Stellar Age: MMO Strategy Mod Apk New 2022*

A global space MMO strategy! Endless galaxy map & epic spaceship fleet battles!
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Crazy Panda Limited
April 8, 2022
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Stellar Age: MMO Strategy Mod Apk New 2022*

Welcome to STELLAR AGE: a particularly social distinctive mmog area recreation. Sign up for the galaxy invasion now: shore up your defenses, undercover agent on area pirates, start up fleet battles, and dominate the wealthy galactic empire! Actual company battle is on!

Stellar Age: MMOG Technique Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Display your strategic and tactical considering within the fantastic ACTUAL TIME MMORPG TECHNIQUE! Take a look at a very good zoom vary as you roam the never-ending galaxy map.

Stellar Age: MMORPG Technique Mod Apk New 2022*


Stellar Age: MMOG Technique Mod Apk New 2022* apk

⭐ Produce other sorts of sources to growth as speedy as imaginable ⭐ Stage up your structures and applied sciences to extend your energy ⭐ Toughen your defenses, and don’t let your enemies reach plundering
⭐ Take part in more than a few day by day competitions: quests for management, rating leagues, and so on.

Stellar Age: MMOG Technique Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new


Stellar Age: MMOG Technique Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

🚀 Construct a formidable spaceship military 🚀 Determine the method: mix’n’match army and service provider battleships for higher good fortune 🚀 Secret agent on and assault your enemies and set their planets on fireplace 🚀 Blast area pirates at the galaxy map
🚀 Dismantle destroyed enemy fleets: procedure send particles into treasured assets to extend your wealth.

Stellar Age: MMOG Technique Mod Apk New 2022* free up


Stellar Age: MMOG Technique Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

⭐ Chat with avid gamers international: an actual time galaxy map accommodates 1000’s of sun techniques with different players’ planets
⭐ Create firms to triumph over planets that you must by no means cling on my own ⭐ Stick at the side of your house staff: sign up for forces, proportion tasks, earn in-game assets and get achievements and particular bonuses

– 1 are living server for all gamers – Greater than 20,000 sun methods – Over Three hundred,000 planets
– Dismantling destroyed enemy spaceships for sources – Limitless fleet dimension – 10 kinds of spaceships
– Eleven constructions with distinctive options – Three house pirate factions
– On-line PvP and PvE modes
– Top-notch 3D graphics
– Excellent zoom vary
Let cosmos change into the actual house for you, get started epic fleet combat and combat in an out of this world galactic empire warfare! LOOSE to play! Get it now!
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40 comments on "Stellar Age: MMO Strategy Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Morgant Cammellia says:

    Note 5 user……i enjoy playing the game but, would like to know if in the future you intend to have military ground units to help protect the base and maybe be able to use them to travel in the light and heavy transports to aid in attacking pirates. Introduce light and heavy laser infantry and be able to upgrade them to something stronger as you go up in levels. Overall, the game is brilliant to play although you dont get to see the battle, just upgrade ships and buildings. Awesome game.

  2. Percy Jenai says:

    The game has none of what it promises and the most recent update completely ruined everything that was in game before. It also took away most of the progress that was in game and made it take 34 years of time to upgrade fully unless you pay. Your response doesn’t even address the amount of time it would take to upgrade. The most recent version has a power glitch too where players have completely wrong power levels meaning someone can attack someone they are much more powerful than.

  3. Davian Suzy says:

    Game is still under development so set your expectations however all the foundations for a great game are their. Controls and learning curve could be smoothed out and made more intuitive, but that seems to be improving. Gameplay feels a lot like Evony in space, you have a shared map with players competing for the same resources, although so far it doesn’t appear to require paying to win. Battles are very simplistic and basic rock/paper/siccors. The framework is their to be a good game. Worth checking out and then checking back in as development progresses.

  4. Denesa Xari says:

    This is such a hard review to write on a phone because there’s a lot I want to say. First and foremost it follows an age old formula that I think was set by oGame but might predate it. In the mobile environment those games became very purchase heavy. That’s just the way it works with these things. So I’m not going to consider anything related to that in this review. I’ll list one big pro and one big con. The big big big BIG pro is that this game clearly has some level of passion behind. From the design to the UI responsiveness and feedback, it’s just amazing. You really have to play it to see for yourself. Other games simply don’t have this level of polish. But the negative side is that the limited UI realestate is taken up by purchase suggestions. I guess I lied when I said I wouldn’t consider it. In the top left you can see the buffs you have or don’t have active, which you largely have to purchase. This UI element on the main screen could be removed altogether. If I have a 24 hour planetary shield active I don’t need to know every single hour. Maybe ten minutes after and an hour before it expires. On the right is the offer of the day or week or whatever else, and the key UI elements, well beautiful, snugly squeeze themselves into the remaining areas. Which leaves little room for a building/training/research queue, which is non existent probably due to that very reason. You can see the progress over the building itself, but the game is 3d and you’re hard pressed to see your entire base. So sometimes I find myself scrolling around my base seeing what’s idle and what’s not. All said and done I’m really enjoying it and looking forward to its progress. There’s a spark of life in this game here that is absent in this genre of games almost as a whole. Really, try it.

  5. Brighton Abbigail says:

    Great gaming expierience. Build your base and battle for the galaxy. My only concern is that it starts out very fast paced but and the building upgrades slow down as you go up in levels. Some people may lose intrest if they are the type that wants instant gratification. For those of you that fall into that catigory no worries. You can always use your credit card to speed things up.

  6. Jared Britni says:

    The game idea is great. The graphics are great. The game as a whole needs work. Too many small issues that end up obstructing your goals and costing you time and actual money. Devs are working on it and it shows, however it does not change the fact that the issues they are working on have caused many to lose out on invested time and money. As soon as these bugs are all fixed, I’ll gladly add at least one more star.

  7. Ealasaid Rea says:

    Before I’d given this game 5 stars but unfortunately I no longer can. It’s still super addictive, but I think I’m only still playing because I got lucky enough to be the leader of a successful corporation. Shielding and farming pirates is ALL you do once you hit the high levels due to the large amount you lose when attacked which is dumb because this game is being advertised as a war game. Not only that but the chat mods are biased and the game is very pay to win due to long wait times.

  8. Amedeus Sherman says:

    been playing for 3 days and so far this is an excellent game.. it has a few bugs..sometimes have to reset.. but haven’t lost anything in the process.. the only issue I have is not being able to watch the actual battles take place just get the results.. not a major issue but with the excellent graphics available it would be fun to watch the battles take place !..I’m a non paying player.. but so far this has not hindered my development 😁

  9. Sheren Kurt says:

    fun game, good graphics and smooth gameplay. doesn’t bombard you asking for money but the founders pack is getting annoying as it’s constantly blinking etc and takes up screen space, would be great if it were either smaller and not animated or just advertise it in the shop. The more you try to get people to pay the less likely they will, especially so early in a game. still lots of fun

  10. Chadwick Gerrald says:

    This game is very addictive. It has a lot of potential. Great grafics, pretty good gameplay. But… The game still crashes quite often. I have v1.8.0 and there are many times when the game crashes. Don’t know if it’s the Android OS or the game itself, but it’s annoying. The chat system is not very intuitive, it took me a while to figure it out. Some features aren’t explained (power, rank, warp), but they can be deducted. A more thorough tutorial can solve this easily. That’s why I gave only 4/5.

  11. Haden Clarke says:

    From the small amount of the intro I was able to complete, the game looks good. Although it seems to freeze on me when going to the quest of fighting the pirates. I try to open the map like it asks me too and the game freezes. The phone isnt frozen as I’m able to leave the game but the game itself is stuck. At the same time the sound keeps playng after I leave the game in the background. EDIT: Forgot to say the game doesn’t remember my place when I have to force close it. It restarts the intro

  12. Heolstor Annisha says:

    Great graphics and gameplay. I lose myself for hours in this game. UPDATED REVIEW Having spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of months building up my planet, defences and fleet it is with a heavy heart that I now say goodbye after seeing my gamer-friends become disillusioned and leave. It is a great game, but the balance feels off. Too easy to lose everything in the space of a few minutes. Due to this, I have changed my opinion from 5 to 2 stars.

  13. Rosina Gracie says:

    This is a nice game, easy to figure out , cool graphics. Reasonable background reviews, storyline can be improved with an endepth explanation for this environment and battle play. Overall it’s great and a lot of fun. I’m having a serious problem with the game, it updated and booted me out of my corporation ArkAngels. Can’t log back in. yes I contacted support several times, finally gave up. since it’s still in development well I just have up.

  14. Webster Wheeler says:

    LITTERLY IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY! I’m not being dramatic and just saying that. When I complete the tutorial, it will tell me to go to the galaxy map. However, when I click the galaxy map, it just starts everything over and sets me back to the start of the tutorial. I did this 5 times and getting reset each time untel I uninstalled. Don’t read my review to judge gameplay because I didn’t ever do anything.

  15. Fox Chelsea says:

    It’s a fun pvp builder but it is unbalanced, DEFINITELY p2p, and the results of even ONE unshielded loss to someone can virtually make you have to start all over again building a fleet. So unless you have the time to ALWAYS be certain you can get on and put up a shield, or hide your fleet this game is not for you, you can’t have a life and excel at this game at the same time. If the results of an attack on my planet were less devastating I’d love the game but I can’t ALWAYS get on 2 shield.

  16. Jody Colony says:

    The graphics in this game are beautiful. i think that a better, more informative tutorial would be beneficial. As I currently play I’m not sure what everything does. It’s hard to build strategy when you don’t understand something. Also similar games I have played have a search function to find the equivalent of pirates. This game doesn’t seem too have a way to search except via tasks.

  17. Yetta Bredgitte says:

    The fixed the loading issue and was fun while it lasted. Pay to win / play. Same “level” cleaned me out twice in a week and no fun possible way to get back to same level without dropping over $50. So time to uninstall amd try something new. New players should stock up on shields or same thing will happen with h no way to return the investment in time. Good looking game 👍 though.

  18. Lenora Worton says:

    Graphics are amazing but the game gets very very boring from the start. It’s built around mictotransaction. I had hopes it would remind me of old dune rts, reunion or other cosmic strategy games. However all u do is press ‘next mission item’ which will move the screen to the target and a flashing button tells u what to press. Thats all i did for the first 30 mins upgrading my building to lvl 3 or higher. I lost the focus so quickly that i dont remember whats my progress

  19. Makenzie Lauryn says:

    Getting better as time goes by. Still need to balance the ship power/ qty. 100,000 small ships are an easier target than 100 big ones. Volume has to be a factor during attack/defense. About defense, because you can’t recover them like ships, they are pointless, this needs to be addressed. Update: the game became too bugged in the last update and impossible to have fun. Some changes made it easier to play and level but this same change is bugged. One thing that never changed was power balance. Last bugs that I’ve encountered: 1) Every time you jump from one major version to another you need to clear/uninstall the game; 2) The search mechanism brings up “dead” enemies that you can’t attack. I have to leave the game and come back so I can try attack it again. Sometimes work, sometimes doesn’t; 3) The search-summon-attack combo, when it works, it causes lag. Sorry to say that I’m out. I apologised to my corporation fellows and left the game.

  20. Mylo Lyndsay says:

    Great game. Crappy gameplay system. I you get attacket all your hard work fleet is gone, so that basically put you in the stone age. I played around the clock almost 2 weeks and all my fleet was gone in a single attack in me, and you can recover only a tiny part of it. The higher the level, the higher you fall.

  21. Parle Rosanna says:

    If you like a game with so many bugs its unplayable well this game is for you!!!! Game steals resources, ships and credits. All while crashing multiple times during big battles. Oh and make sure you track the exact time these things happen and you “might” get some of it back. Or you’ll probably get a “we’re sorry we’ll try not to let that happen again” message.

  22. Talaith Evelynne says:

    The game itself is pretty good, especially since there are (to my short experience) no wait timers befor and after battles. The reason i downloaded the game, though, was because i advertised itself as an MMO with RTS like skirmishes. I am now certain that that those adverts were completely fake (as there is no Real Time Stratagy involved) or are clips taken from another game. Once again, i like the game itself, but its seems that advertising did flat-out lie to pull people in.

  23. Alder Bluebell says:

    Game looks good – at first. Nice graphics and interesting tech tree. Unfortunately, the PVP aspect is brutal. It’s one thing to be attacked when you’re offline, but your fleet/planet can suffer catastrophic losses that wipe out a weeks worth of work in one battle you didn’t even initiate. The alliance structure doesn’t help either as allied planets provide no stasis support. Only way around is to buy expensive planet shields. Good idea bad execution with this game.

  24. Stephannie Putnam says:

    Would be a decent game except for the bugs, the experience makes one feel like a beta tester instead of a final consumer. With each major upgrade the game becomes unplayable as you try to log on and it stops at 47% when you finally log on you cannot perform 2 actions without the game restarting, when it is restarted and one is finally back on the same thing happens, 2 actions and restart. It is simply unplayable. Getting a response from support takes between 2 and 4 weeks due to lack of people

  25. Annah Costa says:

    A empire game with good graphics. But ends up being a waste of time and money. Once your repair bay is full you begin to lose ships which take along time to build. Days of collecting resources and building ships can be wiped out in a matter of minutes. Was fun at first but eventually a big waste of time.

  26. Kimberley Teanna says:

    Things have been limping along since the big update where a lot of people left. This game has great bones. What it needs is additional, purely fun gameplay features to keep players interested, and less pay-to-win features. This game has always felt like as much of a job as an escape. I’d be happy to buy a one-time-purchase Pro version, but I’m never goong to spend endless dollars in-game to have an edge.

  27. Geoff Dust says:

    The new “jet” feature took a decent game where it was once possible to grow and play (albeit at a fairly slow grind) as much as you wanted and turned it into just another wait to play game. Having to wait days on end for building upgrades, research, and ship production is pretty standard, but developers decided to take that scheme one step further with the last update and essentially implemented the same time restrictions on your ability to farm the resources needed for those upgrades. Epic fail

  28. Johathan Aiken says:

    Horrible game .. every time it “upgrades”, it shuts you down and you cannot get to your base. The last two updates have kept me off so long I was unable to protect my planet, and I lost nearly a million ships EACH TIME. The interface is slow, and frequently interrupted by ads and messages that stop play for a period of time. I cannot tell you how frustrating this game is for me. I guess if you drop a couple $100’s, or if you stay on this 24/7 and do nothing eles, you can be successful. not me

  29. Ravendra Nigella says:

    Mobile game developers need to innovate. This game is based on the countless other games in Play Store with a tech skin. The main focus is build and level up countless buildings in a sequence. Research countless techologies in a sequence. Fight ever respawning pirates. Build countless ships and whoever has most wins. If you played similar games before then it is exactly the same as other similar MMOs. Good if you love this genre and want to upgrade stuff with speed ups or wait. If not, avoid.

  30. Stafford Thorne says:

    To many updates. To many changes to the graphics, you have to relearn the game. Laggy. Probably will uninstall soon because the game changes so much it’s not worth playing. Upgraded 2 days in a row for the same changes. The game is getting slower and slower everyday. Not worth the hassle. Takes several minutes to open the game now with all the “upgrades”…..

  31. Blake says:

    There have been some awful changes with the most recent update 1.17. The dev team did not listen to player feedback during testing of it and left in game breaking changes and addressed none of the bugs that have been plaguing the game for a while now. Edit: A few patches later they dev team has fixed some of the issues from 1.17. Much improved. Still miss some older features but it isnt as bad now.

  32. Reza Roslan says:

    Good gameplay. Nice graphic. Interesting to play. My only problem with this game is the sheilding and attack mechanism. Player are forced to use sheilding to protect their army due to the attack mechanism. You can be the strongest player having the most army in the entire game, but you can lose it all in a nick of time due to multiple attack from multiple enemy. All the effort and time you put to build and train your army can be lost in no time. So sheilding is a need and you hv to pay for it.

  33. William R says:

    It’s a good game due to the nice graphics and music. The interface is fine atleast there is a button to go back to my base without going back all the sub menus. The description from the maker is not completely correct or things are not implemented yet. They claim “- Online PvP and PvE modes” cannot find a way to make it PvE. I have been attacked 3 times by people that are over 20 levels higher than me and their power is well higher like 50+ times higher than my defense and or power pointless.

  34. Simon Headley says:

    Graphics and concept are good. Gameplay however is repetitive, arduous and littered with overpowered cookie cutter builds. Ignoring all strategy, everyone just mass builds the cheapest Light Fighter because of it’s speed. With upgrades and numbers they beat everything, even the units that are designed to kill them. Short of logging in every few hours to apply shields, there is nothing stopping players from attacking you over and over and over. It takes literally weeks to rebuild and recover.

  35. Warrior Of Christ Heartbound says:

    Love the idea that you get to play out in the galaxy and our universe. but I don’t like the idea after I’ve been playing this whole time for about 3 days. I had to delete the game and reinstall because I needed the extra room just for a moment with another app. So I redownloaded it and I went back to the map to go get some resources and it kept on crashing but right directly to my main menu on my device every single time. and no I don’t need any advice about clearing!!! service is fine

  36. Duane Miller says:

    used to think the game was smooth and fun to play, but now it’s bug city and crash central. besides the fact if you spend any money on the game you don’t always get what you are promised. customer service is a night mare to deal with and is obsessed with screen shots for everything, ( yes everything even a purchase!) this game has become boring and no fun. and now through time you guys are getting some of the major bugs fixed good on you!. game is star5ting to shape up again

  37. Sara Llewellyn says:

    I’m unable to play this game because it repeatedly crashes during gameplay at random points. EDIT: In response to Crazy Panda, there is no possible way to contact your support team in the game, due to the frequency of the crashes. I’m using Bluestacks on a Windows PC. I have no issues with any other game except this one. At the very most, the game runs for fifteen seconds before freezing and shutting down.

  38. Jim Kinman says:

    A reasonably good game, it does allow for the free to play player, but is more directed at the pay to play player, or even pay to win player. Consistently updated, but continues to have a few annoying ongoing bugs even after an update, but overall an OK game. The players for the vast majority are helpful, informative and friendly. It does take an effort to learn the various aspects of the game, but well worth the effort. 🙂

  39. Marius Švedarauskas says:

    Graphics is nice. Background music and sounds worth to listen. But good things end here. There is never ending cycle of bugs. True, not critical, but always recurring. And it is annoying. Gameplay is boring. Not when starting. But at later stages. Even though it is strategy game, there is no element of randomness and outsmarting. Grow or get crushed. And no room for tactics. Latest Dyson sphere update even more worsen situation with imbalance between strong and weak. Players mostly russians

  40. Rock3tMan says:

    The game is entertaining and visually pleasing. Great way to pass the time without having to invest too much time (unless you want to reach the big leagues). I would like to see more variety in planets especially on the surface map where your base is. I find it strange that no matter what type of world you build your base on the surface map will always be a desert planet. So what I would like to see is this: If your planet is a water planet then the surface map should show it etc.

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