Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Lost Crusade is an online strategy mobile game set in Warhammer 40,000 universe.
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December 2, 2022
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Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade Apk Download New 2022 Version*

And they shall know NO WORRY!

Warhammer Forty

Warhammer Forty,000: Misplaced Campaign is an internet MMORPG technique cell sport through which the participant takes at the function of a Fleet Commander to salary warfare on all enemies throughout the Imperium Nihilus. Misplaced Campaign brings Warhammer Forty,000 to lifestyles for cell gamers with shocking visuals and an immersive universe to discover. Willing techniques and ability are each required to grasp the grand technique mechanics and real-time PVE struggle featured within the first Warhammer Forty,000 cell sport of its sort.

Warhammer Forty


Warhammer Forty

#Official IP# Formally authorized via Video games Workshop, revel in the Indomitus Campaign in an all new tale full of characters, main points and lore that lovers of the 40k franchise will love.

Warhammer Forty

#Recruit And Upgrade#
As a commander of the Primaris Area Marines, improve troops through unlocking new talents and generation via intense PvE & PVP battle. Recruit vintage heroes in Warhammer Forty,000 with distinctive talents and playstyles to battle for the fleet.

Warhammer Forty

#Strategic Battles#
Take regulate in real-time tactical fight, strategically position your troops, name on hero skills, and summon reinforcements at essential moments to battle towards the forces of Chaos.

Warhammer Forty

#Real-time PvE Combat# Unharness an array of devastating hero abilities in your enemies and speak to for reinforcements to eviscerate those who stay. It is just in the course of the destruction of our enemies that we earn our salvation!

000: Misplaced Campaign Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

#Star Map Exploration#
Warhammer Forty,000: Misplaced Campaign is about in an infinite sector of the universe containing the entire assets required to construct an unassailable fleet in a position to cleaning area of the Chaos, Drukhari, and Orks who dare to defy the Emperor’s glory!

000: Misplaced Campaign Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

#Visual Excellence#
Immersive and breathtaking visuals with surprising backdrops and detailed 3-D unit fashions. Watch because the heroes, struggle, AND environments come to lifestyles in entrance of you!

000: Misplaced Campaign Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

#Alliance System#
Rally your folks and allies, combat along every different and unharness the wrath of the Emperor on ALL who stand in opposition to you!

000: Misplaced Campaign Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

#Contact Us# Wish to know more? Fb: https://www.fb.com/Warhammer40000LostCrusade

000: Misplaced Campaign Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Warhammer Forty,000: Misplaced Campaign © Copyright Video games Workshop Restricted 2021


40 comments on "Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Nicholas Ross says:

    So I don’t know what happened to the sound developer for this app but Space Marines without the sound of their bolter guns are not space Marines. The dreadnoughts have no footstep sounds. Among a whole bunch of other sound missing. I do like the visuals. And I know it’s just a base builder but it still looks pretty cool. But the sound guys, the sounds the most important part, only second to accuracy of the source material. Let me know if you fix the sound in the future, I’ll redownload.

  2. Harris says:

    Needs work. The expeditions are unique, but the game is yet another base-builder. I find these to be incredibly boring. Plus, I hate the announcement telling me that some random on the other end of the world won the lottery. And, stop telling me where to click when my finger leaves the screen for 2 seconds. I don’t need my hand held unless I ask for it.

  3. Isaac Smith says:

    Love the game itself, had to remove stars for the annoying tutorial arrows… I am now, as far as I know, out of the tutorial, and yet there are still these massive, distracting, and frankly pushy arrow all over my screen. No arrow, I really don’t want to complete a mission right now, just let me play my game! Irritating, but nor game-breaking. Would be nice to be able to turn them off though. Unless I’m missing something.

  4. Emmara “GoddessofBlunder” Acosta says:

    Was enjoying the game but can’t seem to be able to make any attacks against against a lvl 8 enemy to continue the quest chain. Not sure if it is broken. I restarted the game no multiple times, reset my phone and reinstalled the game. Wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out so I can continue.

  5. Charles Toronto says:

    Normally I don’t go for base builders, but this is Warhammer, so I decided to give it a shot. I played for about 10 minutes. In that time I had a notification scroll across the middle of my screen every 10 seconds or so, saying that some other player had unlocked some character. The notifications only went away when I tapped directly on them. I couldn’t find an option to disable this. I want to give the game a fair try, but this really tried my patience. However the visuals were nice.

  6. Keith B says:

    The graphics and art design are great. The combat is boring and no strategy is used. I love leveling up characters but there needs to be gear to farm and level up and more to the combat than just marching down a tunnel. This feels like a game that’s just good enough looking to lure in microtransaction abusers. It’s ok but not much depth. They could borrow so much from the tabletop game or even the game Gladius to add ANYTHING to combat to make it feel worth the grind or a few bucks to keep going

  7. Stephen Lunn says:

    I’m a huge fan of the whole W40k scene, the table top, the books and most games but whilst this visually looks great, and the voice acting is brilliant, the game itself…. I don’t get the point. It is purely an attempt to get you to continually buy packs of things. They’re is no strategy involved, just wait for the various timers to run through, unless you want to pay to speed them up. It gets you to build hundreds of units, but you can’t see or use them. The whole thing is pointless.

  8. Robert Townsend says:

    The same boring grind game everyone is re-skinning. Unoriginal. No strategy. Combat is awful and completely pointless. Practically ZERO CONTROL in battle. The only brainwork is figuring out how things work despite the horrifically dull, uninformative, linear “tutorial”. Gameplay is awkward. Unnecessary automatic zooms, piles of random loot to sort through, lots of distracting little red buttons/notifications, and lots of advertisements for cash purchases. The ONLY good thing? Pretty 40K art.

  9. Matthew Sigmund says:

    Started the tutorial and didn’t even finish it before the shield timer ran out and got my base raided by someone else. Removing game it’s just not worth playing as the blue smurfs when you have hundreds of other chapters to use and would have been a easy reskin. Base building games are a waste of time anyway with pay to win, the pvp should have been completely optional that you op into not the focus of the game. That should have been war missions to beat back chaos on any and all planets.

  10. Giancarlo Garcia says:

    The game runs terribly on my galaxy 20+. More than half the time the game does not load properly, so you just have an empty ship with no buttons or anything. Sometimes when you load into the star map, or from the star map to your base the game freezes in the transition screen. Everytime I open the star map all the names and other ships have corrupted icons and are just a jumbled mess of colors. The enemies will sometimes just turn into rectangle with 1 single color like green pink or grey.

  11. Ben Covington says:

    Its yet another generic timer-base-builder that is more about logging in every hour to collect your resources and buying packs than it is about gameplay. I REALLY wanted to like this game. Its the first with primaris, its got good looking models and animations, but then it doesn’t DO anything with them. If expedition mode had more to do then I might be willing to slog through the rest. But as it stands, expedition mode, the closest thing to a game here, is almost entirely “sit back and watch”

  12. Caleb Cushing says:

    Alright, I played it; it’s not terrible. I’ve heard it’s like kings of Avalon, which I’ve never played. I think it’s like a state of survival. It is pay to win. Getting a friend on the same server as you are is ultra painful, and since they won’t let you choose your server before the tutorial, your friends will have to do stuff over. Very grinding but there is a story and voice acting. A lot of the text is hard to read on a cell phone especially this red text that they use is unreadable.

  13. Josh Hampton says:

    Wanted to like this game. Even gave it another shot. But the menus are just too much. Once your base gets to a moderate size I immediately felt inundated with tiny notifications, timers, pop-ups, paywalls, sub-menus, daily & story missions. The menu buttons are crazy small and constantly behind the accessibility button. The gothic aesthetic looks nice but not good UX overall imho.

  14. Chad Zeeb says:

    Whomever thought putting a scrolling text box right in the middle of the screen was a good idea should be fired. Not only is it immensely annoying, it is telling you useless information about other players doing things you don’t care about. AND when you manage to close it by hitting the tiny X it just starts right back again. It is like trying to play with pop-up adds right in the center of the screen.

  15. Sanctus says:

    Very smooth and fun game that doesn’t require payments to win and have some fun. More games like this could learn from this one. Gave it 4 stars because of some simple easy to fix issues I’ve found. The menus aren’t easy to navigate and sometimes when I’ll attempt to speed up something I’ll accidentally use my crystals and that’s not ok for them to be so close together. Crystals are easy to get but spending 500 accidentally is an error that should never happen. All around a fun game though!

  16. kyle melligan says:

    This game has so much potential. A Great campain vs chaos, with a cool combat style, server wide goals, collectable heroes, a nice skin to the base building, more troop types than most games of this type and with more tiers. BUT…. in a very illogical turn they put more ephasis on the wargame nature of the game that it makes it unplayable. uncollected resources can be plundered by more powerful players with, basically, no loss of troops, leading to nonstop squabbling over resources. no fun.

  17. David says:

    The best game of its type that I’ve played, but it still suffers from the same problems as always. Namely, being pay-to-win and it being impossible to stop high-level players stomping you even after you become powerful. It has fun gameplay, nice graphics, and it’s faithful to the setting, but it’s still a mobile ‘strategy’ game at its core. EDIT: While it’s true that premium currency and items can be received freely, indeed quite easily, the ability to purchase items still unbalances the game.

  18. Lost Crusade says:

    This is just another base builder game. The setting is cool for the first few days, but it wears thin pretty quickly. Heavily pay to win, so much so that the top-tier heroes require real money to unlock and level up. Shields are prohibitily expensive, so if you land in a warring server, you will be zeroed constanstly by the whales. The chat system is buggy and slow. Servers are sparsely populated, and players you will need to spend hundred or a few thousand dollars to stay in the top 10.

  19. Adam Wells says:

    Gameplay seems to be click on the glowing thing with an arrow, wait for voice over, then do it again. Not really sure when it turns into a game. Also has asked me to agree to one sided agreement every single time I start the app. Too many notifications for something that doesn’t seem to want me to try/play when I actually open the app. But hey, that scan is complete, what ever that means in this guided click experience.

  20. ToyotaTacoma23 says:

    It’s a fun game and I like it, however it is super annoying when it keeps flashing arrows to tasks like “troops ready to march” when you’re out of stamina or “free building slot” when the only buildings available to upgrade still need tedious collectibles that you haven’t even met the required amount for yet… it just pressures you into spending money. That’s all it is. Wish it would stop.

  21. Andrew says:

    Love the setting and I’ve been playing it for a couple months. The graphics and sound are great too. It’s an enjoyable game BUT this kind of game always comes down to the same thing they all do: whoever has the largest wallet wins. It’s completely P2W. *Since they replied: there’s currently a “wallet warrior” on our server that can’t really be stopped due to the mechanics of the game and the allowance of him to essentially purchase an endless supply of troops, speedups, etc.

  22. Logan Trombley says:

    I played this game aggressively for a full week. Like any base builder game, this is extremely time consuming up front, and tapers off. There are many events scheduled, which is awesome, however they are confusing on the requirements. I was an active member in the top guild of my server and have reaped the best rewards. The repetitive battles, upgrades, and clicks just aren’t enough to keep me interested. I was also very disappointed at the lack of ground base content that was advertised

  23. Nathaniel Whitley says:

    I only rate this game so high because of it’s attention to detail in regards to warhammer. Otherwise, gameplay is repetitive and everything quickly becomes too expensive whether it be in time, resources or money. For a game with so much going on, there’s remarkably little to actually do. Gather resources, build base, have base destroyed by enemies, repeat.

  24. Dale Preuss says:

    I used to have a 4* rating, and the game itself actually isn’t that bad, it’s a nice time waster. But one day I ran into a texture problem so I tried reinstalling the game. When I got back in, I couldn’t get my old (fairly high level) account back even though it was linked to my google and FB. I called customer service and waited a full hour with no response so I guess this is the Emperor telling me to stop playing. Fun while it lasted, and I’ll put my old review up if I get my account back.

  25. Able Fox says:

    Addictive but NOT that fun. Combat is infrequent, brief and the player has very, very little control. You can only pick the hero units and can’t even tell them where to move or target individual enemies. It is 95% automated. The majority of the game is the part you WANT to be automated. It is all base building, research trees and collection chores; a lot of hurry up and wait. The art/graphics and voice acting are good but that’s about it. It’s just another cheap mobile game with a 40k skin.

  26. Shade says:

    Alright, an update to my previous post. The game is too similar to other base / army builders to be unique beyond the skins. The combat is only slightly different than games of its ilk, and there is little choice in customization or race/faction which is bad for 40k. Worse, what little immersion the game could offer is constantly broken by how many ads I get wanting me to buy in-game stuff. They have more of that than actual story or character building.

  27. Andreas Zignago says:

    Pay to win, even though that there is a path for players who don’t want to spend money on the game. The progress is incredibly slow and enough players in the game spend money to the point where even those who do spend will be to far behind to be a challenge for the biggest spenders in the server. ALSO certain hero’s are 100% pay locked, so this game is very wallet heavy. (UPDATED after their comment)

  28. Sparrow 2 Electric Boogaloo says:

    I downloaded this because of an ad which showed really cool game play of you on a floating platform in space. Unfortunately this is a lie, the platforms don’t move and the game play is just you walking in a straight line. Very disappointed in the predatory marketing and won’t be playing anymore. It did have cool cutscenes if you’re into that.

  29. Sherriff T says:

    The Warhammer setting is really cool and well done, and no ads! But gameplay is really boring. Collecting resources is a brainless task that takes a lot of time. Winning pvp is just math and luck, there is no strategy whatsoever. The single player is great at first, but each level’s hero power requirement ramps up much faster than you can upgrade your heros without spending tons of money. So you end up being stuck on levels in the campaign for days or weeks while you upgrade your heros.

  30. Phoenix Kane says:

    I really liked my first day with this game, but when I tried to access it the next morning, I got hit with an error. I’ve tried resetting the system, deleting and re-installing the program, and the menu “repair” options, to no avail. I submitted a ticket a day or two ago and have not even recieved an automatic response. UPDATE: I did get a response nearly a week later. None of the suggestions fixed my issue, and the case was closed before I could reply.

  31. Scott says:

    Didn’t bother with finishing the tutorial. Game did not match the ad, which looked fun. I should have known better. Boring intro exposition. Get to the gameplay faster, not that it is any fun once you get there. Tap here to build a thing. More boring random characters talking. Tap here to get points for completing an objective. Use the points to build another thing and more points to build faster. Buy some points. Just another copycat app focused on micro transactions from addicted players.

  32. joseph H says:

    Nothing special game with a few glaring flaws. The main issue I found was upgrading your main base only takes 1 other building in order to progress, so you can quickly get to lvl 20+ within a week or 2 with all your other buildings at like lvl 10. Other than that it’s basically just like any other in this genre with the wh40k setting. It is however better overall than the other choice you have of the setting where you control chaos. Also the vip is not worth progress due to no 2nd builder.

  33. Daniel Montgomery says:

    I played this for 3 and a half months. The stakes in this game are insane. All it takes is a single attack and you can lose months of progress. You can unlock a bunch of heroes but only 4 are viable for use cause you cant upgrade the others. Tech support barley exists so some things get buggy. If you don’t plan on joining one of the top alliances then this is absoloutely not the game for you. Do yourself a favor and skip this.

  34. Zach Fry says:

    Initially I gave this a bad review, I found it to be buggy/laggy, with little to do, microtransactions were shoved in your face and you could only be the ultramarines. That has all been fixed. It runs great, it rarely advertises micro transactions, there’s a lot more events, and they have added the option to play as other chapters, as well as added heroes from even more chapters/factions. Out of this style of game, it is now the best I’ve played.

  35. robert hallum says:

    It will not start! I open the game, it gets to the loading screen (animation) and then……NOTHING! Well, except for a message that pops up saying “Too many frequent attempts, try again later”. I just opened the game once not “multiple” times. I tried on different devices & get the same result. ??????????????

  36. Corey Skrobe says:

    After a couple weeks of playing, a bunch of tutorializing, and even looking at some guides I never really understood the point of the game. I had a vast army I could never see and heroes that looked powerful but were actually not as the recommended power on expeditions were not accurate AT ALL. I had guild members point out things and I still didn’t understand why. Anyway, it looked nice but this game is a hard pass.

  37. WraithKing Gaming says:

    Great! But 1 problem, Its expensive to switch factions. Not a issue if your new as you can pick a faction free at the beginning. But if you’re old (like me) and joined when that wasn’t a thing. Well, you got to pay 10k gems to switch! I love the fact that you added this to the game. but that’s a little too pricey. But overall, it’s a great game. Now I would like to see a chaos faction later. I know that’s a lot to ask, but you got to admit, it would be very cool play as the horrors of the Warp!

  38. Nikoli Manning says:

    This game is in need of a few bug fixes i.e inbox sometimes not showing new messages until dailies restart. It is also in dire need of a diplomacy system within the alliance menu. Other than that, a great fast paced game, don’t necessarily need to ptw as long as you put in the time to keep up research, trainings and building upgrades. Lots of free rss items to be won by doing so.

  39. Jacob Alleman says:

    I do love the game. I do. I like the mechanics, the battles, all the stuff to do. But I will have to put a lower score from the shear fact that it crashes a lot. I get lots of pink/purple missing textures that makes the game unplayable. I have a pretty decent phone that can run games that require more than this games does, but even having my framerate and graphics to the lowest setting, I still suffer. The game is great when it isn’t crashing.

  40. Timothy VanBrocklin says:

    The game keeps crashing for me. I can only play for a half hour at most. And after a battle the game starts missing texters. I’ve been playing the game for a few years now but I had to keep uninstalling the game because of phone/tablet problems at the time. But the past few times I downloaded the game it just keeps crashing and it really makes me upset that I can’t get a chance to play the game as long as I want without crashing. It really effects the experience.

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