soulless copycat cashgrab. After seeing how you can get items such as speed boosts and other things with regular in game resources that most other games of this genre force you to buy with premium currency, it makes me respect these devs even more. Makes it less pay to win even if some of those aspects are still there, I haven’t felt forced to buy

  8. x_Complicated Name says:

    Was enjoying until I got off & went to log back in & got the queue for an update of additional content. It remains stuck at 0. Nothing happens. Even Uninstalled & re installed & still nothing.. I just made 2 in game purchases last night as well . Please fix asap. EDIT: Sorry. Forgot to update.. issue was fixed 2 days later!

  9. Brandon Schultz says:

    Exactly what I was looking for. You can cooperate with other players, join alliances, fight in wars, and so much more! I like the fact that you don’t have to pay to play, like Jurassic World: the Game; you pay for items if you want to but don’t have to pay to play the game. Please don’t change that lack of “pay to play” aspect. Well deserving of 5 stars indeed.

  10. Alyssa Bullock says:

    I tried it, lost interest pretty quick. The previews on the game page give some expectations that it doesn’t live up to in my opinion. The only visually appealing parts are some of the cut scenes, but that’s it. And the use of animals that aren’t naturally in a wolf’s ecosystem (like hyenas) really throws me off. I can’t consider this a true wolf game, personally. It has potential, but it doesn’t live up to what it promises.

  11. Silver “WolfWhisperer” Valentine says:

    Too many missions that you can get through within a couple hours, but once those are done, it comes to a grinding halt. Also, being gone for 2-3 days is apparently being away for too long in alliances and leadership goes to someone else without any warning. This game could be way better if only there was more work put into it, instead it’s a Wolf Online knockoff with more action.

  12. Christiaan van der Velden says:

    The advertisements show a completely different gameplay then the real game. The only thing that was real were the wolves. What a waste of time and a despicable way of advertising your game.

  13. Sen Shin says:

    Its a kingdom builder/war game but with animals. I wish you could research / train troops while upgrading buildings. Its a bad game design and many new generation war games now letting you to train and upgrade at the same time. I hope you can change it. Its a unique game i guess, but the core is all the same and there are many more similar and better games out there

  14. Alexander LaFleur says:

    I really do enjoy the game. What bugs me is the fact that I can log in and find that ONE person attacked me TEN times in under 5 minutes and stole all my resources. It is more annoying when only the first 3 attacks actually gave them resources. I understand attacking once to get a ton of resources. It’s the nature of the game. But after defending a single attack, maybe have a short peace shield automatically activate so you’re not pounded into the ground and cannot afford to heal your wolves.

  15. Ninja Jukes says:

    Duplicate game with a new skin. Vip system. Terrible playability. Clunky. Graphics are sandy and low quality. Game is designed in exactly the same way as every other strategy game. My guess is they download the source code and overlay new graphics on it.

  16. nicky w says:

    Enjoying the game so far however an update made last night that changed how often you can extinguish stronghold fires is disappointing. If you are going to put a 30minute cool down on this then the stronghold should be shielded for that same time frame. It gives others an unfair advantage as they can just attack again immediately and there is nothing you can do to save your land

  17. James W says:

    It’s every similar game reskinned, and they all come down to an endless grind. It felt more inefficient than any similar game I’ve played because it required so many extra taps to do anything, like they’re trying to stretch out the gameplay, but it just felt tedious.

  18. Laila Alhalabi says:

    The game is okay. I feel like there could be a lot of improvements. There is not that much to do as an alliance. This game is really catered to the money spenders. Healing in Winter war is insane. 2 days to heal? Not even worth wasting the speedups. Higher levels take 3 to 4 days, if not much longer to upgrade your buildings. Storage capacity is a joke. We can store about 100k, yet we need 10 mil to upgrade most things. Extremely rare to get legendary heros/shards, unless you spend money.

  19. AirForceMTB says:

    It’s okay, it is very p2w, bit it’s a new ish game so I understand the reason behind that. But the Halloween event just got released and I was looking through rewards specifically for the city theme, I am not paying $20 USD especially for an epic city theme. But other than that there no major issues with the game. It’s pretty much the same concept as rise of kingdoms with a few differences, so if you can play rok pretty well you’ll do fine in this game.

  20. Angelus Gaston says:

    The game crashes every time I try and do something. I’ve unistalled and reinstalled to see if that helped but nothing. I can’t even play the game because of the constant crashing. I CAN’T DO ANYTHING WHEN IT CRASHES MY WHOLE GAME. It literally shuts down the whole app when I click on it. I can not take pictures, I can not take a video I can’t even click on the help and support because it Crashes. I will just stick to Square Enix mobile games at least they fix there games quick.

  21. Chad Ross says:

    Aspects of the game are fun and the community is worldwide. Not what I would consider a free to play game and worse yet there’s issues with purchasing. You can buy something and they’ll take the your money but deliver nothing to your account. Then inexplicably put your money through the refund loop, if you’re lucky. Didn’t happen with my first purchase but it’s Russian roulette. Worse yet there is no apparent recourse. No customer service, no response, be extremely careful not recommended.

  22. Cara Beserra says:

    Many updates, slow to load and run. Grammar is weak, obviously translated. Beautiful graphics, if your vision is sufficient to see it on a phone’s screen. Maybe dial back the graphics and make the program faster and smoother.

  23. Delster Laplante says:

    Fun game. But. Like every build your base up game. High levels picking on low levels. Just takes the fun out of the game. Not worth playing for new comers. Unless you drop hundreds of dollars into the game.

  24. Destiny Balkissoon says:

    Pretty good game overall. Suchs it seems to develope so fast thought. Clans and packs becoming an alliance quick. My only thing right now is how many updates it keeps asking for and this last update a day or so ago, I can’t even get on. It tries to download the 20mb but it just freezes and doesn’t go anywhere. Lots of space for a download on my device and stable internet connection. I’ve tried 4 or 5 times now including a phone reset

  25. Paulette Riddle says:

    This game is great if you love Farmville, otherwise it’s extremely boring! There is no real purpose to it except to get you to spend money on constant upgrades you do absolutely nothing with! Now they keep adding more and more servers without kicking inactives from the old servers and the game has become extremely laggy and full of bugs.

  26. Cleo The Witch says:

    The latest update ruined the game. The amount of glitches involved in gameplane now makes it impossible to have an event. For example the zombie event you weren’t able to heal your pack act. Is kinda hard to participate In a attack situation when you can’t heal your troops. It didn’t matter how many times you restarted your game the glitch proceeded to take effect In a attack situation when you can’t heal your troops. It didn’t matter how many times you restarted your game.

  27. Eliazar Tena says:

    Pretty bad mechanics. Graphical bugs. Phone overheating (S21 Ultra) even lowered settings runs horrible. Lag unbearable. Cities on map vanish. You can’t click buttons and freezes. Doesn’t allow use of items at times with constant freezes. The event games bugged and can’t click ready often. And more. Items and speedup use blocked in last minutes since it uses up at different rates. Unbalanced and P2W to top it off. Events include goals not attainable except with paid wall. Not recommended.

  28. DeAndre Young says:

    I need help. Everytime I try to do my wolfpack showdown quest, the app it’s self close out. It’s frustrating, because this is an awesome game and I would like to make more progress in the game, so if you guys can fix this little problem. That would be highly appreciated. 👍

  29. Jty Sims says:

    It’s pretty sad they can’t make the entire game work. Crashes for no reason but always crashes during a certain mini game. It’s ridiculous because this game is awesome and should get 5 stars. Shame.

  30. Shaurya Dangwal says:

    I was having fun playing this game when I played it for first time. But then when I opened it for the second time it would not load. My game is stuck on loading screen.I have tried loading with 3 different WiFi but still does not load. I gave it 4 stars because its really a good or we can say best wolf game but kindly try to fix this one issue I am facing.

  31. Shiir says:

    EDIT: The game is good, and you can to some degree survive as a f2p, BUT, most of the top heroes are safely sheltered behind rather steep paywalls. Not even medium spending is good enough, you need to spend a lot. Estimated price for one of the Heroes is 2000 USD if you want him fully upgraded and all taken into account he is not the most expensive one, and without these heroes, the hero selection is very limited. Availability through use of gems is a better option.

  32. Rachael Evans says:

    A good game overall. There are a lot of opportunities to get what you need to build without spending money, it just takes longer. As with any game like this, big money spenders are always going to come out on top and eventually ruin a server, but it is fun until then.

  33. Shaun Savill says:

    At the moment it’s quite an enjoyable game an pretty easy to follow. so far it hasn’t shown any pay to win in the early stages of the game and progress is pretty quick. I have only been playing less than a day so still time to change

  34. David Lonewolf says:

    Need to start server migration. Players are stuck in dead servers. Really affected game playing experience. Open up to have more than 2 accounts per server especially if the migration ever happens. First migration should be free and then a cost. I have been playing since the beta version of the game came out need to be able to move servers soon otherwise many players will just quit. No fun playing on a dead server.

  35. Megan McBride says:

    There’s no way to unlink your email for your account. I reached out to support to ask if I could update my email address and they said no. Seriously? This is ridiculous! “Dear player, sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. You can keep your Google account bound. Our system will not affect the use of your bound account. Sorry, in order to protect your account security, we have no way to help you change the binding. We will work hard to optimize the game. Hope to get your understanding.😊”

  36. kyler loveday says:

    it’s a gacha game, but better than any other I’ve played. the gameplay is fun and engaging, good social aspect, and NO ADS ANYWHERE. Devs are doing a great job so far and I hope they keep it up. Update: Ads were added into the game. They are optional. Game lost 1 star

  37. Todd Schepis says:

    Love the game. The only issue I have is when chats are opened the game freezes and stops working. Sometimes I can start typing but either way the game freezes and I have to reboot it. Fix this issue and I will give it a 5 star rating

  38. Sophie Bryans says:

    I’ve come to a standstill at the end of what i think is chapter ten (I pressed claim on ‘time to take revenge’) and now the little wolf icon on the side is not there, i cannot expand, and i cannot see my quests. Though this might sound like a complaint, i’m just looking for advice. Overall i think it is a good game and i would recomend it to anyone who likes games that are animal mixed with fantasy

  39. Justin Hiebert says:

    Game crashes non stop. They won’t fix it without a video, so if you play then keep a camera taking a video all the time. It’s ridiculous. So doesn’t matter what size video you send it says too big. They want the money but don’t care about fixing the game

  40. Theo G says:

    Too P2W. Great gameplay, lore, wolves. Constant supply of fun events. Amazing sense of community in alliance. Five star features squashed under an elephant’s foot, if that elephant was money. You will be destroyed by someone who’s paid more. Some of the strongest wolves are locked behind paywalls. Speedups in the game are designed to make you pay gems to get things done fast to keep up. Not a good feeling to see your friends get crushed by high paying players who have more power than possible.

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