VERSUS : SEASON2 with AI Apk Download New 2022 Version*


The East VS The West, Clash of Civilizations! Change history with your tactics!
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October 19, 2022
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VERSUS : SEASON2 with AI Apk Download New 2022 Version*

VERSUS: REALM BATTLE Season 2, the flame of recent battle sparks!

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Underneath your nice rule, the respect of wealthy towns and grand civilizations revives.
Mighty heroes of the continent will lead your troops into the fray of fierce fight, and the banner of your alliance would be the flag of the forefront that raze towns of your enemy.

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The brand new technology! New battlefield! AS OPPOSED TO: REALM WARFARE Season 2!
They anticipate you to put in writing a brand new historical past of the conflict between Asia and Europe.

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■ The Brand New Season 2 Server!
One global! One throne! The struggle between japanese and western civilizations continues.
Lead your troops to victory on the new battlefield of the Season 2 Grand Replace.

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■ Extra Subtle Methods! Technique Sim Upgraded with A.I.
No nice lords in historical past have journeyed their lengthy path through themselves. Overcome AI Castles and appoint their governors. Accumulating, looking, battles, and wars… AI Lords paintings 24/7 by way of your aspect.

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■ A Tale of Courting with Heroes! Onboard Tavern
Many heroes consult with a wealthy town on a regular basis. Don’t leave out any of them.
Make a deep courting through incomes the desire of heroes to lead them to your dependable allies.

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■ The Most powerful Troop Product of Selection Quite Than Probability! Hero Trade A pack of lions led by means of a stag can’t be a powerful troop. Rent the commander who will lead your troops to greatness.

AS OPPOSED TO : SEASON2 with AI Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

■ Europe VS Asia! A Struggle for The Honour of Civilization! Raid Festival In this continent scarred by way of the struggle, the goddesses from myths have printed themselves. Past the legend and into the parable! Declare your victory on the Raid Pageant.

■ Fiercer! More potent! A Struggle Recreation Past the tactic The struggle begins when you select a civilization! Excessive Conflict between Asia and Europe! AS OPPOSED TO: REALM CONFLICT Season 2 Illuminate the hearth of the conflict!

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40 comments on "VERSUS : SEASON2 with AI Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Jacki Cortland says:

    Excellent strategic game that got me hooked for hours! There might be a lot of games out there, but this one is so unique! I don’t know how I will survive the quarantine without this game! Thanks so much, developers!

  2. Trishelle Dicky says:

    Building empires is the theme that I look for from a game so this is perfect for me! I’m be able to strategize and think of ways to develop my empire.

  3. Oakley Glyn says:

    Graphics are good. But please take time to add more details on the game like change the looks of each tier of troops from t1 – t10 . Add more resource fields and low level monsters. Throne is to simple. Just like a little buildings on it. Make it more bigger and grander. I’ll play the game but please make those suggestions. For more players to come in. Make a page and boost the page.

  4. Halie Cole says:

    My friends can not download the game. Why haven’t you made it available worldwide? And you guys need to work on graphics. Marching troops animation is better if you have a single line rather than 4 line animation.

  5. Elly Haines says:

    This game is absolutely amazing! Alot of teamwork, strategy, tactics involved. But to be on top you must put alot of time and/or money into it.

  6. Brittany Meldrick says:

    Lots of fun and good members in alliances. Seems everyone works together and finds a task for each based on how you want to play. Game gives many opportunities to gather most items making it more easy to gain levels. I have been passing this game to others and explain how they will love it as well. …

  7. Diann Shantelle says:

    Having fun and Im hooked, but the game does a really poor job of explaining many many MANY crucial aspects of gameplay that u absolutely need to know. Players that have yet to know all the mechanics of the game either learn from their allies or search guides on the internet. A new system for explain…

  8. Cornwallis Aefre says:

    This was my best strategic game in my life however there are some kind of issue that I want you to fix. Like it should be resumed whenever it is disconnected to the server. In that case I can continue my last attack.

  9. Billy Arnelle says:

    Great game, but waiting for your troops to train takes longer the better you get at the game, and waiting for your buildings to finish upgrading takes like a day once you get farther into the game. But I like the battle style. You sometimes need to be more strategic like how or where you place your troops.

  10. Jamese Ivor says:

    I like this game ☺️, addictive is common for this game. Im not too much espender player probably i will spend 1time in a month for only lowest packs?. Many ppl they call it a premium game ?. But is not problem for me tobe the one of the powerful in kingdom. The truth power is lots of experience you will be smart to every event and socialising to your friends/alliance.

  11. Carilynne Dondra says:

    Good game..lots of learnings and hero combo..but please lessen the maintenance,give some higher speed ups,and fix those bugs..thank you keep up the good work

  12. Beamer Miquella says:

    Very astonishing game with a lot to offer. Easy to figure out. The world map beast and other graphics outside the Castel need more work on. Troops tier need to be different each level. Also I was hopeing for a a babe system where you can have a qween or a babe many empire game have the babe system. Overall I look forward to spending time on the game.

  13. Claudineia Dyllon says:

    Lots of fun and good members in alliances. Seems everyone works together and finds a task for each based on how you want to play. Game gives many opportunities to gather most items making it more easy to gain levels. I have been passing this game to others and explain how they will love it as well.

  14. Halstead Hervy says:

    I love this game, its always fun to play, I suggest players who dont want to spend money, join any stronger alliance they will help u to grow fast and protect u from others, and u can get some good stuff from lucky shot too, and u will get some good stuff from events, so enjoyed this game I really like it

  15. Freedom Aeoelric says:

    This is a very good game. I played it several years ago before I lost it after my device broke. I had forgotten the name of the game until I happened across it again and downloaded it about a week or two ago. It changed some from what I remember but its still awesome and a bit addicting. It can be a pain though to get attacked by higher level people but you can join or create your own alliance to help you out in battle and gathering much needed resources.

  16. Almer Christmas says:

    First ever online gaming experience. Fantastic theme and supporting graphics. Does not insult your intelligence!. Ongoing events Special Events, Daily events give access to FREE rewards, bonuses and features that keep you competitive. Not a money-pit…Love it !..It just keeps getting better!

  17. Millie Arlie says:

    I don’t usually love city builder mobile games but this one is the exception. I’m so hooked on this game and can’t believe how much of a great job the devs did on it. If you’re on the fence, try it. You’ll be hooked!

  18. Lee Ransom says:

    Some things are a little off but these people work very hard on this game and I appreciate it thank you your game is the best if I ever get money Ill come straight to this game … I will grind and work hard to show them they are wrong ? I know I sound like a little kid and I dont really have a point so. What Im trying to say is that the game you made is awesome and I recommend it for you guys. Also can talk about how good those graphics are? Until I see another game, Ill stick to this Thx!

  19. Burle Dustee says:

    This is one of the best games Ive played till now. Excellent battle experience, especially the war with other alliances. This is the only game Ive spent a little money, otherwise I never buy in-game items or packs. 5 stars from me. keep working.

  20. Temperance Melloney says:

    Easy to get hooked into. Once u have leveled up high enough to participate in different things, you will be playing for hours. There are so many events that you could take part in everyday and gain amazing rewards!

  21. Brittney Marven says:

    Good live multiplayer realtime strategy game. The participants are worldwide and the game runs 24/7. You can play completely free. I recommend.

  22. Jocelynn Phillips says:

    Didnt make it through tutorial before i got to bored. Try skipping and it keeps going. Shorten tutorial or allow full function skip instead of skip little by little.

  23. Fulbert Evera says:

    I’m not usually in to these kind of games, but this one stood out and I’m glad I tried it. Graphics are awesome, dialogue and battle is great. I recommend this game for sure.

  24. Zeke Albin says:

    It was fun and exciting as well. It is really more fun because of the alliance. That you all need to be working hard as well. You need to help each other just like in reality during kingdom days. I wish this game would last.

  25. Delania Edbert says:

    What a total disaster, it looks cheap and nasty. This style of game has been done to death ,please come up with something original. I’m not wasting another second of precious life on this drivel .

  26. Michael Tripp says:

    Expensive af. Literally got to castle 5 and they have a $50 that drops right then and spams it in my face wanting me to buy it. The funny thing is the pack doesnt even get you that far of progress lol. This game is a scam and total waste of money.

  27. Joseph Chaotic says:

    I was liking this game. Easy to learn and didn’t seem too extremely pay to win. I went to bed last night. And in the 5 hours I was sleeping I got a mail about the maintenance and got attacked multiple times losing everything is worked hard for. I didn’t have much because I’d only been playing for a few days. But someone over 5 times my level annihilated me. I’ll raise to 5 stars when the game Auto shields everyone during maintenance to keep the Asians from getting even more an advantage.

  28. Bill Luksan says:

    Dont download this game…if by chance you have and spent money on research you will lose it…i was lucky…i grinded my way to earn research points. After update more than half of the research is gone.technically thats theft if you paid to boost research. Im glad i never opened my wallet…but feel bad for those that have.

  29. Fook Hsien Lee says:

    Rating changed to one star now. Game was good initially but incompetent game developers ruined it for the veteran players regardless of P2P or F2P by tweaking the game mechanics after OFFICIAL GLOBAL LAUNCH and refuses to refund the most important currency in the game in the form of lord blessings by rendering all the 3-stars and most of the 4-star heroes useless which through strategic use can defeat a 5-star heavy team. Game is also ruined by bot/script using users. A very pro- Korean game.

  30. Konna Winters says:

    I loved the game and played in many kingdoms.. I’m now emperor of kingdom 10 with my team JoD .. but now I’m very upset , for the past 24 hours the game says network failure.. iv uninstall the game and done everything possible to try and get into my kingdom.. please please help me.. I’m so active I spend 10 or more hours a day playing.. the net work issue needs to be fixed. As of now I cant event start over with a new account or anything. Would be a 5 star game if fixed

  31. George Osborne says:

    Wonderful game. I love it. I’m I’m emporer of kingdom 10, leader of JoD.. I’m a free player, you dont have to have cash to grow. There was alot of network issues but now after the 1.0.0142 update system works great. Very happy now. Thank you Versus for all your help..

  32. Joshua Auman says:

    I spent over 1k usd in 3 days and didnt get close to what i paid for. The top alliances are ran by the owner of game and use your purchases to boost there own accounts while you get trash items in game purchases. Not worth playing and this game violates google policys. Dont buy or play this game. I would like a refund back to my bank card before leagal action is brought apon the owner.

  33. Rheddv Viray says:

    I increased my rating from 3 to 4 star because the developers respond fast in my review. I will make it five star if you will add more features in the game. Adding something like a daily special monster event or weekly realm monster event is a good thing to start. Also, I found your game very interesting and the fact that your game is not pay to win helps you in inviting more players. I hope that you continue to update this game and keep it friendly to both free gamers and those paying gamers.

  34. Trevor Fuller says:

    this game is awesome. I love the graphics. It doesn’t take long to get level up. It’s one of those games that is a time killer. I currently play 5 other games just like this one. I only wish more people would be active.

  35. Mark Gaarder says:

    Doesn’t work, installed and after install, the game froze up. Uninstaller and tried again, still frozen. Done with it.Glad I didn’t start playing and this happened.

  36. Karina Patashova says:

    The game looked promosing. However, I had to uninstall it because after downloading the resources the game did not load and the error message on the blank screen popped up

  37. Doc_Ron says:

    Worst game i have played, crashing every couple of minutes and plagued by constant glitches, bugs and horrendous lagging. If you want a game where you spend more time logging in than actually playing then this is the game for you. I am deleting it

  38. Pinoy Ako says:

    Two stars for this game. Might go for more stars should Devs solved the frequent crashing of the game. Stabled internet connections and a pretty huge RAM should be able to play without any problem like this. I am not recommending this game to my flock of friends until this issue be settled.

  39. Steve Wall says:

    Better game than some, good graphics. However i won’t give it more than 1☆ due to the constant freezing and crashing. 8 times in one hour of playtime is a bit too much. Have seen level 16 to 19 no longer active. Must be a reason!

  40. George Osborne says:

    I LOVE this game. played from the first 19 kingdoms before all the sever merges made 2 original severs. BUT now in sever 3 the new AI set I have a big ISSUE.. [HERO CARD PACKS! gone.] horrible decision. now a stupid inboard tavern with a card matching game like kindergarten. needs fixed desperately. mew players already quitting befor they get to see how wonderful the game is.

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