Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Apk Download New 2022 Version*

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Aug 10, 2022
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Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Play the hit movement-approach journey in which you meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies from the dawn of time, to the give up of days. Amass an navy of top notch plant life, supercharge them with Plant Food, and devise the ultimate plan to shield your mind.

Collect your preferred lawn legends, like Sunflower and Peashooter, together with loads of other horticultural hotshots, along with creative bloomers like Lava Guava and Laser Bean. Go toe-to-lacking-toe with a big array of zombies at every turn, like Jetpack Zombie and Mermaid Imp – you’ll even should shield your mind from rampant Zombie Chickens!

Earn Seed Packets as you play and use them to fuel your robust flora. Power up attacks, double-down defenses, accelerate planting time, or even benefit totally new talents. Boost your plants to make certain those zombies are garden-gone!

Think your zombie-bashing strategy is the great? Put your planting abilties to the test whilst you face other gamers in Arena. Enter Arena and compete in opposition to other gamers to get the highest rating on precise tiers. Earn cash, piñatas, and greater to top the leaderboards, stage up via Leagues, and turn out to be the ultimate garden guardian.

Battle throughout 11 loopy worlds, from Ancient Egypt to the Far Future, and past.

Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 apk mod new

Plus, prepared your great defenses – Dr. Zomboss is ready to take you on at the quit of every world!

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40 comments on "Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. AppleBerry27_ says:

    In my opinion people hate on this game too much. This game is really fun, and, while a few levels in adventure were a bit annoying, I found most of the adventure pretty fun. There’s also loads of content leftover even after you beat the game. While microtransactions can give you a fair advantage, in my opinion, that’s only fair, considering that this game is free to begin with. Also, here’s a tip; the game doesn’t outright say this, but making any purchase removes all forced ads.

  2. Casie Boullard says:

    I don’t mind ads for the most part. I really don’t. Everybody’s gotta make money. However it is faster and easier for me to close the game and reopen it at this point than wait for these ads that I can’t mute, can’t skip, and can’t even look at my notifications during because any contact with the screen takes me to an install page. No “skip ad” button ever?? Every commercial is 30-60 seconds? I can’t even find a timer on some!

  3. Aidan Coonrod says:

    Been playing for years. Great Game. Fun and Challenging at times. I know this is a phone specific bug but can you please fix the bug that causes zombies to just materialize on the right side of the screen instead of walking on screen. It’s been like this for years and while it really doesn’t affect gameplay it’s still annoying.

  4. DB3243 says:

    The game is very fun and has a lot of cool things, the only problems I find with this is the fact that after every match or anything, there’s an ad immediately, and then some of them you can skip (by some of mean 90% of them.) And they make you pay for the old plants, and also bc my phone is big, they didn’t bother adjusting the map/drawing of the map that you play on so you can see outta bounds while playing in game, I don’t care, it doesn’t bother me, plus it’s cool to me, still a great game.

  5. Fortnite Sux says:

    This game is the BEST. (jk pvz 1 is), but it’s still a good game, definitely a lot of ads, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best Mobile On-The-Go games! Ads come after each level, each level being 2.5 – 7.5 minutes. The ads are maximum 45 seconds, personally, I think it’s a pretty good ratio.

  6. Connie Steele says:

    I completely passed the first Plants vs. Zombies. This one is definitely different. I enjoy all the different levels… Thank you for the creativity it takes to create it. 👍Why isn’t my game not even trying to load? Just one day it was gone. I’m afraid if I uninstall I may lose progress. Help with this!

  7. Tayzean Vespasiano says:

    This game has some many areas you can discover that it keeps variety to the game, but it also keeps it at a difficult level especially that last couple of levels. Now with the new update you have to beat the mini boss to gain one key and not access to the whole world allowing me to skip the whole entire game,which makes it harder. the game does sometimes crash which I have the patience for knowing the game is big but in future updates I hope It stops crashing entirely or the rate is slowed.

  8. Donald Hayes says:

    I love this game. I played the original plants vs zombies and, although the sequel does not top the masterpiece that the original was, it’s still an incredible game. The zombies are new, and the levels are well designed. One issue I have though is with arena mode. I don’t know if others know this, but you fight a bot. And this bot sometimes just gets tons of points with trash plants. They’ll have like 5 different sun producers (unnecessary) and a level 2 peashooter and beat you somehow.

  9. Robert E. Lee says:

    Amazing app I’ve been using it for the longest time and I love the option to save progress, it’s a fun sequel to the second app and is beatable without spending money, however, I would like you to bring back the option to play any world with ALL the keys when you defeat the first Garguantur on ancient Egypt like in 2019, I really liked this edition as it left you to be able to use different plays on different levels from other worlds, but just consider this thank you.

  10. Boogie Playzz says:

    Like the game a lot, like the plants have lots of variety, but lots of microtransactions. Not only that, but when i used my Google play acc, it didnt sync. Game was forcefully deleted, but when I redownload, my save is gone? This is why I stick to the original. Edit; forgot to mention, but the levels are creative, and the fact you can now rent premiums is cool.

  11. Chet Fleming says:

    Been playing for a couple years. The game is fun but the way they’ve done ads is horrible. There’s a lot of them and 90% of the time they automatically direct you to a purchase screen when you try to exit out of them. I endured that because the game was fun but the latest update glitched my phone out and wouldn’t download. Now I’ve lost my save and all the plants I’ve earned. I’m very disappointed and will not be playing again.

  12. Anna Woodling says:

    Honestly a great game. The origianal was a masterpiece but there wasn’t that much to do after you beat adventure twice and all the minigames. This game has a lot more content than the first and is mostly the same, gameplay-wise. Exept it has over 5 times the content. And yeah, there’s a paywall, but you don’t need to spend any money in order to beat the game. Plus the are continuing support for this game and constantly adding new plants. 10/10 would recommend.

  13. Adrian Pena says:

    Very incredible. Better than the first plants vs zombies. It has as a lot more plants, maps, and better content. They also keep updating it to keep it more interesting. There are also a lot of options and challenges you can do to keep you entertained. However there is a report I would like to make. The game keeps crashing/logging me out, and it gets extremely frustrating when you have to restart. It’s happening more often and it occurs randomly. Please fix this!

  14. Camo Junkie says:

    Been a fan of Planta vs Zombies are a while. Started on console and eventually made my way here. This game is entertaining and challenging, my only complaint is ads. At first they started slow but lordy have they picked up. I understand ads pay the bills, but lately I see more ads then gameplay. Also has some rewards bugs, but I enjoy the game enough to look past those.

  15. Charles Miller says:

    I hadn’t played this game in a few years. It’s still amazing, but I do have some complaints. In the Pirate levels with the Coconut Cannons, you only get one coin instead of many coins after beating the level, which sucks because the extra coins helped me get out of a pinch. The game also tends to crash every now and then. I also don’t understand why the map key was removed. Other than those complaints, it’s amazing. Please fix those issues and I’ll give it a 5/5 review. Thank you!

  16. Jesse says:

    This game is great! I deleted it awhile back because I got bored of it and re downloaded it because I wanted to play it again, but they changed an old mechanic that I loved.On a certain level in the desert you would get all of the time keys. But now you have to go time to time and defeat zombies in order to progress to the next time. I miss the old way they did it, where you could get some plants from every time to help you progress in the current world. Also there are to many ads.

  17. Laura Burgau (B3) says:

    Popcap kinda screwed on this game a little. First off, the early levels in general are way too fast (with only 3-6 flags. I honestly the older levels IMO, another problem are the time keys. Ya see, when you beat AE-6, you could get all of the time keys in the game. Meaning you could go to any world you want. But they completely removed the game and now have to beat a level to get to another level. But other then that, the game is still fun as heck!

  18. Oliver Bullaro says:

    When I played this game in 2019 it only had events, no arena or penny’s pursuit. It also let you get time keys so that way you could go to other time zones to get more plants. But, now most of that has changed now you have to beat doctor zomboss in one time setting in order to advance to the next time setting which is annoying because I have to spend alot of in-game currency to even beat the boss fights without dying. Overall great game and is really fun, EA made a good game so good job. 👏👍

  19. plasmetic says:

    It’s an amazing game. It can get difficult at times but overall it’s amazing. My only complaint with the game is that it has any pay to win factors, and the fact that once you’ve upgraded your plants you can’t degrade them. This means that if your plants are maxed out and you no longer have a challenge in the game you can’t fix it without deleting your game and restarting. Which isn’t ideal.

  20. Jayson Hill says:

    The gameplay will keep you hooked for years Believe it or not, just like the original game did. It is both casual and low stress. Though challenging enough to merit making a purchase every now and then and getting some new plants. Other than it’s enormous size, I can’t really complain about anything in terms of the game. Customer service is great with EA, let’s face it it’s just one of those three games that I have to make room for on any new phone.

  21. GreyKid2015 says:

    Very fun and interesting game. Way too much grinding to level up plants, and half of them are available by purchase only. Game crashes or reloads half the time you switch to another app. I managed to glitch out a plant’s unlock status by unlocking it from progressing through the world and then looking through the almanac and garden from the clear screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and somehow lost two years of progress with seemingly no way to get it back. I give up, I’ll wait for PvZ 3

  22. Jesse Contreras says:

    If there was a way to give it a 4.5 i would. The first game while fun got boring after a while but that’s not really the case with this game. Not only are there countless adventure levels you can enjoy offline but there are also events and quests so that you never really have nothing to do. The ads don’t pop up as often as you think, and although the game can get challenging and unfair at times(Looking at you Big Wave Beach Day 28)it is an excellent time killer and would definitely recommend

  23. DT says:

    If you like watching lots of ads in your free time, this is for you. This used to be virtually ad free but the amount of ads and commercials after every level is extremely excessive and has gotten worse over time. I used to recommend this game to others but not anymore. I get having ads but the amount is WAY too much. On top of all the ads they make you watch, they still ask if you want to see more for rewards. It takes away from enjoying the game.

  24. Ethen Davis says:

    I used to love this game, but after redownloading and seeing the unskippable ads after every level and all the other new cash grab features, I’m driven away from the game. You’d think that the countless premium plants (16 of which cost about $4 each) and purchasable coins and gems would be enough. This game has become just another pay to win EA game, and it honestly upsets me.

  25. Janessa Ganuelas says:

    Installed this on every 📱 on I had! Never beat the entire game, definitely plan to. I’ve had this phone for almost a year, just started playing it again.😊 However, NOW it only seems to be a 💸 grab for the developers. Even when you complete quests, you only get very little coins and 💎s. At least give us;tons of coins and gems, when a entire world is completed. 💯 Update: Now it cost diamonds once again to replay Party. You used to be able to watch an ad for free…

  26. Annalisa Simmer says:

    This game was once enjoyable. Now it is the pits. I spend more time watching non-optional ads than I do playing the game. Goals to earn new plants have been moved further away (used to be obtainable winning twice per day for a month). Just not enjoyable anymore. Support is practically impossible to reach. So, easier to just walk away from this game than hope things will change.

  27. D Marrero says:

    Solid game, very fun, my only complaint is the ads after every function. If I beat a level, that’s an ad, if I restart a level, that’s an ad, if I resume a game, another ad. It’s a little annoying because there isn’t a way to stop the ads. Most games you can pay to get rid of ads, and while that usually isn’t worth it for a phone game, I’d consider it with this one. Please give us a way to stop ads, it really disrupts the flow of the game, and makes me not wanna play as long, if at all.

  28. Gratton Mayfield (Grat) says:

    Very fun and challenging. There are easy things for beginners, and harder things for experts. One issue I’ve been having, is that the game will crash when offline/having bad internet. This is upsetting, especially since this game would be perfect for a road trip or plane ride. Would recommend. (P.S. Yes, there are micro transactions, but they are heavily optional, and it’s okay to me, as this is a free game.)

  29. Tyler Mills says:

    Coming back in 2022, I say this game still earns 4 stars from me. Other than being really difficult, the story is not that great, and the Zen Garden is a disappointing stepdown from the first game. Not only that, Microtransactions. Could I say anything more? Other than that, still a sometimes fun, but mostly addicting experience.

  30. Oh_0k_ 34 says:

    Used to be great! But recently, the game has sadly declined in quality due to monetization… Extra levels in worlds were removed in favor of implementing a life system, and the grind for new plants is almost impossible. If you beat the main game, there’s nothing else for you to do anymore. The arena gets stale quick, and the life system is an annoying waste of time with uninventive levels.

  31. Preston Long says:

    They’re has been a bug where the game will randomly crash, sometimes multiple times in a row, and it has been like this for as long as I can remember. I’ve had to re-complete many levels and challenges because of this and it can be very frustrating to deal with. Before I hadn’t minded as much as all I lost was a bit of my time, but recently it had crashed during an Arena game where I used a play token I spent money on, so now it has wasted my time and money. Please fix this

  32. Damian Lacken (Blob the Gamer) says:

    I’ve played this game from launch and I’ve noticed it getting worse and worse. Advertisements increased, more parts are pay to win, there’s tons of plants that need to be paid to get, and now recently the new way to get coins and gems is using a third party service that is mostly commonly a scam. The tutorial has been changed, you can’t have multiple accounts like you used to, several levels were changed, and they’re are tons of other things that were changed and worsened the game.

  33. Aria Tvs says:

    Perfect in many aspects.. great variety of plants, exactly what we all hoped to see. Great variety of zombies, different levels needing tens of new strategies. Cool events.. Cool graphics. Slow loadings, too many pop ups for simple rewards makes the waiting a bit frustrating. Crashes from time to time. Really annoying especially when playing events and thers no auto save.. so you lose your chance permanently. And every time i wanna sync my email and get the 100 gems reward, crashes. Each time!!

  34. Jillian Conde says:

    The game is fun to play. But the fact that there is a glitch in their system that won’t allow me to purchase anything, is beyond frustrating. EA’s lack of customer service is also a bummer because I have contacted them several times about this issue, with not so much as a “my bad” email from them. One would think that a game that offers in app purchases, would like to turn a profit and oh I don’t know, allow the consumer to make a purchase!?! Uninstall/reinstall does not fix the problem.

  35. Himari_Boo C: says:

    Fun game, i love playing it in general. However, recently the game has been crashing and has caused me to lose my turn in certain levels and making me start over in others which is VERY frustrating. I’ve tested my wifi but it doesn’t seem to be that. It is just making the game very hard to enjoy and untill it’s fixed the game has become basically unplayable.

  36. Zachary Cramer says:

    The game is solid but for the last 2 weeks it’s been erasing all of my currencies, (like mints and gems) and a lot of my progress. After it erases U reopen the game and it’s back to normal. After playing a round, it resets again. Any anything that doesn’t erase is mostly what plants I own, but it’s level is back to 0 and it doesn’t have any seed packet XP.

  37. Esmond Singley says:

    Its a huge improvement from the first game. Graphics are professional quality, gameplay is amazing, and there’s a ton more to do. The first game will always be a classic but they managed to make a sequel that actually made a masterpiece even better. The only problem is for me at least that as the levels get harder it kinda goes from being pretty easy to suddenly being rediculously difficult to the point that I didn’t even want to play the game, but I pushed through and it got a bit better

  38. Nino says:

    Game keeps crashing in the middle of playing it. It costs an absolutely ridiculous amount of seeds (and so also a lot of time/money) to max out a plant, even a basic one. Many modes are unfair or impossible without somewhat leveled plants. Story mode is still quality, but there is no longer an option to select which world you will progress to next, which makes the game much more linear. No new levels have come out for ages, but lousy limited events with lazy, unfunny dialogue have been.

  39. Sheryl Nutall says:

    I have been playing this for MANY years and I loved it but after this last update it constantly crashes over and over and over. I finally had to start all over because it would not allow me to play Penny’s pursuit nor arena battles. UnInstalled and started all over but it has started crashing again and won’t even let me sign in!

  40. R1 Speed says:

    As if this game couldn’t get any more rigged, now they made it so it crashes if you are winning the arena match. Then, guess what, when you open it back up, it counts it as a loss & you lose everything AND have to wait 4 hrs to play again. My device is fast & doesn’t crash with any other apps. Surely one of you can grow a brain and fix the game. But, probably not. So, just stop being so greedy. We all know that’s why devs like you put bugs only in the “screw the player” part of the programming.

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