Unleash the entire Marvel Multiverse in this fast-paced card battler.
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October 29, 2022
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Assemble your WONDER dream workforce from a really perfect roster of your favourite heroes and villains—then make your transfer. WONDER SNAP is fast paced, adrenaline-pumping, strategic card battler that places you in keep watch over of all of it.


TREMENDOUS RAPID VIDEO GAMES Not more ready round! Each and every sport lasts handiest round 3 mins. We reduce out the fluff to center of attention extra on the good things.

SURPRISE SNAP Mod Apk mod apk

Play your playing cards at 50+ other places from around the Wonder Universe, every with iconic game-changing skills. From Asgard to Wakanda, new places are presented weekly to place your ingenious problem-solving abilities to the check.

WONDER SNAP Mod Apk release

Feeling assured about your possibilities of profitable? Simply “SNAP” to lift the stakes throughout a fit. Whats up, even though you’re bluffing—you may double your rewards!

SURPRISE SNAP Mod Apk apk mod 2022

No different recreation allows you to accumulate, combine, and fit loads of hero and villain variants from all of the WONDER Universe—and past. You will have a vintage comedian impressed Iron Guy card, however do you even have the Chibi, 8-bit, and Caricature variants? Unending artwork types permit you to flex your favorites in distinctive new tactics. You do YOU!

WONDER SNAP Mod Apk apk mod

DAY BY DAY, WEEKLY, & PER THIRTY DAYS UPDATES WONDER SNAP remains contemporary and thrilling with new playing cards, new places, new cosmetics, new season passes, new ranked seasons, new demanding situations, new missions, and new occasions at the common.

SURPRISE SNAP Mod Apk apk mod new

Come harness the facility of each Cosmic Dice within the Multiverse and notice the way you measure up in opposition to the contest. That’s SURPRISE SNAP! See you in recreation.


40 comments on "MARVEL SNAP Mod Apk"

  1. John Kidd says:

    This game is really fun. It’s fast, easy to learn, cool to play, and it’s got a freaking awesome soundtrack. I do think it can get very repetitive, with slowish progression, but it’s cool that each match is a bit different, due to a bit of a chance element with what cards you draw and location you get. I love all the artwork!

  2. David May says:

    Super fun game. Fast, visually appealing, and strategic. Missing star because you really should be giving credits for every win. Even if it’s only 5 credits per win. After so many times upgrading the visuals of the cards it becomes insanely difficult to earn credits, especially because the daily and weekly challenges are quite easy to complete. Hoping to see this in an update in the very near future.

  3. Garrett Tyree says:

    Awesome game! Very fun to play and friendly for free-to-play users! Just a couple suggestions: 1. I’m not sure if it can be implemented well, but I would like to see a way to view discarded/destroyed cards after the fact. 2. Since the matchmaking is apparently based on a pool system, I’d like to see an explanation somewhere identifying the breakdowns.

  4. Caceno says:

    it’s a great game so far, a few of them the cards need better rewarding or they need to give examples of how to use them properly. I feel at times the game is also unfair as I’ve pulled out cards that are higher than my opponents and have better abilities yet the abilities did not work. overall completely free to play it’s a great way to kill time if you love Marvel and collecting cards. simple to play a little difficult to master. I enjoy it pretty much!

  5. Derek Harville says:

    Loving this card game. If you have ever played the game “Smash Up”I can see future potential for different game modes. A game mode with more than six turns would be great, or more locations, or being able to play more than 4 cards per location. The biggest hangup with the game right now is you can’t challenge or play with your friends – there isn’t even a leaderboard to try to stay competitive with your friends. I think these things are fixable with enough feedback from the community though.

  6. Alex Minkoff says:

    The card game itself is novel, well designed, and a ton of fun. Easy to learn and difficult to master. All of the mobile game gimmicks like the various currencies and progression systems drag it down. The game needs to make money somehow, but I’d rather pay for a subscription than deal with the noise. Still worth it overall.

  7. Brent Cindrick says:

    This is a fun strategy game. I like that the matches are short and decisions feel important. Because the bases are randomized each match, players can’t just look up winning strategies, they have to play well. There are plenty of cards to get, and the art work and variants are fun. The randomness of the bases can feel cheap at times, but it’s part of the game and affects both players equally.

  8. Chris Mondo says:

    Fantastic card game. Matches are quick and the learning curve is easy. You learn the simple mechanics based on what’s available early and progress by utilizing that info to win more games in order to get “better” cards with more advance mechanics. This game gives you the option to utilize anything and everything based on the meta and/or personal game preference just like any other card game. Also, the graphics are just. marvelous. One thing I wish they had was VS mode against your friends.

  9. Jared Nagel says:

    Very fun, easy to access, and no pay walls. It’s interesting that everyone gets the same cards to play with and does their best within the constantly changing environments. Games are short, making it a great “kill some time” kind of game. It does skew repetitive, and I have to wonder if there is a low ceiling on gameplay. However, the game is very new, and the developers could implement all sorts of changes to keep things fresh. All in all, I recommend this game!

  10. Addison Toscani says:

    I like how your collection is the real progression in the game. However, you should earn some amount of credits for every so many wins. When you are out of missions there’s no real reason to continue playing aside from “Climbing”. Still, overall it’s a nice change from the current CCG standards and it’s hard to beat marvel theme.

  11. Michael Burd says:

    Ultimately, a little too simplistic. Games are too short to develop strategies. Most games revolve around being lucky enough to pull off a two-card combination within the few turns that comprise each game or being the beneficiary of a location that provides a random benefit to one player and not the other. It’s OK if you’re looking to fill 5 minutes here and there but if you’re looking for something more sophisticated there are other card games available that feel more rewarding.

  12. Kenneth Lee says:

    Hard to find a real flaw right now. Game is fun and feels balanced, only pay for cosmetics, graphics and sound are good. While simple, there are a lot of smart plays that can be made and the Snap mechanic gives an added layer of uncertainty to the opponents plays. All in all this is a really fun mobile game to pick up and play when you only have a short period of time to play.

  13. Wuzi Mu says:

    I really like it. But yeah it does kind of feel a bit too simple sometimes. It feels like your options are very limited. I think maybe being able to save energy and use it for the next turn might help give it more strategy layers. And less punishing for not getting playable cards. Maybe limit and increase the amount of energy you can pass on with each round to keep it more balanced

  14. Landon Speers says:

    Pretty fun and fast game to play when you only have 5 mins. The strategy changes every battle because you never know what locations you’ll get. I like collecting my favorite Marvel characters, upgrading and buying variants of them. Spending money doesn’t really seem to give you an advantage just for looks which is nice. The visuals and sound are really great! Overall a fun and quick game to enjoy for a bit!

  15. Andrew Flanagan says:

    The simplicity is both good and bad. It allows for quick games that are easy enough for even younger children to understand. On the flip, it starts to feel redundant quickly. My other gripe is something they can fix. The interface has the End Turn button at the bottom right, right where the chubby palm under your thumb can press it. I have done this several times on the last turn, leading me to lose the game, as there is no confirmation that you do want to. And I have small, skinny hands.

  16. Vladimir KG says:

    Overall very fun, fast games that still require a bit of strategy. My biggest complaint is due to a bug that can occur occasionally. Sometimes my game disconnects after ending turn 6. When I go to Reconnect Game, it will “double” the win or loss points. I started at rank 51 with 6 points to 52. I lost the game and there was a snap to 4. Instead of only losing 4, though, I lost 8. This has happened a few times and it makes me afraid to play more games if I don’t want to lose ranks.

  17. Christopher Murphy says:

    Seasons are too short and too expensive – Impossible to reach goals without constant play. The game is fun… But the seasons only last a month and cost $10 EACH! You need to pay real money, not gold. The ranks and teirs the developers expect you to reach within that time frame are impossible. I played for at least an hour every day during the last season, and only managed to reach level 50 of the battle pass and tier 30/100 on the final day. Too much to ask from a casual mobile phone game.

  18. Nicho Young says:

    It’s a fun game, but I bought the season pass and there are hundreds of rewards, which are unattainable unless you play 24/7 before the new season begins. And when a new season begins it drops you 3 tiers (30 levels) so the tier-level rewards are nearly impossible to achieve within 3 weeks. And there are not enough challenges to reach those higher levels of rewards. It’s hard to stay motivated to play the game when so much is taken away. Fun concept; poor leveling system

  19. John Vohrer says:

    The game is decent, fast-paced card battles. Usually doesn’t go on for more than six turns. I’d give it at least four stars, but two weeks ago nearing the end of the first season they had. The game stopped allowing me to upgrade my cards, which in turn doesn’t allow me to move up my collector’s level. Also stopping me from getting new cards and or changing out my decks. It’s a bug that I thought they would fix within a week, well it’s been over too and the second season just started. Please fix!

  20. Juan Montes says:

    I did have some pretty severe technical problems & got no response. That aside, I do love the game. It feeds into my desire to collect cards, game play is simple to pick up & gets as complex as you want, & the luck factor makes things interesting rather than frustrating. If you have any issues upgrading cards, pulling items from the progress track, or editing/creating decks, make sure you’re linked to your Google account. Log out and in several times, close, reopen, log back in and try again.

  21. T Ngo says:

    Quick and simple games. The art looks great, especially some of the variants. It’s always nice to see familiar and unfamiliar comic characters. There are a lot of cards; the pool system to unlock them seems fair; not pay to win. The abilities are fitting though characters without abilities seem underpowered and not balanced. I like the wager system and only being required to win 2 locations. Haven’t encountered any bugs

  22. Major Reaction says:

    A very fun and easy to learn card game featuring a lot of your favorite characters. One cool feature is that you can decide when you would like to unlock the season pass content and can wait until you reach a high level and unlock a bunch of rewards at once by paying for the pass. Season pass is roughly $15 per season, and gives you access to extra character cards, gold, or upgrade chips. One cool feature is they allow you to make a lot of decks. This is nice because it gives some variety.

  23. Nikita Angel says:

    I am enjoying this game a ton, it is fast paced and so much fun. Usually I get bored with these types of games fast but this one is engaging and not overly challenging, but still tough sometimes. However, I have noticed a problem. Anytime the volume in the game is anything lower than all the way up, the game slows down A TON. It is so irritating when I’m trying to play in a quiet place. I’ve also noticed it can get very slow even when my internet is working. The volume needs changed ASAP

  24. Noah Bracken says:

    It’s a pretty good game overall. There are some annoying things that happen in game. For example you can’t snap after hitting end turn even if your opponent hasn’t finished playing their turn which on turn 6 can be really annoying. Then it should have an “are you sure” or something like that when ending your turn. It’s an easy button to accidentally hit and if you do it can cost you the game just like that.

  25. Jaden McKinney says:

    Recently I’ve been having some problems, for example, during a game, I can randomly get exited out of the game, and this has happened mainly at the last turn, and I’ve lost many battles because of that. The only other problem I have that I know has been worked on, but Dr. Strange’s ability crashes me out of the game. But overall, the gameplay, collection, and powers are amazing, great game

  26. *BenevolentWinter* says:

    This games concept is great, a card game that doesn’t require you to read a long list of rules to understand and the quick nature of the game only adds to the accessibility of it. Though, the optimization is a bit iffy. It might just be my phone, but the game is super laggy and it’s a pain to go through all of the menus, even when I put the game to 30 fps and the lowest graphic setting. Another thing, the games frequently crashes after games, so I usually have to close the game and reopen it.

  27. Nicholas Gill says:

    This game does a lot of things very well. Card collection, simple yet strategic innovative gameplay. Where it goes wrong is fundamental though, game progression is really only possible via the season pass. All game progress is tied to credits and boosters and once you have no daily challenges for a day you can’t get any more credits, because the amount of credits you get are fixed based on free rewards from pass and daily challenges, it’s very hard to get motivated to play as f2p.

  28. Jason Frey says:

    Fun game, the different stages add some enjoyable variety. However, the game is buggy; I haven’t been able to upgrade any cards for days, which has halted my progression. If they can patch the bugs, it’ll be a great game. Update: Per recommendations, I Uninstalled and reinstalled the game, bringing me from level 260 back to level 1. It was annoying, but I was willing to play through again. Got to level 4 and the and the same bug reared it’s ugly head again. Rating is dropping from 3 to 2.

  29. Nano says:

    The game has potential, but currently is below par due to a terrible progression system, no social aspect (clans/guilds, friendly matches, etc;), and all thr matches are clearly against AI, as I’ve had multiple instances of an enemy having the ability to win with one move, with me having no way to stop it, (which they are able to see without looking at my cards, as my board is full on that spot), and the opponent will simply choose not to win! The first step should be the addition of multiplayer

  30. Just'n Briseno says:

    Tons of fun, easy for casuals to pick up, but still offers complexity for those who want to get really good at it. The progression through leveling doesn’t feel like a chore and is actually rewarding. Also, unlike most mobile games, micro transactions do not interfere with this game at all. So you won’t have to constantly watch ads or something to grind in-game currency, since it’s only used for card variants which are purely cosmetic.

  31. RJ McMinn says:

    This game is simple to learn and easy to get through the free season pass. However, even though its advertised as “no pay to win” if you purchase the premium season pass, you get access to cards free players do not unlock early. Also, you can grind your way through the levels and then have a few bad games and lose multiple ranks. So either you or your opponent is losing ranks each game which is completely unfair. I can understand not gaining rank but to lose rank grinding for so long is awful.

  32. Jamie Eastling says:

    The game is fun, but the app is broken. Sometimes the app just freezes for just a second, your cards don’t work the way they’re supposed to, and then when the app stabilizes again it’s too late to change your play. Sometimes the app freezes and you can’t pick your cards back up to move them even though your turn timer hasn’t run out. The support chat is hidden and can’t be accessed by any menu unless you happen to be reporting a player, effectively making it impossible to report bugs or issues.

  33. MikeJackAaliyahAngel says:

    This is like Magic The Gathering for Marvel fans. I love this. One flaw though. The music and sound effects still play even though I turned them off. This game would get 5 🌟 if it wasn’t for the sound issue. Also…..the rounds should be longer than 6 turns. Make it more like Magic The Gathering where you battle and do damage until the players energy bar is down. That’s if there was an energy bar. Add one and make the battles longer.

  34. Jacob Werschey says:

    Matches are short but with a lot of depth. The only issue this that (to the best of my knowledge) you can’t replay the tutorial and the nuances of snapping, season pass progression, etc. are unclear. Also there needs to be at least the option to have a confirmation to end your turn or snap because it’s too easy to fat thumb these buttons when you play w/ just one hand.

  35. Venom says:

    It’s a fun game, but I am having a lot of bugs and issues currently. I looked up online to solve the problem, and my final solution was to re-download the app again. Lost my data and have to start from the beginning, very annoyed. Update: I linked my Google account, still had to do the tutorial, and it said it saved, if i lost my old account and then my money was wasted. Don’t download this game.

  36. Steven Fain says:

    I got it on launch day and became addicted. Pool 3 really changed that. I’ve tried to keep interested in playing but I only play twice a day now, just to clear my missions. Up to pool 3 it was borderline a problem how much I couldn’t put it down. I’m glad I didn’t put money into it besides the first battle pass because I don’t see it remaining on my phone for too much longer. I’ll wait and see if the new tokens and such make a difference. It’s fun at first but once you hit pool 3 its boring.

  37. Jonathan McAnally says:

    Exactly what I want in a mobile card game! Quick matches, lots of deck building, fairly simple rule set, and a bonus because of the Marvel artwork. I do hope that in the future you can have a friends list to play unranked matches against. My wife and I would love to go head-to-head. Other than that (and the overpriced battle pass), this game is FANTASTIC!!!

  38. Nate Hernandez says:

    I really enjoy playing the game, and like the concept of it. The cards are cool and the effects at 60 fps are really good. My main problem is when people retreat. I would be on the verge of a max win, the person retreats and I dont get the full reward. Players take advantage of this and makes it unfair to the winning person. It makes it even harder to level up when this is a win base game. Can’t wait for more cards and characters in thus game and thank you for your time.

  39. Michael Krewson says:

    I absolutely love the game, I’ve encountered a bug? Submitted bug, not sure if it has been addressed. When I upgrade a card, and then attempt to increase my collection level, it says “something went wrong try again in a few minutes” Which I have done, and upon exiting the client when I return the credits spent are returned, but still not able to increase my collection level, I waited several hours, and still no luck. Please HELP!!!!

  40. Robert Bisson says:

    Android. The bug reporting sucks. Once you hide the keyboard which covers the submit button, all text disappears from the box. Multiple times the game has run into an issue in the middle of a match causing it to lag, or not allow me to play a card, or not allow me to retreat. Kicked me out of a game, didn’t allow me to reconnect, requiring that I restart the entire app, and by the time I get back into the game, it’s the last round, I have no chance of winning, & my opponent has maxed out snaps..

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