King’s Blood: The Defense Mod Apk New 2022*


A novel strategic defense game, King's Blood is now launched!
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July 26, 2021
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King’s Blood: The Defense Mod Apk New 2022*

◆ King’s Blood: The Protection is a strategic protection sport with utterly other means of gameplay in comparison to standard protection video games.

King’s Blood: The Protection Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

* Sport information might develop into mechanically deleted after saving the sport within the Choices display screen and no longer having access to the sport for a very long time. Please be aware that you just will have to save the sport and use similar account to get admission to the sport after converting your software.

King’s Blood: The Protection Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

■ King’s Blood is a story-based strategic protection sport with an finishing. The sport provides Customary, Protection and Conquest battles, with out limits to stage.

King’s Blood: The Protection Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

■ The Four distinctive heroes of King’s Blood are tough aides to the participant, each and every with its personal tale.

King’s Blood: The Protection Mod Apk New 2022*

■ You’ll create your individual personality by way of opting for its look, gender and identify.

King’s Blood: The Protection Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

■ The participant can rent quite a lot of troops and infantrymen from many countries, together with the Knights of Bordeaux.

King’s Blood: The Protection Mod Apk New 2022* release

■ There are dominance dynamics amongst infantrymen and troops, and the original skills and talents of the warriors impact the gameplay very much as they degree up.

King’s Blood: The Protection Mod Apk New 2022* apk

■ Extract Enchanted Bloodstones to power-up infantrymen, pieces and skills as you notice are compatible.

■ Avid gamers can download pieces by means of defeating the Vampire Lords in Conquest battles to switch tools that can building up the talents of the warriors and themselves.

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40 comments on "King’s Blood: The Defense Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Russell Blysse says:

    Wanted to like the game, but the issue starts with the difficulty curve when you get 20 to 30 minutes into the game. It suddenly feels like your troops are doing no damage and your not making any money to replenish the troops that you do lose, unless of course you willing to watch two videos that increase your troops attack and the money that you make. I get it, I’m all for the developer making money, but if any advanced is based on ad based boosts that dont even last for a full battle… nah.

  2. Allix Anntoniett says:

    Before i say anything i want to point out this is a game i love to play. The main problem is that it has loads of bugs that either make the game very annoying or straight up unplayable. Sometimes the units graphics are black squares that take up a third of the screen. And it frequently crashes at the end of levels so i lose all my progress. And sometimes the tutorial text randomly turns into manderin. One may say this is a problem with my phone however i only get gliches like this with this game

  3. Bryden Melodi says:

    Great game, definitely somewhat of a different concept of play that’s pretty unique, but a few small things seek to be missing such as troop attributes for attack defense Dexterity and vitality if you could add some numbers to those and possibly make it to where to can add gear to troops and your own knight flag that’s be cool and more editing the appearance of your hero and troops, heroes features like hair and looks and for troops like color if thier gears and weapons. Blacksmith soon?

  4. Vian Bradford says:

    This game is awesome! It reminds me of a game called Darkest Dungeon. I would have given it 5 stars, but feel that it’s a little repetitive. Maybe there can be battles besides conquest where there are waves of enemies instead of going from point to point. Maybe have the conquest like gameplay in the regular battles. In my opinion, that will give the game more replay value. Overall, it’s an awesome game. Oh! And it sometimes freezes up!

  5. Dennisa Cee says:

    Quiet good. Love the style and mood of the game. Very Darkest Dungeon. A really nice take on side-scrolling strategy with amazing art. Game play can become stale after awhile, but I can’t let that degrade from a game this new. More affordable armor or legions would be cool as well. I want to support this kind of thing, but I can’t budget almost $27 USD for an IAP, and buying bloodstones takes away from gameplay. I look forward to new features in future updates.

  6. Redman Webster says:

    These three stars are three and a half. Excellent game; innovative approach to unit-based strategy. I absolutely love that. Here’s hey ir isnt 5: purchasing backup units with bloodstone (in game currency) does very little to help and is wasteful, units cant be upgraded individually (only way other than grinding getting items that boost units), and the AI sucks. Overall very fun, just needs a little TLC in the mechanics and UI. Also, I’d give this 4.5 stars if it didnt freeze on me randomly. Thx.

  7. Landon Arlys says:

    I really do love and enjoy this game, but honestly it does need more content, more variety of enemies, maybe some more customization options, and the hero of the game should take part more within the battles. Nevertheless the game is heading to a great path of success.

  8. Maria Isabella says:

    As you can see, the game’s art style is blatantly copied from “Darkest Dungeon”. Since I like DD and don’t care about copyrights, this is actually not a bad thing to me. What is a bad thing however is that even though the game is fun and promising in the start, after a certain level you’re not going to progress anymore since the currency you earned needs to be spent immediately to buy the troops and heroes you lost. There’s no left over to level up healers and the catapult. I won’t keep playing because within a week I would run out of bloodstones and not even be able to buy more troops again. I know it’s possible to buy bloodstones with cash, but I don’t want to. If I was spending money on this it would be cosmetics stuff only. Disappointing.

  9. Gabriel Stephens says:

    Over all this is a great game, my only issue is with conquest, you really don’t get a tutorial for it and you are expected to know how to do the quick time events, after failing several times I figured it out, it’s a little frustrating. But again, over all its a great game, it has loads of potential

  10. Noah Blackwell says:

    Game need better tutorials/tooltips (or any at all) for many parts of the game. Biggest annoyance is the random QTEs, which you usually fail by tapping the screen right when they show up, as they have no indicator they are coming. I thought i was spending my bloodshards (money) on upgrading my units. Turns out i was buying more, even though i never needed that many of them. There needs to be a better gear system, shops, upgrades, ect. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD give us some stats, damage,hp,att spd

  11. Llewellyn Bethwaite says:

    This game is FANTASTIC! The visual style and setting are really interesting and the gameplay is easy to get the hang of, and builds up the difficulty gradually, so there is always a challenge. Would highly recommend that if you like action and dark fantasy you pick this one up.

  12. sol nava says:

    What a great game! But.. there is a bug that when you charge and the last enemy is killed before the charged unit reaches it. The charged unit goes off screen, and sometimes when it reaches the next wave of enemies and hasn’t come back yet, it disrupts the enemies. There is an istance even that the enemy AI got confused and stood in my line up while my infantry stood in theirs.

  13. MrMeeseeks says:

    Very enjoyable game, my only real complaints are the armor can be expensive to purchase and honestly the x2 bloodstones and x2 attack damage after watching ads doesn’t last long enough, it kills the fun having to watch 30 second ads every 30 seconds just to catch those buffs. Otherwise a fantastic game : )

  14. NinjaOnANinja says:

    Calling you out. Could be a good game, if they had spent more than 5 minutes when they coded the AI and UI. Basically AFK and have random input events that seems to do nothing. Its cool looking and could be so much more, but it isnt even close. They really need to take this off the market and get it fixed up some. Its fun for a bit, till you learn how the game works, then you realize you were better off having no idea how it worked because nothing works and the dream was funner than reality.

  15. Orlando Lopez says:

    I don’t like having to wait for all 3 of one troop type to die before being able to respawn more of them. I don’t like that they don’t explain how to meltdown the enchanted BS, if you even can do that. The experience has been very repetitive, and the waves are always so easy. I definitely want an update. This game has potential. 🙂

  16. J Soren says:

    I’ve enjoyed it thus far. I’ve only played for a few days and do find it entertaining. Just a few things though; Cons- 1. Not very many options for customization. 2. I’ve spent 10 and 100 several times on enchanted bloodstones. Difference I’ve noticed? None. Spend the 10. 3. What am I really looking forward to when I level up? That great step where you become a badass! I don’t even know if there is one. Pro- 1. Easy to play and passes time. 2. Has alot of potential, hopefully the devs use it.

  17. D Leeper says:

    This game is wildly unfinished. There is promise somewhere. But right now there is one level with just slightly more enemies each time you play, basically no options on troop makeup and ability, and not even a hint that you’re going anywhere. Also there is basically no tutorial, it just ends the first battle and dumps you to the camp screen. The visual style is stolen right from Darkest Dungeon which is cool by me, there is just nothing behind the style.

  18. Wreckless Soul says:

    Needs A LOT of work. It’s a decent concept for a game, but there is little to be enjoyed. I would give this game 3 stars but that would merit a decent game. 1 star would be too harsh of an evaluation. I played this game for like three(?) days and gave up. The linear storyline leaves little to be excited about. The monotone gamplay makes it bland. The lack of maneuverability in battle takes a lot away. Not even a decent time waster. UI outside of battle is confusing as all Hell.

  19. Hayde Hayden says:

    Good game. I encountered one bug that showed Chinese letters when I reached level 12/got access to using heroes, but I could close the text box and continue. The images for the game show the ad stuff very clearly, which made me think this would be another ad focused game. I’ve never been more wrong, I’ve had 0 ads while playing and I’ve also had no need to use the microtransactions, you get the in game currency very easily. Albeit, it’s also got limited uses. Overall, good game! 🙂

  20. Ashton Roberts says:

    Very well designed game. The stylization is pleasing to the eye, gothic, but nothing too much. The game does get a tad repetitive, but overall is pretty fun, and plenty satisfying when you finally get a good idea on the combat mechanics. I would say my only issue is that later, the game does get kind of boring and repetitive, but that could easily be fixed with a little bit more customization options, make your soldiers more of your own or something. The game has A LOT of potential, I can’t wait

  21. Niel Gencianeo says:

    The game is fun but I think it is still incomplete. I have a problem with conquest fight, the thing the boss cast just appear too quickly and doesn’t give clue on when they will cast it you should give a mark when they are about to cast it. Because most of the time I was about to click charge or etc. it suddenly appear. Give the other troops like tercios or immortal some skills and specialty more than the types they are good at.

  22. Luanm Boshoff says:

    The game isn’t as great as some strategy games out there but because of it’s unique take on the gaming overall I’ve given it 4 stars. The blend of low recourse management and tactical advantages given to sertain units is great. Yet it does seem to require in game purchases to progress at a later stage in the game and seems to require hours of grinding to receive the required gear where as the purchase of the other gear does seem a tad in bad taste. Which is the main reason for the 4 stars

  23. John Mullins says:

    This thing is sick. Super fun to build your team. Progression is entirely linear, and the game isnt just heavy on grinding. It actually is grinding. But if you like this type of game (plants vs. Zombies meets Darkest Dungeon) then you should enjoy this. Very well done, just not enough depth, variety or choice to make it rewarding after 3 hours.

  24. Booples rooplez says:

    The gameplay, sound, and art is great, there is however a slight crashing problem that i hope gets fixed in a few weeks, but aside from that its a great game. Edit: it still crashes every now and then and that bums me out a bit. For example all i did was try to use the catapault and it crashed. I lowered the rating accordingly and i hope they check it out.

  25. Jose Victor Maralit says:

    The way I would describe this game is troop deployment strategy game. I likes the dark tone of the art and the gameplay that is simple to understand. Troop deployment is in the heart of this strategy game and is satisfying to crush my enemies using the right troops types. Although the gameplay becomes too repetitive for me after a few missions. Conquest makes things more exciting as you get to face tougher enemies but after grinding in normal missions. It feels the same overall.

  26. Aqua Tic says:

    I see potential. The art looks great. The hero seems to not even attack And the troops do everything. It was the same thing every level. I felt like there was no strategy which really takes from the fun. It would be a good game if it was fixed a little. Would have. Could have. Should have. But didn’t.

  27. Vinh Nguyen says:

    Solid and simple concept, ads are avoidable but are needed for buffs and bonuses. It is a simple game to try and come back once a while, doesnt require much commitment. I didnt encounter bugs. Graphics is ok, not too fancy and doesnt require high end devices. Two cons: power consumption seems high and progress needs to be manually saved/loaded to/from cloud every time if u want to play on multiple devices.

  28. Wrath 0f Fenrir says:

    A great strategy game for the casual player. I also find the demon character quite enjoyable and sums up an excellent dark fantasy setting. The fights aren’t too hard as long as you keep your cool. I also love the added layer of ads not being required but it rewards you if you do watch them.

  29. V. Nosferon says:

    The music is awesome ⭐ The visual style is awesome ⭐ The story is pointless. Nothing to actually choose – you either use the newly unlocked powerfully item or the old weak one that you’ve been upgrading. Survival regime offers nothing. Slow and boring. The only thing that depends on you is which type of units will you send forward first. Looks like not even a beta, but an alpha of a game.

  30. Andrew Herring says:

    EDIT: It seems to be working properly again. Don’t really know why, but it is. Solid game. ORIGINAL: Fun game, but it broke for me. Worked fine until I did my second Survival match. The screen turned into a mess of buttons and static once I clicked the Survival button. So I closed the game, and now two phone restarts later the game still crashes when opening. GG, probably a one off freak glitch, but it hasn’t recovered for me yet.

  31. Tyler Pearce says:

    Solid game haven’t seen a huge amount of depth in the first hour or so but hopeful it will appear soon and for it to become more challenging. The gam s art style and concept are the reasons for the 4 stars. The game play is a bit repetitive and seems like it could really use some more innovation or good Ole fashioned surprises to make the game more entertaining. Things like a surprise cavalry charge from the rear or an army of archers behind a shield wall etc.. Hope I’m just judging too early

  32. retard talk says:

    This is a very intense game tho yes very simple in design it’s a very challenging and rewarding game im very happy this was on my recommend. My only gripe is that there’s not that many unit designs(That are free). It would be very cool to see samurai or Vikings based units but eh who cares… also the character you chose has one based outfit and you can only get new ones by paying which in my opinion is stupid, I personally think that it would be better getting new peices of armor through playin

  33. Vlad says:

    decent graphics but slow, boring and undynamic gameplay. u can sleep between waves and even during a wave. hero should have ability to control movement and attack at least as additional option. spending crystals currency in battle hearts because u cant know if u really need to do it or better save it for upgrades. in battle units must be free of charge even if they balanced by time delay between summoning new one.

  34. Roy Wan says:

    There is a problem in game design. When the main character level up, the enemy become more powerful. However, my troops is not level as fast as my character, especially when I use multiple races of troops. Then it becomes harder and harder to continue.😩 Also, game shut down very often. Then I lost all my progress in combat.

  35. Jason G says:

    This game reminds me of DD, in terms of style. It’s okay, with a decent storyline, and some variety, but the gameplay is very repetitive and bland-there may be 3 modes, but they’re all essentially the same, just slightly tweaked. It would have been an okay game, without the fact that, to actually progress in the later game, you’ll need to spend lots of money due to the huge pay wall. And that’s not enjoyable. This game has potential, and it’s a shame that there haven’t been major improvements.

  36. Axel Sinni says:

    Game has a great potential, but as for now its dumb. No idea how really the archers work. They either shoot or just charge like canon meat, and its totally random. You have to hold your finger to produce lost troops, and if you let it go you will have to play with whatever you have. Also, cant charge troops while you respawning lost troops.

  37. ΞΧΧΘΝ says:

    I personally enjoy it. Yeah the story and writing do need work, but I enjoy the gameplay mechanics. However that being said sometimes when I try swapping out a unit for another (typically the front unit) it follows wherever I tap and doesn’t let me do anything else unless I click the settings button then go back to the game, my characters name reminds as Richard even though I changed it, and auto-battle can sometimes outright stop, leaving me completely defenseless. I hope this gets a polish.

  38. btgs012 says:

    Upgrading is things is weird. Very tactical and fun. A bit challenging. Has lots of potential. Hopefully it holds my interests and needs updates. I hope they are still working on the game.

  39. Ross Hermoso says:

    Very good game, even the bug had me laughing. When I press the charge on the cavalry units and perfectly timed it on as the battle progressed to the next stage, instead of coming back 1 cavalry unit continues going forward and ends up behind the enemy so when I press the charge button again that 1 unit starts attacking the farthest enemy, so it basically became my assassin with a horse. Overall good time killer, would to have a variety more types of units if possible but still a great game.

  40. Zaira .P says:

    It’s a good game , really good design and concept. The problem is you just march and march and nothing more, maybe add a map where you conquer a camp,city,or etc, but I will trust what’s your plan about this game 😁 thanks

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