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Gunbound is the world famous Turn-base Online Shooting Game.
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December 12, 2022
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GunboundM Mod Apk

■ GunboundM is a World-wide Participant vs Participant Sport!
– You’ll experience on Tank with more than a few guns and battle towards different Participant’s Tanks.
– The only group should be consisted of 3 other Tank varieties.
– Gunboundm helps Season festival and praise.

GunboundM Mod Apk release

■ GounboundM is simple to play nevertheless it has many strategical a laugh issues!
– GunboundM helps a strategic struggle of Tanks with more than a few guns.
– You’ll play over Forty Tanks have over A hundred and twenty guns.
– The effect-clouds and the totems will give particular results to missiles.

GunboundM Mod Apk apk mod

■ New GunboundM helps More than one Platform!
– You’ll play Gunbound to your Good Telephone.
– GunbounM is the most recent model has nice new options.
– Everybody has Telephones performs in combination.

GunboundM Mod Apk apk mod 2022

■ You’ll be able to accumulate many Tanks and Avatar riders!
– Great lovely and beautiful Avatar riders are looking ahead to you.
– All Avatar riders have particular and quite a lot of abilities.
– To find Avatars may also be efficient to your technique.

GunboundM Mod Apk mod apk

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40 comments on "GunboundM Mod Apk"

  1. Colten Llewellyn says:

    This is a pretty cheap attempt at a mobile clone. We are missing some key features here that made the original game so special. The primary feature being the speed of shots have no affect on turn order. If you used a more powerful move or item you would possibly allow the opponent to take two shots before your next shot. Decisions like this made gunbound deep. Without that this game feels like any other cheap gunbound clone. And I say gunbound clone because I acknowledge how genre defining gunbound is and gunboundm could be this too if they cared. Additionally all of the chassis have been watered down. While they each have their own character and appeal, yes, each shot they have feel uninspired and at time hardly vary. Some of these changes seems to help keep your rounds in perfect 3-5 minute mobile formula rounds. Even though they have the option for quick duels or longer 2v2 games the gameplay has been watered down to fit the mobile audience I suppose. Added some new elements to the game like characters and gems requiring you to reroll, randomly purchase chassis packs, and all the elements we hate about mobile games. I don’t often write reviews but was very passionate about the original game and was saddened to see it take a turn circa 2008. I thought this could be a good platform for the game and a shot at revival but sadly no. TLDR: feels like a cheap uninspired clone even though it isn’t.

  2. Latorria Gail says:

    Wonderful port of the original game that I was ecstatic to find. The interface is good, seems balanced even if you don’t spend money, though it helps a bit, and many of the same familiar mobiles and some new ones! One thing, and I say th is with total respect, the translation from softnyx native language to English is rough and could use another look. Sometimes crucial game mechanics are unclear due to poor translation. I would love to help, if I could?

  3. Holly Edlyn says:

    Keep it simple. The original game was perfect and you guys somehow made it better and a lot worst at the same time. Tutorial was annoying! The game is very simple to understand. Somehow, you managed to totally kill the skill of this game… why? Also, I know that some elements were pay to win in the original, but this version feels even more so. You guys could of done better 🙁

  4. Lawford Clar says:

    I love this game, I played the computer version years ago and I’ve been playing the mobile now. But the thing is that when your conectivity is instable is impossible to play, a little instability will end your game and you’ll back to lobby without the possiblity to back to the match, what makes everything worst and that’s why I’m giving 3 stars. The mechanic and design are even better than the original game, very clean and fun. Other thing I miss is to play with more friends, like local 2×2.

  5. Hulen Crystelle says:

    Expect to lose many times before leveling up. This game used to be fun until they developed this technology that makes you lose a lot on purpose before you level up. This is a way for them to try to cash money out of your desperation. Don’t fool yourself. If you have a great winning rate that starts to decline before you level up, and you feel like your shots aren’t reacting with the wind as before, it’s normal. The system will adjust these challenging environment to drive you nuts.

  6. Ruby Darylyn says:

    The game itself is awesome but the free-to-play trappings around the game are complicated and confusing. Character stats in video games in general are sometimes inscrutable because you cant really tell if they’re making a real difference so making the system for upgrading your stats more complex is just a weird idea. You end up interacting with the gem system often without having any way of knowing if what you’re doing is having any effect. Or maybe I just don’t get it. But the game is fantastic

  7. Sayre Rachelann says:

    One of the better games out there but the bugs and small things make it too infuriating to play. Game constantly gets disconnected during the match which lowers my ranking and takes my coins. Constantly get matched with much higher ranking players with more expensive gear and they always seem to go first. Either can happen almost 50-75% of the time which makes the game unbearable.

  8. Kenny Cheng says:

    Imbalanced and incomplete. All the maps and tanks are imbalanced enough to make most beginning bots obsolete. The tutorial is very minimal and incomplete. Lots of thing you have to figure out yourself or read forums to figure out (not worth the effort). Unless you’re ready to pay to win, I doubt you’ll have a chance against other players upgrades.

  9. Johnny Ling says:

    Looks great! This game brings back old memories. A couple of things that I think would be great to see on the next update: – a summary stat chart on damage, hit, etc… after the battle is over. (would like to see how much damage you did compared to your teammate and opponents). -direct hit, line shots are so pervasive in the game that it eliminates the impact or necessity of wind. Create a long range gametype or develop maps removing line shots. Thanks! Great game devs!

  10. Patrick Chambers says:

    Super addicted very and just as much fun as the original. I liked the original more, there were more variables to call consider. Only download if you’re okay with developing a new addiction! Update 2.5 years later: it’s the only game I play. The variety and competitive play keeps things fresh. Even as a golden dragon with a fully decked team, I find interest in trying other combinations.

  11. Grond112358 says:

    Not pay-to-win, but you certainly can pay to advance quicker (though it is exorbitant), and there are a couple of really good avatars that you can’t earn with the in-game currency; otherwise, all the tanks and avatars are earnable, given enough time, and the more powerful ones only barely give you an edge, and that’s only if you’re strategic. A well-designed game, constantly being updated. Ads are not annoying, thankfully.

  12. J. T. says:

    4/5 because I loved the old Gunbound and miss the old maps, gear, high wind, and bot mechanics. But most of all, I dislike the guideline for every single shot. I think the devs should revert to the legacy shooting system – i.e. user sees trajectory and telemetry of power and angle of previous shot but no guideline for their current shot. Other than that, I missed gunbound a lot so I am glad it is here; even considering the changes I am not favorable of. All in all, game is fun! 4/5 for now.

  13. Gary Wu says:

    The latest update made players more powerful the more skins they purchase. Played this game religiously for 3 years but now it has become like any of the myriad of pay-to-win games. Add to that, there are bugs in every update, some breaking the game’s functionality and even ones that the developers won’t acknowledge or don’t know how to fix. Despite its problems, I loved Gunbound, but it has taken a turn for the worse and I feel it’s no longer worth my time.

  14. Tooneus Maximus says:

    I’ve played this game for years, both PC and Mobile. The 500 character limit wont let me fully explain why this game has become absolute garbage, but let’s just say if you’re looking for a skill based strategy shooter, this isnt it. It’s been dumbed down to the point where if you’re not going first, you likely are losing your match. Shot glitches (like Roan shot 2 getting stuck where it lands) go unfixed. Changing wind effects without warning (I’ve had to relearn tanks I’ve used for years). Etc

  15. Zachary Taylor says:

    I’m on old desktop player and it has the same feel just without the power control feel with the mouse “slice option”. I do agree with other saying the game needs rebalance!! The way they pair you up with other other oppents is really weird! Although they say their reasoning is because by “league” still doesn’t make sense. Just a way to be lazy to fix it. I do enjoy the games graphics and game play overall! They need more events and more shop options very rarely do they update it. Idk why.

  16. Daniel Pastrana says:

    Terribly made game. The movement is so bad that your character can get stuck because of the terrain before the first shot is even fired. Shooting mechanics are bad also the bullet trajectories are not consistent.

  17. Weston Sale says:

    Almost like the good ole PC version from back in the day. Micro transactions suck. Specially because some packs you can only buy once then the rest cost a bit more to keep “VIP” status. Overall I still like the game though

  18. Mr. Popo says:

    Players that pay have a significant advantage over players that don’t. This game doesn’t have fair gp. Game randomly crashes during a match and it doesn’t allow a way to rejoin. Please repair that. And when we stop to take a phone call or send a quick text message we shouldn’t be immediately booted and penalized from the match. Also, this isn’t the same as the original Gunbound game for Windows. The original required more skill, and had more complexity. Even the tanks are slightly different.

  19. Ariel Ruiz says:

    I can’t even play this game it never allows me to play the game! If I could give this game zero star I definitely would if y’all fix the game then my rating will be better thanks! Uninstalled for now.

  20. Timur Plavan says:

    Great game, used to play the pc version when I was younger. Doesn’t have as many features as the original game but still a nice remake.

  21. Vinicius Sanches says:

    The game is great, but very pay to win and poor matchmaking. edit: seems like few players playing the game, that’s why so many high levels, they are the older player base. but cmon, the latest updates don’t fix the game.. new players are light-years behind and we get like 1-4 gems reward. whats the deal with that dungeon coins? useless.. the devs have too much too learn still. new tanks are kinda cool and all, but intermediate players can’t buy them lol. it’s a surprise how this game still lives

  22. Ron says:

    The pairing system and turn system is terrible. Constantly paired with excessively higher ranks and rarely get first turn.

  23. Benjamin Chew says:

    Everything I loved of the original game, made onto a mobile version. There are differences in the game play, & the games do not drag on like the original. Just perfect for those who love to snipe.

  24. Khaii Lorenzo says:

    a few years ago, always playing this game in cyber cafe/PC, laptop.. now it’s on android mobile.. looks like the gameplay is almost the same as in cybercafe before

  25. Aisya07 Maisarah says:

    Great game.. it’s easy to play & fun.. But it’s very hard to get the equipment item’s.. So, please give us easy way to get more item’s.. Please give us Change♡♡♡😘

  26. god bless says:

    Worst game ever, phone will heating after 5 mins. Many years past heating issue never fix, mid tier phone also same. Battery drain crazily, only pay to win. Win streak higher pairing most powerful player. PC game is the best. (Reply to developer redmi note 9s)

  27. Ace Fatima says:

    Please fix this, after you play the ads to gain the bonus, the music will automatically out. You had to exit and recon again.

  28. Amaranthine says:

    Worst game played ever. Gameplay inconsistent (The wind, aiming, bullet prediction), matchmaking (Match you against higher ranks with better stats and everything to make sure you lose everytime) is just absolutely horrible. Not even worth 1 star.

  29. Bethel Dinampo says:

    i have been playing this since the pandemic…you can actually defeat higher level players if u play wisely 😉

  30. Ralph Legaspi says:

    When you’re playing with a friend, You’ll end up facing higher ranks with freaking lots of donors. The GAME AIN’T BALANCE. A LOWKEY PLAY 2 WIN GAME. It was nostalgic at first. Not at all

  31. DESPAIR MLBB *dEspEradO* says:

    Scam, too many need to download and then the update DL, 1st 169mb nxt will be the same and again and again.. Good game but corrupt apps

  32. shah izudin says:

    After years playing, i found that the gameserver has very poor xonnection, but based on their reply blaming other network or isp. Strangly other game consistantly connected but not this game. I never see the develop admit their mistakes as if their server is so stable. please improve and stop giving penalty if disconnected due ur poor server load. And u can give penalty to one who disconnect, what about other doesnt. Why not increase their xp or stat a bit. Fair right? And the new map suxs lot

  33. Greg Coulter says:

    So addictive and fun! I used to play Gunbound 20 years ago on PC. While the mobile version isn’t perfect, it’s immediately became my most played game. 2 things… They nood to GET RID OF the shot line after a certain rank, to keep it challenging (Gold Axe would be good). The PC version relies on you looking at your shot angle and power. Perhaps have a “pro matchup” with no shot line? 2nd, They need to make a 3v3 match up!

  34. Shafiq Hirzie says:

    I do not know why, I faced some problems with this app nowadays. Sometimes it allows me to play the game on my mobile data..but sometimes the app mentioned about unstable connections, but my mobile data is perfectly fine. I could only play it on wifi, which sucked..coz im always on the move.

  35. Emanuel M says:

    Too much pay-to-win players, where you can not win so powerful opponents without paying for the game to get stronger.

  36. henry chua says:

    If not for the ads you have to watch to get free stuffs (most are useless btw), the wind pattern is very ridiculous and only paying players MIGHT get a chance of getting what they really want.

  37. Saul Goodman says:

    Pairing me with AI for the last 3 hours when I thought I was playing real people- scammers. Garbage overpriced pay to win game

  38. CheDan Cortez says:

    I am so glad that this has been made available for mobile. We used to play this on pc way back early 2000s, this game just rocks! Except for the fact that they have added a shooting guide for noobs. Not much skill needed for this game but pretty much a great game overall.

  39. Nathan NhaThanh Nguyen says:

    Closest remake to the classic GB but with modern changes. Definitely has a grind factor with RNG. I don’t like the match making system, high ranking people tend to be in the lower leagues.

  40. Connor Dougherty says:

    Kept a lot of the core game, added some fun new mobiles. Seemed to go overboard on avatars, too many healers, now there are all heal stealers to counter, creates a significant pay wall to progress.

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