Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD Mod Apk New 2022*


Fight epic battles in this TD strategy game: conquer Kingdom Rush Frontiers!
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Ironhide Games
October 31, 2022
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Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD Mod Apk New 2022*

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is an entire new stage of the furiously rapid, enchantingly captivating gameplay that made kingdom Rush an award-winning Tower Protection hit. On this technique sport you’ll protect unique lands from dragons, man-eating crops, and ghastly denizens of the underworld -all with flashy towers, ranges, heroes, and extra sweets that can assist you overwhelm your enemies to a pulp.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk


Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD Mod Apk New 2022* apk

• OVER 18 TOWER TALENTS! Unharness Demise Riders, pestilence clouds, or assassins that thieve and conflict your enemies on this tower protection sport!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

• Eight SPECIALISED TOWER UPGRADES! Slice, sizzle, and stomp your foes with Crossbow Forts, Mighty Templars, Necromancers, or even Earthquake Machines – hello, we advised you we have been shaking issues up.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

• IMPROVE GADGET means that you can min/max your towers against your most well-liked technique.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

• Enhance the frontier in epic information lands – cling the road in deserts, jungles, or even the underworld on this technique recreation!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD Mod Apk New 2022*


Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

• Sixteen MYTHICAL HEROES. Select amongst mighty champions and educate their talents! Each and every has distinctive specialties that have compatibility other play types and methods!

• Particular devices and lines on each level! Be careful for the Black Dragon!

• OVER Forty ENEMIES with epic and distinctive talents! Keep to your feet as you combat thru barren region sandworms, tribal shamans, nomad tribes, and underground terrors. Motion like you will have by no means observed ahead of on this tower protection!

• EPIC BOSS FIGHTS! Howdy, we informed you to get the ones upgrades…

• Hours of military with OVER Eighty ACHIEVEMENTS! what are you able to be expecting from Ironhide Video games, the creators of Kingdom rush? You’ll be hooked for hours looking for Easter eggs and epic achievements!

• PLAY IT AS A OFFLINE SPORT! No web? No drawback! It is possible for you to to leap into actual motion even offline!

• IN-GAME ENCYCLOPEDIA! be told all about this technique recreation, your enemies and it is possible for you to to plot the most efficient option to conflict them. Find out about up and play it as an offline recreation!

• VINTAGE, IRON, AND HEROIC RECREATION MODES to problem your tactical talents to conflict your enemies!

• Three PROBLEM MODES! Are you up for an epic problem? Pass with Exhausting mode to play whilst an offline sport!

REWARD FOR KINGDOM RUSH: IGN Editor’s Selection, Slide To Play Should Have, 148 Apps Editor’s Selection, Jay is Video games Recreation of the 12 months, Pocket Gamer Gold Award, Contact Arcade Four.5/5
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40 comments on "Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Tremain Warde says:

    This is a good td. HOWEVER, if you get charged money to play a td, you should be able to fast forward. It takes waaaaaay to long to finish levels with such a slow pace. Fix that, and I will give 5 stars. I apreciate being able to click the “send now” button. But there needs to be a x1 x2 and x3 speed option, to move the creeps along faster. I drain my battery and can only play 2 rounds before my battery needs charging, because the creeps move slower than a turd on a glacier.

  2. Kaeli Kimberlie says:

    Wow Ironhide, you’ve done it again! Frontiers is one of my favorite games of all time, let alone mobile! Each level is challenging but has a strategy, great references, creative enemies and something new each stage, as well as a great soundtrack. I’m also glad there isn’t a speed up button, as it would be too easy to get overwhelmed. The only thing I’d like to see is easier access to the heroes, perhaps if you could buy them with gems. Otherwise, 5/5!

  3. Blondel Parle says:

    I got board of it to fast. I feel that the tutorial was a little long. You’re limited to what you can build for a bit of time. If you’re trying to level up a hero that you would like to try out your having to go backwards and grind in some of the earlier levels which feels like you’re being restricted.

  4. Filbert Stepne says:

    It is a tower defense game but it feels almost impossible to progress without spending money. The towers are very weak and you can place very few of them compared to other games, I am sure I could get more calculated and strategic and do better, but the fun is gone, and the microtransaction paywall is there. If you love the bloons td games or oldschool plants vs zombies you will probably hate this. If you want to lose a lot while you find the exact right combination of cooldowns and towers, this game is more your speed. Just not for me.

  5. Aruthur Rodes says:

    The Kingdom Rush games are always fantastic and well worth the few dollars to buy the base game. The best part is that the game is perfectly playable without paying for anything beyond the initial cost. Options exost for micro transactions, but they are purely optional and do not effect the game. picking up one or two to support the game crestors isnt a bad idea and a thing id encourage, but that is all.

  6. Burgard Fleuretta says:

    Although it was released years ago, KR Frontiers is an amazing installation to a top tier tower defense series. A unique and refreshing experience to the KR series and the TD genre altogether. You’ll experience exotic stages with foreign foes, and the game features a very unique roster of heroes both free to play and to purchase. Very well worth the purchase, and one of my favorite games of the series.

  7. Ashlei Vareck says:

    Pretty much like the original in every way. No new gameplay elements or features, just new towers, enemies, heroes, and maps as expected. Now here’s the thing, the original kingdom rush was amazing, so getting another one that’s just as good is pretty awesome as well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  8. Terryn Gyo says:

    Excellent tower defense with a fantasy angle. I’ve spent way more time playing this than I care to admit. Very addictive and challenging without feeling like you have to pay to win. Excellent balance, good story, and a large variety of towers and heroes to choose from that will change the direction of your strategy. Definitely worth picking up.

  9. Johnton Minty says:

    Love these Kingdom Rush games! Fun game play and great tower defence design. In-game purchase options are not intrusive and are actually nice to have, and you still have the option to earn things through game play. Had to add more after beating the game – so great! Thanks for putting in the time and effort to create a truly enjoyable game. Definitely getting the next one!

  10. Aeoelric Golden says:

    The perfect TD game. Extremly well produced game. The cute design and animation are easy on the eyes, the gameplay is fun and addictive. The ability and level system for heroes is a welcome improvement over the original; your hero does not level up and gain new abilities during the stage only be reset afterwards. After every level up your hero gains points that can be spent on buying an ability and/or improving one. Another improvement is the ability to play audio over the game now. 5stars.

  11. Grant M. says:

    Eh. It’s okay, but I don’t really understand the hype. I personally like the Bloons TD games a lot more, as there is more content, everything is a lot more varied, and you have way more freedom to experiment with using different towers and strategies. With this game, there are only 4 kinds of tower, and each one can only be placed in a designated spot, and there are only a couple of designated spots, and that’s it. Also, the main upgrade tree is garbage. Only small stat increases, nothing fun.

  12. ACP O'Neill says:

    Honestly the best tower defences series I’ve ever played. It can be quite challenging at times but that’s a good thing. Dont bother with all the reviews saying you need to buy the heros and spend real money. They simply arent true. I completed the entirety of the campaign on all difficulties without spending any money. I often needed to change strategies to complete the missions but that’s all a part of the game. Strategy games sometimes require new strategies to win.

  13. Gyel Dockery says:

    I haven’t played a lot of towers defense games. With that being said I enjoy this one. I was instantly addicted. I like the graphics and the music. Interesting environments with different elements for each level. Different upgrades in and out of battle. And so far haven’t run into any issues with the controls or mechanics.

  14. Noah LeBaron says:

    My only complaint about the Kingdom Rush series would be that the heroes are more pricey than they probably should be. $6 is a little steep for a single in game hero. If it were something like $10 to unlock all the heroes, I think it would be better. But the game is beatable and certainly enjoyable with the given heroes, and this series is easily my favorite of any mobile game series out there. I only bought things on my 5th time redownloading the games, because I wanted to support the creators.

  15. Jeff Cross says:

    Awesome tower defense game. I’ve beaten every level without paying a dime. I don’t see any ads. The game itself is highly engaging – strategic, replayable, lots of variety. No tower is too powerful (the game isn’t “broken” is how game designers say it, the mechanics work). It’s just a very well put together game. There are times when a “speed up” button would be nice, but I also learn what works and doesn’t by paying attention. Anyway, get it. Great fun if you like the type!

  16. Lynn Madson says:

    If you liked the original, you’ll like this one too! Pretty much the same so far, just different maps/looks, but I’m only 4 lvls in. Tower Defense/Strategy game, a few basic heros come with the game, extra heros cost $ each, but by no means is this a pay-to-play game (you won’t need to buy them to win, they’re just different from the ones that come with the game. They’re usually a bit better, but that makes sense to me/is fair, since you pay for them).

  17. Kristen A. Hughes says:

    I played another Kingdom Rush game that was free. It’s hard to find solid tower defense games that don’t shoot up the difficulty to try and get in app purchases. I I really liked the other game, but it was too short. After trying a number of disappointing free tower defense games, I finally decided it was worth the (very fair) price. And it has been! I’ve been able to relax and enjoy a game that doesn’t punish me to try and get my money.

  18. Owen Welsh says:

    Everyone in the reviews saying that the game has a difficulty jump is right, but saying it’s pay to win? Insane. One of the best heroes in the game is the one you start with, and the final boss can be defeated with good management. I haven’t spent a dime on in app purchases, and can beat at least 80% of levels on medium with a 3 star no items. All the 1 star reviews I have seen need to realize that it’s the player not the game.

  19. Rose Reindel says:

    The people complaining about the difficulty have clearly never played a Kingdom Rush game (insert James Franco gallows meme: “first time?”). These games are known for being extremely challenging and it often takes multiple failed attempts to find the perfect strategy to clear a level with 3 stars. Every level CAN be beaten with no micro-transactions. It feels extremely rewarding to finally find the right combo of towers to breeze through a level. Easily my favorite series tower defense games.

  20. Arthur Capps says:

    After beating the first entry in the KR series, this is a decent sequel. Some interesting new towers, some new heroes, and new challenges. Some of the maps are a bit too busy for me (particularly near the end, where enemy synergies can leave you feeling pretty cheated) and there are a few points where the difficulty spike will have you reaching for items to have any chance of three-starring the maps. The 4 free heroes aren’t particularly exciting but fine. Overall well worth the price.

  21. Peter Smerling says:

    I’ve always loved the Kingdom Rush series, and I’ve always been good at them. In fact, I’ve beat them all twice over. But I don’t remember Frontiers being this hard. I took a star away because I went from beating this game handily on hard to not even being able to beat levels on easy. It feels unfair that I am forced to use items. On the other hand, it’s worth being frustrated over because it is a wonderful game with great graphics, sounds and gameplay mechanics.

  22. Dark Klawtwo says:

    It’s a fun game, as is expected from a Kingdom Rush game. However, there is a dramatic difficulty curve (more like wall) that happens a few levels in, making it hard for F2P players to progress even on Normal difficulty. While it’s good for the nostalgia, it’s probably better to just download the free version and vibe with that. The last level is particularly difficult with the enemy completely destroying your towers constantly versus just temporarily putting them out of commission.

  23. Joshua Stone says:

    Im recently re editing this due to a few low star reviews I’ve noticed. In no way have I had to pay for any hero to assist me, that wasn’t already covered with the heroes who came with the base version of the game. Have I bought any ? Yes, two. We’re they to help with a level or boss that was too difficult? No. It’s because I keep coming back to these games after years of playing them, and just wish to add some variety to my experience, and a bit more support to game that’s supported me.

  24. Ivan Solomatov says:

    Love the game, final level though keep glitching, while trying to kill the boss I dropped the nuke, and it did not do anything but got my progress stuck with no spawning of the boss. So imagine the disappointment. Apart of that, game is spot on for strategy fans like myself. Suggestion would be to review final stage and if you give a challenge like destroyed towers, consider the gamers who will go for the nuke extend, and make sure this is not bugged. Feels like game was not fully tested. 😕

  25. yassin says:

    This game is so different from any tpye of tower defense game. Hero’s abilitys, so good. I think Arlak is a very good starting hero, I think that’s the spelling. My favorite ability for Arlak is “Sommon sandwarroirs”. Now, the bosses are very hard and depends on the mode you are on. Their are casul, normal, and hard I think. The enemy’s stats increase on the mode. Levels are good desgined. Enemies have abilities as well. If you like tower defense games, I recommend this game. Good job, develpers

  26. Charles Reed says:

    Great game until level 16. They literally made a boss that deletes your towers 4 at a time. :/ of all they annoying… Its a TOWER DEFENSE… And to top it all off i had to severly grind for enough gnome items to win but they glitch out the boss so he dissapears and the game doesn’t refund them… Great game concept very poor development.. That tower deleting glitch fest is damn near unforgivable.

  27. BeatchBall says:

    It’s a fun tower defense game. What more is there to say? If you don’t wanna pay the few bucks it cost to play, there is the original, which you can play for free.

  28. Bryan Call says:

    Love the tower defense games by Ironhide. One of the very few games I’ve purchased. Great game for casual playing.

  29. Matt Smith says:

    I wish it were a little less like the first one. I was l99king forward to something a little different t color but it appears pretty m7ch the same but brown.

  30. Steven Weir says:

    Amazing game! No downsides with my experience, 10/10 would highly recommend to anyone, great for a good finger bash during lunchbreaks ect.

  31. David Hayden says:

    Secret paths (sometimes multiple) appearing more than halfway through a level, alongside not having any sort of speed up mechanic makes this game really hard to enjoy in small bursts the way most mobile games are meant to be enjoyed. It’s fun to hop on and beat one or two levels when you have some free time, not play the same level two or three times over because you’re forced to restart and adapt to something you had no way of knowing was coming. Edit: Wow, what a garbage last level.

  32. Tristin Ellard says:

    Played it since middle school. It’s highly aesthetic and engaging, love it.

  33. Clayton Plummer says:

    Fun game, though the 3rd act enemies can be frustrating. Only reason not a 5 star is I feel like the last boss is more rng based rather than strategy


    I’ve been playing this game a long time ago, and i’m coming back to this game for a few days now but i dont see changes to gameplay, maximum heroes level upgrade, maximum tower capacity , I hope heroes got more upgrade on skills instead just 3 , and i hope heroes maximum level is on 50 or something like that I will give 5 star if there’s update on this ame

  35. Iskander says:

    Overall game is nice and i have played Kingdom Rush before. But the first run immediately feels like hard mode so i don’t even want to play hard mode. This is more for hardcore gamers, not the casual player i’d say.

  36. D Conaway says:

    Game was good until, I think last level, in which there is absolutely no way it can be beat. The boss keeps regenerating life and systematically destroys your defenses along the way. Still worth the $3, but I like to be able to actually beat a game I paid for.

  37. David Jones says:

    Classic tower defense game, can be quite a difficult one at times and provides a decent challenge.

  38. sterlos14 says:

    One of the best tower defence games out there, simple mechanics but still plenty to do and think about.

  39. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    I dont usually buy games but bought this one and found it amazing and time passing Would also download kingdom rush vengeance if it gets on sale soon otherwise I will lose interest

  40. Chase Walseth says:

    Awesome game. Lots of towers, heros, and a very strategic game overall. Not too easy or too hard

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