Mythgard CCG Mod Apk

Collect cards, make clever decisions, and be the gatherer of victors
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December 7, 2022
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Mythgard CCG Mod Apk

Set in a contemporary global stuffed with magic, Mythgard is a collectible card recreation that gives outstanding lore, tactical gameplay, and strategic deck construction. Mythgard’s artful gameplay intensity harkens again to the nice early days of the style, and its feature-rich techniques be offering some ways to play.

Mythgard CCG Mod Apk apk mod

KEY OPTIONS • Play solo, 1v1, or convey a chum for 2v2
• Acquire 400+ playing cards that includes beautiful artwork • Grasp speedy, tactical gameplay
• Enchant the original battlefield to fortify your techniques • Discover a compelling tale • Combat thru tale, draft, and rank modes
• Spectator Mode and Replays

Mythgard CCG Mod Apk mod apk

Strategic Selection Mythgard is a CCG that permits for suave and interactive selections. Revel in a singular sport with rapid and fluid tactical motion. Use spells, minions, enchantments, and artifacts to conquer your warring parties. Each play may just mark the variation between victory and defeat. Your deck isn’t limited to a unmarried elegance or faction, opening an international of endless risk.

Mythgard CCG Mod Apk apk mod 2022

A Global of Fantasy Made Actual Mythgard is the gatherer of legends globally. Gods of historic legend stroll the fashionable international in Mythgard. Most of the largest deities have now not been observed in millenia, however creatures of delusion nonetheless rival jets for keep watch over of the skies. Mortals now upward push to contest with those historical beings. In Mythgard, avid gamers are gatherers of each the threshold of generation and the magic of fantasy as they combat for dominance over the powers of an previous age.

Mythgard CCG Mod Apk

A Battlefield Like No Different Position your minions and enchantments strategically on Mythgard’s distinctive fight board and open up artful performs. Create mighty artifacts that regulate the basic laws of the sport. Solid tough spells to open gaps on your adversary’s defenses and fee because the tide of struggle shifts to your prefer.

Mythgard CCG Mod Apk apk mod new

Unfastened Manner Unfastened Each and every card will also be earned thru play, and you’ll be able to be the gatherer of your assortment by any means you select! Numerous PvE modes supply day by day rewards, whilst an equivalent number of PvP modes help you take a look at your talent towards without equal opponent – different gamers!

Mythgard CCG Mod Apk free up

Unmarried Participant Marketing campaign Discover the sector of Mythgard in an in depth single-player marketing campaign as the numerous factions combat to be the gatherers of energy. Use the playing cards you earn to be told the sport play, construct your talents, and hone your suave methods. The marketing campaign allows you to learn about the traits of every colour faction, bounce get started your card assortment, and most significantly – revel in your Mythgard journey.


40 comments on "Mythgard CCG Mod Apk"

  1. Lassie Ivon says:

    I don’t usually review games unless I play them for a while, so this is just a first impression and might change later. I’ve tried a lot of digital CCGs and a first impression is really important. This game has a great first impression in the tutorial stages where there is some character and personality. The card art is really good and the mechanics are familiar but tweaked in good was. I also love the idea of the rotating features decks. I’ll come back to the review after I play more.

  2. Stefa Deania says:

    So far I’m hooked, but the Android version lacks in functionality what the PC version can do. Deck building: Search bar doesn’t work; the touch controls feel icky (you have to click like a mouse, when hold clicking on a card should do the same thing) you can’t select paths or powers; and the cards are really small. This could be fixed by making the cards easier to maximize (when clicking on them). Other than that the game is everything I want. Playable story 10/10, lore, puzzles, complexity.

  3. Bisgu Gabrieal says:

    Now this is a proper CCG! Amazing graphics, wonderful story mode, and gameplay that’s simple enough to understand with more than enough depth. Economy is nice, and if you’re coming from just about any other ccg, you needn’t worry about getting confused.

  4. Hunter Garrison says:

    SUPERB! Easily the best ccg on a mobile device yet! I’m a long time mtg player. But it doesnt transition to the phone well. This game was built for digital by lovers of mtg. It’s a very different game though. It has a great mana system, very free 2 play friendly, and loaded with depth. Lots of game modes! There’s even a two-headed giant like mode! (2v2) They rotate 2 decks designed by the communityevry week and you’re even able to play them in ranked!! Personally, I love Mythgard.

  5. Janai Mishayla says:

    There is a lot of digital card games out there. This is one of the better ones. Looking at a computer screen or a phone screen the cards are fantastic. On the level of magic the gathering. The game mechanics offer a great risk reward by using your own hand as a resource. Card synergies are great. Draft vs Ai or player is so welcomed just thank you for that. Draft is great way to learn how the cards work. Also very generous on packs which again thank you. This game is great

  6. Alizabeth Evann says:

    I’ve yet to fully indulge in the gameplay and story. But so far, great artwork, it’s beautiful. Immersive voice acting, and sound effects are not lacking in quality. I trust this game to not dissapoint in its future developments but we shall see. I do have high hopes, however. One problem though, I cannot connect to my Google Play account due to “Internal error” no matter how many times I restart the game. I hope I can connect soon. I have in-game purchases to make.

  7. Regenweald Thayne says:

    An excellent strategic card game that has just enough depth of strategy without being completely overwhelming. Rewards are reasonable, though if you can find a friend with a treat code, that helps! Mostly good card design, high polish and a good storyline that demonstrates the game and its concepts well.

  8. Aston Deandra says:

    Absolutely loved the campaign. Well voiced imho, don’t see much of the graphic novel style stuff like that anymore. Reused card game mechanic (burning particular card colors for Mana and such), but I like what you did with it. Still early on in development, with only a beta set released, but everything is obtainable for free. Lastly there are plenty of game modes to play to keep you interested. I put the game down for a bit, but it’s worth keeping on my phone.

  9. Andonis Brittany says:

    I cannot speak for the PVP in Mythgard as I’ve only stuck to the story and bot matches but so far I have no real complaints about it. It’s a fairly standard CCG, the difficulty is fairly ‘middle of the road’ with only a single loss from a string of terrible draws during the story. The voice acting is fairly nice and I enjoy the art style.

  10. Wyclyf Cami says:

    The game is very fun and seems fair so far. However the performance is absolutely terrible. I can run Pubg at 40-50fps but this card game struggles to even achieve a constant 20fps. Being a card game it’s still playable but it is still frustrating. Also heats up the device like crazy. Hopefully the optimize and improve the performance with new updates. Looking forward for more. Edit: One option I would like to suggest is to add an option to change resolution. That will help with the performance.

  11. Daphyne Liza says:

    A fantastic ccg with great art and sound. A little buggy with some of the particles and other overlays sticking around, but it doesn’t detract from the fun (usually). Very generous to new players, and you can craft or open every single card available. The campaign is a bit short atm, but shows promise with the interplay between colors. I’m looking forward to more of the story. Also there seems to be a lot of trouble logging in via Play. I wound up giving up after several, several tries. Yes.

  12. Aldrik Hallan says:

    While it’s got terrific graphics and I like the style and the narrative of the game, the gameplay isn’t as intuitive as I thought. No help function other than texts with rules and icon explaining. Maybe card games aren’t my forte. If it’s yours, give it a try. The story is very intriguing. It’s got PvP combat too.

  13. Skelton Lalisia says:

    A seriously fun blend of magic the gathering and hearthstone, but set in what is basically a shadowrunish magical/future kind of universe. The story is well voiced for a card game, too. Suggestion to the devs if they read these. Maybe make the deck builder and collection viewers pinch to zoom or drop the flavor text from the thumbnails. Browsing for cards with certain things is a bit cumbersome with how small the text is at the moment. I love all the added lore and details though. Great touch!

  14. Holdon Medyr says:

    Excellent Ccg! A perfect mix between MtG’s strategic depth and hearthstone. The game’s mechanics addresses many of the common card game issues like being mana screwed. The artwork is outstanding. There are a lot of game modes to play and the card rewards are great. The factions are very different with unique mechanics and cool synergies. UI needs some love though.

  15. Ashby Stanford says:

    Really good card game! I’ve tried a lot of free card games as an interested newbie but nothing has held my attention for more than a week or two. I’ve been playing Mythgard for six months! I especially like that I have never felt forced to play against humans when I am still learning and building a collection. I play on phone and on Steam and have been really impressed how well they both work together. Eg. You can suspend a game on PC and pick it up again on your phone!

  16. Lindsley Eowyn says:

    Fantastic game! Very addicting and legit F2P. Awesome world/setting. Spectacular artwork. Now’s the time to jump in too. Only thing I can knock on it is the menu UI, but it’s still a work in progress and the recent patch made things a bit better. Definitely gonna play this one for a long while 😁

  17. Codie Tucker says:

    By far one of the best card games. A bit higher of a learning curve than many, due to the unique gameplay mechanics, but this is a game that highly rewards better play vs. random mechanics. The reward system for playing means you can work toward a good deck without any purchases, but like all collectible card games, spending money gets you a bigger collection. This is now my main game.

  18. Anjanette Malinda says:

    Love the game. From the mechanics (especially the burning for mana system and all the fun combos) to the art style, some of the cards look truly amazing. I also appreciate being able to play on mobile, it is a very pleasant experience. I never stuck to a mobile game for so long. Also the Rhino team seems lovely and always keep the community up to date with what they are up to. Keep it up!

  19. Britany Mallory says:

    Look, guys, I know it’s in beta and such, but there just has to be a better way to do updates than massive in-app downloads that won’t run in the background. I use my phone for stuff, I can’t just leave the game up for two hours twice a week to do a massive download. I’d do it overnight, but apparently my phone has to be awake, too. You know the Play Store has a built in update mechanism, right? Anyway, game’s great, downloads are annoying as all hell.

  20. Hans de Moel says:

    Best CCG I’ve played in 25 years. Heavy focus on minion combat with positioning on board being very strategic. Also great depth in resource system (never mana screwed). Further, the art is great and the game has so many features (replays, tournaments, actual drafting in pods against other players). Formally still in open beta but feels more like a polished full version already. Paths make make for a large varieties of deck types to play. Can’t wait for more people to discover this gem.

  21. Diego Uy says:

    I started playing because ESL is being shutdown. This game is definitely a mixing pot if MTG/Hearthstone. However, this game is definitely a grind, like most are ofc with payment options, but it’s definitely tame. If you’ve played any popular mobile/online card game, then the transition should be smooth and pretty easy to understand. One thing I’d like is a more rewarding storyline when it comes to collecting cards. Other than that, a pretty solid game.

  22. Timothy Moua says:

    Probably the best digital card game I have played in awhile. Has an interesting story, cool factions, many different types of decks you can make, and a variety of mechanics to utilize. The power system is fun to use with decks. There’s a 2vs2 game mode which is a big plus. Only bad thing is that the community is still small so matchmaking for casual and 2vs2 takes forever. Also Mythic cards (highest rarity) are really hard to get after you finish all your rewards for each faction.

  23. Joseph Nolan says:

    Pretty fun TCG. I really like the lane style board and the lane enhancers. Card art is really good and each card actually has a little story or parable about it, and the card/abilities feel unique. A huge thumbs up on lack of ads! I understand games need support but ads can really distract from the experience. Keep up the great job.

  24. Charles Saint Pé says:

    I had a lot of fun with the story and puzzle modes the first few days. I was putting off doing deck building until the story would give me a good idea of how each color plays. But then today it said I need to update to the latest version. I uninstalled and reinstalled it from the play store, but it’s still saying I have the wrong version. I do suspect the color interactions wouldn’t have been as interesting as in MTG, but I could be wrong.

  25. Doug Kohn says:

    Just what I been wanting. In a card play rpg. Decks and packs are of coast y’all could make it it just a bit more money friendly in tight times. But got to say been looking for.a game like this 4 years. I love it. Great job on all love the comic style.story line and graphics. Font size of story could be a bit larger. Newby but like the the style

  26. Yu sinquo says:

    Updated review: Thanks for the fix of the laggy problem, even the start-up screen loads faster. It’s a fascinating card game with sophisticated strategy design. It has so much potential and well balanced with each faction, yet, recently it frozed a lot during my turn, then i ended up no time to play my card. Even playing with PVE, the laggy was obvious, the enemies kept thinking forever, never turn into my play.

  27. Jake Graham says:

    Incredibly fun and easy to pick up. You don’t feel like an idiot when you loose against other players. I am still a newbie but I understand the game mechanics better than other card games like this. Plus the cyberpunk/mythology artwork is so refreshing and amazing to look at. The game(so far) does not feel like a pay to win, they have good rates to earn premium currency within game to purchase packs with. Only improvement I would suggest is a tutorial for crafting cards and building decks.

  28. CJ Sutton says:

    Great game but the UI needs work. The cards need to be easier to see, especially their costs and attack and health values. Clear out the extra fancy stuff around the board and make both the board itself and the cards larger. But start by just increasing the font size of the numbers on the cards by like double. We all know this is a Hearthstone clone, which is fine, but the easy-to-see card numbers and texts is definitely something you should have copied from them as well.

  29. Mike Garibay says:

    I really liked the game it’s mechanics and the gameplay is easy to pick and easy to play, th art of the cards is amazing, and the tutorial easy enough to get a hang of everything, also F2P friendly. However, there’s a crash point where out of nowhere the game can’t be opened again because it crashes before loading rending the game unplayable, I’ve installed it and reinstalled few times and the problem seems to happen again and again, please repair it.

  30. True Stuff says:

    Love it, and it’s honestly the best CCG out there. It helps that I like the cyberpunk package a lot, and the art is of course amazing. There is a mode I would love to see in the future for single and multi. Completely sealed. Either given a premade deck(s), or given some amount of random cards (without drafting) and I have to face Arena style, maybe mini tournament style.

  31. James Thompson says:

    This CCG is not like any other out right now. The game is full of in-depth decision making, from deck-building to gameplay mechanics such as the unique burning cards feature, and more. The art style is incredible – super unique regions/colors that all have their own individual identity that is reflected in each card. For such a small card pool, I find there are many different options to build decks between aggressive strategies, to the classic control and midrange strategies. Great, unique CCG!

  32. Todd Michael says:

    Upgrading from 4 to 5 stars. Game is absolutely fantastic. 6 colors. Burn cards for mana. Most decks are 2 colors. There is a core set and two expansions. Great combos and variety. Story mode is weak but short. Daily rewards are generous. Not cartoonish. I only wish there were more settings to reduce graphics, although i saw a significant performance boost lowering the setting i could. Thank you for a great game!

  33. Sivakumaran Kurunathan says:

    Game seems awesome but the fact that I’m unable to log in with my Google account, worries me about progressing too far in with a guest account. Room for improvement when it comes to the tutorial. Doesn’t really explain much in detail, especially about the other different types of colors and their playstyle. MTG had a way better tutorial. Hopefully they can fix the log in issues then I can try out the game fully. Till then I’m just gona wait.

  34. Davi Silva says:

    This game and Faeria are the best CCGs ever made by far. This game doesn’t have the mana screw/flood problem that plagues MTG/Eternal and, at the same time, doesn’t have the too simple, no decision making mana system Heatsone and Legends of Runeterra have. This game has a layer system that adds a “position matters” element to it making it more skill intensive than other games of the same genre. It is free to play and you can get a very good collection without spending money.

  35. Chris says:

    An all around amazing game! Without a doubt it is the most enjoyable and well made TCG on the mobile market by far. Similar to MTG, but with inspired features like 2v2 game mode. Card art and in-game lore is fantastic. It is also the most free to play friendly model of all and is not even a bit pay to win imo. The avenues to earn the coins for packs are many and generous. 10/10 great game.

  36. David Garner says:

    Tutorial is a complete fail. I can’t even follow along, and have no idea what it even wants me to do. Rule play is unnecessarily complicated, giving the illusion of adding depth to the game, that in reality is lacking. Point cost (burning) is a tired and overused mechanism of yet another dissapointing entry in the genre. Just another carbon-copy of so many other CCG’s. Stick to YuGiOh.

  37. Augustus August says:

    I want to like this game, I really do. But the game requires a stable/strong connection even just playing against an AI. It’s a PVE match, it doesn’t need to be. The game is interrupted every time or stopped completely when the internet is unstable. Please consider making it offline for playing story, puzzles, gaunlet and other PVE modes and then reconnects with the server after the match is done. I want to get to know the game first before I connect to a stong wifi to play PVP matches.

  38. Anthony B. says:

    Amazing card play and story. Unique game mechanics. Update 10/24/22 campaign still has no additional content 2 years later and there seems to be a lack of effort from creators to grow this game’s platform even though it has potential to grow to MTG or Hearthstone size given proper support. Card game is still amazing but lack of growth is dwindling player poolsize.

  39. Uno Wong says:

    The most hand-held, badly written, unfun and UNSKIPPABLE tutorial I’ve ever played. Instead of providing the player with help for the most complex part of the game (the main menu), it holds your hand throughout the simplest sections. Uninstalled after MC said “burn this card to get power gems” for the 20th time. At least make it skippable.

  40. Jeremiah Loy (Chamileon) says:

    This game would be instantly 5 stars of they would fix the UI so you can actually read and see what’s going on instead of using a different app to zoom in. Please fix this it’s almost unplayable on my prepaid phone. Samsung Galaxy J. I want to actually enjoy the game instead of just throwing down cards because I can’t read them because its way too small

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