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Sequel of the classic artillery game, now it's your turn to fight!
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July 11, 2022
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TNT:Artilleryman Apk Download New*

The Second anniversary is are living. The brand-new house is ready to be constructed!

TNT:Artilleryman Apk Obtain New* apk

Construct your house beneath the moon and stars: Starmoon, the Dreamland Elf, disappeared hundreds of years in the past, and now she is again. Her dreamland vanished as time went on. She spoke back to the decision from the TNT Kingdom that can assist you construct your home!

TNT:Artilleryman Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Timed Tournament 1: Win the competition on designing a singular house, and procure restricted native land constructions!

TNT:Artilleryman Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Timed Match 2: Building up your sign-in streak on the Second anniversary wishing neatly to get the SSS Puppy – Dreamland Elf!

TNT:Artilleryman Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Timed Match Three: Join the 3v3 Ballistic Masters of the 2d anniversary, combat gamers from everywhere the sector and win rewards in the actual global!

TNT:Artilleryman Apk Obtain New*

====Game Features====

TNT:Artilleryman Apk Obtain New* release

◆ The 2nd-anniversary carnival for everybody. Move get your x100 draw! Lots of loose presents! Check in to win the brand new SSS Puppy: Dreamland Elf!
Holy Wishing Neatly! Make a want to win restricted costumes, in addition to more than a few house constructions! Purple Packet Rain! Go surfing day by day at 21:00 to say mountains of diamonds. First come, first serve. Let your middle pass pit-a-pat!

TNT:Artilleryman Apk Obtain New* apk mod

◆ House device, dream-like Utopia, construct the house of your dream House DIY! Position dozens of structures on masses of squares the way in which you wish to have. Come construct your house! Construct Wonders! Statue of Salvation, Putting Lawn, Historical Pyramid… all of the wonders supply tough buffs!
Contest! Construct the house of your dream, sign up for the contest and win the restricted structures.

◆TNT Ballistic Masters, sign up for the 3V3 honest pageant and win iPhone! Battle real-time video games with competitors from far and wide the arena; defeat them in 30min to get promoted. On this honest festival, everybody fights with the similar energy. No map ruler, no auxiliary line, simplest your skills topic! Vintage Bazooka+2 x3, wreck all terrains. You’re going to dominate the arena with it!

◆ A Sequel to the vintage recreation brings again the previous reminiscences. Deliver the 13-years-old LAPTOP sport on cellular, and produce you the very same levels and techniques!
Recomposed guns, equivalent look, and regulate, however cooler talent results! Particular person Dungeon: Sky Town, Elemental Land. Move farm for pieces!

◆ International mentorship, no you’ll be able to socialize with gamers in every single place the sector Talk in international channels, be a tutor or student if you happen to like! Construct a world crew, chat in international channels and combat on other servers… easy-peasy!
Grand weddings for gamers from in every single place the arena to sign up for! Cross enjoy the brand new social lifestyles!

【Contact Us】
《TNT:Artilleryman》Official Website:
《TNT:Artilleryman》Facebook Fanpage:

【Gentle Reminders】 Sooner than getting into the sport, you wish to have to conform to the garage permission to save lots of the account password and make sure the community connection.


40 comments on "TNT:Artilleryman Apk Download New*"

  1. h2omelon says:

    1. Server keeps kicking me out randomly while I’m in game 2. I paid for value pack, I didn’t recieve, thought it was an error, I bought it again, still didnt recieve, that’s 2x 3. ive messaged the developer, no answer. 4. SCAM!

  2. Keira Johnson says:

    It’s a very unique game with facinating dream scenes and hight interactive modes. Very nice!

  3. Tim Tzavidis says:

    Didn’t even play because it kept asking to make and manage calls on my phone. A simple game app does not need access to make calls.

  4. jenoldrey 94 says:

    My all time favourite childhood game, similar with DDTank, never been disappointed with their work. Keep up the good work.

  5. Marcus Liew says:

    Why it can’t open, since yesterday 16 july 2021, when I open the game, there show “pullconfig time out”, until today also can enter the game, even reinstall the game also same situation, please fix this problem as fast as possible, I like this game actually, a lot of memory here, please fix and check the problem

  6. crazy steve says:

    It is actually pretty good the problem is when u start shooting the bar look like very laggy and really mess up my power shoot

  7. VYNN' DEO says:

    Too much bug , controlling hard , just play a while then log out itself or lagging. 😡😡

  8. Boxey Noxey says:

    It’s a great game. And the concept is fun. The only downside is how long the forced tutorial is. Either simplified the tutorial or just having the option to skip it.

  9. Yan Khai says:

    Can’t even update, keep showing me error and I have already tried using mobile data and wifi. I try to update others app to see whether is my network problem and it work as usual.

  10. Alvin A says:

    Installed the game. Then somewhere around 300mb/335mb of the update it stops then goes back to 1. Tried it several times, same thing happens. So 1⭐

  11. Lol Lolol says:

    I really advised all player not to spend money on this game at all cost. Reason? This is the 5th or maybe more game that have exact same UI but different developer. This game will vanished after a period of time and poof another 100% same game will appeared with different developer. Mark my words. You can play but don’t spend in it since you’ll meet another same game lol. I played 4 of this game with different named and developer but 100% same gameplay and UI

  12. Firdaus Abraham says:

    Instructions too long, to many games like this, 2 minute instruction is more than enough, waste my time with 10 minutes instruction

  13. Wun Ping Wong says:

    No doubt, this is a good game. But when you reached gold rank, you will know how unfair is the matching system. 15 level can meet 35 level opponent. Managed to achieve 100 percent hit rate, but won’t hurt your opponent. Although your opponent simply hit, but one hit will be able to KO you. Think twice for this game, if you wish to play ranking matches. Unless you invest money in this game.

  14. Muhamad Taufiq says:

    So Far It Is A Good Game, The New Server Kinda Sucks, I Tried To Enter Many Time. But It Says ‘Server Timeout’. When I Tried Other Server, I Can Easily Go Inside The Game.

  15. El Sama says:

    Stuck in loading page always network error. My internet is fine and I even tried to create new character and it works. However to my server it’s not

  16. Jheff Estrada says:

    I open and played the game easily when i connected to wifi, but, when i switch to Data connection the game is just stack up at loading section.

  17. Malas Sa Gedli says:

    I recommend not to install this app. It continously downloading resources and not able to play. Download resources repeatedly loading, it never finish!!

  18. Richmond Gaming says:

    For anyone who newly downloaded the game, you can have very entertaining start. But you only have ONE day to try the game. After that you will never get the account back again even if you reloaded some currencies. Worst game ever created. Wasting my time playing whole day then the server crashed. And many more other players has rhe the same problem.

  19. khairul Jamaluddin [ kJy ] says:

    Cant download patch while in game! “Update error file: res/**/res/fashion/battle_fashion/suit/privatemale/hand_r.png**” FIX IT!!!


    im not gonna give a bad review since im neutral to this game.. to be honest i missed the old Minitoss gameplay,this game is quite similar.. i’ve unninstalled the game since im not interested anymore to play it,its not as addictive as Minitoss..

  21. Diana Mae Torres says:

    The tutorial is too long and I don’t like how hard the game is spoon feeding the players when they can discover those things on their own. I don’t like feeling like a 5 year old who can’t understand the game mechanics when majority of the players are old enough to understand which is which. The tutorial should be optional or skippable after level 3 not all the way beyond a whole stage level. That is my feedback.

  22. death isnear says:

    It is good,but plz add something that make us earn diamonda and the things in the shops are kind of expensive,this is not an insult,sorry :•( also add a skip to the tutorial and other stuff like talking

  23. Lucas Chen says:

    This is a pay 2 win game, and it also contain a lot of bug that game master won’t fix it. Although a lot of people complain about the bug, the GM also don’t care about it. If you are planning to play for fun, I recommend go for other game than this. Non friendly to free to play, and alot of bug.

  24. Excel Remalig says:

    3 stars because the items lack information on their uses and leaves the players wonder. Second, for the rune crafting, said 80% chance but greater is the fail which is only 20% chance. Overall, I like the game so much.

  25. Hisyam Amiruddin says:

    Whats wrong with this game? How many time that error thing pop up..i’ve update and when it almost reach the end..the error thing keep pop up and asked me to retry..what is the real problem right now..i need an answer..

  26. ares rollan says:

    absolutely one of the best game for me. reason why 3 stars,many bugs and errors from the last update.

  27. Alex Tan says:

    This game too many bug, keep on loading, want to enter game loading, want to enter a room loading, after entering the room want to start loading, press exit from the room loading, this is very bad and you will get frustrated while playing. Think twice.

  28. Jane Liew says:

    Terrible game with no intention of fixing the bugs all around the game. Rubbish team with horrible knowledge of coding. Primary school students can do better job than this team. This game does not deserve the space in your phone storage.

  29. PSPS GAMING says:

    Super unfair game with tons of bugs and an useless game developer. Topped up for the game but dint get what we should deserve.

  30. Yau Wawa says:

    This is the worst game I’ve ever played, buggy, fixed or more and more bugs, Lena simply can not solve the problem, always said it was the player’s problem . When will you close this game? I really am not the only one who thinks the game is very bad

  31. Eric Canyseus says:

    i have bad experience in this game because to many bug and its always kick me and the other membar while play in the game also once its kick our member play in the game dungeon the game will be freeze out and wait to long time for the server start over for the game. i’ll you guys fix this game problume and fix that bug to much many bug inside the game too. am very disappoint about this game suppouse to better then old one game boomer so i’ll put one star for the game experience of this game

  32. david ng says:

    Seriously this game alot of bug, but is fun, but the things is super alot of bug, every time update sure got problems.. Seriously very disappointed.. I don’t know what the delevoper is doing…. 真的很气人,每次维修都一定有很多问题的,维修来做什么?!人家维修就是解决问题,不是制造问题。。。有谁可以答复我一下?

  33. Danial Danial says:

    This game is faaaking game many item is missing many bug.. don’t play this game faaaking idiot game wast my don’t trust me just play you will see…dont wast your money just play for free dont buy anything in this game and you will see…be carful for this scammer game like this.faking you TNT bullshiit.

  34. Mr Shah says:

    system bug.. item gone. pow drop.. to many item gone after maintenens. pls fix this isue

  35. Robert Dawson says:

    Very dissapointing. Just a waste of money. I advise all not to download this game. Full of scam. And there were no challenges. No equal maychmaking. A player can be killed just by 1 hit. No battle interaction at all. Game masters are only favoring chinese pips. Not recommended.. totally not recommended. Hope this game will be deleted in playstore and app store.

  36. Jenji Boo says:

    Beware. The 5 stars reviews of this game application is not real as they launched an event to ask users to give reviews in order to receive a small gift. They never try to solve problems for you, they just want more money by in-app purchases and increase their revenue in a sense. They will not reply you, if they don’t like to hear your complaints about bugs and more. Their reply all based on formality PR communication. Stay away, look for other games that should be giving you great gaming experience.

  37. Lupe Johnson says:

    Solving puzzles and bringing peace to the dream land. Love this setting and game style.

  38. ItsMe Zul says:

    The game is interesting but there is slight problem… Whenever i press ready loading to the lobby and many more situation my screen will show loading symbol and it never stop … And i don’t think that it my wifi problem … Try and investigate the problem and try to fix it…

  39. S V says:


  40. Mirul Amin says:

    What happen to the server. I cant play this game

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