Throne Rush Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Most epic war strategy! Build your kingdom, lead mighty heroes & win battles!
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April 12, 2021
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Throne Rush Apk Download New 2022 Version*

More than 27 million installs. Virtually 1 million “Five celebrity” rankings.
Throne Rush – is among the perfect fashionable examples of a fine quality a hit MMOG undertaking.

Throne Rush Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Obtain Throne Rush and get at your disposal:
● Massive MMO delusion international divided into distinctive continents – to find and slay;
● An outstanding choice of structures and assets. – Construct, give a boost to, give protection to!
● 18 mighty mercenaries – to crank up till the entire your squad is invincible;
● RTS part to broaden an economic system of your Empire to a degree past attainment. There’s no limits!
● Exiting on a daily basis quests. – You’ll by no means become bored right here!
● A perfect number of clans, guilds and methods alliances. – Sign up for the mightiest one or shape yours and lead it to the highest. Claim struggle to people who aren’t with you.
● PvP fights without a mercy. – Crash your enemies, crash the whole lot on your trail, or anyone else will!
● Epic campaigns in opposition to Bosses. – Can you end all of the monsters of this global?
● Completely distinctive common thematic occasions, heroes and artefacts;
● Particular heroes with particular skills (archer and swordsman mage are amongst them) – to clutch and accumulate;
● Useful assist from your mates;
● Stunning graphic! – as an advantage.

Throne Rush Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Sign up for a Throne Rush, Courageous Warlord! The Empire shall be yours!

Throne Rush Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Just right success together with your battles! And consider – we’re at all times right here for you by way of [email protected],
Your Throne Rush Staff.

Throne Rush Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*



40 comments on "Throne Rush Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Patience Chistopher says:

    the game is fine until you are in beginning stage. when you updated few steps then it will be very difficult for you to earn. each and every update need a lot of treasure but you can’t earn enough . when you going to attack other player clan it will be very difficult to Beat. because Defence is more and more stronger than your Army. that’s why you can’t earn enough. in the beginning i had enjoyed this game a lot . but now i am fade up with this.really it’s disappointing….!!!

  2. Wella Flair says:

    The problem with this game is it does not support Cloud Backup. If a person changed his phone or factory resets it or by chance uninstalled this app, he will not be able to recover the progress of his game. This type of strategy games requires time to reach to a particular profile or progress if one came to know that he has to start from the beginning then he will definitely don’t play this game. For maintaining the reputation of this app there is an urgent need for the Cloud Storage of this app in the next update, so that people will continue playing this game and will recommend it to others also. Expecting the rectification/improvement in the next update.

  3. Ragnar Trinity says:

    doesn’t matter if I’m on wifi with full bars or not, but every time I attack someone I get “Bad Connection” Box in the middle of the screen even though I know it’s an issue on the Games end. Considering it’s only when attacking and that’s it

  4. Gifford Ellice says:

    good game…..been playing for a couple years now. im only now running into needing to spend money to advance, im not going to though 😌 being deleted soon for that very reason, though i have managed tonreach level 63 w spending less than 20$ on it this whole time.

  5. Rye Hayes says:

    Decent game way to many adverts thou if you don’t spend money you’ll spend more time watching adverts then playing game. Perhaps I’ve missed something but annoying not being able to get your army to attack towers first….. So daft :/

  6. Alekia Kimbralee says:

    Very interesting and like realistic game! I’ve have fun of playing this! Not boring at all! Game with time and patience! Nice army and spells! Kingdom is awesome! And graphics too! But… NEXTER– You need to add more interesting and New buildings, for example, defenses, storages, army too! I want a new spells too! But I miss the CLAN raids or battles.😢 Can you add them back btw The game is OSOM

  7. Richard Blandford says:

    Heroes should be upgraded through XP. If no XP is offered for Heroes during attack, It’s pointless to use Heroes. There’s no difference between other troops and heroes. Please consider this issue and allow upgrading heroes with XP. Thanks.

  8. Daveth Daelyn says:

    It’s fun honestly, just the starting progression is a bit slow since you have to wait quite a bit. They force you to buy crystals. But that’s the only issue so far (from what I can see, I’m still early game). With time you can get everything. But a p2w can get max lvl instantly. Depending on how much they are willing to spend. Hope this helps, have a good day.

  9. Winston Joleigh says:

    This game is good but its difficult to progress cause you have to pay for everything, every time i open the app I’ve been attacked yet again and my resources stolen. I’ve tried to do free jem offers or surveys and after i finish i don’t get the jems. I’ve contacted fyber the company that offers all the free stuff and they keep telling me to send proof, after i send proof they ignore the email. I would rate 5 stars if they made it easier to get whats needed to advance when your just starting out.

  10. Kip Taylan says:

    I have been playing the game from years on laptop, but when i install the app on my mobile. I didn’t get the same which I played earlier. I liked the game very much. But as the level increases the only way to play the game is buying gems. Upgradation of village is more costlier and much time consuming and earning of gems and hiring buillder is harder. It would be better, if these were fixed.

  11. Bud Eda says:

    I had previously tried to post that this game was addicting, but the time it takes to upgrade anything after the first two or three becomes too much. For the game developers…please decrease the upgrade times. I understand I can accelerate by 10 minutes by watching yet another advertisement, but that is not why I want to play the game.

  12. Jakline Akayla says:

    Nice game, reminds me of a tycoon game so i get that nice feeling when i sign in to lots of gold and food to collect, army to upgrade or a new unit to research. Wall placement is quick AND intuitive kudos. 4 star reason – 2 builders, if u want a third 500 gems, this means i cant even just buy the cheap gem pack to get him or the 2nd cheapest pack…. i wouldve happily spent $2.00-5.00 and who knows where it could go after that. All in all you dont need tat builder but it would be NICE! 🎩👌

  13. Faran Daisey says:

    Awesome game, but.. 1.upgrades are expensive and close to useless 2.walls can be easier upgraded..for example whole selected row? That’s easy to implement in object oriented application ^^ This two changes can make this game close to perfect! Me and many others will consider that a 5 star game ^^ everything else is superb – idea, attacks, units, just awesome!

  14. Idella Linley says:

    Similar to coc, just more unique with the bonuses and the variety of heroes. I played it before on facebook, I just downloaded it on phone. It is a good game to play if you don’t have lots of free time but wants to have a game you can play daily.

  15. Antwanette Kimball says:

    I would like to add my words into the suggestion that could you please just decrease the time of upgrades because the huge time of upgrades makes users to get far away from game i use to play since it was introduced but then i left due to lot of time consumption on upgrades. Please it is a request to decrease the time of upgrades this will be highly appreciated by all your users. Thank you, looking for positive response.

  16. Congruitan says:

    The game has beautiful graphics, fascinating stories. But there is no balance! In Arena there are only people much stronger than me, I don’t remember scoring 3 stars in a very long time. The second biggest problem are rubies. Like what the hell?! How am I supposed to get them! In campaign? That 45 diamonds are used in a second! Please reconsider these features, I’m a long time fan, and it’s very disappointing and sad that I had to give it 2 stars. Thank you.

  17. N I says:

    So unfair. When you need sand to build and do everything, the games become unplayable. Your resources can’t grow fast enough. High amount of sand is required for EVERYTHING… I did the math it will took 2 years to upgrade to the next level WITHOUT being constantly attacked by army twice the size of yours. This game is so unfair you’ve been warned. Waste of time and not enjoyable.

  18. dyey si says:

    That troops better to use open area or avoid walls when approaching a building mostly the troops deffence destroyer should have other option when they find next target they would attack or find that open wall or no more walls on def building. And about deploying a troops would be able to deploy 2 or more in different area at the same time, all both holding deploying or rapidly tapping deploying on different areas at the same time.

  19. Colin Farjuere Stockell says:

    please erase this game and delete my base so that no one can attack it anymore, l have lost all interest in playing this game, I’m being systematically targeted by 7 players a day, there is always 1 player that stays online so that he/she can keep an eye on my base, so when my shield is down that person will tell all the others that my shield is not active and I get systematically targeted so that my resources are not worth collecting, this has been going on now for quite some time.

  20. Jesse Vroegop says:

    To Early to say, but so far its good and entertaining. Graphics in the game isnt great but its not to bad for a stratagy game. Maybe developer can create a open world map like in World of War Craft 3 frozen throne… please consider making a update with a open world feature……

  21. Floyd Belila says:

    It’s frustrating that I can’t load my progress on the PC version using the Facebook login button though it works on other games. I’ve tried it five times and no good. It’s a good game but I just don’t want to start all over again. I could give 5 star review on PC version( if it ever have one ).

  22. samihang limbu says:

    This is a great game with great potential,except I have some problems regarding it,firstly the amount of trophies we lose is almost double the amount of trophies we win,Secondly The portal of Bastion is never open. Thirdly bug fixes every now and then should be done. But overall it’s a good game,just minor problems and that’s it

  23. Daniel Sîrbu says:

    It’s really similar to clash royale, not sure if you can say it’s better or worse because it’s still quite different. The system is pretty similar and the gameplay too, but it’s more like TLoTR style? Maybe, idk, anyways it’s more like fantasy and mythology so it’s pretty cool, I played it before too and it is fun to play, I also like that the game has the mechanic to watch adds for stuff, but doesn’t just pop ads in your face midgame, that’s cool.

  24. Richard Storm says:

    This game is awesome but the only thing that sucks is there not really enough chances to get gems during gameplay you have too go do the tapjoy rewards type of B.S. to get some and half the time thats a complete waste of time and phone space and think the video speed ups for building should be out of chance say 10 min to 1 hour of build time and all the speed ups in between to an hour at random of course. It seems more worth it. But great game been playing this on and off for years.

  25. Sahanur Mondal says:

    I have been playing this game for a long time. The issue i can say right now is opponent matching strategy. If you have upgraded your castle first you face very strong opponent with more artifacts than you. That way it’s hard to win arena and even though you win will get less resources. So you have to wait for upgrade your army and buy artifacts to continue on same pace.

  26. Floyd Belila says:

    It is a good game although needs lots of improvements like graphics, ai patterns, and many more. I have played this on computer via FB but I can’t use the said account on mobile platform.

  27. Reggie Barra says:

    Good game, similar to Clash of Clans. Putting those sample images as advertisement is rather dishonest however. You don’t defend with your troops, your troops also can’t be in formation as you see in their advertisement, you just tap on a certain clear area of the map and that’s it, your troops also cannot be stationed atop of walls as well as buildings. To sum it up, again a decent game, close to CoC, but nothing on their images advertising their game actually shows actual gameplay.

  28. James Lovett says:

    OK for us to start, but it takes to long to upgrade after a few leavels . Askedto fight castles 5 levels higher its not fare. I often leave, and start again, but it always happens.

  29. Chingmei Noklang Phom says:

    Hello Throne Rush. I have been playing this game for quite sometime now. At first it was ok but this days i am having an issue, whenever I open this application I don’t function well. It is too slow in taking actions. I can’t use it. Help needed

  30. ums mahe says:

    Hi Team, i have a question. What happens when i uninstall a game and install again. Will i stay in the same upgrades? Especially the castle and barracks. Please advise. I have a new question. Why does the app logs off often these days stating unable to connect to server? I’m not conformtable with this.

  31. Ethan Moss says:

    It is amazing. The only problem about it is that halfway through the second world is insane. I apgraded my barracks to like level 5 and I still can’t do it.

  32. Rudolph Schuster says:

    game works great / The only issue is I wish I could use it on my PC. Every time I click the install button it says something like, ‘ will be on your device in time ‘. It never is. I looked in the files, desktop, download directory and it never is on here. Tried it multiple times and must have logged in to Google a dozen. very misleading

  33. August Kan says:

    Not quite friendly. Was stuck with resources to proceed, it’s hard to upgrade and need lots of resources and gems. Can’t even attack for resources at Level 2 due to too strong missions.

  34. JokerTillDeath James says:

    Great game love it very much! Starting this morning and have been playing all day! The only thing I don’t like is when your storages are all full and both builders are going, there isn’t really anything to do… but other than that it is amazing!

  35. carl “UK_Restless” alexander says:

    Targeting with touchscreen can be hard but the game is ok, for most don’t bother trying to play.. some have been playing for years and stay low just to bash new players.. also it lies about under shield 🛡️ and you stand little chance even if you payed 2 win.

  36. Mr. Bumble-Bee says:

    Great game but i give you only 3 stars because it is almost the same for 8 years lmao. Now only 2 stars for misleading images,lol. Also upgrades of mines and windmills are useless and the income from it is really useless. Why doesn’t at least a developer play the game to say how many ilogical things are there?!

  37. Paul Musonda says:

    I’ve been playing this great game for years now. I enjoy it!! But I’m having problems loading the game for the past 3 days. It loads without opening…. Kindly assist me

  38. Hany Grace Tatang says:

    Played again after awhile. Just 2 major things for now 1. Am still unhappy with how difficult it is now to upgrade heroes. Before we can upgrade them by using them in the arena. Also don’t have to wait for days to buy shards to acquire new heroes. 2. Insane amount needed for upgrades don’t really equate to the loot from the arena or the food/gold from the mills and mines. It will take u weeks to get the amount needed just to upgrade buildings costing 15m up etc

  39. saima zubair says:

    The game is amazing but I have just one major issue the sweats and tryhards who just refuse to fight and get trophies so you have castle lv 8 sweats in bronze league and I cant ever find someone normal to their league it’s so annoying

  40. Sokari Ugbojioga says:

    It’s okay but when you enter a higher rank and you are below level 7 the game will start giving you level 9,10,11,12. To attack which is not good

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