Oil Tycoon idle tap miner game Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Tap & build an oil factory clicker empire firm inc and become an oil tycoon!
4/5 Votes: 11,452
Holy Cow Studio
October 6, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Oil Tycoon idle tap miner game Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Be an oil rich person miner through managing your oil wells manufacturing unit and idle benefit! The turmoil historical past begins while you to find an oil box to your yard. You’ll be growing, buying new apparatus, erecting new constructions, hiring guards and body of workers, making offers with competition, mining, digging deep, obtaining the talent of inventory buying and selling, purchasing new possessions and plenty of different a laugh issues.

Oil Multi-millionaire idle faucet miner recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

An oil petroleum incremental mogul lets you snatch the oil industry and incremental machine of digging deep oil extraction turmoil from inside of – from construction your first smartly to promoting uncooked subject matter at change at actual marketplace costs on the town. By way of the distinctive feature of contemporary graphics and a nice navigation within the recreation, digging deep oil extraction, mining will carry an actual sense of gratification of power and time.
And all that for the sake of digging deep petroleum oil mining and the arena power dominance! Rush on the town and get wealthy at the side of time and this loose incremental rich person sport!

Oil Rich person idle faucet miner sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Nine places are represented within the unlock model of this recreation. A space, a wilderness, a sea, captured territory, the city, the deep power house, inventory change, your island, Siberia, deep underwater station. They all will have to be erected through you through digging and mining from the bottom up on time.

Oil Multi-millionaire idle faucet miner recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Avid gamers are ranked so you’ll see the way you stack up power towards others
Extract oil! Construct your incremental wealthy person oil miner manufacturing facility empire! End up that you’re the most productive oil miner within the the town!
Oil is the black gold rush of our planet – now it’s time for an oil rush turmoil!
Rush, Analysis, extract, mine deep, get wealthy!

Oil Mogul idle faucet miner sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

OPTIONS ★ Automate your incremental workflow to extend your idle source of revenue power ★ Get idle money, get started digging deeper even if you find yourself offline
★ Make the most of a wise funding or two to spice up your black gold rush financial system ★ Get Reputed and build up your recognition to make extra incremental rich person cash ★ Set up time clicker operations of the corporate on the town ★ Status characteristic to hurry up black gold rush mining
★ Faucet time away on this incremental clicker faucet tap power sport ★ Rush and distribute oil to other territories
★ Superior cool interactive parts for max a laugh ★ First hand simulation for digging deep and turning into an incremental Oil Multi-millionaire

Oil Multi-millionaire idle faucet miner recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Oil Magnate is unfastened to play incremental rich person clicker sport. We’re all the time taking note of all comments we obtain! We wish to make Oil Magnate the best possible Rich person and idle/incremental turmoil recreation and your comments is helping us achieve that objective. We learn *everything* you ship us, so please tell us what you’d like to look! 🙂


40 comments on "Oil Tycoon idle tap miner game Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Irvyn Clyff says:

    Terrible for 2018. Free spins don’t even give good $, graphics low asf and progress to slow still.

  2. Marlo Karisma says:

    I played this a few times and very time and when I reset my tablet it reset the game I had to start from the start and payed in the for sum cash and didn’t get anything and lost my money

  3. Nigella Levina says:

    Was working just fine. But my oil well isnt working anymore. So I’m not making any money offline.

  4. Loree Laurean says:

    Slow to start but as game goes on more exciting more rewards go for it very satisfying 👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Boh Kalvin says:

    Too many adds pushed in your face, with no reward for watching it

  6. Jaret Daryl says:

    Every time I played it crashed within 2 minutes, Seems like a fun game other than the crashing

  7. Alon Winter says:

    It just would not work at all. After I select my language and clicked on the oil thing, it just disappeared.

  8. Olexa Tramaine says:

    Recent update broke the game. I contacted the developers and had a response within 2 minutes. It’ll take them a few hours to fix my game. 2 thumbs up

  9. Albert Landon says:

    Can’t play since the new update all i get is two special offers on the screen and its blake

  10. Farewell Alex says:

    cool and addictive game just wish it was a little easier to level up

  11. Dwan Gayle says:

    seems alright. Takes a long ass time to get enough gold to do the missions which is somewhat annoying.

  12. Paley Mardel says:

    Awesome game! You can play it anywhere as long as you tap, amazingly it is mobile (not if you watch ads for coins), so yeah.

  13. Emmett Ryton says:

    dont diwnload it, waste if time, many ads

  14. Irwyn Cheyane says:

    love it just wish there was less ads

  15. Briseida Davion says:

    lovely game and hard to earn money grate idle for long time

  16. Onna Benoic says:

    nope not even 2 mins in and your forced to watch an ad despite one being on the bottom screen already. ad hungery game….wait it’s not a play game its watch ads to play…yea not happening

  17. Nataline Ivie says:

    its amazing even i have aproblen ther is no workars so yo wont tap and tap

  18. Kym Laurian says:

    Don’t ask me to rate a game 2 minutes after I start! I have no idea if I like this game or not! It has asked me two more times! DEVELOPERS FIX THIS PROBLEM!

  19. Dawn Cadel says:

    The noise that it makes when i tap is literally nausiating. And i cannot stand the music, it adds an actual headache to the feeling i got from playing the game.

  20. Ottilie Mollie says:

    It’s good in the beginning, but i think its an idle game not stay online to prosper

  21. Jana Alowaidi says:

    I just love it! It doesn’t lag and the ads are short 👌

  22. Jessica S says:

    I guess no one is keeping up with the game. I paid twice for no ads thinking maybe the first one didn’t go through. I still have ads with everything I have to do.

  23. Alyxandra “Alyx” Roberts says:

    Good overall definitely kills time. Not so friendly on my fingers though or my hands due to early arthritis.

  24. BURRITO Noodle says:

    I think this game is really fun. Maybe its just because I Like the idea of owning an oil company. The graphics are cartoony, but I think its supposed to be that way. I Like games that you can become a millionaire because I can’t be one in real life.

  25. SoCarWolf014 says:

    Its fun to play and waste time and it gives me a goal

  26. Chuck y says:

    Not many ads which is rare. Fun game to play.

  27. Rane Montague says:

    It’s an alright idle game. I’d give 4 stars if it didn’t ask me to rate it everytime I load it.

  28. Alexa Molendyk says:

    Gonna break my computer mouse if i keep clicking so much on it, would be amazing if we could just HOLD the button DOWN! and it will save all of us from finger cramps

  29. KYLE Yturralez says:

    Would be 0 but I then I couldn’t say how lame this is…. it doesn’t work and the screen ratio is bigger then the screen so all four edges are cut off

  30. Joemer Uhuad says:

    Cant play normally . every 10 taps a ads will pop up . better not to play this .

  31. Iam Nobodi says:

    Pretty good so far. Nice music. Decent time killer.

  32. Reverend Joshua BakerDD says:

    I find the game to be annoyingly addictive……but in a good way…..I find myself enjoying every moment…..my hats off to the creator….,

  33. Josh Mitchell says:

    The game has potential but on my Sony Xperia 1 III which has a 21:9 4K resolution the menus & everything is all squished up & barely readable let alone clickable.

  34. Nathan Allen says:

    Keeps asking my opinion beofe I can play any length of time is what I think. And forced adds

  35. Jeff Anderson says:

    Needs different upgrade system and items

  36. Jasiah Mcmackins says:

    This game is pretty fun not too many ads perfect if you’re bored at 3:00 a.m. 💨👃😣🥴🤢🤮

  37. Jana Quisenberry says:

    Nice, but I prefer the video game tycoon. (Played this because of that little plug, very nice)

  38. Eric Laframboise says:

    What a great game I Love this game so much a lot of fun playing this game.

  39. Bill Kieseling says:

    I like the format, but if I can’t withdraw I’ll let you know hehe

  40. Chris Leuty says:

    It’s fine to play when you are bored

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