President Simulator Lite Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Are you able to build a superpower? Become a President and find out!
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June 3, 2022
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President Simulator Lite Apk Download New 2022 Version*

If I used to be the President, the rustic would’ve been in a a lot better state…

President Simulator Lite Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Are you certain? Turn out it! The “President Simulator Lite” recreation means that you can rule one of the most 15 fashionable nations. Politics, the media, espionage, herbal screw ups, wars, taxes, crime fighting… Display your power, knowledge and perseverance. Construct a construct a superpower that dictates its regulations, in a different way the arena will destroy your nation.

President Simulator Lite Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Managing a rustic isn’t simple. But you’ll prevail! See for your self.
• Over 50 distinctive crops and factories, greater than 20 ministries and departments
• Trade ideology, state faith, sign up for world organizations
• Affect the rustic and the sector the usage of researches, espionage, politics, international relations, and faith
• Suppress rebels, prevent moves, epidemics, save you screw ups, give protection to the rustic from invasions
• Claim wars, overcome different international locations, regulate conquered lands or grant them independence
• Construct embassies, conclude business and defence agreements, take out loans from the IMF to expand your nation
• Observe the inside track about what’s going down within the nation and in different lands
• Reinforce the President ranking
• Benefit from the recreation at any time: operating this app does now not require the Internet


40 comments on "President Simulator Lite Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Tucker Indiana says:

    This is a nice game for people like me but things needs to be realistic. I can’t decrease any salary or budget. I always have to rise them up and without buying any funds per day to provide facilities it’s impossible to gain income by improving industries. It pushes you to keep spending real money to play a decent game and if you lower just 200 of one of the salaries you’ll be kicked out and lose all you spent a game before. Fix these things immediately.

  2. Hartford Antoine says:

    This game is exceptional but as many others we request more countries , for example I’m Romanian and I chosen Suriname but there’s alot to do to make the game exceptional , add more countries , reduce the war rate please! In over a year in the game I got attacked by over 30 times , the world now for example is in a semi peace state , then for God’s sake how could Colombia defeat a country with over 40k military power , I mean seriously and fix that goddamn balance , make the game a little more realistic but in other things the game is very good but to do it the best just fix what I said below and see the result

  3. Dillus Walton says:

    It is just too hard to get public support while increasing money and vice versa. There is no way to maintain popularity! If you fix this/ give a few tips to help, I will re-install. Please do reply if you do so. I like the idea, just the mechanics need a bit more to them.

  4. Jilly Oberon says:

    guiana is a failed country in this game. I attempted it more than 20 times in different ways and every time it fails. You start off losing 250,000 people every few minutes and you can never prevent loss of population.

  5. Gregson Toyah says:

    Let me set the stage. I play as Afghanistan. Entire country sucks. Have to build up my economy via ads. After 4 hours of watching ads and using the money on infastructure and such, I could finally afford a standing army. I spend billions buying guns and tanks. I invade smaller countries and slowly build my self an empire. At one time, I attacked Venazuala. My troops marched in. In literal ingame seconds, my army was gone. My approval rating dropped and I lost. Thanks oxiwyle. Very cool.

  6. Edwy Luel says:

    Overall an interesting game. However, the countries we are alloved to play as are pathetic. What do I mean? Well, thwy are tideous and can rarely survive past 2130. Would be nice if we were allowed to play as something more interesting (Vietnam, South Korea, Ukraine, Mexico, Serbia, Brazil). As it stands currently, I dettered from purchasing the full version. Due to 75% of my time having been stressing out over getting my popularity depleted whilst I wait for a plant to build itself.

  7. Whistler Bridge says:

    I really enjoy the game but its ridiculous that you can expand your army by 100 per tapp. I’m trying to go to 2 million troops from 500 thousand I really dont want to tap that much. The same problem arises when Im trying to buy equipment for the police and the national guard I can buy the guns 1 at a time. The amount of houses needed is also insane as yet agagin you can buy the 1 at a time when you need 5 million. So I would really like some buttons to change how much of things I’m buying.

  8. Wudoweard Richendra says:

    I think this game has the potential to go far. The lack of tutorial made it hard to play and i wish more countries were available without purchasing them. Besides ne beung cheap, I really think this is a great game.

  9. Hern Joni says:

    While I find the game amusing, there are multiple things that do bother me. The first one is when switching from General Expenses to Income, after clicking an item it brings me back to General Expenses. The second isdue I have, is when a popup saying a building has been finished. I feel like it should instead pop up at the top. The third issue is in the world map. I believe there should be a zoom to allow us to select smaller countries. Other than that, I have to say I do find the game to be fun

  10. Wilford Courtnee says:

    This game has a good concept but it is poorly executed. Little explanation for gameplay. Too much is going on at once for anyone to be properly successful in this game. Unclear on how factories earn income. I built a factory waited so long for it to finish and did not see any benefit. I may have 700k in the bank but, if I want to increase funding to the ministry of health I can’t unless the amount is lower than my daily income. Popularity decreases by the second. Game is losing battle. Pass

  11. Lonnie Christine says:

    I need to be able to build multiple buildings at once it takes way to long so maybe a system where you buy machines to build stuff or you can upgrade it but its way too slow right now please fix.

  12. Brone Nerys says:

    Can’t choose country that i want. Interface not intuitive. Drops you in the deep end of the pool without any guidance. The little “tutorial” in the beginning is useless.

  13. Latoria Maybelline says:

    You’ll spend more time watching ads to increase your daily spending then you will playing the actual game, the game would be good if it didn’t have so many ads, sometimes you’ve to watch 10 ads after eachother to get daily spending upgrade the star ratings for different sections. Otherwise theres no other way to progress, buildings take way to long and your money goes in seconds after buying a few officers or houses. Over 10k houses to be built and increasing..sounds like Ireland in my opinion.

  14. Verley Cheria says:

    Its a really fun game, but there’s just something i can’t figure out. In construction, i have to like repair 10000 houses, but i know I can’t press the button 10000 times, is there an easier way to do this? Can someone help me

  15. Autolycus Talar says:

    I think this game is only for learning about the game. You cannot succeed in it. You can increase country’s economic growth and allocate more budget to each sectors. But you cannot win by increasing or being stable over 50% of the peoples President choice. If you can’t win the lite version you may assume the difficulty of the paid game version.

  16. Holden Cy says:

    I like the game the only thing I cant stand about it is for some reason you can only be in the middle east. Also this game doesn’t deserve 1 star because if your gonna have ads that give you free stuff they should actually give you free stuff. Now when I try and watch and ad it says video not available or please wait a minute while we get an ad. Well I’ve been waiting for 2 hours for a single ad! And when it finally gave me an ad it kicked me out. Your next update should be adding more countries

  17. Linard Frago says:

    Its good that it has many things to do,a very detailed features.however the UI & map aren’t good please make the map similar to modern age,add a booster researches for military,diplomacy,infrastructures & resources that’ll reduce construction cost & time same to modern age.GDP isn’t increasing even my income is 657M.the countries in game also had too much wars.add also button that will input how many that will be build not just touching the pics.add also option for instant build.

  18. The Gamer says:

    Its a good game and you will understand it eventually. You will start at any bad country without paying the premium version of course, but it really annoys me that factories takes VERY VERY LONG time and cant catch up to consumption rate and there is FREQUENT WARS you will have to hope that a superpower country does not attack you for random reasons.

  19. shadow king says:

    It’s an awesome game but the only problem is you get attacked by other nations too often plus how comes my army takes so much damage from a weaker opponent that’s kind of annoying but apart from that’s it’s a good game could u develop the option to create or even rename country’s like in modern age that would be interesting also add the option to be either a dictator or a monarch

  20. XgamerX says:

    Very great game but i never have enough money to but anything i never get money and i get attacked from other places to much but sometimes this does not happen but i really love this game everyone should appreciate your effort and support this game and keep up the good work and the other games you make, make an awesome one! Also whenever I add stuff or decaf stuff it seems like it never does anything and please make it where you get to choose what military team you are on you have a good one!!!!

  21. spid vej says:

    I really like games when you have to think to be able to have your country to be working. But don’t think it worth buying your other version to unlock more or every country. So I wish you made a free version that you can have every single country.

  22. Udayan Sindhu Chaudhuri says:

    Great Game. Though, it would have been better if every country was free. Also, income should have been a little higher. Only Malaysia is a good country in the free version. You have to keep watching ads to increase your income to do anything.

  23. Argo Naunt says:

    This game is good but it would have been better if it was free. The game developers need to reduce the time duration for construction of various factories and industries. This game can become an extremely famous game only if it is free to play.It has the potential but the developers clearly lack a vision. It could have been more dynamic in terms of game play. The wars must be more realistic not merely a liability. Only going to give this game a single star rating. It deserves this.

  24. Liana Raines says:

    It was ok but there’s a couple of things when i try to buy anything the stores isn’t coming up also countries attack to often if we could get the option to see relations with other countries that would be useful also it doesn’t really feel realistic in my opinion if you attack a country that’s it maybe in a future update add more military options like carry out air strikes and stuff like that also could we get the option to change our countries name like in modern age that’s my opinion though.

  25. King chris Luamba says:

    when we take country why don’t we get their military and money? And it a bit to long to build some factories and you need to tap for hours to build a lot of thing and we can’t zoom in the map and you start with too little money at the start but the game is good and fun and if it too hard for you don’t give up watch a YouTube video that’s what I did and now I’m good at the game

  26. Papa lagi Iseng says:

    BEST free offline political strategy i ve played. simple but detailed. makes me wonder how hard to become president. the gameplay is challenging until now i dont know how to make enough money to make every ministry happy and grow national guard weapons. already tried to buy many industry but other countries attack too many. everytime they attack, our weapon stock emptied make it hard to collect again need tons of money.

  27. Matthew Jones says:

    Player Since 2018. I have been waiting for an update for a long time, and now i wish i did not install it. The game became more unfriendly toward new players. Prices to build anything are ridiculous. Wait time for complete construction are ridiculous. If you are not a vetern player like myself, you are going to have a crazy grind. Restarting my country now from scratch is out of the question. If you are someone who enjoys challenges without tutorials then this game is for you.

  28. Pedro Santos says:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD. the game isn’t as easy as it looks. You will often at times struggle to do anything with upgrades or building, raises taxes will anger the public, filing a lawsuit will make companies fire employees, lots of the upgrades cost over $50,000 or whatever country you choose, making it hard to make the necessary investments to get more, all the public are disgruntled at everything.

  29. Andrej Zane says:

    Trash. Everything costs too much and takes way too long to build. Also the birth rate starts as a negative number and there is no way to fix it. Also, it takes ages to get barely any improvement in your economy. If your army is 5 times stronger than a country you are attacking you can still lose. This game’s a waste of time.

  30. Ibrahima Alphonse Mbodji says:

    Very good concept of a president simulator but all works is not that perfect . Meaning that you should be adding more features and options on this games . The combination of this one and modern age 2 will be perfect governmental simulator games please do it and don’t forget to include laws within the selected country . We will be glad to give 5 stars and a special honorable mentions to that undone works in YouTube. Your attention are welcomed!

  31. Darien Arndorfer (Darien) says:

    Fun intresting game once I figured things out. But for some reason after increasing production on lots of things and my population at the lowest all of a sudden the usage of products exceeded my production even though my population was lower and I increased production and did not have spending in some categories very high enough that would make them use more products. So it’s a bit frustrating and confusing as that I cannot find a fix and one time it jumped to regular levels but then jumped up.

  32. super clashers hq says:

    sorry to say but the game has in wrong data it shows India as a very less and many of the top countries as very less and even their daily income is so less and it is not possible later in the starting of the game they have an equal annual budget for all the countries that is 1000 how can be this included as equal for the country such as Afghanistan and country such as India USA and Russia

  33. Danish 12 says:

    I want this type of game for so long but not in that way….. After lowering the liking of president, they ask for restart or continue but when I continue it lowers my revenue per day so low and also the total collection of money too….. I want you to remove the option of restart…. It should be like a country which is run by president and president need time to run a country…. If that restart or continue option removed than it’s best game forever like real world…… Kindly consider it

  34. Badsha Sirkar says:

    Overall the game is great but needs more work. 1. Put all the languages ​​in it like urdu language this game works only in english. 2. Ministers of all departments should be included in it. Each minister should give us a detailed report and advice of his department 3. Money 💰 grows very slowly. 4. And countries with big GDP do not seem to find a solution for it. 5. And make the tax system bigger and streak etc. What should be shown on the screen and make the newspaper a little wider. Anyone who

  35. Jonathan muhindo says:

    I loved this game and i give 2 stars for the idea which is so fun, but i wonder why on earth would i have to be attacked before i could slightly build my income generation? Money grows slowly, i had just build 2 factories to increase it n boom i was attacked n i start from scratch again, its not fun at all

  36. damodar kv says:

    I think there might be some changes. Instead of building the plants serially build it parallely. So the game becomes more faster.

  37. Morgan Hunneybell says:

    I think it is a good game but it should be updated. In the real world if popularity is low they can still be leader or they could resign. I feel that you should be able to create your own laws cabinet. I also think that you should zoom in on the world map to reach smaller countries. You should also be able to run for president as a side task. I think that being able to zoom on the map and creating your own laws and money is the key thing to fix in this game.

  38. Kévin Bouthet says:

    The idea is great, but it’s way too slow and industry don’t earn us a lot of money. Translations aren’t great, it make the game even less enjoyable. It’s sad to see that after several years, this game still hasn’t improved.

  39. Tony senaun says:

    I almost play this game 1year..First time play i got suck.but after that i can conquer the world.i control economy and then i give freedom to all countries. please update the game,add on any special activities so that i can continue to play it.thank development

  40. Luqman K. Barredo says:

    Honestly ever since they made the game money to 300 a day its been horrible super slow I don’t have time to play the game if its going to be that slow. I mean the other things they added was good, everything in the game was good it just needed updates and this one sucks tbh.

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