TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Mod Apk New 2022*

Fight the final fight! Build and defend in Transformers: Earth Wars!
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October 24, 2022
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TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Mod Apk New 2022*

Join thousands and thousands of gamers within the combat for Earth! Facet with the Autobots or Decepticons and collect without equal staff of Transformers the usage of Combiners, Triple Changers and Beast Wars characters.

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Mod Apk New 2022*

ACCUMULATE OVER One hundred CHARACTERS Assemble the gap Bridge to summon vintage heroes Optimus Top, Grimlock and Bumblebee thru to notorious villains Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave. Forge colossal Combiners together with Devastator, Superion, Predaking, Bruticus and Volcanicus, the brand new Dinobot Combiner.

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Mod Apk New 2022* apk

‘TIL ALL ARE ONE! Shape alliances with fellow Autobots or Decepticons from world wide. Display your energy through competing in multiplayer occasions and making plans with fellow allies.

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

UNHARNESS YOUR TALENTS Every Transformers personality is provided with a singular talent. Alternate shape to deploy more potent assaults and switch the tide of fight!

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

PROTECT YOUR HEADQUARTERS Offer protection to your Energon by way of construction an impenetrable fort with generation from Cybertron!

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod


TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Transformers: Earth Wars is Loose to obtain and play, then again you’ll additionally make in-app purchases to complement your sport play.

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

Below our Phrases of Carrier (hyperlink under), you will have to be no less than Thirteen years of age to play or obtain Transformers: Earth Wars.
To be able to run the sport for you we wish to gather and use knowledge from you. To determine extra see our Privateness Coverage (hyperlink beneath).
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TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars is delivered to you by way of House Ape Video games, and Hasbro, Inc. Seek the Play Retailer for “House Ape Video games” to peer the entire different House Ape Video games games.

TRANSFORMERS and all similar characters are emblems of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
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40 comments on "TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Gwyneth Aenedleah says:

    A huge collection of transformers to attain. You can choose autobots or decepticons. Lots of events. After a certain point it takes forever to upgrade your team and your fortress. It also takes a much longer reload time for your teams to be ready to fight again. Makes you wat to spend money on coins to satisfy your needs. But what can you expect from such a well put together free mobile game

  2. Wirt Hallan says:

    Game would have been alright if it wasn’t set up where you’ve got to pay to get anywhere. Upgrade your stuff and you can’t play for 8+hrs because you’ve got to wait for upgrades to complete (unless you want to pay $10-20 to hurry things up). Go for a 1 minute battle and wait another 2 minutes for your bots to recharge (unless you pay). 30 seconds to a minute to change screens. Takes forever to load. A complete waste of time

  3. Wattekinson Jager says:

    I really like this game. The graphics are great and it really brings me back to my childhood. The problems, however, is that if you do not want to spend 100 dollars or more at a time you will not get any good bots. Also, you can not control where your bots go during a battle. They will most of the time wander around the field attacking structures instead of weapons and just sit there waisting their time attacking nothing while they get blown away. I understand that this is done to try to force people to spend money, but it makes the game play unrealistic and frustrating. If they fixed that problem alone I would give it 5 stars.

  4. Edit Fuller says:

    The theme is great. The control is a bit clunky and the lack of good instruction is not good. also compaird to all other kinds of army based games it is really hard to get the higher starred versions unless you dump a ton of money and hope… I agree with several of the reviews on this that they need to address the drop rates and such. But being a huge transformes fan the theme is a 5 star.

  5. Bardoul Lovel says:

    I’ve been playing this game since launch. I love TFers and have committed a lot of time. I don’t have issue with supporting the game, but myself and my alliance have all cut back on trying to place high in LB events mainly because Space Ape has designed the rewards for the top 5 alliances that spend the most money. We get it. They’ve started changing up the event structures but after this last event after prestige lvl 10, we all were done realizing it wouldn’t be worth spending with nothing to show for it. The triple XP is nice as the amount needed at level 52+ is ludicrous. Please do that more. Offer more 5* share events. Loyal from launch players should all have a 5* bot. It seems players are getting burned out, frustrated and bored. Consider adjusting drop rates so you don’t lose more players and come up with a better way to realign so the same top 5 alliances don’t win every event prize. Marvel Puzzle Quest did this and it’s awesome. Great game though.

  6. Botulf Kersti says:

    Pretty cool game. The Autobots roaming gets about especially as you get more. Also not being able to control where they attack in battle modes is weak. You can drop them off but can’t aim then unless using a special move. You should be able to aim them in the direction you want them to go. Other than that love it.

  7. Ethel Bart says:

    If you are a transformer fan, this is the perfect game for you. It combines a thrilling campaign with great graphic and multiplayer squad wars. My only real concernz are the rather slow rate of development that occurs after the first hour or so. It also could do with more multiplayer features, like campaigns that combine multiple players forces, along with a stronger story.

  8. Aelfthryth Jacen says:

    The game is entertaining. There are some annoying pieces such as, having to watch each bot upgrade. Would be better if it was on screen all at once, not each one individually doing their jump and spin animation. Also, going to fight other players says you could get up to 180,000 for a resource but then it picks your opponent and you only get 10,000. There should be minimum cause you can’t choose not to battle without consequences.

  9. Gillot Farin says:

    It’s a great nostalgic Transformers game but I can tell early on it’s also a money pit if you want to get anywhere Beyond is casual playing. Graphics and music are good what the cost for upgrading and the time involved is ridiculous. great if you want something you just check in on once or twice a day but not something that you’re looking to take up anything longer than that.

  10. Kanyon Lauriel says:

    For a “free” game it is pretty stingy with content and currency/resources. Character progression is capped until the character is upgraded, all sorts of limits and progression walls make this game really tedious… like many games these days. It is fun to play with classic styled transformers, but it seems that collecting all of the actual action figures might actually be cheaper and definitely quicker in the end

  11. Thomkins Scirloc says:

    It’s overall a fun game. I think that if your reading this review to see if you want to get the game or maby are a developer that could fix these, pay attention. The graphics could be improved 8 know it’s a big task so that’s at the bottom of my concerns. The build bits are really buggy. they might appear in totally random places. Two, the flying bots may go off the map. This is rare though. Three, please make a are you sure button before we spend cyber coins. I spent all of them on accident once

  12. Patience Rand says:

    I’ve been playing for over 3 years and still hear new strategies regularly. They do a good job of keeping it fresh, though it is a bit bloaty by this point. There are many ways of spending money, and most of them do you very little good. I’ve personally dumped more than 10x a new retail game into this, and there are many players who are better ranked that never spent a dime. I’m happy one can do well without spending, but I do wish spending had a better chance of being rewarding.

  13. Cassi Derrian says:

    Awesome game!!! I love the the mix of old school and new school transformers. I just wish you could up grade your 2 star bots to next level and so on. But one thing can you another level to the story line, because after six stories they are over and it’s a shame because it feels like an actual episode that one is playing thru. So great job and keep up the great work and maybe add some of the movie transformers if possible…

  14. Corrie Alasan says:

    Great slice of nostalgia. Fun times. Awesome models. Cartoon soundtrack completes effects. Only criticism is Megatron as a tank instead of a G1 gun, but in this day and age I get it. Something fun to log in and play a few times a day once updates start taking a day to complete…about a week of gameplay, it settles down some. Spinning the models and clicking them to transform is really cool. Complete with all the show sound effects and voices.

  15. Parson Kristena says:

    Awesome soundtrack, makes me want to watch the original series. Gameplay repetitive. It is frustrating when I keep getting a notification to upgrade a bot that I cannot upgrade. (Sometimes, as soon as I back out of one, another immediately pops up.) Either one is already upgrading(1 at a time) or I have to upgrade my base to upgrade the bot(s) that needs it. Please Fix it where notifications Only for the bots that CAN be upgraded and this will be a 5* app.

  16. Walcott Laureen says:

    The game is dope. Love the concept of it and it’s getting better and better as the game progresses. Only thing I don’t like is what they did to the laser turrets and the attack range. The range went down A LOT and it takes away from how well ur base can defend against aerial bots. The power core still says 75% more attack range but that’s not the case anymore. It’s bad enough that, when u use the power core, you lose the ability to attack ground bots, let alone now that ur range went down.

  17. Rovere Gomer says:

    I’m a huge transformers fan, and pretty big with strategy games too, so getting both in one is a lot of fun. Also getting to see all my favorite Cybertronians running around, and even some I didn’t really know who are quickly becoming some of my new favorites. As far as gameplay goes it’s pretty fun, and not too hard to progress. The main story missions are challenging, and well thought out so you can’t blast through in a day which is nice.

  18. Devinia Burt says:

    Lots of problems and much room for improvement. The chat is a mess, with multiple notices for several actions. Purchases are buggy, and the new player pack should last longer so new players can decide if they want it. We don’t need to be reminded of upgrading after every damn fight. Its annoying. Lastly, new players should have a restart option in case they want to change from autobot to decepticon or vis versa. That said, the game has good controls, looks good, and is fun. I’m also out of space

  19. Daylen Ernestine says:

    If your a Transformers fan…then this is the game for you! Very user friendly and it also has the classic option which when selected brings every audio sound track from the original cartoon from back in the day ic you choose to, but if you prefer the newer audio sounds for a more modern feel then you can just switch it back, the choice is yours. I highly recommend this one! Caution: Highly Addictive and may interfere with real life. Play at your own risk😜

  20. Michael Wisebaker says:

    Great real time strategy game, even if you’re not a huge Transformers game. Some great features that I’ve not seen in other similar titles, such as the ability to fast forward in a battle if you’re going to win, multiple different chat channels (alliance vs war vs general), and the ability to private message alliance members. My only real gripe is that the text is VERY small, even on my Galaxy S9. I wish there was an option to make it bigger.

  21. Liam Alvarez says:

    A great game, it has a very wide range of characters to collect and always keeps you grinding for more stuff. Although I’ve had only a few problems which the only two I have are, its kinda hard to get sometimes 3 4 and 5 star bots unless you are willing to pay money, and the other problem is I’ve have is for me anyways my game crashes like two times which its not that big of a problem, but they should try to fix those problems other than that great and wonderfull game.

  22. S.L.E. [SFM Productions] says:

    Overall, a great game. Yes, yes, I severely have some legitimate criticisms about this game, but very little in terms of gameplay. Although, I really wished that we can get combiners a lot more easier, and also, level up the bots a lot more flexible. I would also advice them to consider reducing duplicates, as the crystal type gambling would be called a cash grab, this putting fights into a pay-to-win type of interest.

  23. Nuclear Bullet says:

    It’s a pay to win model type of game, but it was free, and the devs has to get paid so I get that. The five star rating is because finally, someone gets it that Michael Bay’s Hollywood Transformers are just garbage, the fans want G1 style transformers, and I am one of those. The graphic and the execution of this game is good, I think it would easier to play this with a mouse, but haven’t tested it to see if it has mouse support. The dev team did a great job with this, awesome!

  24. David Pickett says:

    I’ve been having a really fun time so far. Casual players will find that they can enjoy the game without buying boosts but more dedicated players may need to buy in to special items and consumable refills from time to time. My only criticism is the absence of a discard option for characters you don’t want, and an overwrite feature that allows you to replace an existing Autobot (or Decepticon if you’re evil like that!) with an improved version. That minor issue this is a fun game. Try it out!

  25. Andrew Lunsford says:

    This is a great and highly addictive game! However…We need the ability to obtain higher level bots without having to pay large sums of money through micro-transactions. “Some” micro-transactions are ok, but you should be able to level up your bots to 3,4, & 5 stars through hard work, not just the pay-to-play “Bot slot machine” method. If some people want to pay, fine-let them, but if some don’t want to, or can’t afford to, then llet them work for it. It would be a 5 star game if not for that.

  26. Jean-Paul Audette says:

    I’m loving this! no need to pay to win, great gameplay, strategic and tactical thinking is rewarded, and the Transformers have been special favorites of mine for decades. some things are not well explained. EDIT I get bored quickly from long character cooldowns after fighting. Fun to do a rush vs enemy, but then I have to switch away from the game to allow forces to ‘recharge’ & lose interest, often for days or weeks

  27. Liz Mariana says:

    I have played this game on and off for several years, and it’s one of my favorites to return to. HOWEVER, with the most recent update on my Galaxy S10E, it freezes on the initial loading screen at 2%. If I wait to see if it loads, it kicks me out of the app with a message to restart, only to do the entire thing over again. Actually closing the entire app does nothing to solve the issue, which is heartbreaking as I just recently leveled up my HQ. I am begging you, DO A BUG FIX UPDATE!

  28. Andrew Baker says:

    I really love this game and have had it for about 3 and a half years now. The nostalgia is strong and the gameplay is very fun. Grinding is innevetable for every game but i havn’t had to pay real money to advance. However, the campaign difficulty jumps up way too high in the later missions and it takes way too long to get a 4 to 5 star bot without luck. Upgrade times also need a fix because they become unbearable. Other than that it’s a pretty solid game with no outside adds.

  29. Biju Varghese says:

    The exp gain is slow so playing feels repetitive cause you have to grind to move forward in both campaign & multi-player. The cool down and fuel systems will actually make you stop playing because you hit a progression wall. This is where they get you with micro transactions. There is a cap amount of upgrades at one time but you can PAY to finish one to start another. Con: three different currencies in the game. Pro: the classic 1980s music, lots of characters and no ads.

  30. Thomas Cullinan says:

    I absolutely love this game I’m a transformers fan this game has quite the selection of transformers characters, cool defenses and ECT. But the one thing that I have to say is, it take a little bit to get into the game and it would be nice to be able to switch sides a lot easier than having to sign out then switch sides in the new one then reconnect your account to the new game.

  31. Shanah DeJesus says:

    No problems or bugs. I like playing any game that involves Transformers and this is awesome! Although I don’t like that the game freezes when you change the music ( which I love the g1 music more) and I have to get out of the game in order to hear the change. And can event points be easier to achieve because not everyone in a clan always plays them and it slows me down.

  32. Don Imvised says:

    As others have pointed out, the art style and sound design are exceptional. A definite nostalgia trip that is welcomed, but there are issues too. The pacing of the game is tediously slow. It takes forever to upgrade everything, even for a mobile game. There is so much loading that it makes playing a slog. I barely ever use all my energy because of how long it takes to get in and out of combat. Finally, getting drops isn’t as fun as other mobile games due to the loading issues.

  33. CG Smith says:

    The game is nostalgic and fun. I’ve been playing it for years now. That said, it took too long to reward players with items they needed years ago to be relevant participants. Recently, game crashes and sign-on issues frequently arise. The tech guys usually handle issues, but the verification time takes too long. In this, the game and service are identical.

  34. Micah J. Xiong says:

    Enjoying the game a lot! Gameplay, graphics, bots and everything else is great! There are just a few things I find annoying. First, game progress initially is really fast, but once you get to HQ lvl6 and so on, game progress is really slow. Bot cooldowns after battles are a pain at times. And its so hard to earn cyber coins. The only way to buy new bots are by using cyber coins, or buying crystals with real money. Wish it was easier to buy and earn new bots.

  35. Cameron Allen says:

    It’s quite the amazing game. Of course, like a lot of games, it has its issues, but there are very few. Not everything is aligned with Transformer lore. I feel like there should be a way to create a Decepticon account once you reach a certain level HQ. While an HQ 8 yields Decepticon squads, I am talking about a full blown Decepticon base and account on the same device, and account. But again, very few issues, very few different desires, very few things to change.

  36. Koda Meunier says:

    This is a beautiful, beautiful game. So many ‘Bots n’ ‘Cons, it’ll make your head spin! …metaphorically anyway. The only drawback is how hard it is to get Cyber Coins, and Shards for Crystals, as well as by the time you reach the third (or fourth) campaign, it gets difficult and FAST. So focus on Researching your Transformers and Upgrading the Scanner to destroy the opposing faction’s player bases to get past. Also, the amount of fun is nearly endless! I’d definitely say to download TF EW now!

  37. Michael Peer says:

    It’s way to difficult to obtain the necessary resource for upgrading ‘bot abilities, especially given the increase in cost goes by orders of magnitude – literally. Base defense is aenemic. You can’t give any orders to the ‘bots you’re using in an attack except when to use their abilities; which aren’t even on a cooldown, but instead rely upon how much destruction you’re causing. It’s, really, only fun because of the nostalgia factor.

  38. Ben Pruett says:

    This has been my favorite game for the last 4 years. I love how the game keeps improving which why I that I’d ask if this idea could be possible. Perhaps, if we could get to somehow do the transform animation while the bots are in the team view in the Shuttle? I believe that would let the player feel like they can customize how their teams looks when going into battle (ie. Send grimlick in in dino mode or bot mode. Same with Snarl etc.?). Thank you for the awesome game and thank you for reading.

  39. Xavier Young says:

    For the style of the game, I can say it easily deserves a 4 star. The amount of characters and the abilities each character has makes the gameplay fun. The only problem I have is the pricing on their bundles and we’ll the game is pretty much pay to win. Lowering the bundle pricing and letting people earn more rewards through actually playing without the season system would definitely deserve a 5 star rating.

  40. Samuel Trinidad says:

    This is one of my most favorite mobile games of all time, I love how you get to build your autobase. In my opinion, earth wars is more free to play friendly, since the addition of the dispatch mission feature. You get a chance to get more bot now thanks to the dispatch missions. In addition, you get to play an amazing campaign story, and a live story with the events. Almost every month a new bot is added. From bots to combiners and massive city size titans, build your transformer story now.

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