Grow Kingdom Apk Download New*


The Strategic Defense Game to protect kingdom by the constantly surging monsters
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May 20, 2021
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Grow Kingdom Apk Download New*

Prevent the enemies attacking and Develop your kingdom powerfully.

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1. ‘Develop Kingdom’ The strategic Protection Sport simple and easy!
– Revel in dynamiccombats in opposition to vigorous 3-D monsters.
– Increase your Fortress, Heroes and Infantrymen to growth never-ending waves.

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2. Give protection to the Fortress with your personal Heroes/Mercernaries/Strategy from the Enemies!
– There are More than a few Soldies like infantryman, spearman, axeman, archer and magician.
– You’ll dispose devices greater than 50.
– Make the most of Feature Abilities of Heroes to ward enemies off!
– Make your devices tough during the coaching.

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Three. Benefit from the Quite a lot of Contents like Commonplace fight, Countless mode, Hunt Monsters, and so on.
– Your Gadgets may also be more potent by means of the use of numerous treasures and pieces from Combats.
– Revel in the perpetually modern Combats.
– You’ll earn quite a lot of pieces to coach the captives.

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Develop Kingdom Apk Obtain New* apk


Develop Kingdom Apk Obtain New* mod apk

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40 comments on "Grow Kingdom Apk Download New*"

  1. Gerrilyn Danna says:

    it’s really good, but could you please add an option in the prison camp where we can trade prisoners to get more prisoners like a ratio of 50 prisoners for 1 every hour would be great, also could you do the same for dragon stones as well, it’s really hard to get any of those because every level gets harder and you have limited resources, please add this function. Even if you dont add one for dragon stone please add one for prisoners, I really love this game and that’s the only thing that’s needed

  2. Dorette Enyd says:

    My phone ran out of batteries and the save data was corrupted. Restarted all over and made an in store purchase for 3x speed now ads dont load and gold is too hard to come by. Really liked the game but the bugs are hard to overcome.

  3. Avena Alesa says:

    great game that keeps me hooked. I haven’t figured everything out yet but I love how it keeps you going with hunts and endless mode. yes it has ways to progress with money and I wish the time wand was like a dollar or two not $5. If the updates continue and they make it easier to obtain 3x I’ll be around for awhile, may spend a few bucks if they have any deals.

  4. Gwenevere Kadia says:

    The only way to make any decent gold is to watch ads. There is an optional ad after EVERY battle no matter what. it’s too much, I’m spending more time watching ads than playing the actual game. At least make them build up over 5 battles or something and then you can watch an ad. It’s a cool game, but the ads are absolutely killing me and it really makes me want to stop playing. I’m not the only player that feels like this. This would have rated much higher otherwise. Cant play until that’s fixed

  5. Chyna Alexia says:

    Was going good , got to level 10 and had a nice bolster of troops , but now every time I start app I’m unable to leave town and all of my anything is maxed out , and strangely the ad booster still shows up after awhile. Having this fixed would be a 5 star

  6. Crofton Ezria says:

    so im now quite far into the game and feel like while it’s a good game that’s not at all pay to play it has more potential. if u have played a game called grow Rome empire it allows u to send your own army on a raid and attack other bases/castles and has a map u can conquer. so maybe that would be a good update that’s not to ambitious. but overall I’ve had lots of fun with the game and really hope the developers put more updates and things to do. as tbf it’s one of the most honest games out there

  7. Taren Darryl says:

    Fun, enjoyable. Could be improved a little more. The heroes and their skills are a bit weak and under powered. Major draw back is the gems needed to upgrade army size, and almost everything else.. Have to pick wisely for troop expansion as its unbelievably expensive per upgrade with gems

  8. Ash Norbert says:

    This may seem to be an interesting game, however the bonuses is just WAY too alluring. like in every battle you do you’ll need more gold to upgrade literally everything! Just so it happens there that huge gold bonus in the corner of your screen if you watch these Ads. I dont know about you guys, but I dont think I can go on watching Ads after each battle. it’s just too much..

  9. Anzhela Jonelle says:

    The game is not complicated, it has fun modes, a lot of heroes to help you fight, and there are many bosses to fight that level up after a victorious fight. This game is one of the best of it’s kind with the verity that it offers.

  10. Denise Chilton says:

    it’s a good game, honestly though, I thought there would be more customization, the only things that can be switched out are the heroes and their equipment/weapons, aside from the heroes, I honestly hoped I could make an all elven unit army. Aside from that it’s a time consuming game.

  11. Delvin Aenedleah says:

    So far so good. It’s a game that I’ve invested very little time into. Some improvements for certain areas in the game need to be better explained. Lvls of waves and what not are challenging, but patience in upgrading is key.

  12. Geordie Johnnie says:

    FPS lags poorly at 3x speed (Galaxy S10+) with max units on field. Simple but fun game. Bosses could be more unique. Items could be a bit more dynamic and diverse. Also, promotion costs for Heroes dont scale thus always choose a Hero who is a top dps’r or whose ability is tied to their dmg. There is no reason to promote heroes who are utility based. Ads need toned down. Have them appear every few waves than every one.

  13. Goldie Christanne says:

    This game struck me at first as a game where it was obscenely hard in an attempt to gain in app purchases but after playing it for 15 minutes it showed me that it was different. Everything can be obtained even without the purchaseable gems as you can get those alot as well. Theres plenty of things to do other than just progressing to a harder next wave. Quests also help out alot with removing a repetitive feeling when playing as well!

  14. Cherise Bruns says:

    While I was playing, I noticed that sometimes trying to watch an ad for gold doesn’t work. The button disapeares without anything happening. The issue is temporarily fixed by closing the app and reopening it, only for the issue to happen again a few minutes later. Great game otherwise, though.

  15. Daizy Moria says:

    Really enjoy the game. However for some reason in the last couple days i have been unable to play it. The application has frozen and glitched out. Tried deleting and re-installing and it wont work. :/

  16. Dawnielle Attmore says:

    This game is very addicting and could play for hours. Very easily played a little hard to figure out at first but once ya get the hang of it becomes really easy and alot of fun to play. Definitely recommend downloading and playing!!!

  17. Rocket Sherri says:

    Just started playing, but having a good time. As someone wrote before, the tutorial is quite lacking. This is great for those that don’t want an explanation, or read game instructions. However, if you wish to know more about how this game works, trial and error/internet research is your best option. This is not to say this game is rocket science, though. It just takes a little patience to get rolling. All in all, Grow Kingdom is certainly worth trying.

  18. Zakari Kaylee says:

    Definitely one of the best grow games I’ve ever played. No forced ads, good mechanics, varying heroes and skills, and even the mercenaries you train up get different skins and stats. The only negative aspect I can see is when you are starting, it would be good to have more of an introduction to the importance of Monster Hunt and the other parts to tell you how to get necissary things. But overall, I would definitely recommend this game as a good time killer.

  19. Fitzgerald Warren says:

    This is a way2go fun castle defense. I suggest using the watch ad for gold button seen in the top right corner. Also when upgrading prison camp hero promotional items are near the bottom of the list costs 30 workers to double generating to 2 per 30 minutes. Good luck have fun. Ty game team.

  20. Buddy Laverna says:

    Fun at 1st. Then I realized im watching ads more/as much as than playing the game. If you do not watch the ad to make additional gold, you get an ad after a few rounds. There does not appear to be a way to disable ads for money either. Bummer

  21. Osmin Clifford says:

    Game is unstable. Likely a memory leak. Had a good run in endless. Huge rewards (80ish slaves), but the game crashed and gone were the rewards. What was not gone, however, was my progress. Meaning I’ll have a hard time going forward without the necessary upgrades. Game play wise, it’s more of the same. Could have gotten more creative there.

  22. Ricker Andonis says:

    Fun so far. I’ve only done about 20 waves. The tuturial is something to joke about. So much more could use explaining, But i also like to learn as you go. But i like the concept and gameplay so far. I think it’s good. If the ads/ boosts don’t work, just close and re-open the app. Then they work.

  23. Kadie Kolby says:

    Neat concept but way to unstable. Down loaded once and was able to play for about 5 minutes then it would close. Unistalled and re downloaded and it got worse. Less than 30 seconds and force close.

  24. Drake Justin says:

    Would be rated higher, but game force closes consistently. If I’ve used a buff and it force closes, it does not return it. Will likely uninstall if not corrected. Otherwise highly enjoyable apart from that issue, however that issue is a large one.

  25. Aswin Alvena says:

    I dont write reviews often so listen up. This game is great for the mobile user. You can build your kingdom up pretty quick and easy. It’s not paid to win. All currency in game are easy to get if you do it right. I found this to be a new favorite that even after I get as far as I want or maybe I switch phones and loose all data that I would build up again and keep playing. However I recently have been having issues where the game will just force quit. Hope dev, is working on a patch.

  26. Fletch Jenai says:

    Game is fun but glitchy. Its diverse enough to be fun and work your way up by upgrading troops, prison camp, hero’s, castle walls, weapons, etc. HOWEVER, anytime the game decides to randomly advertise their own games, the game crashes instantly and if you are in the middle of a battle it erases progress from that specific time. Not sure why it does this but its very irritating losing progress for no reason at completely random intervals. Please fix this. P.S. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy 10+

  27. Briar Granville says:

    Game is a lot of fun and I would rate it 5 stars off gameplay alone, however the game crashes so much that the game is essentially unplayable. Open the game, crash. Hunt monsters, crash. Endless play, crash… Too buggy for a 5 star review, but gameplay keeps it from being rated 1 star.

  28. Elvet Jeovanna says:

    Absolutely love it! So addictive! And love that you don’t have to pay! However…. I’ve gotten quite far now and it keeps randomly crashing which is quite annoying. Hopefully it stops! Perfect for my night shifts 👌🏼 “edit” it crashes within 30 seconds now. What the hell! So annoying as I built everything up so much! Why has this suddenly started working?!?! 1 star for the fact I cant play! Please sort it out

  29. Fawn Westin says:

    Great game to pass time when you’re not busy. It’s fun and easy and no p2w, granted there LOTS of ads and no way to get rid of them. I’ll give 5* when the crashing every 3mins gets fixed, but from what I’ve played it was enjoyable. Played on Galaxy s10+

  30. Russ Edena says:

    Goog flow, good challenge. This is a great game to satisfy your defense itch and your upgrade progression itch at the same time. However, it’s the only game I’ve encountered that crashes constantly. I’ve always seen people complain about that stuff, but this game is the first time I’ve experienced that issue.

  31. Edson Rosette says:

    Update to my last review. Went from 3 stars to 5 after the latest patch fixed my crashing problems for my phone. After chatting with the support for a bit it seems the found the problem shortly after. Very pleased with the support and the game itself. 👍

  32. Percival Claegborne says:

    It’s almost hard to find a game with no P2W anymore. Also it’s fun, with a strong groth curve to make you feel like you are improving. To the devs though, it would be really useful if the heros could have a different looking health bar than everything else (gold border or blus bar, whatever). It can get really hard to keep track of hero health in the choas, and I have wasted a revive more times than I’d like to count.

  33. Aldora Hanly says:

    This glitchlyness people keep mentioning must’ve been fixed because this is an Awesome little game with no pay to win features. Gameplay also doesn’t slow down and force you to wait hours for stuff it plays as fast as you want it. Only down side is once you get high level and beat all the monsters a few times there’s not much insentive left. So could do with some new features but what’s there is pretty fun.

  34. Destine Brooke says:

    Kinda good game for killing time, easy. However almost nothing works, heroes are buged, just standing there, not engaging enemy. Lots of connection problem, cannot save it, cannot load it. Ad boost doesnt work. Lots of forced ads that gives nothing, no option to turn them off. For me, not able to save game is huge problem, you will just lose all the progress, money .. after few minutes playing, the progress is dead. My heroes are awaken 3, lvl 80 with 8+* weapons lvl 50, progress is way too slow, difficulty way too big .. game is pretty much useless after about an hour of playing.

  35. Burt Beall says:

    A pretty good game. You get soilders and heroes. You can also do endless waves and bosses, which give special rewards though they are hard The main objective is to keep your wall alive if it reaches 0 hp the wave ends so far you dont lose anything, it just seems like you dont get anything. The only problem I have is that it seems mages are glitched, they dont seem to do any damage at all. Hopefully the dev or devs fix it.

  36. Kenway Parkin says:

    The game does have a few faults like not that meany heros specifically dragon and other species, and troops in the same way also not that much customization both of which id love to see more of and maybe a base customization mechanic and maybe pets, and something kinda like a companion that helps in the fights. But mostly every thing else is very nice.

  37. Oakden Caldre says:

    Very addictive game, the money is not too hard to get but not to easy. The Jeri’s are a good way too distract or destroy your enemies. There are hardly any ads and the levels of the troops are the really effective. Great game, would recommend it.

  38. Dakoda Orman says:

    Could use some more bug fixes, I guess some crashes still occur, one happened when I was really far into a single run of endless. Four stars not five because the game could use more guidance for beginner players and intermediate players. Some things I had to find out for myself.

  39. Wilson 01 says:

    I’d say this game is top notch. I really enjoyed playing this. The diverse heroes and and mercenaries are what really got me into it. The game itself is not perfect and is fairly bland but it works enough to hook me into it. In future updates i hope we get more heroes and mercenaries. It’d also be cool if you add another gamemode in which your the one whose conquering other castles. Overall this game is average at worst and a top notch at best. I really recommend this one

  40. Mike Brogdon says:

    Been playing for about an hour and so far pretty good. Fairly balanced and no forced, obnoxious ads. Ads are optional for extra coins to obtain the necessary upgrades so you can beat the evil Jun hoarde. Plenty of options to upgrade troops and heroes. Will see how it continues over the next few days. Played it for several days and it’s pretty fun. You do hit the dreaded Paywall eventually and then you can grind away or PTW/PTP.

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