Grand War: Rome Strategy Games Apk Download New*


History’s great rome empire,massive turn-based war games,strategy is key to win
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December 14, 2022
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Grand War: Rome Strategy Games Apk Download New*

Spanning 2000 years of warfare historical past, construct your personal empire in Rome!

Grand Battle: Rome Technique Video games Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Commander! Display your bizarre solution to get started a thrilling adventure of warfare video games! All through this battle adventure, Caesar, Scipio, Hannibal- the mythical generals will struggle for you! Rome, Samnium, Epirus, Carthage, and so forth, you’ll be able to make a selection the other forces in technique video games!
Now, Recast the honor of battle, and the empire will Upward thrust on account of you!

Grand Battle: Rome Technique Video games Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

「Diverse Mythical Generals」
Caesar, Scipio, Hannibal, Pyrrhus… Make a choice your mythical generals and create your personal generation!
「General Growth」
Map out technique via Struggle, your generals will keep growing to acquire exceptional skills and display ordinary dominance at the battlefield!
「General Skills」 Each normal has a wealth of talents, and other abilities mixtures might produce surprising and wonderful results! The secrets and techniques are ready so that you can discover!

Grand Warfare: Rome Technique Video games Apk Obtain New*

「Diverse Campaign」
Rome, Samnium, Epirus, Carthage. More than a few possible choices will create a unique historical past! Combating for the upward thrust of Rome, or blazing a special trail, all rely on your sensible technique. Write your personal historical past and create a novel empire glory!
「Return to The Traditional War」
Punic Wars, Pyrrhic Wars, Samnite Wars… The traditional wars will reappear with a brand spanking new enjoy! You’ll now not handiest benefit from the surging battles of historical wars but additionally really feel the brilliance of historical past underneath other methods! The entirety is not doomed! The traditional struggle will open up new glory, do it with all assets at your command!

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「Unique Troops」
Archer, cavalry, struggle elephant, ballista, catapult, warship… A number of troops will let you use a wealth of methods within the struggle video games. Let the enemy Give up at your ft from the start!
「Troop Growth」
A battle-tested soldier can have abnormal battle effectiveness! Hone your troops at the battlefield, they are going to improve. After which, the location within the conflict would possibly trade!
「Troop Skill」 Bored with monotonously attacking every different? Don’t fear, your troops may have other abilities! Attempt to use your talents to be answerable for the battlefield!

Grand Struggle: Rome Technique Video games Apk Obtain New* apk

「Troops Balance」 Need to win with Much less be Extra? Need to Release a marvel assault for your enemy? All this may occasionally change into true by means of your technique! There are other characteristic restraints a number of the troops. And through cheap use of the mechanism, the following 2nd, it is possible for you to to show the tide and alter the placement of the fight!
「Terrain Factors」
Plains, hills, mountains, oceans…Other terrain will carry sudden adjustments to the conflict! Make a choice to move the mountains and catch the enemy by means of marvel, or assault head-on and defeat the opponent at the plains. Commander, Make a selection your marching path Now!
「Fortification」 Take note it is a technique sport! Main troops at the expedition will now not be your handiest selection! Watchtowers, fortresses, partitions, fences… Rome Supplies quite a few fortifications, and you should show off a wealth of battle methods! Consolidate your town, shield in opposition to the enemy’s assault, after which do away with the enemy forces. The horn of the counterattack will probably be sounded!

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40 comments on "Grand War: Rome Strategy Games Apk Download New*"

  1. J Bryan says:

    This is a fun game and I have edited the review to be fair. There needs to be some challenges in the game and not made to be easy and my expectation was for it to be easier and that was not the best approach. Nothing wrong with challenging levels and things shouldn’t be meant to be easy so I revised my review. The is fun and enjoyable. Like to see more options to purchase more generals or weapons or different additional units like more longbowman or more war elephants! 4 of 5 stars 🌟

  2. John says:

    Entertaining game- thanks to daily and weekly rewards (that piddle out rather quickly) you can progress without much spending, which is good because the bundles are ridiculously priced and all “on sale” all the time. Issues I have- no settings menu or ways to report problems, sometimes the game wigs out and you can’t move units or do attack, you basically have to close out to fix it.

  3. Austin “The Red KIng” Coyle says:

    Potential to be amazing. Can’t get passed the first mission on the second stage. Why? I’m not paying the crazy amounts required to progress. If you don’t pay it’s just a gaurnteed loss. Maybe offer a full paid version, there’s not much insentive to login daily either when this offline based game also dosent provide much in terms of rewards.

  4. Maddus Mickus says:

    I like strategy games and specifically war strategy games. This is a game you can play for free each day and still get results. It in simple, intuitive, easy to learn yet difficult to master and you can play it on or offline. Just what I was looking for. UPDATE 5th July 2022 still playing for free and managing to update and enhance my Generals, Troops & Tech by using the FREE daily rewards.

  5. Illiterateboi says:

    A cool and fun game for the first few levels but forces you to spend money. First it’s gonna be impossible for you to pass levels unless you upgrade troops using coins and gold. And for one of the daily tasks you literally have to make a purchase!??! The game forces you to spend money and it just ruins the whole game. And there’s only missions and no sandbox mode or anything else, just missions.

  6. Sean Armstrong says:

    The game is fun. BUT it seems the IA has unlimited funds and can produce as many armies as it needs. Example took all resources and it still was producing a ton of armies. So not so fun if you really look at it. You also advertise units with full power for 4.99 but you don’t say you need to build it that strong yourself. I do like the game but you need to make it playable.

  7. Darren Gough says:

    Just the same as Grand War, easy to play at the beginning then very difficult to play very quickly. You need to spend heaps of money to progress or take forever to go anywhere. There’s no balance between enjoyable gameplay & game progress, it’s such a frustrating game.

  8. mark amos says:

    Every year or 2 i look for newer, Turn based strategy war games & this one seem like a updated version of all my fav. War turn based games. Sadly what use to be in-game purchases of, like 3 top tier generals, now after 1 day of playing about 15 different pop up / adds for purchases… This sadly is the new way of games, spend 2-3 years of committed gaming or finish in a month after dropping $1000. KEY STRATEGY = buy over priced troops..what happened 2 ppl making games 4 Pride & fun?

  9. Nimbex says:

    I’m updating my review since customer service did finally respond. The game itself is very well done and my main complaints are not that serious in game play, just a few bugs. Also there’s some communication problems, but with the Discord launch perhaps that’ll improve. The game does get difficult quite quickly, wish it would do so more gradually, but with the launch of the awakening medals raising the level cap from 25 to 50 I don’t see it happening.

  10. Nadine Adams says:

    Great game. I have spent money on a month pass. Never received the two free recoveries. There is no inventory and the help is useless. Without spending its difficult to continue. I don’t mind spending a bit, but you need to spend frequently to get anywhere. And prices are high. It’s unclear to me how and which information is used, no contact to developers in the game possible either. And where is my game saved to? It’s somehow dubious. Not sure if I will continue to play.

  11. Shane Weaver says:

    This is by far one of the best games I’ve ever played i play a similar one i love building my armies giving some a general and hitting the battlefield i find myself playing until my battery runs out and my phone dies lol i would just like to say thanks to everyone who was apart of the making of this game.

  12. Nandie Merjilla says:

    GREAT strategy game. The difficulty is what you would expect from a strategy game but it gets WAAAYYYYYY too ridiculously difficult unless you pay to get good generals and troops. If you dont pay then you’ll get stuck and will never advance. Such a good game but i feel like the developers are a little too greedy and care more about making money than having more players play and enjoy the game. Other than that, solid game if you are willing to spend A LOT of money. Cheers!

  13. Farjad Jabbarzadeh says:

    Hello support team, the difficulty of the game in the higher stages is beyond expectation and this causes boredom and fatigue from continuing the game, I suggest you put options for those who facilitate the game process. Thanks

  14. Chad turner says:

    Fun game. Only thing that sucks is unless you spend some money, your progress on completing missions is going to take a while.

  15. William Flatt says:

    It’s a fun game. The only issue I have is the allies that help you. They just attack walls and barriers. They don’t really help with the actual battles, which would be helpful for the higher levels.

  16. Marvin Helton says:

    When building materials to fight with the computer always has an advantage It seems to be even when he runs out of money he can still pump out people. And in game number six I noticed that I’m not allowed to make any warriors whatsoever for at least two turns while the computer keeps pumping them out like crazy. This game is completely one-sided and the players never given a fair even battle No one is stupid to go into a battle with the enemy overwhelming numbers of troops And unlimited building

  17. Alex says:

    When you get to Macedonia wars and you try to watch the ads for gold… When you click it it says fail to load ads… So this affects your daily ability to get bonuses.. when I play biography of octavius battle of muttina… And I take the target City it comes up a defeat and not a win..

  18. Banririe Banririe says:

    I restart the game from the beginning uninstalled it and download it again, because its stuck at macedonian war 3, gave me a black screen in my phone. But Im so glad to have the triarii troop. Good game. May be you can give us also a chance to buy generals with goldcoins like hannibal, ceaser, etc.

  19. James Robertson says:

    Nice, vaguely historically accurate, turn based, hex mapped wargame. Just like old school board wargames but without the lost counters! If you like hex wargaming and ancients then this is for you. It looks pretty too.

  20. DEAD ACID says:

    Keeps getting better and better. I think the game requires strategy realistic to the times. I watch a lot of Roman Era movies and I can visual columns of soldiers moving to positions like chess rather then go berserk and run out of breathe by the time they run to the enemy…. to be able to walk away in the middle of a fight without time restrictions is a nice breather. Several games I do not play bc of this. Still got a lot to learn, and they provide a tutorial page in case you missed it…

  21. Marshall M says:

    Was fun while it lasted. I had to edit my original review after experiencing some issues with the daily login/tasks no longer registering anything. At 12 days it just stopped and now has not provided new ones for the past 3 days. Unfortunately, this has caused me to have to repeat the same few quests over and over in order to get the silver needed to make simple tech tree upgrades and I’ve now lost the motivation to try to progress any further than the 3-3 mission my troops are too weak to win.

  22. UnRuely Bwoy says:

    This game is fantastic and honestly having progressed very far without spending very much money is a game well worth the time. It is a game which is not easy by no means but once you can understand the troop movements and take advantage of the different types you can have many hours of pure fun. If your looking for a hard game which takes alot of grinding and making use of the daily rewards and tasks then this is a game for you. This IS ONLY a Pay to Play game IF you don’t like a challenge

  23. Jared Myer says:

    I enjoyed this game. It seems to have bugs where the daily tasks and daily rewards stopper refreshing for me. Seems like there’s other bugs to clean up from the other comments I see. EDIT- They did fix the big I had. So I bumped up my rating.

  24. David Steel says:

    I agree with Marshall M, was fun while it lasted but for some reason it will no longer run. Logs onto site then nothing happens but a black screen.

  25. John Jo says:

    Game is very well thought out. Not an easy game but is very strategic. Only problem is there are a few software issues, sometimes functions disappear for no apparent reason and rewards are laggy

  26. Vega Table says:

    This is awful! Super boring, bugs with rewards, graphics look old, unless you want a constant grind this is like work! Not fun! Like all the real reviews mentioned you’ll quickly hit a wall but the ad rewards won’t work daily tasks are buggy, Seriously?! Uninstalled!

  27. Hasan Tb says:

    Hi, this is an exciting game & I really enjoy playing it, but there is a problem. The thing is I can’t watch ads so I don’t receive the silver coins for watching ads; in addition, my daily tasks won’t be complete & I lose 50 gold coins every single day.

  28. Ian Walter says:

    Superior game. Fun without any purchases, but phenomenal with so many cool units and generals to purchase. Highly recommend.

  29. Christopher Stevens says:

    typical ad-based game. needs to be more difficult. ai is limited. tends to attack non-threatening constructs.

  30. Haidyn Covert says:

    Don’t waste your time, you must pay to progress. If you want to play a good roman war game just buy total war rome for $15. It seems expensive for a game but there are no in app purchases except for DLC and its a great in depth war strategy game. I’d rather pay money up front than have to be coaxed to keep spending money on a sub par game.

  31. Precious Manifestors says:

    It is great, but can be greater if there was provision for free chest. I love the game, it is challenging.

  32. Webz Fitness says:

    Sort out the ads. We also need more opportunities to get gold. You guys are starting to get greedy. Keep the game enjoyable or im uninstalling. (I will change to 5 stars if you can make the game more enjoyable again and mire opportunities ti get gold)

  33. Steve Carkner says:

    Really liked this game until the daily rewards stopped working. Without paying huge sums of money you can’t progress and there is no method to get any free rewards once the ads become locked out.

  34. Lindsay Scott says:

    It is very fun and although you have to work a bit harder, you can still make progress. When I finally have expendable cash, I can see spending some on the game. It’s very fun and challenging. Good work 👍 The programers are very helpful and willing to help you with any issue

  35. William Brown says:

    I love this game….it’s has that kind of old school “Axis and Allies” Hex movement and strategy game play…..pretty good graphics for this game genre and awesome theme too! You can play absolutely for free to win and advance but if you do choose to pay for advanced special unit to gain an edge you can, I spent only $0.99 for a special they offered which was worth it.

  36. Nhlakanipho Cornelia Ndhlala says:

    The experience I had with this game is amazing. I never knew much about the Roman empire but now I have few knowledge of it💝. The game is great and offline which is great for me.

  37. Justin Rocca says:

    Waaaaay too difficult to succeed without spending money. But that’s the trap. Good game for a day for free.

  38. Tikki Nikki says:

    Good game, but switching from my old phone made me lose 3 of the generals i purchased with with in game currenct and unlocked with daily events. Tried to restore from cloud and lost 300 gold (gard to get). So 2 stars and deleted 🙁

  39. Connor McLeod says:

    I like it very much. The drawings of the characters are really good. They really look like Roman people. I love it because it doesn’t have any annoying adds all the time like other games.

  40. Steve Carkner says:

    progress slows almost to a stop when you hit the paywall, and wow the prices are crazy high. if you upgrade your troops you will find that your enemies troops also become upgraded even on the same levels you previously played. so effectively upgrading doesn’t help you pass levels or progress in the game. It’s too bad because I really like this game and I like the challenge of it but when you spend weeks on the same level and you see the enemy upgrading as you upgrade it becomes pointless.

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